Why Should Seniors Consider Affiliate Marketing?

why should seniors consider affiliate marketing

Have you ever considered that the tech-savvy entrepreneur could be someone in their golden years? Today, I’m going to be talking about why should seniors consider affiliate marketing? An inspiring wave of seniors, many above 70, are diving headfirst into the world of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Let’s Explore Why Seniors Should Consider Affiliate Marketing

It’s not just young successful tech whizzes making news online; seniors have also discovered their potential to run successful online businesses.

Understanding the appeal of blogging and affiliate marketing in your retirement years isn’t hard.

With a lifetime of expertise and stories to tell, the blogging sphere offers a perfect platform for you to share your wisdom. Similarly, affiliate marketing provides a flexible framework that respects your time and accommodates your pace – making it an ideal side project or even a full-time venture.

Consider The Immediate Benefits

  • Turn hobbies into income streams
  • Enjoy career opportunities that no longer have expiration dates based on age
  • Grow your businesses from the comfort of your home
  • Travel whenever you like and keep earning with your laptop
  • Control your schedule to include family visits, doctor appointments, exercise and more

Your age is far from a barrier; it’s an asset that lends credibility and depth to your online endeavors

The digital revolution has indeed democratized the vast entrepreneurial landscape, allowing in people of all ages. That’s progress, don’t you think?

The online business world is open to anyone willing to learn and adapt – age is simply a number, not a limitation.

The Foundation of Success Is Learning and Adapting in the Online Sphere

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: starting an online business isn’t just for the tech-savvy youth. Seniors are defying stereotypes by mastering the necessary skills to thrive in the digital realm. But how are they doing it?

That’s going to include getting a grip on the critical technical know-how and marketing techniques that fuel the engine of an online business. And that’s why I write on this blog, to help anyone, but especially people in or approaching their retirement years, who don’t have a comfortable income to move forward with.

There is an easy way to do this! And it’s a lot less work with the right training program. A few years back I got started with a free account, and you can too.


A CLICK Is Worth A Thousand Words

I could insert a thousand words here about what’s on the other side of that CLICK, but I won’t. It’s self explanatory and you won’t be asked for a payment or a future form of payment. That will come after you’ve had a good look around in a world class affiliate marketing training site.

That training site will explain the importance of keeping pace with the accelerating world of online trends. This isn’t a mere suggestion; it’s a keystone of digital success, especially in affiliate marketing where strategies and platforms evolve rapidly. The approach is straightforward: dive into this lifelong learning platform, engage with its huge online community, and continuously refine your marketing prowess. You’ll never be alone!

You can join the seniors who are taking courses, attending webinars, and leveraging social media to not only learn but also share their journey. This embraces a culture where age is irrelevant, and the willingness to adapt defines success.

You might be thinking that the internet is a young person’s game, but let me tell you, the rise of accessible technology has been a game-changer. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80 – all the resources you need to craft a new career online are at your fingertips. As a senior, you have a wealth of life experience that, when paired with newly acquired digital skills, can make for a powerful combination in any online business.

Here’s some information about the history of retirement.

Navigating the World of Affiliate Marketing as a Senior

I’m going to unpack what affiliate marketing involves, especially for seniors who are feeling the appeal of the digital world. Essentially, affiliate marketing is about promoting products or services and earning a commission when sales are made through your referral. It sounds simple, but it opens a world of freedom in the way you earn money, especially if you’re looking for flexible work that you can do from the comfort of your home.

  • Or your RV
  • Or your adult children’s home
  • Or the campground at the lakeside
  • Or …Anywhere!


Now what is truly exciting here is the flexibility and added income this model offers. You can choose your hours, work from wherever you are, and tap into your existing passions or areas of expertise from your career or a hobby.

What about jobs senior citizens over 70 might want? Or Do They?

Many seniors who want to retire need a supplemental income that will develop into some passive income. I mean, who’s looking for another 9-5 even if it’s part time? So, get started now, with these key steps:

  • Choose the right affiliate program that aligns with your interests or accumulated expertise. You can learn how to do that the right way
  • Set up a website or blog, which is your digital storefront. You can learn how to do that the right way
  • Do your keyword research to understand what your potential audience is looking for. You can learn how to do that the right way
  • Create content that is not only interesting but also informative and helpful to your readers.You can learn how to do that the right way
  • Focus on building a network of backlinks to increase your site’s authority. You can learn how to do that the right way
  • Use social media and email marketing to reach a wider audience. You can learn how to do that the right way

The challenges? There’s no denying that building trust with your audience and overcoming competition are hurdles. But you can learn how to do it ALL the right way!

You will learn how to be transparent in your marketing efforts and provide content that offers a solution to someone else’s problem. You will draw this content from the well of wisdom and experiences of your life. This will impact your readers and your words will ring true for them.

As we move towards the next section, remember that affiliate marketing isn’t just about making quick money; it’s about creating something that offers value and sustenance, aligning with your lifestyle and providing financial benefits as you venture into or continue through your golden years.

Cultivating a Thriving Online Business Beyond Retirement

You’re going to enjoy the exploration of building a sustainable and fulfilling online business at any age. Learning how to the correct way is going to prevent a lot of the frustration that will come up if you’re trying to go it alone.

After all, you’re not becoming a beginner blogger and affiliate marketer for a hobby, right? You strongly desire to pursue these avenues for serious income streams and to supplement your retirement effectively.

Once you’ve chosen something that is supported by your decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, you may eventually dominate your chosen niches. You will translate your skills and passions into content that will enrich others’ lives by referring your readership to products or services they value and will purchase..

Don’t worry too much about starting out. You will have help. You will have a practice site, with which you can try the step by step blog development. Seniors can begin with simple, manageable tasks and expand their business as they grow more comfortable and knowledgeable about online strategies.

I really hope I’ve expanded your picture of the opportunities there are in online business and affiliate marketing for seniors. The key takeaway is that through commitment and a willingness to learn how to proceed the correct way, anyone, at any stage of life, can achieve remarkable success online.

If you want to expand your retirement plans to include income-generating activities, affiliate marketing offers not only flexibility but also a venue to connect with a global audience. And guess what? They are eager to learn from the rich experiences seniors have to offer.

In my opinion, the internet is an empowering tool that equates everyone, regardless of age. Seniors who engage in online entrepreneurship are breaking stereotypes, challenging norms, and showing us that the pursuit of growth and learning never gets old – it only gets better with age. Are you ready to look at that free account? Just click below to see all that you can learn.



