Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money

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The Awakened Millionaire Academy


Joe Vitale is a millionaire marketer and has appeared in infomercials and many online products. He is associated with the power of positive thinking, and the movie The Secret.


Is this video course a Joe Vitale awakened millionaire scam or a viable way to develop a mindset that will help you make a million dollars?


I don’t think it is a scam, yet it may take a certain mindset to begin with, to get anything out of this course.


If you’re attracted to this kind of study, deepening your belief and faith that life can be good, and if you enjoy spending time on this kind of practice, it may be a perfect path of study for you to improve your life with.


Here is a little background on this author:


“Vitale’s first book, Zen and the Art of Writing was published in 1984. Some of his other publications include: The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, and Faith. Vitale also recorded many audio programs for Nightingale-Conant. Vitale has also written a book on P.T. Barnum’s business secrets, There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.


In 2005, he became a bestselling author when he wrote The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out.


Vitale has written books on marketing and business including Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words and Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing. Vitale also wrote The Secret Prayer which was released on May 18, 2015.


In 2016, 2017, and 2018, Vitale wrote multiple books including: The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment (2016), Law of Attraction Quotes (2017), and the most recent book that Vitale has published, Anything Is Possible. (2018)” – Wikipedia



This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


How Much Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy Cost?


It sells for $47.00.

Not a bad price for anything, providing you don’t get hooked into upsells (additional offers). Also this is a Clickbank digital product, so you can get your money back within 60 days.


If you came to this page to learn the right way to build a blog for money, you can get started now.





What Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy purport to give?


Video Training – access to the proven steps to unlock the Awakened Millionaire Mindset: giving you a path to MORE money, MORE spiritual growth, and MORE meaning… at the same time.


I think that is appealing – we’re all so short on time these days. Unless we’re staying home from a lay-off because of the Covid-19 epidemic, or other collateral damage factors, and need something to tackle and keep our mind alive, right?


If you’re a senior or a disabled person looking for a way to make real money online, I can you offer you a much more reliable way, and more about that below.


8 Laws Of Awakened Money (I am not sure what “awakened money” actually means) –  Dr. Joe Vitale shares specific strategies he has used to make millions while following his spiritual path.


Master the Awakened Millionaire Formula – You will be instructed how to combine money and spirituality… So that you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth at the same time.


See, I’m already having a little problem with this promotional blurb, because, didn’t it just say the same thing twice?


Trigger the 4 steps of Spiritual Awakening – “Follow these proven steps to awaken you passion, spiritual power, and the ultimate soulful meaning”…Of what?


The course has a private Facebook group you can join to  – “ Get ideas, advice, and support from Joe and the community of like-minded individuals”.


For free, I can show you where to join a huge community of internet marketers where you’ll see the professional quality of training and you can build your own blog. Where you can also get ideas and advice.


A blog that is designed for business online. But, back to the promo blurb:


Joe says he has a powerful training method – “Experience a transformational educational experience super-charged to make your transformation as fun, engaging, and POWERFUL as possible”


Could that be the hypnotic repetitive affirmation practice like The Law of Attraction taught?


Joe says you will not get behind. There is a way to keep you accountable – “high tech” so that you keep up.


I don’t know what that could be, as I haven’t bought this course. I am very familiar with the Law Of Attraction movement and teachers, so no, I am not going to buy this to see what the Accountability Tech is.


You can CLICK HERE if you want to read the full promoted promises of the benefits you can get from the implanted mental programming this course offers.


You can read more about the “Bold Action Bonuses” your “Intentional Transformation” and “the power of subconscious learning with conscious learning.”


You will “Enjoy the camaraderie of a courageous, convicted group of people walking with you side by side through this Awakened Millionaire lifestyle and movement…


And here’s my problem with that – it’s a little culty, don’t you think? 


What’s more, this course was promoted as far back as 2016 – so where are all the millionaires who spiritually attracted the money from their mindset? Surely we would have heard about them by now.


Does that mean it is a scam? No, it is not a scam. There is nothing wrong with learning self-hypnosis, or brain training by video, for $47.00.


That is a perfectly valid practice, as long as you also learn to DO SOMETHING concrete that might become a real business that brings in money, if you learn to do it right!




You came to this page because it is about “seniors work from home jobs” and it is on a blog that promotes blog training for a real business online.


Real blog training is not about overnight riches. It is about a concrete step by step training that may take a few months to fully comprehend and execute to get good at.


It includes learning how to get found on the vast massive volume of web sites on the internet. Just like how you found this page.


It includes how to put together good blog posts with the right sized images, on a platform called WordPress, in an attractive and easy to read format.


You do not have to know any code!


This popular and worldwide training web site will teach you everything about site building for making income online.


You can access ten training classrooms (video and text) for free for seven days.


If you’re passionate about learning the real skills of online marketing, you can do another month of classes for $19.00 – about one third of the cost of the premium membership, $49.00 a month. 


Another discount is to pay $495.00 for one year.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – start your free account now and view a few classes.


As you progress you will see a real blog appear live online!


Your blog!


And it is yours to keep, regardless of whether you stay with this community or not.



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BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

woman with exercise bar

BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review


Being a retired ballet teacher and personal trainer, my attention gravitates to any type of gym equipment that is portable, fits in small places, and my latest discovery is the BodyBoss.


My BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review will also discuss the affiliate program.


Because you’re at Seniors Work From Home Jobs!


Which is all about affiliate marketing, the job you do from home on your computer.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Where you learn where to make sites that make money, a passive income, on line. You can click below to start a free account, right now!


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Can I Make Money As A BodyBoss Portable Gym Affiliate?


There is an affiliate program and it is a darn good affiliate program too!


Better commissions (than Amazon or Ebay) and longer periods of time during which your affiliate link will be honored or – “longer lasting cookies”.


In my article

What Is A Full Body Workout Plan I Can Do At Home?


I told you:


“We’re going to discuss many factors about working out in this post, but first I want you to see this gym-in-a-box that adapts to:

  • A small home space where you want to workout
  • A kit you can take in your car or public transit easily
  • A patio/deck/poolside/den/bedroom space where you pull out your kit, and put away in a minute”


That’s pretty appealing, right? Imagine setting this up in your own home and all the options for use you may have.


