BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

woman with exercise bar

BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review


Being a retired ballet teacher and personal trainer, my attention gravitates to any type of gym equipment that is portable, fits in small places, and my latest discovery is the BodyBoss.


My BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review will also discuss the affiliate program.


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Can I Make Money As A BodyBoss Portable Gym Affiliate?


There is an affiliate program and it is a darn good affiliate program too!


Better commissions (than Amazon or Ebay) and longer periods of time during which your affiliate link will be honored or – “longer lasting cookies”.


In my article

What Is A Full Body Workout Plan I Can Do At Home?


I told you:


“We’re going to discuss many factors about working out in this post, but first I want you to see this gym-in-a-box that adapts to:

  • A small home space where you want to workout
  • A kit you can take in your car or public transit easily
  • A patio/deck/poolside/den/bedroom space where you pull out your kit, and put away in a minute”


That’s pretty appealing, right? Imagine setting this up in your own home and all the options for use you may have.


This gym kit accommodates:

  • Young/old people who live in a small house/condo/apartment
  • Young/old people who like to work out with others in their space/in a public space
  • Peeps who don’t want or can’t afford a gym membership
  • Peeps who live in their RV or travel much of the year
  • Bloggers who move around the globe while they blog (affiliate marketers)


Here is a video to show you what benefits come with in the kit – what you’re recommending to people who are seeking a way to do full body workouts at home, or wherever it is convenient for them.



You can see more at BodyBoss.

Who Is This Product For?


Almost anyone!


It is suitable for

Anyone who wants to get in shape!


This portable home gym kit is beneficial for those who are out of shape, and for serious exercise buffs who want hard workouts with muscle building results.


It is recommended by weight lifters – you will want extra bands for increased resistance. There is also instruction as to how to include weights with the BodyBoss workouts.


It is good for seniors and somewhat frail people, whose doctors approve of them working out.


Each customer can tailor their workouts from a manual of exercises that is included in the purchase.


An individual can start at a very easy level of exertion, and work up at their own pace.


That includes people who have been injured, and whose chiropractors or medical doctors have given them the O.K. to start rehabilitating with calculated exercises.


Price: $179.00 USD – includes free access to instructional videos, and live exercise webinars.


Colors: Green, Pink and Yellow (all with a black platform)


Does the BodyBoss portable home gym really work?


I like that 85% of over one thousand customer reviews give this portable home gym FIVE STARS.


When people went into quarantine at home in early 2020 there was a massive rush of orders for this product.


And it’s still going on! At the time of this writing.


O.K. I Get That. I Meant Does The Affiliate Program Work?

Oh! Gotcha. BodyBoss says:


“We love working with bloggers, content producers, social influencers, and affiliate partners that have niche audiences that fit well with the BodyBoss brand.



8% Commission

• 30 Day Cookie

• Regular Coupons and Promotions Available”


Amazon and Ebay give you a much smaller commission, and only 24 hour cookies. That’s paltry.

And For Whom Will This Affiliate Program Work Best?

I would say ideally, for a person with some background in training and workouts. Yet that isn’t a rule.


If you love any kind of exercising, and you try out the BodyBoss portable gym, in a short time you will get to know its benefits be able to promote it.


For immediate, and to produce a quantity of your original promotional material, you could start on day one, with a diary of your exercise journey.


You can let your family or friends try it, and get their feedback.


Then share that information along with your own experiences.


Slow Down! How Do I Start?

Start your own blog and write your own reviews.


With training, you can get a lot of traffic to that blog, and attract customers.


Real internet marketing training teaches affiliates how to:

  • Earn Money At Home Online With No Delusions
  • How To Sell Information On The Internet
  • Learn How To Make A Website
  • How To Turn A Hobby Into Business Income



Your consistent application of writing a blog the right way, will take time and effort.


Yet there is another pay off in here.


You will be able to write a blog (the right way) about any subject you choose.


You may prefer to market digital information packages about exercising, if that is an area of high interest to you.


You may be inclined toward the health and nutrition aspect of exercise and there are plenty of products with affiliate programs to write about.


Following your readers’ BodyBoss purchases, you will make your 8% commissions from presenting this popular gym kit to your buyers.


Some buyers will buy extra accessories too.


One reviewer bought himself one, and one kit for each of his five kids.


You can see how this could become a profitable business if you get your site set up properly.


If you:

  • Know how to find the best search words, or keywords to attract targeted traffic (searchers who are looking for your product)
  • Learn how to format your blog articles in an attractive manner
  • Find out how to add images and videos


And much more!


Are you ready to invest your time into building an asset?


Are There Any Cons To This Product?

Quite honestly I can’t see any.  The occasional buyer will return their kit, that’s business as usual.


The fact is, as a customer you get:

  • A portable kit that stores easily in the house or the car
  • A tote for carrying if you prefer
  • Exercise videos and classes for company
  • Personal instruction if you want to buy it
  • The options to set it up almost anywhere
  • A blog of informative articles to follow
  • Technology to track your fitness


What can go wrong? Very little, in my estimation.


Regardless of the product(s) you ultimately choose to write a blog about, you will not get results without good training as an affiliate marketer. You can start your free training right now.



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Healthy Food Near Me – Farm To Table Or Home Grown

vertical balcony herb garden

Image by Reija Hirvonen from Pixabay

Healthy Food Near Me – Farm To Table Or Home Grown

I was lucky to discover a source of healthy food near me recently. I had become interested in the farm to table movement in food acquisition.

I started a habit of reading the entire city newspaper (it’s small!) every week, and kept an eye out for fresh food sources.

Because I want to stay my healthiest in retirement – and you do too, don’t you?

One aspect of success in having a work at home job as a senior, is health. And aspects of health are:

  • Good sleep
  • Exercise appropriate for your age and general condition
  • Good fresh food with no chemicals and bad fats to increase our inflammation levels
  • Good company including pets if you can have one

What Is The Farm To Table Process?

Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork, and in some cases farm-to-school) is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer (which might be a winery, brewery, ranch, fishery, or other type of food producer which is not strictly a “farm”).- Wikipedia 

What Does The Farm To Table Food Network Hope To Accomplish?

  • Provide optimal health and nutrients to communities and decrease the risk of diseases that are related to diet
  • Introduce seasonal foods that are produced locally
  • Offer a healthy diet and fresh food to all members of a community
  • Create a direct connection between those who farm the food and those who consume it
  • Help the environment and the community by alleviating the need for the transportation of food from other states or countries
  • Encourage the public to participate in the promotion of local food and community
  • Help strengthen local businesses so that the communities can grow financially and monetary funds can circulate

That list is from Eco Caters

Can The Farm To Table Food Trend Help You To Stay Healthy?

It can, absolutely, yet here is where my farm to table food ideas departs somewhat. I’m talking about food going from a farm to your table, directly.

If the produce is local, it should be less expensive, right? And a lot of it is.

But first, what’s in your local stores? Buying organic foods at super markets is expensive, generally.

You can explore your local stores and check the pricing. Go to the store manager and ask them what the most local produce is. Just be friendly and be sure to thank the person for their time.

In one of my local markets there is a bulk section. I discovered that organic steel cut oats are half the price of non-organic Quaker and other brand oats. Nuts and mixes are also cheaper than the same packaged produce.

Check out the local farmers market. The fresh produce isn’t always organic, but one thing you can count on – it’s fresh!

There are special washes you can buy to rinse off food sprays. Hot water and vinegar will rinse off sprays and shellacs too.

Visit the Local Harvest site and see where you can shop or order food online.

How Can I Eat Healthy And Cheap?

Need some healthy food ideas?

First, think of fresh, unprocessed foods.Foods like:

  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Meats/fish

Canned foods and cartons of vegetable/chicken/beef broths are great to have in the cupboard for back ups when you get snowed in, or otherwise blocked from shopping for fresh produce.

For daily meals, plan to eat at home, and make meals as you go, or bag and freeze portions while fresh.

Bear in mind, I am talking to seniors here, not families. If you are a senior living with a family, all the better! However, it seems many seniors live alone or in a couple.

I am also considering in this article, that many seniors are living on a pretty low income. So you need some thought to get a food budget drilled down. A budget that will provide for fresh healthy foods.

My lucky find was:

Brite Farm newspaper ad

You can click on the photo of the Brite Creek Farm ad to see the website. 

Being able to buy fresh eggs and pasture raised beef is is a huge boost for getting healthier food in my diet. I can get grass fed beef in the grocery store, but it is from New Zealand and Canada (not specified per package) and how can I tell how long the shipping took? I really don’t know. The Brite Creek Farm beef is frozen fresh, in small batches.

Works for me!

I would hope you can find such a source. The ground beef is $6.99 a pound. Broken down to 1/4 pound in a meal, it is way cheaper than the fast food/frozen with additives/processed on feed lot/from South America which is burning down the rain forest to pasture beef…You get my argument right?

If you live in a big city, find the nearest rural centered small town, and check their newspaper. There are two adds for fresh eggs in my area, and once I drove around I saw several other signs for eggs. 

I found another farm selling fresh apples, pears, both in several varieties. They were one third less in price than the local super markets. Because they don’t have to be shipped, right?

air stream trailer boutique with Christmas wreath
Brite Creek Farm Air Stream Boutique Store at Christmas


The following contributed article gives some good ideas if you will consider growing your own food, in a limited space.

Container Vegetable Gardening Basics by Larry L. Taylor

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but for those who do not have a yard or sufficient space to spread out, container gardening is a great alternative. Not only is container vegetable gardening easy for beginners to pick up, it’s also possible to grow a large variety of vegetables in a container garden.

In order to grow a successful container garden, there are a few basic tips that can help you get started. Most vegetables require six hours or more of sunlight every day. Ensure that there is a place where the vegetables can be placed where they will be warm and receive a lot of sunlight. If living in an area where there is a lot of sunlight, you might have to add some shade in order to protect them.

In addition to sunlight, vegetables also need to be watered constantly. During their peak growing time, the soil in the container should be moist to the touch, although not dripping. Adding too much water will cause the roots to rot while not enough water will stunt their growth. Test the moisture levels in the soil every day by sticking your finger in.

Temperature is an important part of maintaining a garden. When it starts to get cold outside, the vegetable containers should be brought inside since freezing temperatures can kill them. If the containers are too large to make moving easy, it is possible to use a garden fleece to protect them.

When choosing a container for the vegetable garden, the sky is the limit. you may want to use traditional garden planters and pots which are well-ventilated. The wooden ones are decorative and can look very nice on a patio or a balcony. For a non-traditional container choice, think outside the box and even consider making your own. Remember that any container must have some sort of drainage system. The container should have a small hole in the bottom so that excess water won’t build up. Each container should have one hole that’s larger as well as several small ones.

If you travel a lot or don’t have much time to water the vegetables, consider self-watering containers. However, you will need to make sure that any excess water has space to be poured away. Plastic, ceramic, and terracotta are some of the more popular choices.

Once you’ve chosen the containers for the vegetables, fill them with a potting soil. Buy prepared potting soil from a gardening store to get the best results. Also, be sure to pick up some garden fertilizer to promote the health of your vegetables. After filling the containers, start to plant vegetables. You can either plant seeds or young plants, although beginning gardeners usually have better results with young plants.

The sky is the limit as far as vegetable choices, but some of the easiest vegetables to grow are peas, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, and radishes. If you have a long planter, you can also grow beans or other vegetables which need room to spread out.

Container gardening is a great option for the avid gardener who may not have room for a traditional garden. They are an attractive addition to a patio or balcony and are a lot of fun throughout the year.

And now I would like to invite you to visit [] for FREE Instant Access to a more information on How to Container Vegetable Gardening Tips []

Article Source

The author’s links are un-linked at Source.