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The Percentage Of Senior Citizens Over 70 Working As Bloggers And Doing Affiliate Marketing

I decided to look for the percentage of senior citizens over 70 working as bloggers and doing affiliate marketing. I couldn’t find the exact data on age distribution in blogging and affiliate marketing, yet it’s clear the rise of the internet has made these businesses accessible to all ages.

  • There’s a growing trend of seniors, aged over 70, successfully running online businesses like blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • Age isn’t a barrier to entering the online business world; with the right skills and knowledge, anyone can start.
  • Starting an online business requires technical skills and marketing knowledge, and staying updated with online trends is crucial.

Starting an online business…How? Where?

If you’re ready to go, CLICK below! (no payment method required).


the percentage of senior citizens over 70 working as bloggers and doing affiliate marketing

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

At the heart of affiliate marketing lies the concept of partnerships. Affiliates, the driving force behind this business model, collaborate with merchants, companies that offer products or services to promote to their target audience. These partnerships are established through affiliate programs, which provide affiliates with the necessary tools, resources, and tracking mechanisms to effectively promote the merchant’s offerings.

The connection between affiliates and merchants is facilitated through unique affiliate links, personalized URLs that contain the affiliate’s identifying code. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the merchant can track the referral and compensate the affiliate accordingly. This commission-based structure forms the foundation of affiliate marketing, rewarding affiliates for their successful promotion of the merchant’s products or services.

Types of Affiliate Marketing: Tailored Approaches for Diverse Goals

The world of affiliate marketing offers a variety of approaches to suit different interests and goals. Understanding these distinctions is essential for seniors selecting the most effective strategy for their chosen niche. Click that link above to see more about Niches.

Product promotion, the most common form of affiliate marketing, involves reviewing specific products or services to a target audience. Affiliates typically recommend products they have tried and believe in, building trust with their audience and encouraging them to make purchases through their affiliate links.

Service promotion, a specialized form of affiliate marketing, focuses on promoting services such as insurance plans, web hosting solutions, or online courses. Affiliates often leverage their expertise in these areas to provide valuable insights and recommendations to their audience.

Content creation, a more comprehensive approach, involves creating high-quality content, such as blog posts, articles, or videos, that resonates with the target audience. This content often incorporates affiliate links, seamlessly integrating product or service recommendations into the narrative.

Key Components of Affiliate Marketing And Some Jargon

Affiliate marketing success hinges on understanding and effectively employing its core elements.

Tracking links, the backbone of affiliate marketing, are unique URLs that contain the affiliate’s identifying code. This is my affiliate link, as an example. Click on it to see where it takes you! You don’t see the code, but  that’s OK. (this page will stay open).

When a reader on Your Blog clicks on Your Affiliate Link, a tracking cookie is placed on their device, allowing the merchant to track the referral and attribute the sale to You.

Cookies, temporary files stored on your reader’s device, play a crucial role in tracking affiliate conversions. They enable the merchant to identify unique visitors and track their actions, ensuring that You, the affiliate is accurately credited for yur referrals.

Conversion rates, a critical metric in affiliate marketing, represent the percentage of visitors who take the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, after clicking on an affiliate link. High conversion rates indicate effective affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Networks and Programs – Your Partnerships

Navigating the world of affiliate marketing can be streamlined through affiliate marketing networks and programs.

Affiliate market places, such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale, act as intermediaries between affiliates and merchants, providing a platform for affiliates to discover and join relevant affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs, offered by individual merchants or managed by affiliate networks, outline the terms and conditions of the partnership, including commission rates, promotional guidelines, and payment terms.

Choosing a Niche To Align Passions with Profitable Opportunities

The success of affiliate marketing hinges on selecting a niche, a specific area of interest or expertise, that aligns with the affiliate’s passions, target audience, and profitability potential.

Seniors Have The Hidden Potential For A Second Career Online!

Seniors possess a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and passions that can translate into a second chance to earn income and still enjoy retirement. 

Health and wellness, a rapidly growing niche, offers opportunities to promote products or services related to fitness, nutrition, and senior care.

Retirement planning, another valuable niche, caters to the needs of seniors seeking guidance on financial planning, investment strategies, and retirement lifestyle options.

Travel, a popular niche among seniors, presents opportunities to promote travel destinations, accommodations, and travel-related services. Here’s an article about that I really had fun writing!

Hobbies, a diverse niche, encompasses a wide range of interests, such as gardening, crafting, cooking, and technology. Seniors can share their expertise and passion for these hobbies while promoting relevant products or services.

Conducting Thorough Niche Research To Lay the Foundation for Success

Before delving into a niche, conducting thorough research is essential for assessing its profitability, competition, and audience engagement.

Profitability analysis involves evaluating the earning potential within the niche. Factors such as average commission rates, product price points, and conversion rates influence profitability.

Competition assessment involves gauging the level of competition within the niche. A balance between sufficient competition and untapped opportunities is ideal.

Audience engagement evaluation involves understanding the interests, needs, and online behavior of the target audience. This ensures that content and promotions align with their preferences. And you will get help with The Niche Finder if you train where I did!

Affiliate Marketing Is A Boon for Seniors Seeking Financial Independence

The benefits of affiliate marketing lies not only in its flexibility and low startup costs but also in its potential to generate substantial income, supplementing retirement funds and enhancing financial security for seniors. It also offers options to your lifestyle.

Supplementing Retirement Income And Financial Freedom

For many seniors, retirement income from pensions, savings, and social security benefits may not be sufficient to cover all their expenses. Affiliate marketing offers a viable solution to supplement retirement income, providing an additional stream of revenue that can significantly improve financial stability.

The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its scalability. As seniors acquire more experience, build a loyal audience, and refine their strategies, their earning potential can increase substantially. This scalability allows seniors to adjust their income to meet their evolving needs and aspirations.

Flexible Work Arrangements Will Enhance Your Work-Life Balance

Affiliate marketing is a work-from-home enterprise, offering seniors the flexibility to set their own schedules and work from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility is particularly appealing to seniors who value independence, desire control over their work-life balance, and want to pursue their passions without the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job.

The ability to work from home eliminates the need for daily commutes, saving time and reducing stress. It also allows seniors to manage their time effectively, juggling work responsibilities with personal commitments, family time, and leisure activities. A few years ago I was fortunate to have another blogger refer me to where I could start viewing how to market online with a free account. You can too! CLICK below.




If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below.