This gym kit accommodates:

  • Young/old people who live in a small house/condo/apartment
  • Young/old people who like to work out with others in their space/in a public space
  • Peeps who don’t want or can’t afford a gym membership
  • Peeps who live in their RV or travel much of the year
  • Bloggers who move around the globe while they blog (affiliate marketers)


Here is a video to show you what benefits come with in the kit – what you’re recommending to people who are seeking a way to do full body workouts at home, or wherever it is convenient for them.



You can see more at BodyBoss.

Who Is This Product For?


Almost anyone!


It is suitable for

Anyone who wants to get in shape!


This portable home gym kit is beneficial for those who are out of shape, and for serious exercise buffs who want hard workouts with muscle building results.


It is recommended by weight lifters – you will want extra bands for increased resistance. There is also instruction as to how to include weights with the BodyBoss workouts.


It is good for seniors and somewhat frail people, whose doctors approve of them working out.


Each customer can tailor their workouts from a manual of exercises that is included in the purchase.


An individual can start at a very easy level of exertion, and work up at their own pace.


That includes people who have been injured, and whose chiropractors or medical doctors have given them the O.K. to start rehabilitating with calculated exercises.


Price: $179.00 USD – includes free access to instructional videos, and live exercise webinars.


Colors: Green, Pink and Yellow (all with a black platform)


Does the BodyBoss portable home gym really work?


I like that 85% of over one thousand customer reviews give this portable home gym FIVE STARS.


When people went into quarantine at home in early 2020 there was a massive rush of orders for this product.


And it’s still going on! At the time of this writing.


O.K. I Get That. I Meant Does The Affiliate Program Work?

Oh! Gotcha. BodyBoss says:


“We love working with bloggers, content producers, social influencers, and affiliate partners that have niche audiences that fit well with the BodyBoss brand.



8% Commission

• 30 Day Cookie

• Regular Coupons and Promotions Available”


Amazon and Ebay give you a much smaller commission, and only 24 hour cookies. That’s paltry.

And For Whom Will This Affiliate Program Work Best?

I would say ideally, for a person with some background in training and workouts. Yet that isn’t a rule.


If you love any kind of exercising, and you try out the BodyBoss portable gym, in a short time you will get to know its benefits be able to promote it.


For immediate, and to produce a quantity of your original promotional material, you could start on day one, with a diary of your exercise journey.


You can let your family or friends try it, and get their feedback.


Then share that information along with your own experiences.


Slow Down! How Do I Start?

Start your own blog and write your own reviews.


With training, you can get a lot of traffic to that blog, and attract customers.


Real internet marketing training teaches affiliates how to:

  • Earn Money At Home Online With No Delusions
  • How To Sell Information On The Internet
  • Learn How To Make A Website
  • How To Turn A Hobby Into Business Income



Your consistent application of writing a blog the right way, will take time and effort.


Yet there is another pay off in here.


You will be able to write a blog (the right way) about any subject you choose.


You may prefer to market digital information packages about exercising, if that is an area of high interest to you.


You may be inclined toward the health and nutrition aspect of exercise and there are plenty of products with affiliate programs to write about.


Following your readers’ BodyBoss purchases, you will make your 8% commissions from presenting this popular gym kit to your buyers.


Some buyers will buy extra accessories too.


One reviewer bought himself one, and one kit for each of his five kids.


You can see how this could become a profitable business if you get your site set up properly.


If you:

  • Know how to find the best search words, or keywords to attract targeted traffic (searchers who are looking for your product)
  • Learn how to format your blog articles in an attractive manner
  • Find out how to add images and videos


And much more!


Are you ready to invest your time into building an asset?


Are There Any Cons To This Product?

Quite honestly I can’t see any.  The occasional buyer will return their kit, that’s business as usual.


The fact is, as a customer you get:

  • A portable kit that stores easily in the house or the car
  • A tote for carrying if you prefer
  • Exercise videos and classes for company
  • Personal instruction if you want to buy it
  • The options to set it up almost anywhere
  • A blog of informative articles to follow
  • Technology to track your fitness


What can go wrong? Very little, in my estimation.


Regardless of the product(s) you ultimately choose to write a blog about, you will not get results without good training as an affiliate marketer. You can start your free training right now.



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An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide

hand drawn monitor saying welcome to e couirse learning

Need An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide?


Who are the people looking for an affiliate marketing how to guide? The ones I’ve talked to about learning to do something on line and make an income come from these  categories:

  • Sick and tired of a commute that keeps getting longer
  • Too sick to go to work (chronic fatigue and other auto immune or anxiety disorders
  • Work in a shrinking industry
  • Want to get ready now for retirement and relocation to a cheaper economy


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Why would someone’s commute get longer? Right now rental costs are skyrocketing in some areas. That means that when a rental increase happens, people may elect to move farther out from central. They need the cheaper rent, but will have a grueling commute if they can’t get a job where they have to live.


The people who suffer from the chronic exhausting auto immune system conditions aren’t helpless. But given the ongoing treatments and periodic flare ups, many need remote jobs (work at home for a company).


Those who can’t get those have asked me about how to learn about affiliate marketing.


heavy traffic

Encore Careers After 50



“In the first decade of this century, America lost 56,190 factories, 15 a day.” Industry Week reported in 2016.


Carrier in Indiana paid workers $20 an hour but elected to move to Monterrey, Mexico where workers would get $3 an hour.


Workers “openly wept as United Technologies shattered their hopes, their dreams, their means to pay middle-class mortgages.” (United Technologies owns Carrier).


“Carrier took $5. 1 million of those tax credits in 2013.” Those were tax credits “established specifically to ensure that green manufacturing jobs remained in the United States.”


A different way to outsource jobs is for a company to lay off skilled workers and hire temps. They can use them weekly as needed, no commitment, no benefits. And at a lower wage.


If a person is over 50, they aren’t willing to have that happen again! You wouldn’t, would you?


I’ve told my friends (I’m not a career consultant or anything) to look at learning to blog, and develop a business on line. During the next few years while they take what they can in terms of employment, they could end up making a real income on their computers.