The photo at top shows an herb garden grown vertically on a balcony.

Have you grown herbs, sprouts (easy to grow in the kitchen) or vegetables at home? Please do share your experience!

Use the comment box below.


10 Best On List – Senior Discounts Over Age 50

list senior discounts over age 50

10 Best On List – Senior Discounts Over Age 50

What is actually on the list – senior discounts over age 50? Let’s have a look.

I am going to start with Walgreens, for a reason, a story, I will put a little lower down here. A true story!

I am all for any legitimate discount but it must be a real discount, and sometimes things can just go wrong!

I will tell you how a disabled person I take care of got taken for $11.99 at Walgreens. And I have to say, shame on that store for this snafu putting someone who lives on $950 a month, whose rent is $750, into this thoughtless if not predatory situation.

And shame on his doctor, too, for taking care of the system and not the patient!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Thank heavens he gets EBT of $188 a month for food!

How Walgreens Failed This Senior

Here is the story. My client informed that Walgreens had called him to say his prescriptions were ready.

I went to pick them up.

As an aside, I don’t shop there. Dry goods, make up, home business supplies, OTC drugs, cough drops et al, are way cheaper at K Mart, which is about to close since the Walmart Super Store opened here recently.

Anyway, I got to Walgreens and when I picked up the prescriptions (there were three), two cost $1.25 each, and the third was not covered by Medicare/Medical. It was $11.99.

I couldn’t ask what it was because that would be not allowed to be revealed due to privacy laws.

I could have called him, but didn’t. I was aware that he had had some tests done recently to then, and that his doctor deemed the treatment necessary.

So I paid it.

Opening The Mystery Package

Back at his place, I informed him of the extra expense. He doesn’t like to take drugs at all, but things happen, right? Our priorities get re-evaluated with age or circumstance.

I opened the three bags, which were stapled together hiding the private information.

surprised cat
Are you kidding me?

Bag Number One was an antibiotic, $1.25.

Bag Number Two was another antibiotic, different schedule for consumption, the big whopper so to speak. $1.25.


Bag Number Three was a 30 day supply of 81 mg. Aspirin – $11.99!!

He Could Have Purchased Those At The Dollar Store!

Yes, for one dollar. And that would be at one hundred, three months supply and then some!

Even OTC, a bottle of one hundred aspirins at Walgreens is not $11.99!

So much for discounts…but that is because healthcare is a business first, right? Before it’s healthcare?

I found this article below, written just after the crash in 2008. I have included it here because apparently, as of this writing,  we’re heading for another crash.

So perhaps this information is apropos, and useful as a guide.

It is just to give you ideas, as times have changed. With the internet, you can use this checklist to find out the current prices of these items.

A tip I found out about at my bank – getting a loan? Be sure to ask for another .5% off your interest for setting up an automatic debit for your payments.

Senior Centers

Some senior centers have a Bread Box, or called some other name, they collect day old breads, buns, pastries et al delivered by the local super markets, coffee houses, and bakeries. When seniors get these staples for free five days a week, it is a great saving!

Most senior centers offer inexpensive lunches, or free lunches with a monthly membership.

They will also provide wifi and computer lessons for members.

Also, studies show that company, opposed to lonliness, decreases inflammatory conditions.

One senior I know gets a free ride to a doctor appointment once a week, scheduled a few days ahead of time. Many other centers offer this too. She can also get a ride to a store or the library.

This takes the burden off the Medicare system, which is a help to everyone.


You Don’t Have to Wait Until You’re 65 to Get a Good Discount – 10 Ways to Save Money When Over 50 by Robin Colner

50 is The New 65

when economic conditions are forcing millions of Americans to look for
ways to save money, hundreds of companies are offering discounts to Baby
Boomers starting at the age of 50. Discounts are available on goods and
services from travel providers to universities.

1. Travel:

of us love to travel, even more so when our children are grown. In
fact, adults over the age of 50 account for about 80% of all leisure
travel. Just about every national hotel chain offers at least 10% off
the room rate for guests over 50 or 55 years old. Be sure to ask for
this extra discount when booking a room including at the
Intercontinental, Fairmont, Holiday Inn and Best Western chains. Westin
Hotels offer its biggest discount for customers over 60.

2. Rental Cars:

You can save even more money on travel expenses when you ask for a
discount on rental cars. Every major company offers a discount for
customers over 50 (Avis offers one for over 65). Be sure to request it
when reserving a car.

3. Restaurants:

While at home or on a trip, everyone over 50 can find stores and
restaurants that offer age related discounts. Many local shops including
hardware stores will give discounts if you ask for them. National
restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Bennigan’s, Friendly’s and
Applebee’s offer discounts every day.

4. Retail Shopping:

National retailers tend to offer discounts to adults over 50, 55 or
60 on specific days of the week. For example, Bon Ton Stores has an age
related discount one day per month while Kohl’s and Bealls Department
Stores give discounts one day each week. Banana Republic offers
discounts to anyone over 62 every day. Did you know that many of the
stores in premium outlet malls throughout the country offer an extra 10%
discount to any shopper over 50? Online stores, also known as e-tailers
such as are catching on to the trend of 50+ deals. You still
have to ask when you place an order.

5. Banking Services:

Saving money at the bank is an especially nice experience. Several
national and regional banks such as Bank of America offer special
features for 50+Boomers such as unlimited free -checking, preferred
interest rates on savings accounts, free safe deposit boxes and other

6. Fitness:

Looking young helps you feel young, but looking young and fit can be
expensive. Luckily, many fitness center chains offer discounts
including Bally Total Fitness and Gold’s Gym. Ski resorts will also
offer senior discounts on lift tickets throughout the season.

7. Automobiles;

Routine maintenance is critical to prolonging the useful life of an
auto. Many Jiffy Lube stores offer a 10% discount on maintenance
services to anyone 55 or older.