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In Today’s World

I’m going to start with the basics of affiliate marketing because understanding the groundwork will greatly contribute to your success. At its core, affiliate marketing is a partnership between you and a company where you promote their products or services. When someone makes a purchase through your unique referral link, you get paid a commission. It’s a truly amazing way for you to make income by utilizing their opportunity to monetize your online presence. So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In Today’s World?


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Now, let’s talk numbers to paint a clearer picture. In 2022, businesses in the US poured $8.2 billion into affiliate marketing, and that figure’s on a rocket ship to $15.7 billion by 2024. That’s a lot of opportunity in this realm. So whether you’re looking to start a side gig or aim for a full-fledged career, this affiliate marketing train has plenty of room for new passengers.

And where do I board this train? How do I start?



Starting Smart: Setting Up For Success in Affiliate Marketing For Seniors

You’re going to find out about the initial steps to dive into affiliate marketing and set yourself up for success. This isn’t just about jumping in headfirst; it’s also about making informed choices that pave the way for your growth in the industry.

In my opinion, the advantage of affiliate marketing lies in its low-cost startup and potential for scalability. You can start without a hefty investment and grow your business by promoting more products from various companies as you establish your presence.

Getting started with affiliate marketing involves a few fundamental steps. First, choose a niche that resonates with you. A NICHE is your target audience of readers/shoppers online. Passion drives content creation, and a focused niche helps target a more engaged audience. Then select a content platform.You can read about Why I Chose WordPress HERE.

Will you express your thoughts best through blogging, videos, or social media posts? Remember, the goal is to reach your target audience, your niche,  effectively while being able to consistently promote affiliate products.

If you want to select an affiliate marketing niche, consider areas you’re genuinely interested in and knowledgeable about. Do you love tech gadgets, are you into fitness, or maybe gourmet cooking is your thing? Choose something that resonates with you, and think about what your target audience would find valuable and purchase through your recommendations.

When it comes to platforms, websites optimized with SEO help in driving consistent traffic—a key factor for generating sales through affiliate links. However, you shouldn’t overlook the power of other platforms like YouTube for video content, Instagram for visually oriented niches, and newsletters that create a loyal following, ready to check out your latest finds.

Here is some history and more material about affiliate marketing

Earning Potential and Strategies in Affiliate Marketing

Understanding how you’ll get paid is crucial when stepping into the world of affiliate marketing. Essentially, it boils down to earning commissions when someone buys a product using your referral link. These commissions are either a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount, depending on the affiliate program’s policy.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Most affiliate marketers, especially beginners, earn under $10,000 a year. But don’t let that number discourage you. There’s a group of super affiliates who are pulling in over $50,000 annually. What separates them from the crowd is often their strategy and dedication.

Strategy plays a significant role in affiliate marketing success. It’s a game of balance between high-paying, low-volume programs with niche products and low-paying, high-volume programs with products boasting mass appeal. Your decision here should align with your audience’s interests and your content’s focus.

For your niche, consider two paths: For general topics, low-paying, high-volume programs can be a great fit because they cater to a wide audience. Think Amazon’s affiliate program, which might offer lower commissions but compensates with a higher volume of sales.

On the business side of things, programs catering to a more specialized audience offer higher payouts but may see fewer sales.

Wouldn’t you love to have a Niche Finder at your finder tips? You can have one! I’ll show you where.

So, do high-paying, high-volume programs exist? Yes, and they often involve pricier products that have mass appeal. However, these are competitive waters, often dominated by seasoned marketers who can navigate the more complex sales tactics required.

Exploring Top-Tier Affiliate Programs & Growing Your Reach

If you’ve stuck with me this far, I’m guessing you’re serious about making a name for yourself in affiliate marketing. Choosing the right affiliate program is crucial, and it’s worth the time to explore the options available to land the best fit for your goals and niche.

When we talk about high-paying, high-volume affiliate programs, we’re looking at big-ticket items with broad market appeal. Yes, these spaces are competitive and dominated by seasoned marketers, but don’t let that deter you.

With the right strategy and a solid understanding of your audience’s needs, there’s room for success.

How do you grow your affiliate reach? It’s all about producing valuable content that resonates with your audience. Quality trumps quantity every time. Engage with your audience to understand what they want, use data-driven insights for content creation, and always stay authentic. Trust me, your readers can sniff out insincerity from a mile away.

And let’s not forget about learning from others. Check out case studies of successful affiliate marketers; VISIT THE TRAINING SITE I RECOMMEND (CLICK on one of the blue buttons on this page) – that’s where you’ll find hundreds of experts. You’ll pick up tips on what works and maybe even more importantly, what doesn’t. Mimic their strategies, but inject your unique flair and perspective.

Wrapping this up (there’s more coming!) , remember that affiliate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on building genuine relationships with your audience and affiliate partners. Continue refining your approach, and remember, your first attempt doesn’t need to be perfect. Adaptability is key in this fast-moving market.

I really hope that this brief guide has equipped you with the tools to begin your journey in the world of affiliate marketing with confidence. Keep pushing boundaries, remember to be transparent with your affiliate disclosures, and choose products that hold a strong interest for you and your audience. Best of luck, and I can’t wait to see where your affiliate marketing adventure leads!

Anything I’ve mentioned in this article that you don’t understand is fully explained in the training classes I recommend. You can explore how this instruction works with a no-cost access, you won’t be asked for a form of payment either. Click below to get started!




Affiliate Marketing For Seniors – Best Ways To Supplement Your Income Online

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors – Best Ways To Supplement Your Income Online

What are the best ways to supplement your income online? How can You learn affiliate marketing? 


Where Can I Find Resources for Seniors in Affiliate Marketing

  • Online courses and tutorials on affiliate marketing for seniors
  • Affiliate marketing communities and forums for support and networking
  • Books and guides specifically tailored for seniors interested in affiliate marketing


Training, and a supportive community is crucial for your learning curve. I so lucked out when I found the community I recommend in this blog post. I was able to test drive a site with no payment asked. All of the information below is available to you there. Are you ready to see it first hand? CLICK below!


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.





Can you imagine your retirement, not as years of decline and maybe boredom, with little money to spend, but as a new and vibrant chapter in your life. Will you have financial freedom, and the pursuit of passions? Why not?


The History of Retirement


For a growing number of seniors, this dream is becoming a reality through the amazing opportunity of affiliate marketing.


This work-from-home business model offers a chance for seniors to supplement their retirement income, break free from the constraints of traditional employment, and pursue their entrepreneurial ability. And, if you don’t have entrepreneurial ability, you can learn it. 