Stay with me or scroll down. I am going to tell you where to get the how to guide for that!


closed factory


Jobs For Seniors Over 60 Working From Home



Driving Jobs For Retirees


I had looked into this category for a friend recently. I’m not going to recommend Lyft or Uber. There are too many complaints about those companies with many accounts of people averaging $2 an hour.


What was more appealing were driving jobs with transit companies for seniors who qualified – Medicare beneficiaries. There was another area of transit to transport rehab patients to the correct facilities which could be longer trips and paid for mileage covered as well as an hourly wage. 

Part Time Jobs For Older Workers


“Part-time jobs are more likely to be lower-level positions in industries like retail and health care. And even for these positions, older workers must still brush up on computer skills and evaluate whether they need to expand their skill sets. But with a bit of insight and creativity, older workers can land part-time jobs that provide stimulation and challenges – and pay more than minimum wage.” – from Monster dot com.


Five Popular Online Jobs For Retired Persons


The AARP site has a good page with elaborations on the following categories:

  • Customer service representative
  • Online Juror (I find this one fascinating!)
  • Virtual Asistant
  • Online Tutor with or without certification. If you can tutor math and Physics or SAT prep you’ve struck gold.
  • Writer-Editor


This AARP page also mentions Christine Durst, an internet fraud and safety expert and cofounder of, a website that screens job leads on home-based jobs. Good to know someone is taking care of the frauds and scams aspect!


older man surprised with computer icons in background

How To Make Money By Working Online


Maybe you haven’t been suddenly laid off, nor are you partially disabled or sickly, and you don’t have a terrible commute.


Maybe the idea of working at home (or from anywhere!) just appeals to you! Whatever your situation, here is my recommendation for an affiliate marketing how to guide.


Wealthy Affiliate University. No, you’re not going to get a degree. But you’re going to get what you want. You’re going to learn everything.

  • What is affiliate marketing/how do I make money
  • Can I promote my own products (yes!)as well as be an affiliate
  • Can I build the right kind of website for marketing by myself (yes!)
  • Can I learn how to compete for customers (yes!)
  • But – can I really make a professional looking blog? Yes!

wealthy affiliate image get started here

How To Be Your Own Boss At Home


That’s how you want to end up, right? Your own boss at home or

  • At the family cottage
  • At your kid’s house visiting the family
  • On your RV trip
  • At your brother-in-law’s vacation house in Tuscany (dream big!)


It’s great to dream and I highly recommend it. Do those vision boards where you paste up pictures of things you want. Feed your brain the good stuff!


You’ll need to look at it while you learn the nitty-gritty.


But you won’t be alone!


Aside from having support from a spouse or partner (if you both learn this you’ll have twice the results!) with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have a huge community of beginner – to – experienced – to – expert web site owners who are all marketing online.


You will be able to join mini-groups whose members help each other on social media.


You may pick up a personal mentor who will help you fast forward your progress.


You will see weekly live cutting edge webinars that review specific marketing strategies.


You can also CLICK HERE to see the first 10 classes for FREE!


It’s a seven day trial and you can immerse yourself.


You can build TWO web sites to practice with.


Both can be converted to a professional dot-com blog with a couple of clicks so you won’t have to rebuild.


You will learn because you will DO every step as you study. Lots of ‘how to’ information.


I think that’s exciting, don’t you?


If you decide to join I will see you in there and I will personally help you in any way I can.


What’s your vision board – mental is all you need. What’s on it?


You can have it. You’ll work for it. But you can have it.


Any questions or ideas you want to add? Would love to hear from you.


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Tough Love Parenting For Adult Children

lion couple

Tough Love Parenting For Adult Children


It can be very stressful for seniors who are retired, or are planning retirement, when grown kids move back home. They are often blindsided with the need to establish tough love parenting for adult children.


Not only do these older parents not understand the statistics of just how many young adults do return to their parents’ home, but they may have developed a completely different lifestyle since their kids left.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


I came across this article recently that opened my eyes about this situation.


“Adult ‘boomerang’ children who return to family home ruin parents’ quality of life: study”. You can read it here.


The study was done by The London School of Economics.


The results showed that young adults return home for two main reasons:

  • Unstable job markets
  • Rising housing costs


Looking back at my generation (baby boomer and we’re quite irrelevant it seems) most kids wanted to move out right after high school. I recall that kids from all economic strata were willing to squish three to four pals into a one bedroom apartment. Some were in college, some worked and many did both.


students around study table


Naturally this got old after a couple of years. Those times were however, brimming with excitement and expectations of things to come.


I’m so sad to think that young folks don’t feel that way now. Because I don’t think that kind of energy comes again, in life.

Stress Affects On The Body


“While the report acknowledges that co-resident adult children can be a
source of emotional and practical support for older parents, it says
they are also a source of conflict and stress in the family home.”


The report even goes on to say that the return of a child or children disrupts and negatively impacts the parent or couple. The consequence is “similar to what might be seen when someone develops an age-related disability.”


Most parents will have passed into a different stage of life that will involve:

  • Saving money for retirement
  • Saving money for more education/starting courses or new training
  • Planning for travel
  • Remodeling the family home for their new and exciting hobbies/needs
  • Down sizing – selling the family home for a lower maintenance dwelling
  • Enjoying a new found privacy and renewing intimacy
  • Attending to any health concerns


When these visions for a well planned and exciting future are interrupted by children showing up (sometimes for years) it can be distressing and depressing (even though we love our kids!) for parents to have to delay or cancel a new life.

Not only that, but if the adult children remain unemployed for a prolonged period of time, their senior parents can’t stick to their new budget that is designed to give them a better shot at retiring.

                 couple sitting near water

When Grown Kids Move Back Home


The study’s numbers show that twenty-five percent of young adults in the UK live at home with their parents.


Another report from the US says:


“One in five people in their 20s and early 30s is currently living with
his or her parents. And 60 percent of all young adults receive financial
support from them.”


A little pressure maybe for those older parents? Any stress effects on the body?


The US report tells us


“In 1968, for instance, a vast majority of 20-somethings were living independent lives; more than half were married.”




By 2007, before the recession even began, fewer than one in four young
adults were married, and 34 percent relied on their parents for rent.”

The Historical View Of Childhood


I have to say I was amazed to read about the historical view of childhood that the US report recounts:


“Childhood is a fairly recent economic innovation. For most of recorded history, a vast majority of people began working by age 4, typically on a farm, and were full time by 10.”