8. Technology Support:

Many of us know how to find discounts on computer equipment, but
don’t know what to do after we buy them. There is actually a nationwide
service called Zip Express that offers 15% discounts to 50 plusers on
in-home installation and help with the use of televisions and digital
cameras as well as computers.

9. Pharmaceuticals:

As we grow older, we tend to use more prescription drugs as well as
OTC medications and nutritional supplements. Pharmacies all over the
nation such as CVS, Rite Aid, Eckerd’s and Longs Drug Stores are
offering discounts of at least 10% on prescriptions and many other
items. Sometimes these extra discounts are available on specific days of
the week.

10. Continuing Education:

Most state universities offer senior citizens the opportunity to
audit courses for FREE or a small nominal fee. It is worth the trouble
to ask if this option is available to adults in their fifties. Keeping
your brain challenged is one of the best ways to keep feeling young and

In these challenging economic times, it often seems like
finding ways to save money is like finding a needle in a haystack. The
good news is that there is a Website that has put all these discounts
together by category. It is called In addition to its
editorial listings, the site also presents “Special Offers” from
selected partners and suppliers who have products and services of
interest to 50 plus consumers.

According to market research expert
and CEO of PreRetirement Resources Group, Andrew Garvin, the most
important way to find discounts when you are over 50 is to ask for them
-every time from every vendor. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you
do ask, you are bound to save a lot of money.”

Robin Colner is an Internet marketing consultant and web
entrepreneur who specializes in the Baby Boomer and Seniors markets. She
has been involved in the launch of several websites designed to help 50
+ adults improve their lives, health and finances. As the Chief
Marketing Officer of PreRetirement Resources Group, Robin is committed
to encouraging Boomers and Seniors to become more cyber savvy and learn
about ways to save time and money. Be sure to visit
[] to discover over 150 great ways to save
money when you are over fifty. In addition, the site includes Special
Offers from selected partners and a 50plusStore.

Article Source

disabled woman
Things happen. Take care!

Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

Have you ( or a loved one) ever had a surprise like this one when you thought you were being helped? Do tell us your story.

Use the comment box below.


10 Best Tips – How To Learn How To Build A Website

website create materials

10 best Tips – How To Learn How To Build A Website

One – Your Time Management – Assign Some Specific Hours


This section of the post takes you through a process of getting the most training during the Wealthy Affiliate 7 day free trial, from when you sign up.

A full article about that opportunity is HERE.

When you log in to gain access to the training, you will be asked for a user name and password.

Only if you proceed to another month of access to all the classes and videos, including the Friday live webinars (where you get to ask questions!) will you be asked for a form of payment.

To assess how you can get the most out of your free trial period do a little analysis:

  • If you have a nine to five job, decide what hours you can set aside to view classes
  • You will have one or two weekend days in the seven day trial regardless of when you sign up
  • Once you’ve got a time management plan, let your family know about your “Do Not Disturb hours
  • Review the comfort level of your work station and adapt it, to make sure you can work sitting or standing too, once in a while
  • Reflect On  How You Study Best

Do you like to take notes as you listen to or view classes? If so, have a special notebook (you can get them at the Dollar Store) to document your ideas and questions.

This will become a training diary/journal as you progress in learning how to make a good blog.

A money making blog! That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Have your sharpened pencils or easy flowing pens ready!

Another option is to pause the training videos and quickly make notes in a document on your computer.

TwoYour Time Management Plan


You want to get the most benefit possible from your free learning opportunity, don’t you? Maybe your schedule looks something like this:

  • One hour learning with your morning cuppa and breakfast before you get ready for work
  • A half hour or forty-five minutes during your lunch hour at work – if you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Two to three hours after dinner each work night
  • Weekends – no limit!

Say you start on a Wednesday evening. You sign up, go into the community website, and take a half hour just to look around and find the classes.

get started now image

Don’t get crazy and stay up till 2 AM if you have to go to work the next morning. Make sure you get some good sleep hours in for that one hour before you go to work!

Take note that in the first couple of classes you are going to create at least one website (you get to make two in the free trial). You will spend some time in that section deciding on what product or category of products you will write about, and make money from referrals.

Here are three of my articles you can read quickly, before you get in, and start using up your free time. They were written to evoke ideas from your past experience and knowledge, hobby expertise and the like.

  1. How To Turn A Hobby Into A Business
  2. I Want To Work For Myself What Should I Do
  3. How To Sell Information On The Internet

Pick whichever title appeals to you and give it a read!

There are millions of products to promote to millions of online shoppers. You shop online, right? It is so easy and convenient for everyone, and especially for people who are confined to their home.

Now anyone living in a small town can shop with access to every item sold in the malls, in boutiques, and gourmet stores.

Who would have imagined this twenty-five years ago?


shop rack


Three – So How DO I Make Money With My Computer?


First you follow numbers one and two above.

Why is this important?

With the Wealthy Affiliate professional blog training, you are going to create your blog as you learn.

You will know how to make a blog with the correct legal notices. The site gives you templates to copy and paste into the required pages in your blog editor area. You will simply switch out your name/site name at the correct spots.

The verbiage keeps you legal. It makes sure your readers know that they can safely come to your site any time.

Your site is safe to leave comments on.

It reveals to your visitors what data may be collected during their visit. It also explains that third party sites like Google and Amazon, for example do collect data when a person clicks through to those sites from your blog, and that you have no control over that.

A lot more is explained that most peeps browsing on line never think about.

The disclosures are important and legally required. Having them means that your hard work will not go to waste because you have forgotten one of these items.

Yet, during this training period, it will take you maybe one hour to get all this accomplished.

I think that is pretty amazing myself. And maybe you don’t believe me right now, but you will do it. And when you create your second trial blog it will go even faster for you.

These free blogs are real sites on the internet. At some point, you may want to convert them to a real dot com/co/info/net et al website. At that point you will get discount domain name prices from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress as a platform (the coded architecture) for you to build your blog on. The Themes (appearance styles) you choose from, are attractive, practical, whimsical, magazine-like, whatever you need or fancy.


picture of websites

What’s really important is that they are mobile friendly. People can find your posts and buy from them on their phones!