Affiliate marketing is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a passion for sharing their knowledge and interests.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is a partnership between you, the affiliate, and companies that offer products or services relevant to your target audience, those who share your interest. As an affiliate, you promote these products or services through your website, blog, social media channels, or other online platforms. When a customer makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

  • Where do I learn the basic principles of affiliate marketing, including partnerships, commission structure, and promotional strategies
  • Where can I learn the different types of affiliate marketing, such as product promotion, service promotion, and content creation


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Seniors That I Want!

  • I want flexibility in my work schedule to pursue work-from-home opportunities, creating a lifestyle many seniors need
  • I need access to a business venture for seniors with very low start up costs
  • I’m looking for the potential of substantial income generation, to supplement my retirement funds
  • I need a niche option, to allow me, like other seniors, to promote a product/service I have expertise in


What Will Be My Niche for Affiliate Marketing

  • How will I choose a niche that aligns with my interests, expertise, and who is my target audience
  • Do seniors want help with health and wellness, retirement planning, travel, hobbies, and technology
  • Can I get help to research potential niches to determine their profitability, competition, and audience engagement


Help With Selecting Affiliate Programs

  • Is there a database of affiliate programs based on their reputation, commission rates, product quality, and target audience
  • How do I find companies with ethical business practices that align with my values
  • Will I be able to find the best programs with high conversion rates and responsive support systems


I am mentioning these factors because all those are found in the system I recommend on this page!


Creating Affiliate Marketing Content

  • Get tips on content strategy that provides the most valuable information and engages your target audience
  • Learn about the various content formats, such as blog posts, reviews, social media posts, and email newsletters
  • Ensure your content is informative, authentic, and tailored to the interests of seniors or whomever your niche audience is


Promoting Affiliate Products or Services

  • How do I use social media platforms to connect with my target audience and promote affiliate products or services correctly
  • Will I learn about email marketing to sustain connections with potential customers who will buy from my links
  • Do I really need paid advertising options, such as Google Ads or social media ads, to reach a wider audience


Strategies for Success in Affiliate Marketing

Build trust and credibility with your audience through consistent, high-quality content. For example, if you can only write one blog post a week, due to a job schedule, family demands or a disability, you’re going to publish on the same day each week, regardless of when you write your post.


This is a signal to the search engines that you’re a professional, with a reliable presence online.


Don’t get so busy that you neglect audience engagement. Respond to comments, questions, and any other feedback you get. You can assign a certain time every few days to review your posts and reply to comments.


The training I recommend will help you stay up-to-date with industry trends, affiliate program updates, and search engine optimization techniques


If You Want Financial Freedom and a Fulfilling Lifestyle


Of course you do, right? What could be better than:

  • An ideal business model for seniors seeking flexibility, low financial outlay, and unlimited earning potential.
  • Access to the secrets to success, from niche selection to content creation
  • Knowing how to create your retirement years into a rewarding experience, for you and your family/friends/close circle



Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Comprehensive Training of the Affiliate Ecosystem

The training system I have benefited from and highly recommend provides:

  • Comprehensive explanations on the different types of affiliate marketing, such as product promotion, service promotion, and content creation
  • Lessons on the key components of affiliate marketing, including tracking links, cookies, and conversion rates
  • Discussions about the various affiliate marketing networks and programs available for you to explore


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing: Genuine Help for Seniors Seeking Financial Independence

  • For you! The unique advantages of affiliate marketing for seniors, a personal schedule, low startup costs, and unlimited earning potential
  • For you! Work from home, engage with your personal interests, and supplement your retirement income


You can address the growing demand for senior-focused products and services and tap the potential of a niche related to:

  • Health and wellness – nutrition, exercise, positive thinking
  • Retirement planning
  • Travel
  • Hobbies
  • Technology



Content Creation: The Cornerstone of Affiliate Marketing Success


I want to mention this a little more because many people are intimidated by the idea that they’re going to write one, two, maybe several blog posts a week, in order to increase the volume of content on their site. Publishing consistentlywill engage your target audience AFTER it engages the attention of Google, Bing, Duck-Duck etc.


There is only one factor you need to achieve this, without burning out. You choose a topic, or niche, that you really love. What is that hobby that you can talk for hours about? In your sleep?


That’s the one you choose, and I will bet you there is an affiliate product you can promote with all your your expertise. It may be a physical product, with many accessory products people will buy (through your affiliate link, thereby creating a commission for you), or a digital product a buyer can instantly download.


Ah! The Mystery of the Affiliate Marketing Landscape

Affiliate marketing seems to encompass a complex ecosystem of players, processes, and strategies that work in tandem to generate income. Unraveling the intricacies of this ecosystem is made easy by the step-by-step creation of your affiliate blog, in the training I recommend.

Want To Try It Out?

Affiliate marketing has long been a real way to make money from home, or online as you travel or go camping, whatever your joy is.

Could it be a beacon of hope for you, a senior seeking financial independence, flexibility, and a rewarding retirement lifestyle? Drawing from your knowledge, passions, and coupled with the power of today’s online platforms, the right training can launch you on a rewarding journey of entrepreneurship, supplementing your income, and achieving some amazing financial goals.

Just click below to take an up-close look at the training!



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Click’n Cashin Glitch App – Online Income Source

Click’n Cashin Glitch App – Online Income Source


This Click’n Cashin app is, a possible online income source, and is  attributed to a $20 Billion glitch inside Whatsapp’s servers. I wonder if it’s been fixed yet? Let’s take a quick look and see if it’s worth your time until Whatsapp discovers this glitch and remedies their weakness. And, can you use it without an established website that you own?


Not familiar with Whatsapp? Find info here.


The author says: 


online-income-source graphic


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.



If you’re interested in creating a website yourself, that you can establish with good visibility online, the fastest way is to click the button below for a free look at a professional training opportunity to build a business online. It’s not a glitch and won’t be fixed and then disappear!




Upon examining Click’n Cashin further, I do find some contradictions. It repeatedly claims:

  • You need zero training, about anything, nada
  • You will work 2-3 minutes a day
  • Every time you Click within the system you will make $23.97
  • You don’t need a website 
  • You don’t need to write anything
  • You buy it and it’s set up for you in two minutes


Doesn’t that sound like online marketing heaven? You can start making about $1,000.00 a day! By doing almost nothing!


Yet, the promo goes on to explain: you can fully customize this “clone” of their business model. How do you do that? There’s no real explanation of what you’re buying.