Whoa. That’s a huge leap to the eventual acceptance that children should be protected, and school attendance became mandatory around the 1850’s.


Just after the US Civil War it became a widely accepted notion that children, until about thirteen years of age, should be kept out of the economic family needs altogether.


Toward the end of that century, labor laws began to appear.


I do recall that it was in the 1890’s when killing your child for annoying you, became illegal in the US..

Help Adult Children Become Independent


This a huge issue for parents, and a great stress when they want to help their adult children or child become independent.There is no way they’re not wondering

  • How long will I live
  • Will my child be all right?
  • Will the world get even worse?
  • Will they ever get married?
  • Will this happen to my grandchildren too?
  • Will I even have grandchildren?


This kind of worry knows no bounds! You know right, if you’re a parent?


worried teddy bear


To add to the stress, adult children don’t really want to be parented. They’re grown ups, right? They may have a degree or two. They have been beyond advice anyway, since their early teens lol.


It’s not that I’m making fun of them, oh no. I know a few. They experience a lot of self-doubt and anxiety. The world, and the current economic complexities don’t make much sense.


They may, or may not be aware at how their parent(s) are stressing about their own futures. And the kids are not all right!

Rules When Adult Children Move Back Home



I’m not sure that the majority of parents would think about enforcing this beforehand.


It would depend on whether the parents were business oriented, boundary oriented, and good at negotiating.


It could depend on how much warning a parent gets, whether there is any time for thought!


There certainly are young adults who will flip burgers if they have to while the resume sits on Monster dot com. Yet the 27 year-old Annie, (from the US article) a college graduate, paralyzed by student loans,


“has been living in that old bedroom for four years and is nowhere closer

to figuring out what she’s going to do with her career. “Everyone tells
me to just pick something,” she says, “but I don’t know what to pick.”


Personally I can’t relate to that. Keep bagging at Whole Foods or whatever. What about your mom who is housing you?


Are you ready for tough love parenting for adult children?


lion cub
Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I’m ba-a-a-a-ck!


Do you have kids at home after college? How does this play out for you? Do you and your spouse need more money in retirement?


Need a new idea? You can learn how to write a blog like this one, and maybe make some money too!



And please leave your thoughts about this topic below!

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The Average Baby Boomer Retirement Income

stock ledger on smart phone screen

“There is some good average retirement income 2018 news. According to research from Boston College, the percentage of retirees who are at risk of falling short in retirement decreased from 52 to 50 percent.”

And how does the average baby boomer retirement income weigh in here?

“Okay…  that is not really tremendously good news. It is indeed
a very modest gain. But, the small improvement at least means that
things are not getting worse for retirees.” – The New Retirement website.

The Average Baby Boomer Retirement Income – Which %?

This piece of news quoted above states it’s neither good nor bad. It’s 2% better for retirees. But what does that really mean?

This news piece tells us that the tiny improvement in the numbers can be attributed to the increase in home and stock values over the past few years. It goes on to add however, that this area of gain

“is really only helping wealthier households.  The top third of all households own about 87% of all equities which means that most of the retirement financial gains went to households that already were not at risk.”

affluent house
Top third owns 87% of assets

When Will Baby Boomers Retire


According to The Retirement website, there are some very positive reasons for continuing to work after the age of 65. 65 years is the traditionally designated age, although it is currently 67 in the US and Canada. And evidently that’s not written in stone!

People live longer now. Whatever retirement savings or pension you have, it has got to keep you going for a couple of decades in many cases.

If you keep working for a few years – and many do into their 80’s – you can defer using your savings. Let them grow or maintain, while you make money to live on.

Working longer may enable you to collect higher social security benefits. Starting to collect at the full retirement age will give you larger monthly amounts.

However, depending on your current income, and whether or not you’re single and alone (i.e., without an extended family who will help you) or married, you may need to collect earlier.

“According to another report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the most popular age to start benefits is 62 (the earliest age possible). A full 42% of men and 48% of women start benefits at 62.” – full article here.

word Cost on dollar bill

Top Medical Insurance Plans


In one of the jobs I’ve had, I saw retired people become quite shocked at their transition from being a member of one of the top medical insurance plans, to Medicare.

Corporations can buy large group plans and usually will cover 50% of the employee’s cost. This includes family members if the individual buys coverage for them too.

Even if a spouse turns 65, they can remain on the employee’s plan as a primary policy. So this is a big reason to keep working while those medical benefits are available.

Medicare is an HMO plan with all the inherent restrictions for the benefits. Medicare does not cover chronic or degenerating conditions, which many people have by the time they retire.

Medicare has a yearly deductible and co-payments, just like the corporate PPO plans.

Another scenario is that with one spouse still working, the non-working senior can sign up for Medicare and use the employee benefit plan as a secondary policy. This way that spouse will get the benefits that Medicare doesn’t cover through the job policy. They won’t have any co-payments because the employee policy will pick up that cost.

As many know, medical costs in the US can become catastrophic if a health disaster strikes.

patient in hospital with doctor

What Is The Average Retirement Income


The 2016 US Census provided the following figures for baby boomer median incomes.

Households Aged 55-64 – $62,802

Households Aged 65-74 – $47,432

Households Aged 75 and Older – $30,635

These are national averages and may have no resemblance to the median incomes of your zip code, or postal region in another country.

Looking at the figures above however, I have to wonder how comfortable those householders are.

Two main choices they would have to live more comfortably, would be to downsize their residence, or move to a lower property cost/rental area.

For an experiment I recently compared the cost of living between Los Angeles, California and Bakersfield, California. In Bakersfield salaries were 22% lower, yet real estate was 66% lower.

Choosing to leave the beaches and mountainous areas near Los Angeles for hot, dry Bakersfield would be painful.

You can do your own comparisons at the Best Places website.

pelican on California pier


Best Retirement Jobs For Seniors


The Retirement site  has a list of what they consider to be the best retirement jobs for seniors.

Number 1 is to start your own business! Definitely along the lines of thought that this website is all about. Why?

Because a home business online can be done with no start up cost, except your time.

Would you like to see how that works right now?

click here button

Suggestion number 2 is to work online with a hobby or interest that you really love! If you are authentically connected to your subject matter your writing will be natural, with no forced enthusiasm.