You’re probably getting the idea now how much is built-in, before you even start.

You don’t need to know any coding, or have a business degree to get going with this adventure.

Four – Do I Need To Know Code At Any Point?



Naturally you want to comprehend exactly how this works, right?

After setting up the legal pages that every site should have, you will learn how to write the correct content on your blog.

You will be advised to use a conversational style so your readers think that you are trustworthy, and are a real person.

Your personal voice counts.

You don’t need to rush off and find out how to learn how to write!

People read so many advice blogs online and they truly appreciate a unique voice, so be yourself. It will contribute to your “brand”.

It will help bring visitors back to your site for more information.

For example, if you are a fishing or woodworking or quilting expert, you will naturally use the hobby lingo. Your readers who have searched for specific information about the latest “how-to’s” or special products will relate to you. You’re speaking their language!

I have had a blog about ballet for over ten years. I can speak the language. If I tried to write a blog about woodworking just because it is a popular topic, it would take me ten years to write a couple of articles!

I doubt I could impress any real woodworkers!

An easy to understand and informative post will get bookmarked. It can be shared on social media and more people will visit it.

It may get mentioned in forums, or emailed to a reader’s friend. I do that all the time, don’t you?


ballet pointe shoes
Monetize Your Experience!


Five – How Will My Blog Get Seen Online?


That can be an intimidating thought. When you use a search engine, you get to page of articles on Widgets. Maybe the first five are ads.

Maybe you go to the second page to find exactly what you’re looking for. And you find it.

Did you notice up at the top of the first page that there were 76,000,000 search results?

That’s what I mean by intimidating!

If you have organized your time management well, you will have the time to review the class on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, a couple of times.

True confessions – I have watched it at least five times, I lost count.

Now that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can review any class or video, including the live webinars, anytime.

Now we come to a special benefit within the Wealthy Affiliate writing tools.

You will learn about Keywords – the words people put into the search bar in Google, Yahoo, or whatever search engine they use.

You get seen online by using those keywords, or phrases, in your blog titles. And you don’t have to intuit or just guess them!

You will have access to a free keyword finder, that is paid for if you’re not a member. And you will be shown how to use it.


letters SEO

Here I want to mention the community and the many mini-trainings.

Google is the most used search engine, right? Many people haven’t even heard of another one except maybe Yahoo.

Google isn’t our best friend in some ways, although it is very helpful in others.

One thing it will do periodically is “move the goal posts” regarding the best way to get found online.

When that happens there are new blogs written within Wealthy Affiliate by other seasoned members who explain what’s happened, and the tips to work best with it.

You have access to all of these mini-trainings, as a member.

Six –  I Still Don’t Get Who Will Pay Me And Why

I am guessing you may have spent twelve to fifteen hours studying through the above five sections.

The most important focus you need to have is comprehension. You can go back and edit/improve any posts or pages you have published, any time.

I know that resistance is futile when it comes to a perfectionist. Just remember that your writing style is friendly and casual!

You are on your way to becoming an affiliate marketer. If you’ve been in sales, you understand commissions.

Affiliate marketers get paid in commissions from websites like:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Sites with marketplaces of many product lines that vendors place there
  • Clickbank, a digital (instant download) product site with thousands of ebooks


It’s good to get your blog grown to at least twenty to twenty-five posts before you sign up to be, for example an Amazon affiliate.

Most vendors want to see that you actually have a site with some visitors.

This is to your advantage as well, because at that point, you have spent time editing your posts, adding attractive images, using headlines to break up  your text, and generally making a good user experience for your site visitors.

Each vendor site will walk you through the sign up area. You will get a tracking code, or affiliate ID that will follow a shopper to a site, and that is how you get paid a commission on that sale.

This is one of the Disclosure pages you will make when you start your blog. You inform your readers that if they buy a product through your affiliate link, that you will get a commission.

This is a required disclosure. It shows you can be trusted, because you are being transparent.


hands keyboard money

Seven – One Of The Cool Built-ins You Get On Your Free Site


The WordPress platform has “plugins“, small pieces of software that format your blog, or configure it to perform a certain way behind the scenes.

One of these time savers is All In One SEO.

You will get a walk through lesson on how to further set this up for your blog.

Certain fields need to be filled in, and certain boxes need to be checked. This gives you the best functioning for Google, Bing and Pinterest to view your site and help get you traffic to your posts.

As you develop your blog and start to get traffic, you will need to add to this plug in, and you will be helped with that too.

One of the purposes in having the search engines know about your sites, is that they each will keep track of your visitor stats, and with considerable detail.

You can see how many readers visit your site, stay on it, and which keywords were used to find you. In this way, you can further use those keywords to write more posts!

The search engines’ analytics area also let you know if you have any errors in your posts/pages that you can correct for better function.

Another part of this training is to tell you what other plug ins to install (all with a click or two!) to enable easier viewing by the search engines.

This helps you get closer to the first of the search pages, and closer to the top.


Yahoo page

Eight – Keep Up Your Healthy Habits As Best You Can


During this rather intense seven day learning binge, I strongly recommend that you keep up some of your exercising, sleep well, and eat well.

The last thing you want is to get over-tired. Studies show that you won’t remember what you have learned before you sleep, if you don’t sleep at least seven hours.

One trick to keep the circulation going, and calories burning, is to sit on a physio ball. You can bounce and fidget as you study.

If you have a stand-up work station you already know that trick! Walk on the spot all day lol.

I do understand that you can get hooked, it is so exciting finding out how this really works!

You’re thinking about making enough money every month to retire early, maybe?

  • Traveling more?
  • Renovating your house?
  • Retiring your spouse?
  • Sending kids to college?

Whether you’re a senior or a student, I get how exciting this is!

I still find the articles online about making money and bringing in a six figure income with a blog.