Online Marketing For Beginners


And, why would you do that – fully customize this “clone” if you’re making $23.97 every time you click on Send. Whatsapp has about 2.3 BILLION users, O.K., that’s exciting. And the app is able to send each one a message of some sort? (A Whatsapp user is going to love that, right? No!) So according to traditional sales math, you’re going to make 1% of that customer base in return.


After studying the details, I’m in no way clear, in fact I’m clueless as to what you’re sending when you click Send.


You’re also going to get highly detailed training! What?


The promotional material has already emphasized you don’t need to know anything about online marketing. Join, click from the dashboard and you’re making money!


And to whom do you send your marketing messages? You have to have a list of contacts you have previously accrued yourself. You must then invite each one to Opt In to your messages. Does this sound like you will a) Join, b) click Send and c) start making money, like today


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Strategy


The basics of how you make money on the internet actually needs to be understood if you want to apply the Click’n Cashin app quickly.


Even though the author provides training, if you’re going to spend time on training why not learn the whole inclusive professional way to start an online business?


You will not only learn how to establish a blog with:

  • The correct legal pages
  • An attractive theme suitable for your topic’s material
  • How to become visible on the web – SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • How to use Social Media and gain followers without spamming your feeds (which you need to use this Click’n Cashin app)
  • How to write easily read content on your blog
  • How to get and use affiliate links
  • How to establish a YouTube channel if that’s more your style
  • Get preferred access to a couple of huge affiliate marketplaces for access to hundreds of retailers
  • Learn how to use ClickBank, a huge digital marketplace where you make great affiliate commissions
  • Where to find/adapt/upload images to your blog posts
  • How to use AI to your best advantage


All of the above is crucial for those who are interested in affiliate marketing for seniors – the special readership of this blog. Many seniors are looking for a way to work from home so they can earn money in retirement, maybe increase their SS income years.


Many seniors would like to travel in their retirement years, but need to have some extra revenue come in even while working from their laptops.


Many seniors have sold their homes and live an RV lifestyle. With internet, they can keep working online from anywhere and keep up their affiliate marketing income. I wrote more about that here:


Nomadic Lifestyle America


Many  seniors lost their retirement plans or their homes in the 2008 banking travesty. It’s like ancient history now, unless you’re one of those people. I wrote about that too:


My Life After Foreclosure


Who Is The Clickn’ Cashin App For?


This app is best used by people who have an established list of Whatsapp contacts who have opted in, or who will opt in to receives messages. 


This app is best used by people who already have affiliate links they can embed in messages they send out to their opted-in contacts. It’s not exactly Join, Set Up quickly and start making money. Unless you have a significant list and they’ve opted in, all ready to go.


If you don’t have those things, and you’re going to spend some time, maybe months, building them up, why not add one more element into the time you’re going to spend creating business online?


Learn how to create a real business blog, in the way that it will last for years. You can use it to promote all kinds of affiliate products. While you’re doing that, you will also be building a following on Social Media platforms, including Whatsapp.


Because that’s part of the training you will get in the professional business building classes I recommend you study. You will develop your web site step by step as you learn each part of the creation. You will see it grow, day by day, as you put all the elements together.


I assure you, it’s quite exciting to see this appear before your eyes! Take the free test drive of this 24/7 online community of beginner bloggers and well advanced business bloggers many of whom generously share their success tips. Just Click below on the blue button.




AI App Scam – Is Inject A.I. Cash One?

AI App Scam – Is Inject A.I. Cash One?


The creator of Inject A.I. Cash says you get paid even if you don’t work. Uh – huh.  The creator says you only need 30 seconds a day. Wow! But is this an ai app scam? Sounds amazing, right? These apps are appearing like participants in a fast and furious race, every day. Let’s slow down and take a look at this one.  We will also take a look at traditional blog for business training, and what course of action provides the best online income for you, searching for the best way to learn affiliate marketing for seniors.


What Are The Top 10 Online Income Sites

In case you’re still casting a wide net for information, I wanted to provide this link. The information is beyond the scope of this article but you may find it interesting.

I want to narrow your search by discussing a) the Inject A.I. Cash app and b) the training I truly recommend for you.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Are You Looking For Work At Home Training Courses


If so, please click the blue button below. You can investigate the professional training site with no payment required. It is comprehensive (and I mean in the Buckminster Fuller comprehensive way!)





Earning Money On The Internet


AI has been released in hundreds if not thousands of varieties for you to use, and it’s all about earning money on the internet, right? The focus of this blog is affiliate marketing for seniors but you can be at any age legal to do business in your area, and benefit from this article. I want for you to skip all the time consuming learning curves I went through starting in 2006 with NO TRAINING IN SIGHT. 


I started writing like crazy on a free blogger blog because I could. I made some money promoting a ClickBank digital product, until the author moved it to Amazon, changing the affiliate commission from $25 to $5.00. My first rude awakening. I don’t want you to go through that. But why did I succeed thus far? I wrote in a NICHE or a limited topic with a specific audience, in which I am an expert. I had tons of material that I could write about practically in my sleep! I’m thinking that YOU have a career or hobby topic you can almost write about in your sleep too! 

Making Money On The Internet From Home


But how do you do that? You can write 100 articles on your marvellous topic and save them. Would that take a few months? Are you retired or semi-retired, or looking ahead to retirement? Do you know how to:

  • Find the best title for an article 
  • Know how to format an article
  • How to find the best headlines for each section of your article?
  • How to add images to your article 
  • How to share your articles automatically with social media sites
  • How to set up a YouTube channel, if you don’t want to write


If you opt to try Inject AI Cash, you don’t have to know any of those things. Or, do you? If you want to try it, go here. That’s not an affiliate link, I don’t get a commission if you buy it. I haven’t signed up for that because I really don’t think it’s in your best interest for me to recommend it. I truly don’t know who has the experience to use it, and I don’t think it’s for beginners or seniors who are SERIOUSLY looking for the best online incomes.

Best Online Incomes


Will Someone please tell me what the best online incomes are? Or, does that matter if I don’t know how to present myself as a marketer online? How do I get there from here?


A.I Inject Cash says it exploits three major platforms to get endless $29.00 payments. (worth $997.00 per month). You get paid for campaigns you didn’t write and leads you didn’t collect. (worth $997.00 per month). It provides a Mobile Edition (for phones). (worth $497.00 per month). So we’re close to $2500.00 now! That you don’t have to spend, but these are only arbitrary values.

Best Online Income Opportunities


So for a cheap buy and money back  guarantee – all good! – I’m not going to say A.I Inject Cash is a scam. No. No way. But will it be among your best online income opportunities?