This will in turn, enable your readers to connect with it too.

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Statistics show that the average baby boomer retirement income isn’t enough. That 50% is far from enough!

If you’re looking ahead to a means of creating retirement income, while remaining independent in your schedule, and lifestyle, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate blog training to establish you properly as a marketer online.

click button

You have wealth of experience to draw from! Get the good training!

What do you think? What are your plans to thrive in your retirement years? Have you thought of any questions?


I Want To Work For Myself What Should I Do

I Simply Am poster

Some friends and I were recently sitting around discussing the best retirement income ideas. I don’t mean we’re a group of thirty year olds wondering about investments. We’re way past that! (You may have noticed that this blog is for seniors, and those who have to work at home.)

“I want to work for myself what should I do?”


was practically a chorus from us.

Let’s face it, if you’re looking at the necessity of making money after retirement, how are you going to:

  • Spend more time at home
  • Get in lots of time with the family
  • Travel often to see far away friends and family
  • Relax more and avoid stress even if you’re working
  • Work at your best time – which was never 9 to 5
  • Keep away from that freeway stress and smog
  • Take more time to enjoy your hobbies
  • Take better care of your health than office work allows

What would you add to that list? You have some specific dreams for retirement, don’t you?

older couple running on beach


 Does Internet Marketing Give You An Edge Over Offline Jobs

Are you among the many seniors today who are eager to start their own business at home  – because you pretty well have to?

You have probably realized by now that it is not healthy to become inactive, regardless. – Plus, perhaps you can’t afford to completely retire.

If you’’re considering an offline job or starting your own business venture after retirement, think about the alternative scenario – the Internet and all the variety of work it offers. More seniors are turning to the Internet because it’’s ultimately profitable. You can set up your business at home and set your own hours.

That gives you the ability to have cash in your pocket for some luxuries rather than just the day to day necessities of your household. Again, for those advantages listed above, and whatever you thought of too.

The Internet doesn’’t discriminate against age as some offline employers do. You can even work in your pyjamas with your cat on your keyboard. There is actually a business on line called Pajama Affiliates, for marketers. You get the idea, this is no joke!

Best of all,– you can work in any niche (small part of a market) that appeals to you. You have already developed skills from the other jobs you have previously worked at. This can appeal to other marketers who may use you as a freelance writer, or researcher, to gather information about their niche.

People now purchase more products online than offline. It’’s the most convenient way to shop.  Advertising on the web will reach far more of the global population than the paper and media advertisements (that you pay a high premium for) can possibly reach.

Social media such as Facebook and Pinterest can be an awesome tool to drive traffic to your website. They are the cyber versions of setting up a booth at a trade-show or local swap meet, hoping that buyers will stop and make the long and foot-sore day a profitable one.

trade show

It’s easier to monitor your online marketing efforts, versus offline methods. And you can change your ads or methods of getting your product known immediately and without great costs involved.

The use of emails to get the word out to your online customers is also a better and more profitable way to market. Some of this is automated.  There will be no paying for someone to take around flyers or other means of offline communication.  –Emails cost a reasonable monthly fee, including the automation and responses.

As you build your business or keep active by accepting online jobs, you’’ll learn more about how to make your efforts more profitable. Every day is a learning day on the ‘net.

Things change so fast that it i’s crucial to keep up with what’’s going on, –especially in your own niche.

And now I’m getting to the part where you learn how to lay out a plan. 

What Is The Internet Marketing Plan That Works?

So how does a person, you, show up? I am going to tell you exactly what to do.

First, start an account at Wealthy Affiliate for internet marketing training. No cost.

click button

Proceed with the first 10 classroom lessons about building an on line business. You will:

  • Decide what your business will be focused on (your information or product, or someone else’s)
  • Get a domain name (mybusiness dot…etc. etc.)
  • Follow a step by step guide and create your web site
  • Configure your web site to be found by the search engines that people use (all video, easy to do)
  • Add some legally necessary information about you, and the privacy while reading on your site (copy and paste, customizing of course)
  • Learn about writing blog posts – fleshing out your material in an easy to read format
  • Study how marketers make money promoting products or ideas on line
  • Learn to write reviews about products related to your niche

Seriously you can do all that in a weekend, with no prior experience. Just allocate the time.

Concept word on sign

Bear in mind – you are still at the NO COST phase!

And you get 7 days for this! And there is lots more!

How To Write For A Web Page

First of all, your first web page, post/article isn’t going to be your best. You are going to write better and better with every one.

The set up within Wealthy Affiliate is called WordPress. As you get better at writing for a blog, you can always go back to earlier material and edit, or update it

Your video classrooms cover the correct formatting of a web page, in depth.

This is the beauty of creating a business from scratch, the right way. Because your business can grow for years if it is set up properly. It can continue to be improved with the latest information about the product or service you’re promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate stays current with required changes for business owners operating online. You will always be informed.

Within your first 7 day free trial, you may elect to start a membership, at just $19 USD for another month, to continue training.

Following that, you will pay $49 USD a month.

Here is more about that.

3 column comparison

click here button

More related information:

I Love My Work At Home Job

Have any questions? I would love to help you further, so please leave your question below.


How Can Social Media Help A Business

social media icons

Let’s Find Out How Can Social Media Help A Business

Recently it became almost a mantra to “delete your facebook account“! A panic hit the general population after we learned that personal data was draining out of the social media site like a broken water main.

Yet now we can review, and restart the issue of, how can social media help a business.

That would seem self evident, but let’s talk about it for a minute. Businesses with big budgets buy advertising and their teams place all kinds of ads on say, facebook for one.

They have their teams Tweet messages about deals and special and daily discounts.

Large retailers and vendors also pay affiliates for marketing, which is a kind of advertising.

Those affiliates write about products on what in some cases are pretty small web sites. Compared to Amazon, WalMart, Home Depot, Target and others of that caliber, you might expect these tiny blogs to remain invisible.

I mean, why bother, if shoppers can just go directly to the big guys?

Because, they don’t.