Yes, there are people who do that. They have done the training and done the work. This can be done!

And do you know what these people all say about how they succeeded? They were:

  • Consistent
  • Time management experts (they learned as they went and got better)
  • Created a balance of researching/writing/socializing/exercising
  • Disciplined with their diet and sleep hours
  • Perseverance-ready, they knew there was no overnight success
  • Were able to reach out to the members of Wealthy Affiliate when they were stuck (humble)

I bet that you have all the potential to do the above.

Your aspirations brought you here, and you are ready to excel, over time, and become a successful blogger.


happy family picture

That’s you, right?

You are going to improve all your best habits, becoming a blogger. You are going to grow out of all your worst habits.

You’ve got this!

Nine – So Many Ways To Succeed!


I wrote an article about how to make money with YouTube. I was astounded to find this young woman’s story. I heard it on the radio (Bill Handel KFI iHeart Radio) one morning while driving to my job.

This lady wrote about Slime. You know the kind that kids who go on Nickleodeon get slimed with? I had no idea how big Slime is! That’s because my child is a grownup and I’m out of the loop.

Making money with YouTube means drawing views. The Slime topic drew views from

a) kids

b) a parent whom the kid begged to watch it and buy or make them some Slime

c) grandparents whom the child begged to watch because the parent was too busy

d) a school teacher who planned to make Slime in class and told all the kids to watch it!

And guess what happened! Elmer’s Glue, an ingredient for Slime, ran out of glue!

If you’d like to read how this young lady retired her family and built them all a mansion to live in, my article is HERE.


YouTube on laptop

Ten – Your Non-Affliliate Marketing Talents


Another way some people do a lot of income paying work online is Fivrr.

(My article HERE.)

You may write:

  • Great resumes
  • Reviews
  • Make beautiful images
  • Design book covers
  • Create printables, invitations, and more

You can capitalize on your experience with design or writing  through Fivrr.

I did not realize this until I needed it. I wrote an ebook and published it on Amazon. It is called Facts About Saturated Fats. It was a learning exercise for me.

I bought a $28.00 tutorial online about writing an ebook in 24 hours.

I just had to try it!

Well, it took me a week.

I needed a book cover, so I went to Fivrr. I provided an image and my author name.

It cost five dollars and I added a tip of five dollars. With the Fivrr fee to use their site, I paid $12.00. No big deal, since I did not know how to do any of this myself.

And by the way, I published this ebook on Amazon (a small guide book, 20+ pages). I never promoted it and I have sold about fifty copies. I made money!

Imagine if I had promoted this book with all the social media/blog posts/forum participation opportunities et al!

That’s an avenue I haven’t pursued, but could, any day I decide to do so.

And you can too!

Do you have a passion, a favorite topic that you collect information about? That you think everyone should know?

Write it all down!

You can create ebooks and publish them on Amazon.


And the whole point of this blog is to show you where you can learn how to make a good blog.


A blog that can promote your ebook and you can then make money from selling hundreds or thousands.

It’s been done!

You may also be gifted in arts and crafts and use Etsy for selling them. Or have your own Amazon store and stock your wares in a local Amazon warehouse. No packing and shipping!

There are ways to do these things and you can learn how to build a website to promote your wares/ideas/ebooks/health products/hobby products/ and make sales and commissions.

It is real work, and I hope I’ve encouraged you to take a free week’s trial at it.

I hope I’ve helped you to get organized and get the absolute max out of that week.

If you decide to move and become a member of Wealthy Affiliate it will cost you $49 per month.

But wait! Here’s another bargain.


special offer words

If, before the seven days are up, you decide to go for your first month’s membership, it will cost you only $19.00.

So whatever you learned and got done in your seven day trial, you can now do four times as much training for under twenty dollars.

And that is why so many people join Wealthy Affiliate. The training gives them a chance to prove to themselves what they can do when they apply themselves with consistency, perseverance and enthusiasm.




Have you ever started a blog? How did it go? Did you think you had the right information to eventually succeed with making money online?

Please do share your experience! Use the comment box below.




When Should You Start Saving Retirement Money?

when should you start saving retirement money

When should you start saving retirement money can be a depressing issue, if you haven’t been putting away even a small amount starting at college age.

You have noticed, while reading some articles about investing, the tried and true method is to get a few decades lined up for your returns.

Suzie Orman, one of the most prolific writers to address the “ordinary people” situations, advises to just do your best.

If you haven’t even started, and you’re over 50 or over 60, then just start now!

Realize You Can Do Your Best Now


I just scanned a whole page of investment books at Amazon. You can CLICK HERE to see those. I haven’t read them all but will examine the reviews and choose from that list before the day is over.

And I need to become more aware of these possiblities now.  Do you?

A few years ago I read a book about how to get wealthy and keep your wealth. Point number one was to start investing about $5.00 a week, when you’re about twenty years old, and when you retire at age 65, you will have 1.5 million dollars saved.

If you’re a senior, you probably registered quickly that to skip the Latte, and make your coffee at home, saves twenty-five dollars a week.

One hundred dollars a month!

Great advice, if you’re twenty years old, to invest that amount. But what about us?

This is a blog for seniors or the disabled who want to, or must work at home. Most of us don’t have forty-five to sixty-five years of investment return time before us.


make money with surveys


So we’re going to become more aware of how to do our best, right?

One oldie-goldie method of saving is to take ten percent of all income and save that.

If you’re downsizing and de-clutteruing, save everything from your garage sale or other means of getting in a little money for used goods.

Learn about investing, not my area of expertise.

In fact, learning new things is good for your senior brain, which can always do more!

The simple fact that you are aware of your situation means that you are already tracking a solution.


You Saw That Clickable Link Up There


I am not trying to sell you books on this post, but that link up there goes to Amazon.

Click on it to examine the possibilities of investing.

If a reader did come across this post looking for books, and they then bought one after clicking that link, I would get a commission on that sale.