What Do I Need To Start An Online Business


Goodness where do I start? Well, OK, I think you need an established web site you own. And you may want to know “how to establish a website”. And that’s why I recommend the training venue of which access is provided by the Blue Buttons in this article.


How To Make Money On The Internet


  • How long will it take me ?
  • What are the basics I don’t know now?
  • What kind of support do I need?


A dedicated training community should provide:

  • Articles and video classes you can view and review as many times as you need
  • Instruction on the legal information you need to add to your blog
  • A well presented About Me page that will instill trust in your readers
  • A community of beginner bloggers and experienced bloggers who engage in a live feed so you can get questions answered quickly
  • A stable platform for your blog like WordPress that keeps improving its software
  • Updated training modules on all topics, especially AI
  • Weekly live video training with over-your-shoulder demonstration of blog creation and a live Q&A
  • A plethora of video trainings for more advanced bloggers to improve your use of YouTube marketing, using paid ads and more
  • Content marketing tips (the material you write) to enhance your visibility online with both quality and volume
  • Prompt creation with ai – getting the information and presentation varieties you want in less time


The training I recommend provides all these items and many many more. I think it’s most beneficial feature is that you create your blog as you study. You don’t pack up your brain on theories for months, then start working on your blog.


After about three months you will most likely start to see that you’re now earning money on the internet! Maybe enough to cover your basic costs of monthly training!


That’s HUGE, right? I urge you to click on the button below and get an up close view of what is waiting for you. 




Here is more information about getting targeted visitors to your new blog.


Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?


Is The AI App A Scam – Looking At Luna

Is The AI App A Scam – Looking At Luna


Luna has arrived on the horizon along with many other ai apps – but is the ai app a scam? It makes a lot of promises, so let’s take a look. 


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


No Tech Skills – No Writing Posts – No Followers – No Ads


So says the creator of this app, Luna. It purports to “exploit Elon Musk’s new platform X” formerly known as Twitter. It claims to get you free traffic in 60 seconds resulting in just short of $500.00 pay days. If this sounds as incredulous to you as it does to me, and if you’re looking for authentic blog training, get a no-cost look at the training I recommend for a real career online, get your account right now! Click below. 





Are you looking at making money from the internet? 


It seems like an app like Luna could give you a real jump start with this project. The app author says:

We don’t write any posts
We don’t generate any followers
We don’t run any ads
None of that is important…
Because our AI does all of that for us…



There is an inherent problem here. When you do professional training on using AI, you learn to  prompt it in order to get the best feedback possible. Then you have to troubleshoot that information, make sure it is correct and representative of your material.


If the Luna App does all this for you – how will your material be any different from the other Luna users’? The author reflects what may bloggers/vloggers feel from time to time: 

Writing posts (formerly tweets) Is boring, and not easy…
It takes a lot of time and experience…
And instead of spending your time learning that…
We let our AI model do it for us in less than a minute
And there are more miracles! I quote:

Yup… 2 minutes per day…

No more… And it’s not even complicated…
You just need to follow our DEAD-EASY setup…
And you are good to go…unquote
Well, I have a question – if Luna works with you engaging with it two minutes a day for an almost $500.00 pay out, every day, why does your usership get you 24/7 technical support and over-the-shoulder-video training? 


Make Money From The Internet


Luna promises you can make money from the internet with NO training, NO experience, NO paid ads! How? Firstly, your affiliate links will be put in all your material that you upload to X.


But wait! If you’re a beginner blogger with no experience:


  • Do you even know what affiliate links are?
  • How do you get affiliate links?
  • At what pointe in your creative development online will a retailer/manufacturer allow you to connect to their product?
  • Some retailers have no screening process for affiliates
  • Some, like Amazon, have pretty stringent requirements, like an established web site you own


How To Make Money With The Internet Using An Established Web Site You Own


Why do I recommend the training you get to see when you click on one of the Blue Buttons? Here’s the short list:


  • You get a place on a server – called hosting – for free with membership
  • You get a discounted price on a domain name – “myblog.com”
  • You get access to a 24/7 live feed of questions and answers
  • All the classes have a long/legacy Q&A you can learn from, and add to
  • Updated training on how to benefit from AI is weekly and detailed
  • If you’re not sure what to blog about a Niche Finder will help you
  • Legal requirements for a business blog are explained – international
  • Understanding how to make money using the internet is explained
  • How to gain visibility online is thoroughly taught


The Money On The Internet – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors


Hordes of people around the world earn money on the internet. Many earn a full-time income, meaning revenue that pays their bills, and more, in their area. If you’re a senior citizen reading here, your reasons for wanting to learn how to do this may look something like this:


Again, I quote from Luna’s creator:


Luna is the only app…

That will do literally everything for you…
That means, EVERYTHING…
You don’t even need an existing account with Twitter/X
Luna will do all of that… All that you need to do…
Is setup Luna, which takes less than a minute…
And then it will run in the background
Sending you massive clicks and sales…unquote
The Luna App hasn’t been around long enough for us to know how well this turns out. It “runs in the background” while you live your life and money pours in, that’s what the promo says.
I can’t help but wonder what happens if suddenly Luna gets taken down, or X says “enough” and starts charging for material posted with affiliate links – who knows what the owner Elon Musk might decide?
If you’re going to put any time and some money into creating a business online, don’t you want it to be YOURS?
Is the ai app a scam? I don’t think so, but it would be quickly learned and best used by a person who is expert at uploading good ad copy material onto various platforms with well formed affiliate links that stay within the terms of service, which can change. 
Wouldn’t you prefer to have an established web site that retailers/producers will allow into their affiliate programs?
Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the skills to publish material that will retain meaning far into the future even if product details change? Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the traditional (yet always changing) elements of a well designed business blog? Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the art of using AI yourself, with a reputable producer?
You can take a close look at how this training works, the different membership costs, and the massive community support that never sleeps! You can do your own investigation of the potential in this instructional series of classes that have been going for over a decade. Just click below.  




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Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?



Sapphire AI App – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors

Sapphire AI App – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors

What is the Sapphire AI App?  I’m hoping to verify it with this post Sapphire AI App – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors. Here is what the creator states:


The platform has created thousands of NEW millionaires…

And there’s no other platform that can claim that…
It just goes to show the HUGE potential for the average Joe or Jane…
And that’s why it’s foolish to not take advantage of it…
Especially now when inflation is out of control and money is needed…
But how?


My knee-jerk response is why aren’t we hearing about this new volume of millionaires on the daily news? But. I try not be cynical, so I’m going to read more about it.