Consumers shop on line by searching either for:

  • What they want now
  • What they might want if it comes in their size/color/model
  • What they want for a gift
  • What they want for free shipping and easy returns

tree of social media icons

Small Blog Owners Know How To Use Social Media For Online Marketing

Example – facebook users can have personal pages. You probably have one. Although you may be scared to use it after the data breach fiasco, it’s too late to fix any of that.

Although, you can prevent further damage by going deep into your settings and deleting any apps you’re not using. It walks you through how to delete all kinds of “open doors” you may have forgotten opening while using facebook.

A small online business owner can (on the same account) create a business page, or a few. For one business blog, or for several.

Say this is you with a new blog for promoting something you really feel strongly about. Maybe home remedies for the family, just as an example.

If you use facebook at all, you know how easy it is to search for a name. You can also search for topics.

Just imagine right now, 10 topics that are related to home remedies:

  • Grow your own ingredients
  • Storage containers
  • Indoor gardening supplies
  • Aquaponic/hydroponic supplies
  • Food dehydration equipment
  • Small/medium/large medicine bottles with droppers
  • Heat/ice packs or compresses
  • Greenhouses/containers for gardening
  • Grow lights
  • Herbal mixtures and tinctures
  • Liniments, pastes and creams


smart phone photo faces

How To Make Friends Online

The list of 10 topics above are possibly 10 new friends! You would next look at each searched topic and there may be many individuals, business pages or groups for each one.

Say there are 10 for each with whom you’d like to be friends.

You send each one a Friend Request with a friendly message.

Now you’ve got 100 new friends to connect with as consistently as you can.

You are going to post your material, as you write it, with some personal note about why you are interested in that particular aspect of things.

You’ll find your connections are doing the same.

The key to this benefiting your business, is that you will leave a comment on their web site article. And you’ll leave the required information.

Your name, your email address (it won’t be public) and the URL, or web address of the post you wrote and shared.

You can just ask them to please visit and leave a comment on your post.

You scratch their back and they scratch yours, right? A hundred back scratchers!

So now you see how you will be getting visitors to your blog. This increases the value of your site, and its visibility.

Shoppers who search for the item you’re promoting will find your blog more easily. When they buy, you will make an affiliate commission from the vendor.

woman and iamge of network friends

How To Start Your Own Website Business

Whoa! How did we get there? Affiliate? Commission?

Yes, that’s the earning income part. You will learn to do that.

Here’s where I learned how to make a website for affiliate marketing.

button click here

You can actually get access to ten beginner classrooms that outline the bedrock and vital components of a blog that will become a real business.

It won’t be an overnight event, nor will it be years in the making. The good thing is, while you’re creating your little baby blog, you will already be promoting it with social media! (Remember those friends you’re going to make!)

What is even more amazing, you will also have a blog community to help you train faster and better.

More about this here:

How To Work At Home Online

Pinterest For Social Media Marketing

Pinterest is another very useful platform for social media marketing. If you already use it, you know it is a search engine and people look for things to buy on Pinterest, all day every day.

You will also be able to Pin blog posts there, and develop ‘friends’ although Pinterest calls them Followers. I won’t go into the mechanics of that medium right now, but here’s the good news.

Wealthy Affiliate training has entire sub-trainings on how to use facebook, Pinterest, Twitter et al, so that you can benefit from social media.

What Is the Importance Of Social Media For Business

It is invaluable. All on line businesses are using it. And many, for free. Without paying for ads (but you can!) you can gain a lot of exposure.

Your cost is time and diligence. Consistency of effort is crucial to the building of an online business. The pay off is wonderful.

No matter how long it takes, with the right training you can succeed.

I really cannot suggest anything better than for you to try out blog building, at no cost. You will have access to  the exact same lessons that are paid for if you don’t click on the button below – and for seven days you can see how this is done. The right way.

button click here

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Do you have any questions about working on line? Please leave them below, and I will be happy to answer them!


I Love My Work At Home Job

geko floating on a raft

If you would dare to dream about retiring and still making some income to make life more fun, read on!

I Love My Work At Home Job

I bet you’d love to wake up every day, walk to window, look out and stretch widely while thinking “oh man do I ever like this job!”

Wouldn’t you love to have that care free feeling every morning? Brew the coffee/tea while you:

  • Ignore the traffic reports
  • Ignore the weather reports
  • Don’t worry about the price of gas
  • Take the dog for a walk…Whenever
  • Enjoy the morning brew on the patio/balcony/backyard
  • Muse about your next blog post…

Oh! This has something to do with blog posts?

But wait – you’re not a writer? I’m not either. I’m just throwing some ideas out here, and, I can type.

Some daily bloggers I know use talk-to-text software. You still have to edit though.

Do you know how to live a stress free and happy life? My conclusion, after the research I’ve done for my senior and disabled readers here, is that many folks don’t.


 family playing soap bubbles

Why Don’t You Know How To Live  A Stress Free And Happy Life?

Ideally over the decades of your career/jobs, life should get easier. You work, you save, you invest.

You look forward to the wonderful feeling your mind, heart and body will experience the day you get up and you don’t have to go to the job!

No commute! No freeway, no subway, no bus! No crowds!

Relevant information:

Health Benefits Of Working At Home

Have you ever had a period in your life where you controlled your schedule? Where you didn’t have to jam all your daily chores into a weekend and some evenings?

Here is a little info from a lady, Alejandra, who is training to blog for income.

You can read all of what she says if you CLICK HERE. 

Snippets: “the first day I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been learning all kind of skill to help me to build up my online business.”

…”It’s true when you love something it’s hard to quit doing it. So I kept

learning more here at WA about what to do to reach success with a
website and work from home.”

smiling sun blue sky

…”Oh my! my quilt site in English went from 2 to 5 visits per day to over 100 visits!!! I couldn’t believe what I was seen!! So I went to check my quilt site in Spanish.

Ha ha-ha this site went also from 4 to 10 visits for day to more than 150 visits!!!”

…”I wanted to share this “feeling great” moment with all of you, and let you know that Wealthy Affiliate training works, all we all need to do
it’s to keep at it and work every day to build up our sites.”

Why is she so happy and feeling great? Because she is training to build a proper blog, gain visitors and create an extra income. And she sees it developing!

Can you imagine having that knowledge? To know how to write on a blog and make some money working at home?

Enough money to work from your house/cottage/campground/beach, in retirement?