I would also get a commission from anything else they bought during that shopping trip to Amazon. That link is an affiliate link.

Do you ever go to Amazon for one item and then remember you need a few more things? Do you check the daily deals? Millions of shoppers do.

Target, Home Depot, and Walmart customers do too. Can you see where I’m going with this?

I put that link there because –

one approach to adding to your not-enough retirement income is to start a marketing blog.


shop online words


Imagine that in a few months, your blog, with a hundred posts on it, will attract buyers who are happy to see those links. Information and links that will make their shopping faster and easier.

Not that you shouldn’t save and invest some of your savings, but blogging is an accessible back up plan for making some money on your own time and terms.

A marketing blog has a few features that puts it to the front of the line for starting a business.

Allow yourself to try out a ready-made blog building training system, won’t you? No cost upfront?

Read more about that – CLICK HERE.

Take A Week To Create Years Of Being Your Own Boss Online


Your initial investment in exploring the potential to make money online is your time.

Can you put one week aside of your full time or after work time to learn how to create one or two made-for-marketing blogs?


CLICK HERE to go to your free one week business blog classes.


There is zero financial investment just to try out (unless you don’t have a computer or internet connection) because those are already in your budget right?


do not disturb sign


So back to your one week, when you’re going to hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the back of your chair, or pin to your couch, you can learn the following:

  • How to recognize a product to promote, whether on Amazon or elsewhere
  • How to choose a url, or blog address (,net,or info, just examples)
  • Click where directed to put a blog base together (all code prepared for you, you won’t even see it)

I Understand This Is A Real Blog? Not A Trial Throw-Away?


Not one minute of your invested time will be wasted. The trial web sites offered use WordPress, a popular blogging platform, meaning coded foundation for site building.

Wealthy Affiliate, the training community you can access, provides their version on which you will build your business oriented blog.

After trial and error, and step by step guidance, you can then convert this to a (org, info, net, co). The real thing!

word genuine

You will spend $13.99 – $15.99 for that Domain Name Service.

The classes are videos, and easy to follow. You can also repeat them for your best comprehension, as necessary. Each class has a forum discussion, developing in real time, where you can get questions answered.

Your next financial investment might be $19 for another whole month of access to the classes. A month!

You can continue to learn the professional development your blog needs to attract online searchers to your articles and recommendations.

You can help people find the items they want to know about and buy, online.


Start Saving Now


It is getting harder every month to live well on a low income, especially in the coastal cities. Poorer people usually have pretty good strategies in place for countering high food prices and incomprehensible gas hikes.

Unfortunately the gas hikes result in the increase of most other goods to compensate for shipping costs.

If you were to grow sprouts in your kitchen, for your salad greens how much can you save? Two sprouting containers can be had for about ten dollars.

A couple of bags of organic sprouting mixes for salads is under twenty dollars, and will last a couple at least a year.

Sprouts also have concentrated nutrition in the form of enzymes that rejuvenate your body cells. There are two good reasons to try it!  (Enzymes are the most expensive form of food supplements.)

That’s just one example, and you may be knowledgeable about others.

Another might be to buy a used bread machine and make all your own bread. Mmm…That smell!

Here is an article I wrote about How Can Seniors Save Money. It gives you more household tips for spending less.


how can seniors save money


To recap:

  • Spend less with increased cognizance of how you spend
  • Save more – which means you’ll get more sense of security
  • Get a back up plan for retirement years – know you have some control


How To Turn A Hobby Into A Home Business (jump-start some ideas, CLICK on it)


If you’re a couple, consider your individual strengths and weaknesses that you bring to blogging. Maybe one of you is good at writing out ideas and the other is a good editor.

Any kind of trusted partnership equals more power!

Maybe one of you will write all blog posts and the other will add images, polish the format and do all the post-publishing work.

Oh dear what’s that?

There are many tips for promoting your content which will be covered in your Wealthy Affiliate classes. You are never on your own!

A 24/7 worldwide community is at your disposal for getting help.

Creating a successful marketing blog may take six months to a year. It takes consistency and perseverance.

Think about how you will save money on:

  • Gas
  • Separate courses for each topic, either in a community college or online
  • Text books, paper, or printer toner for producing your own books

Consider how you have just invested some time in reading this article. I hope it inspires you to explore further as to when you should start saving retirement funds – or begin to create them.


button sign up for free


Do you have a home business already, or an idea for one? Please do share, we can all learn from each other.

Use the comment box below.


Earn Money At Home Online With No Delusions

scrabble words dream big

I just did a search online with the above title and similar phrases. Taking the first ten results, I can categorize most of them in the “delusions” list.

Wouldn’t you prefer to earn money at home online with realistic expectations?

Earn Money At Home Online With – What Exactly?

The first result tells us as a number one of fifty, “start a blog or online business”. Sure just go do that. His further instructions are useful and not at all deceptive. He advises you to click over  Bluehost and it will cost you only $2.95 a month to have a blog there. This is called hosting.

That is a great price. He further instructs with screen shots, how to get to the control panel and install WordPress.

Huh – whaaa? If you are beginner, this is difficult. Not that you can’t figure it out, but there are easier ways.


CLICK HERE to build a blog with no control panel and no installing anything. You will still get WordPress.


That’s easier, isn’t it?


CLICK HERE to learn about WordPress, which is a management system for writing web sites.

The link above takes you to a blog building system with two crucial features:

  1. The WordPress platform is further automated in several ways to start you fast
  2. The style of blog you will build is designed for a business blog to help you earn money at home

You now have a week to start professional training and create your blog, no money asked for.

No payment method asked for!

Notice Your Dream Ideas – Their Value

laptop lifestyle on the beach


Have you ever done two or more weeks of the following:

  • Travel overseas
  • Camping
  • Barge tour
  • River cruise
  • Ocean cruise
  • RV tour

And, when it’s time to go home you thought

“I wish I could do that and somehow incorporate it into my job!”