OK, so this Sapphire App applies to persons who already have a YouTube channel. Is that you? It’s not me, but I’m curious even though I try my best not to fall into the Shiny Object Syndrome. That means new or trending offers you get distracted by while you’re following a chosen path to earn money online. This is really important if you came to this post because you are a senior citizen looking to become a beginner blogger.



This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


So I am first going to recommend a training site for seniors who want to become bloggers to make money from home in their  retirement years. This training site offers a wealth of information, a pre-built blog(s) structure for members and instruction as to how to set it up for a long-term business. You can take a free first look at this supportive membership community with just a user name and password. Click below to investigate!





But I don’t want to blindly dismiss the Sapphire App offer. The creator says:


YouTube™ is the king of high quality traffic…

You see when people use YouTube™…
…They generally use it to find a solution to a painful problem…
For example:
  • How To Make Money Online…
  • ​How To Get A Girlfriend…
  • ​How To Lose Weight…

All these markets have millions of people…

…That are ready to spend money to solve their problems…


“They are ready to spend money to solve their problems”…So true, right? Isn’t that what you’re doing every time you search for something – a product or service  – online, like maybe Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Overstock and others? And, when you find an article describing the product you’re looking for, with the pertinent information that helps you decide to buy that item, the article you’re reading has provided a link you can click on to buy, right? Somebody has helped you solve your problem!


You can do that too! You learn how to make a really good, attractive, easy to engage with affiliate marketing blog with which you will help others solve a problem or two. 


The professional training site I recommend also covers how to start and maintain a YouTube channel for marketing purposes. Not everybody wants to write. And for YouTube videos, you don’t necessarily have to be on camera. You can create slide shows and add a spoken or printed track of information. Many marketers do this.


This IS What The sapphire App Does


The Sapphire App provides software which quickly produces videos or shorts using stock footage and adds voice over to the footage. You proceed by:

  • You select a keyword
  • Get some footage related to it
  • Add some voice over and voila!


Now you’ve got a video with hopefully helpful information that will solve someone’s problem. Let’s review how you will compete with the millions of other vloggers online – your competition.

  • Will your keyword or key-phrase compete well?
  • Do you know what a keyword is and how to select one?
  • After selecting one how do you research the actual competition of it before you use it?


Because the whole point is to not duplicate what someone else is doing, right? You have to be more appealing one way or another! Sapphire AI hasn’t been around long enough for its real success as an app to be determined.


One concern I have is that as a user you’re accessing the same stock footage as every other Sapphire App user.


The creator also says that you don’t need any tech skills, no creative skills, and you don’t need any subscribers either.


Really? Part of the app is picking from a selection of social media platforms to instantly share your new AI video. How big is your social media following on all the platforms? I think you DO need tech skills, definitely SOME creative skills, and you are going to be competing with vloggers who have thousands of followers on the social media sites.


Which they didn’t create overnight btw. 


To be clear, I’m not trying to discourage you from developing a YouTube channel, no, not at all! The potential is HUGE. However, understanding keywords and selecting them effectively is a tech skill. That is just not something to be glossed over. And there is much more to learn about marketing online.


How Fast Can Affiliate Marketing For Seniors Be Learned?


Even with Sapphire AI and other AI apps, how fast you learn to market online depends mostly on you.

  • Are you retired, semi-retired, or just contemplating retirement?
  • Do you have a partner who can help, or tolerate you devoting your time to a new learning curve?
  • How is your motivation? A career topic or hobby you love will help keep you going long-term
  • Can you spend maybe $50.00 a month for pro training?
  • Would you love a 24/7 online community of fellow learners?
  • Would you love a live feed where you can ask questions?
  • Would you love hundreds of hours of extra training and tips aside from the classes?
  • Would you love the AI training features?
  • Would you love to train and create as you travel?
  • Would you love to train and create as you continue an RV lifestyle?


Many of my readers here have joined the training and integrated it into a semi-retired or retired lifestyle. They started by opening a no-cost account to preview the advantages of this wonderful pro-blogging, or vlogging community. You can too! Click below!




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Can I Make Dollars on Quora?

Can I Make Dollars on Quora?


Can I make dollars on quora is an often asked question. Here is one short simple answer:


“My best advice to you is to seek another site for earning money because Quora is doing everything in its power to make earning here impossible.” – Owain a Quora member


Get the info on Quora – history, usage and more HERE.


Quora is HUGE and with its high content volume it can attract many advertisers. Questions are placed on Quora, to attract answers, naturally. It is the answer volume to a highly engaging question that increases the volume of content on the site. Members who partner with Quora can get a share of the ad revenue by providing answers that get read, and upvoted. In a nutshell.


How much time would you have in a day to read on Quora and provide answers to questions from a category you have expertise or experience in? If you’re fully retired you would have the hours in the day/night to gain some traction here.  Yet, currently, Quora users mostly report they’re making $2.00 USD a week, with all those hours and efforts.


The advice given above is to seek another site for earning money.


Wouldn’t that be better?


Wouldn’t it be better to have your own site? But how would you start? You can get a free account on a site that teaches the whole world of marketing online to earn a revenue stream that grows and grows. For an overview, click on the blue button below!


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.






Quora can be very interesting if not fascinating. It is a wealth of expert material. My personal use is that of learning and also just relaxing, reading about experiences published by real people, about their real life stories. After a long day of research, writing and other work, it’s a great escape!


can-i-make-dollars-on-quora-money plant


How do I earn $1 per day on Quora?


So you’re aiming for $30.00 PER MONTH? I don’t think so, right? I’m not even going to answer that question because I think it’s a waste of time to pursue. I’d rather point you to a way to make more money than that! Let’s talk about affiliate marketing. How it works:

  • You make a website designed for promoting products you find useful.
  • You choose the topic(s) you will present on your site, a narrowly focused topic or category of topics
  • You connect your readers to these products with an affiliate link that tells the creator of the product where to send your commission
  • Once set up, this is all automated
  • You keep writing material, and study how to grow from invisibility to high visibility online
  • Depending on your input you may start making affiliate commissions in three to six months.


There is a link to another article on affiliate marketing at the bottom of this post. It is about a digital product which offers a $25.00 commission with each sale.  We’re way past a dollar a day!


Are you willing to work for three months minimum, to wait for an increasing amount of commissions per month as you develop your site?


How do you make a million dollars on Quora?


I think it’s evident that this is a joke question within the context of this article, right? But it is an actual question from Quora. One can’t help but imagine the impact on one’s life if you make a million dollars! But if you grab yourself by the scruff of the neck, all the way back to reality, there is still hope. YOU are your hope, for yourself and those who inspire you.


