Motivational Encouragements – Is Onyx Misleading

Motivational Encouragements

The thousand of apps and software packages that are promoted and used to help you make money on line without learning how to, use highly targeted motivational encouragements to get you to buy.

Those motivational encouragements as used in online marketing articles, are called keywords.

The following list in the frame is a snippet from the Onyx promotion. This is an app that promises:

  • Fully-Automated App Does It All…
  • 100% Brand New To Warrior+Plus…
  • Get Results In 20 Mins Flat…
  • We Get Paid For Doing No Work…
  • No Experience Or Skills Needed…
  • Works For Anyone Anywhere…
  • Finally Live The Laptop Lifestyle…
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


“Without Traffic, Selling, Funnels, Affiliate Marketing or any other complicated, outdated, beaten old strategy that’s highly saturated in 2022…”

If you talk to the people (and I have, for eight years) who make a good living marketing online, they would hardly call their method of success a “beaten old strategy”.

They, and I, use a marketing training and community website that provides daily updates, legal requirements, and many more details about to write a good business blog.

Most of them, as well as myself, started with a non-paid week of access to the instruction classes. These classes outline how to pick a product, or “niche” to promote on two trial websites. We all had seven days to try the classes, pick our blog titles, pick a visual theme, and publish the blog, all in about half an hour.

Before I talk about Onyx, to see if it might help us start making money “in twenty minutes”, you can click on the blue button below if you want to skip the details and get your free account.






ONYX is an app that puts you in the middle between a user who wants a task done, and the person who can do the task.

You charge $500.00 for a task, and you pay the worker $150.00. Wow, what a profit!

According to the creators, you don’t need any online marketing skills – none!

How realistic is this?

Too good to be true? You know what they say about that, right?

Who Can Benefit From the Onyx App?

The creators suggest the following (and I quote):

  • Student…
  • Stay At Home Dad…
  • Single Mother…
  • Pensioner…
  • Office Worker…
  • Literally Anyone…

That resonates with me because that is the list I would say can benefit from an internet training that will help you create a web site designed for business that is so solid, it will outlast any fad-driven app that is a few weeks old.

Would you rather make your own business web site?

What motivational encouragements can I cite here that would benefit you?

  • Own your own site(s)
  • Learn how to earn income when you make your own business web site
  • Learn how to find words to use that will help readers find you
  • Enjoy a 24/7 active site with live chat, Q & A’s in each lesson
  • Find out how to use images (paid or free) properly
  • Discover how to enhance your site(s) for loading speed
  • Get tips on writing good content to attract visitors
  • Practice good format guidelines for your blog articles
  • Design your site and articles to earn affiliate commissions

Why all this? Because you are going to make your own business website in order to earn and increase your revenue attained by affiliate marketing online.

Affiliate marketing online is how you make money.

The blue button above sends you to a page where you can make your own free web site.

Wouldn’t you love to make your own free web site?

I’m not dismissing Onyx as an opportunity. No, it clearly is an opportunity but I have a problem with some of its promo.

Specifically, the authors emphasize points like:

  • A two-click application, to get fully launched with Onyx
  • First click to buy and get to the Dashboard
  • Second click to enter a keyword and – wait!

What’s a keyword? It’s one of those motivational encouragements!

But how do you know how to find one?

Who is looking for a solution to a task they need done?

How do you start?

The failing of this app – Onyx

I can tell you, from the Dashboard options, that you are expected to know a lot about working and marketing online.

The Dashboard offers an option to integrate this app with your web site – WAIT!

Who said anything about having a web site!

Onyx said “the fully automated app does it all” – but it doesn’t build you a web site.

Onyx said “get results in 20 mins flat” – huh? You’re going to make your own business web site in 19 minutes and then apply Onyx?

See how this doesn’t make sense?

A Million Plus Users Take Advantage of The Training I Recommend

These are people who didn’t fall for “make $100 an hour in twenty minutes flat” . I mean who has done that?

Who has been paid for “doing no work”? Hands up!

So, okay, I could pick this apart more, but do I need to?

Onyx is cheap to buy, and you can get your money back. No big deal.

But, in the time you buy it, and proceed to figure it out, navigate the Dashboard, worry about keywords to generate  – you could get your free account to a system that will launch you to a real potential of making money with a blog designed for business.

A business blog that will, with diligent practice, increase your affiliate marketing earnings for years.

How much do you think you can learn in a week? The blogging classes are there for you to view, and repeat as needed.

You will learn how to get a website address, (no money needed) how to pick a visual theme, how to introduce yourself (About Me page) and how to start writing content that will interest people.

And you’ll learn about keywords, which Onyx seems to think you will intuit. No!

There is a keyword tool provided, which you can try for free, with your account. And a lesson to explain it.

If you’re serious about supplementing your retirement income, your student budget, your at home mom or dad budget, or your travel budget, look no further.




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