You can click on that link above and soon see a website appear before your eyes. After a little while following a video, and you’ll have decided on a topic to write about and share its benefits, in a blog post.

If you truly think you can’t write, just pretend you’re:

  • Floating on your back on a pool raft with a friend talking about your topic XYZ
  • Sitting on the dock with a pal, describing the best features of XYZ
  • Walking the beach with the pal, waxing on and on about the benefits of XYZ

Or something else like that, and goodness, that would feel good, wouldn’t it? You’re hardly working :)!

So keeping that relaxed frame of mind just type away as if you’re talking to a pal. You can edit it when you’re done.

With some basic training, you can quickly learn how to put a  blog post together.

A good format involves headlines, short paragraphs, and some images.

Stay calm! There is exact instruction for that, and it costs nothing for beginners’ classes.

Classes with videos and a lot of Q & A to drill down the details.

And a partner owner of the decade plus web site Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, repeats often –

“You don’t have to write literature”.

I think you could do that, don’t you? Sound like yourself!

People who search on the internet like to find someone with a natural, non-hype attitude giving good information about a product.

With a picture of you and an About Me page that reveals you as a real person, your blog will develop trust.

face middle aged woman

Senior Retirement Jobs

I know seniors in retirement who have ended up working for older seniors. In a care taking capacity, doing others’ chores, shopping, laundry, and cleaning is pretty tiring if you’re doing your own too.

Yet, those jobs are easy to find so if there is no other way to keep up a bare-bones income, this is a good survival action.

And mostly it’s women doing this. Married, widowed, or single, only an ample pension will pull them out of this area of work.

So let’s focus back on feeling great and being optimistic. The leisurely morning brew and self-directed work schedule is what you really want, right?

It might take you one or two years to build up a couple of blogs that attract visitors who become buyers. Visitors who trust your material and recommendations and this results in you being paid commissions from vendors.

That is affiliate marketing. More about that here.

How would you like to start learning about blog writing? As you progress, you’ll see exactly how a well developed blog can attract visitors and begin making money.

A Good And Happy Life

Are you getting close to retirement? By ten years or less maybe?

Or by twenty years? Don’t have $1.5 million saved?

You’re in good company! Truly, most seniors don’t, or they had it and lost it.

It’s a good thing to wake up every day, and while you’re getting ready for your job/commute/bus/train/subway/eight hour day, look forward, remember your vision, your version of what I started this post with.

Take one minute while drinking coffee or packing your briefcase, to view your ideal wake-up-don’t need-to-go-to-work-anymore mental movie.

But right now –


And that’s your start to learning how to make a blog and build toward working at home in retirement.

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 Wondering about anything? Leave your question below and I’ll get back to you!


Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress

dog chews up stuff

Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress

There are several good choices you can make if you’re considering blogging sites as a way of organizing personal writing material. Blogs can be shared by groups. I used to read one that was for neighborhood gardeners, just as an example.

I used to read blogs by a group of on line marketers. They wrote code to make their sites look good. That was something I could not do! And still can’t.

I had made a few blogging sites a few years ago when I was thinking I could perhaps make some siginificant income. And I did, back when it was much easier to make some money with a blog.

Yet the internet became more sophisticated, regulated (for good reason!), and complicated.

Then I discovered WordPress. And it was free! I created Pookie’s Blog which is written in the voice of a tea cup poodle who loves fashion and ballet. It is found here:

See how it says “”? That means it is owned by WordPress, not by me. I can post all kinds of material on it, but I can’t use it to sell anything.

Because that would be unfair, wouldn’t it? I’m not paying anything for that “real estate” on the web, WordPress is.

dog on chair
Even A Dog Can Have A Blog

However, there is another version of WordPress that you use when you buy hosting (a place on the web maintained by someone who knows how to make that all happen) and buy a domain name ( “ or .ca or all those dot suffixes) which is your address on the cyber real estate.

You own it and you can make money with it.

I’ll explain more about that but first I’ll talk a bit about another place you can make blogging sites.

Free Blogger Websites


Blogger websites are easy to use. I knew nothing when I first started using blogger. Yet somehow I just pointed and clicked my way through to the ‘voila – here’s your blog!’ point.

At that point in time, you wrote a long linear blog like a journal, that added post after post.

Now Blogger has different pages you can add which makes getting around your material a lot easier.

Blogger is perfect for family journals, vacation memoirs or whole life memoirs. It can load up with photos and videos and be really fun.

I want to mention a service related to blogs that is really cool. Blog2Print. You can have your blog printed like a book, and it’s not expensive.

I think that would make an incredible memento or gift, don’t you?

“Printing Blog Books Is What We Do

Blog2Print has been helping bloggers create beautiful printed
versions of their blogs since 2007. With more than one million blog
books printed so far, Blog2Print is the leading provider of
custom-printed blog books.”

open book with popped up dog and umbrella

Blog2Print will print:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • TypePad
  • Tumblr

How To Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing


When I got serious about making income that could become a real living income, one of the reasons I chose WordPress was because all the web sites that I admired were powered by WordPress.

In the beginning I had to contact a person I read about on a marketer’s blog called One Week Marketing. I paid him a very reasonable price to install WordPress on my hosting account and do a little set up for me.

Because I had no clue. Theme? A few plug-ins? Huh? I didn’t even ask.

I started writing and it still gets some visitors even though I rarely update it.

I plan to re-vamp the entire site with the blog training I found that I heartily recommend for affiliate marketing. I made my first professional style blog there for free.

laptop computer

How To Make A Website For Free With WordPress


And you can too! If you want to skip the rest of the details here and start –


After doing a video class and reading, you will simply “click” and your site will install instantly.

You will “click” again on a Theme that looks appropriate for your topic. (And those themes can be changed!)

Then you will go on to the following training class to see what needs to be done next.

Under the training classes are long threads of discussion by new trainees and expert bloggers. Questions and answers grow there every day and tips and tricks abound!

A lot more detail will be gone through where you will continue to create your blog set up properly, using pre-installed tools or plugins, which get your site set up with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Pinterest so that your material is easily found by them.

If you miss something, you just scoot the video back and watch again, until you know what to do.

I guarantee starting from scratch the right way is easier than re-creating a site a few years later :).