For a minute, let’s pretend you get your account today and begin to view this huge website of professional affiliate marketing training. I quote the creators with what their training site offers:


You can test-drive the platform within the Starter membership, understand how the online business works, get help and feel the awesome “pay it forward” vibe within the community. When you are ready to take your business to the next level you will want to upgrade, choosing a membership that suits your goals.




Here is a quick diagram breaking down the process.



Just as you would as a member of Quora, or creator on a YouTube channel, or any other large content website you would: 1. Choose An Interest. An interest or passion, a topic that you have some experience and expertise in, be it from a career or hobby. This acquired knowledge is valuable to many others who share your interest, want to learn more, or need to purchase items that will help them enjoy this interest even more. If you make it easier for them, it can result in your increased income from affiliate commissions.


Following that, you would 2. Build A Website. No, not from scratch! 😯 . A basic website already in place, will be your platform, or foundation, for developing your online business. The platform is called WordPress, and it is used for millions of sites. You will learn how to customize it and add the About Me page, the Privacy Policy page and other required legal information. Templates are provided for your editing, making this a fast process.


You will learn 3. How To Attract Visitors – get targeted web traffic, the exact readers for your topic. Members have access to a research tool for this, and and many hours of video training about how to research effectively in order to gain visibility online.


You will be shown the different ways to 4. Earn Revenue. If you have no capital investment to buy ads – and the majority of beginner bloggers don’t – you will get suggestions as to what affiliate products are the easiest to start out with, and how to set up your content with affiliate links applied in an acceptable and effective way.


Gaining a picture of how this works will reveal to you the potential YOU have for making money from home:

  • In retirement
  • While traveling
  • While RVing
  • While camping

… Or however you set up your life.




So while many ask can I make dollars on Quora, I offer this alternative that has a realistic potential for you to have a business in retirement that can fit in with your preferred lifestyle. You will spend your time blog building knowing this is really going somewhere! Get started now!




The article I mentioned way above…



Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money




What Exactly Is Digital Marketing – Can Seniors Learn It

what exactly is digital marketing world map

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing – Can Seniors Learn It


What exactly is digital marketing? If you are the curious person who landed on this site, I am going to give the overview  as simply as I can. Obviously, digital marketing is marketing online instead of with:

  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Neighborhood flyers
  • Postcards and flyers sent through the post office
  • Neighborhood community boards


All of those in-the-real-world methods of marketing still exist, and all thrive. At this point, now that you are a senior, or close to arriving at that age, your goals may resemble something more like this:

  • Work from home 
  • Work while traveling anywhere
  • Staying with family here and there, as you like 
  • Save your vehicles/gas usage/time  Schedule all your activities for optimal health 
  • Have the financial wherewithal to purchase the best nutrition/medication
  • Have the income to purchase the best fitness tools designed for your age 
  • Have the side hustle revenue to start at that bucket list
  • Have the income to purchase new digital tools, a fast laptop, desktop, and some digital marketing training 


Am I close? I started with digital marketing training when I hit 60. I’d heard about it, and I had evening and weekend hours to devote to it. I bashed around in the dark for a couple of years (and despite that made some money!) until another digital marketer referred me to a training site, where I started with a free account. And you can too!




This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


What are good ways to learn to become the best digital marketer


  • You learn the basics about what you need – the essentials to starting a blog, or website of your own 
  • You find a community that has been around for over a decade and will therefore keep investing in itself and its members
  • You find a community where you can quickly upload the bare bones of a site
  • You find a community that shows you how to develop your site, both creatively and legally, specifically designed for business
  • You find a community where help is at hand 24/7
  • You learn how to compete for guaranteed targeted visitors to your website


Which is the best digital marketing course


The best digital marketing course will offer:

  • Training you can view and review as many times as you need 
  • Step by step instruction, with which you can DO as you learn and SEE the results on your published blog as you progress Legacy Q & A’s on the lessons you go through, which you can consult and learn from
  • A Live Feed where you can get your questions answered anytime
  • Rapid tech support response if something goes wrong with your site
  • Discounts for members on domain names (yournewsite.com) 
  • Ongoing updates on the requirements of digital marketing be they laws, styles, Google updates
  • AI training, which at this point you cannot ignore 
  • Hundreds of training videos by members who cover any and every topic of the field


Once you’ve started your free account, you’ll grasp the integrity of the instruction and the major help features. Some of these are:

  • Choosing a topic to blog about, or a category of related topics like Gardening Tools, Gardening Tools For Men, or for Women et al
  • Add required pages to your site such as About Me, Contact, Privacy Disclosure, all those things you see when you go onto a site online
  • Providing a template for those pages which you copy/paste then customize for your blog
  • Ongoing training of a most important topic – getting targeted web traffic with which you can out-do your competition


Why should I choose digital marketing

I mentioned some factors above already, which have to do with your lifestyle choice, or aspirations for your retirement. You may prefer to keep working, or maybe you have to keep working. You don’t want a new commute or a schedule you love to hate. You, or your partner may need extra rest, extra care, or you might just prefer to work all night and sleep all day.


>>>You want freedom to choose all these things, right?<<<<


With digital marketing you can use your site to promote, as one example, a book you write – print or digital, for book sales income.


You can also, as an affiliate marketer, promote someone else’s print or digital product, for commissions on their sales. You have chosen, or will choose, a topic or niche (a narrowly focused audience) that you have much enthusiasm for. This will prevent burnout in producing the volume of content your site will need to compete with other sites on the web.


You will need to publish consistently in order to develop visibility online, however, you still have the freedom to choose your working schedule, in order to do that.


The Importance of Targeted Visitors


You have gained an edge for attracting targeted web traffic, because you have chosen a specific niche with an audience already in place. There are specific techniques which you will learn, to bring you free targeted website traffic. This works for many successful bloggers who make a good income.


If you have the budget, you can learn, at the training site I recommend, how to use paid ads in the most beneficial ways. You can learn how to outsource content writing, if you can pay for that. It will develop your blog faster, naturally. You will have training on developing a YouTube channel, and how to use it for affiliate marketing. You will learn the requirements and rules for marketing on YouTube.


Some bloggers have a YouTube channel, and many don’t have a blog, they only use YouTube for their digital marketing business. There are many choices! You don’t have to choose right now, or decide on your niche topic, or pay any money to get some good ideas on how all this works. And it will work for you! CLICK on the button below!





Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?


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