Senior Low Income Living

Senior Low Income Living – Who Is Ready To Stop Working? The topic of senior low income living can refer to many things. Some seniors can no longer enjoy luxuries like a yearly cruise or fly to a far away resort, unless they continue to work full time. Yet the majority live way below an […]

Health Benefits Of Working At Home

What Are The Health Benefits of Working At Home? I imagine there are a million answers about the health benefits of working at home, considering that millions of people might want to make money from their home and quit their job right now. Ready to get started making money with a blog now? Learn about […]

Learn To Find Keywords

How Does A New Blogger Learn To Find Keywords? This site is focused on helping seniors, the disabled, and anyone who needs or wants to work from home and make money by marketing products or information on the internet. If you have already started on this venture, and want to know how to profit from […]

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System

What is The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System connects the creators of digital products (ebooks) that cover a huge range of products, with buyers looking for the information. Clickbank has twenty three categories of “niches” or topics to promote. The authors of these items have already produced Pitch Pages, or sales […]

Not Enough Money In Retirement

“Not Enough Money In Retirement”? Need help? “Are you talking to me? You bet I do not have enough money in retirement!” If you have never worked on the internet, never started a blog, never heard of keywords or search engine optimization – fear not! I am going to help you with all of those […]

Baby Boomers Killed America

Newsflash – Baby Boomers Killed America! Say what? I was just researching an entirely different topic about baby boomers (that being baby boomers need more money, continued below) and discovered that there are Baby Boomer haters on the internet. Shocking… …and Laughable! What a crazy premise, that Baby Boomers killed America. Here are a few […]

Baby Boomers Retirement Problems

“Approximately 78 Million Baby Boomers at or near retirement”. That headline from September 2015 is one of about twenty dominating a search on this topic, baby boomers retirement problems. Many baby boomers retire each day – to the count of 10,000, in the US. Since that “boom” was related to a set of years, I […]

What Can I Write A Blog About

What Can I Write A Blog About? The Smartblogger site, a blog site which makes about $100,000.00 a month, advises getting started with Affiliate Marketing as the best business strategy. So there’s a professional answer to “what can I write a blog about”? Marketing on line. I enjoyed reading that fact from author Jon Morrow […]

Online Work For The Disabled

Online Work For The Disabled Disabled veterans and retired military service men and women often face challenges with employment. For many, online work for the disabled is the best solution for this problem. This article will discuss employment work-at-home positions, and a self-employed work model. The latter topic is basically what my whole web site […]

Online Training For The Web

Online Training For The Web Is Easily Available! While this isn’t a newsflash, if you are currently searching for online training for the web, I know you could use some guidance to save time and money. The best and fastest course of action is to find a training website where you can access updated, easy […]