I could explain a lot more technicalities here but I want you to experience the delight of seeing your web site appear!

button to click

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than That

  • Free starter account
  • Seven days and ten classes while you create your free blog, (or two) step by step
  • Within those seven days you can choose to become a member for $19 USD and access the entire site
  • You will see your blog live on line!
  • You will experience having all aspects of your site (hosting/domain name) and training FAQ’s under one roof.

If you decide it’s not for you you still have your blogs, always!

And that’s how you get started with blogging sites!

Have you tried blogging already? How did it go? Please do tell your story, or ask any questions below.

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Can I Help My Parents Make Money


Can I Help My Parents Make Money

This web site is focused on seniors, the disabled, or other people who want to stay home to work. Because of that I get asked a lot, can I help my parents make money

If their parents were not high earners, or if they made some bad financial decisions in the last ten years or so, they could be heading for retirement years without enough income.

They maybe should be retired but can’t stop working.

One or both of them may have developed a medical condition that makes working the 9 to 5 a grinding challenge. And that would simply increase medical costs and create high stress.

This is especially dire if a parent, or both, was laid off and forcibly retired early, before they could qualify for a pension from their company. There ‘oughta be a law’, right?

Seriously, why is that even legal? There are various ways a company can run a fund for employees yet it seems this doesn’t turn out too well sometimes.

grandpa and granddaughter

Retirement Jobs At Home


Some unwilling retirees can get into lucrative consulting jobs. Yet, this can require travel, and being away from their spouse on a frequent and sporadic basis is an exhausting and emotionally unrewarding lifestyle.

A single person does no better this way. It is a lot of work just to work.

Naturally people will start thinking about how to create retirement jobs at home. I dealt with some ideas about that in my article (click on the title to read it) What Is A Good Side Hustle.

Here are some specific ideas you might mention to your parent/grandparent/step parent/relative:

  • Make things with your woodworking skills and sell on Amazon or Ebay
  • Find a good ebook about woodworking that you can promote and sell for a good commission
  • Make youtube videos about a skill or craft you excel at (more below about that)
  • Make lists/notes about everything you love about your favorite hobby (to use laster)

If you click here to see the ClickBank marketing opportunities you will learn how to find hundreds of digital products that can be sold as an affiliate, for a good commission.

Clickbank logo
Good Affiliate Program Commission

I personally think that it is a great way to start working retirement jobs from home. It may be the fastest way to bring in income online, if you have set up a proper blog for that purpose.

What Is A Legitimate Work From Home Business

Anything that is legal in your area!

Anything that interests you enough to blog about every day. In the beginning, anyway.

I was talking to an older couple about this recently. They both came up blank when I asked them did they have a hobby they could promote on line.

Including, writing or attending to the written material of theirs in some way, every day.

He shook his head and she blurted out “C’mon honey you can’t stop talking about fly fishing when the guys are over!”

He acknowledged that to be true. He said “You mean just because I like it I might be able to blog about it and make some money?”

“Yep” I said. “Where do you get your fishing supplies?”

With a grand gesture she opened a closet door behind her. It was floor to ceiling Amazon boxes. I laughed.

“You won’t have any trouble at all” I told him. “If you can blog about the benefits of all that stuff and recommend it in the right way, you’ll make some money!”

In the stack of boxes, I saw one for a Heavy Duty Sportsman Cooler and if you CLICK HERE you’ll see the one I mean.

I saw one for a Springbar Highline 8 person tent – you can CLICK HERE to see that canvas villa!  (I’ll explain why I’m showing those links a little further down.)

He blushed a little when he saw my eying that box. “The guys and I went in together for that one” he explained. “I could never afford something like that myself.”

So then I explained how he could promote all kinds of things that he could never afford for himself. He still knows about them, has looked at them, and can recommend them (the right way).

the word shop with mouse

Then I turned to her and she had such a sad look on her face. I almost didn’t want to ask. And I didn’t have to. She plunged into her story.

“All the years I worked at the firm I could shop at Macy’s and even more expensive stores. Now I’m an expert at bargain hunting the Walmart and Target sales”.

Point is, I told her, you’re an expert. (And what householder isn’t?)

Then I started telling them about what I love to talk about, and write about.

How Can Affiliate Marketing Work


So if my fishing enthusiast friend wanted to promote all those fishing/camping goodies he could become an Amazon affiliate.

First, he would create a blog with some interesting content, so that Amazon could see that he’s ready.

She could create a blog about many of her favorite things (including the expensive one) and be an affiliate with several retailers.

And how can affiliate marketing work?

It works because people both need to and love to shop, and they shop a lot online!

computer monitor and shopping items

Now I am going to talk about those links above, which, if you clicked, you saw that you end up on amazon.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you logged in and bought that $700 tent.

I get a commission. And maybe a few people a week go to amazon from my links and purchase that item or something entirely different.

And let’s pretend my fishing equipment blog has 100 pages on it that readers click from a few times a week each (or more!).

They are shopping and I’m getting affiliate commissions.

And, to be fair and legitimate, I put this notice at the top of all my promotional posts:

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here.

You know how in high end stores where shoppers have a person find everything for them and bring all the different sizes and color versions they want to them?

And that in store shopper gets a commission from the customer’s purchases? That’s what you’re doing, online.

And you don’t have to do all that running around the place for them.

Your work all happens before they get to the store (from your link).

Your work (or your parents’ or friend’s) is building a web site the right way, that will help you create an income.

  • From home
  • On your terms
  • On your schedule
  • Maybe while traveling (that sounds cool, doesn’t it?)

How Can I Create My Own Website For Free

I’m willing to put money down on most people asking you that. Yes, I’ve heard it that much.

And it is a totally sensible question. Because this can be a real business and a lot of energy will go into it.

So what will it cost and how do I know I can really do this?

I have found a place called Wealthy Affiliate where serious marketers train. The coolest thing is that you can build not one, but two websites for free.

You can do ten classrooms for free in a seven day period. That’s a lot!

Instead of having me go into the details of how this all transpires, do this:


There’s no better revelation than just doing it. Seeing your website appear and start growing.

I hope you can show this article to your parents so that they know there is potential to create retirement jobs at home. And of course you can do this too!

Have you ever started a blog? Have your parents? Please share your story, or any questions in the box below.


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