The good news is that you can! Writing about things you love, in a specific way, can result in income.

If you were to click on the “click here to build a blog” link above, you would have to simply give a name and email address to begin. No credit card or payment method is required.

You will be instructed to pick a niche, or narrow topic of interest that you might promote to others.

Then you will pick a domain name like “myfavoritetopic” for what will become a dot com registered name, that shows on the internet.

You will be shown how to put up a couple of legally required pages, and be given a template for them. All written for you, and you will insert your blog name where appropriate.

Your hand will be held all the way through this, with videos, and much Q&A in the discussions you can access.

Dream Ideas On A Solid Foundation


Firstly, how could you ever manifest an income earning “vacation life” as in the day dreaming above?

Could you write about travel and make a commission on sales of items people need to travel?

CLICK HERE to see this carry on backpack.

CLICK to view this carry on backpack duffle bag 

CLICK to check this out- a rolling backpack carry-on.!  


Could you write about camping and make commissions on sales of

Gotta have one of these camping canopies! Click to see.

Buy a camping table now!

Wow – a rooftop light weight cargo bag! I need one! 

Those links go to Amazon and are called  affiliate links.

That means that if a reader buys from there, I get a commission (or you will, on your blog). More details are outlined in my article How To Learn Online Marketing For Seniors.

I won’t repeat it all here. And more, you don’t even need to know any of that when you start a blog. You will be walked through every step in its proper sequence, and you have seven days to devote to this, with no financial investment.

One important step is to fill out your profile. You will make some good buddies in this community. They will help you make the best use of  your free trial period when you have questions.

Other Common Suggestions For Making Money Online


Filling out surveys is a big one. You can do that eight hours a day and earn $5.00 Amazon gift cards, or other coupon type things. That will never grow to be an income where you won’t have to worry about paying the bills.

You are interested in earning a living online, right?

Not in just making a couple of hundred dollars/Euros/Pounds a month.

As a senior needing more money in retirement, you won’t qualify for most of these surveys. They are designed for people who are building or restoring households with large consumer goods. Qualifying for surveys takes more time than most of the surveys.

There are good suggestions on this list of fifty, and the best ones require technical know how, certain educational levels, writing experience (and talent) and virtual administrative skills.

Those may be good ones for you. You will be a freelancer, and will have to promote yourself and find your own jobs. Check out my article How To Make  A Living On Fiverr.

This web site is all about how to make a good blog.

The focus of the blog training I recommended with the “click here” link is a business focus. The building steps are deliberately selected so you can develop your site in a friendly and welcoming manner, yet lead to income.

Those are the blogs you prefer, right? Informative, but friendly and accessible?

help to make a good blog

Make Work Fun


If you haven’t reached retirement age with $1.5 million in savings, you are going to be working.

Whether you’re over 60 now, or younger, it is a good time to plan how you will earn money. If you really love your nine to five job you can just keep going until “something happens”

Often jobs end without warning. A business gets sold and moved to another location. The management decides to get rid of everyone and hire younger people for half the pay.

Blogging is work and requires consistency and time management. It can be fun! Here is a little history about blogging

You are your own boss however, and you can adjust your schedule to what is comfortable for you. You can play the music you like while working. You can take a break and go run the dog.

You can RV around the country and keep working. You can blog on a train!

You can re-design your life according to your own interests and health needs.

Doesn’t that smell like freedom?

CLICK HERE to start your own free sites!


Have you tried any blogging yourself, or any kind of side hustle? Do share your experience! Use the comment box below.


How To Turn A Hobby Into Business

how to turn a hobby into business camping

Notice the resourcefulness of seniors you know. Today I was thinking of my mother, and how hard she worked when I was young. She didn’t go to work every day, but worked at home. With sheer determination, she learned how to turn a hobby into business income.

How To Start A Home Business With No Money


There are no “no money” opportunities, so don’t fall for that. You are already paying for an internet connection, you have a computer, tablet or phone, and you’ve paid for those.

Many decades before the internet, my mom had to learn everything about her home business – dog breeding – by writing away for information. She needed to learn about:

  • The Kennel Club and breed certifications
  • Dogs known for producing good pups
  • Veternarian costs for litters/health and nutrition needs
  • How close in terms of miles were appropriate studs (i.e., show champions)
  • How much did the breeding cost
  • The portion of the home needed for housing litters/yard needs
  • Business legalities and record keeping

She started with mailing costs, materials and a lot of waiting time.

If her hobby had been sewing – which she was skilled in – or knitting – also a skill of hers – the steps would have been the same.

What the web saves us from now, is time consumption.

hour glass leaking
Don’t Waste Time!

If you are a senior or disabled person who needs to augment your income from home, you really don’t want to waste time, do you?

And I can help you with that!

How To Learn Internet Marketing Online


Fast forward to modern day small home business behavior…If your hobby is producing physical products like:

  • Wood carvings
  • Paintings/prints/wall decor/metal works
  • Sewn/knit/crochet products
  • Books or non-physical e-books
  • Collectibles like books, antiques, china sets, crystal sets, flatware sets no longer in production
  • Puppies
  • Self-help books or techniques
  • Recipe videos

You can find an outlet like your own Amazon store, where amazon will place your products on its site, and also place them in their warehouses and take care of the orders and shipping.

paint brushes
How To Market Your Beautiful Products


A website like Etsy will also show your products and give you a web page with a shopping cart, to take orders. You do the shipping and state your terms as you like.

You can create your own Youtube channel with videos that promote your own or others’ products, and make money from advertisers.

Start Your Own Blog Free Online


You will need your own blog. You want the world of consumers to know that your products, or referrals to products, are available, and how to get them

What do I mean by your referrals?

This blog is all about affiliate marketing, or referral marketing. My referral to you, about how to learn to make a blog for business, is Wealthy Affiliate training.

I also am an affiliate with Amazon, a vitamin company, and Clickbank.

Here is my article explaining Clickbank, a digital marketplace where vendors place their products and you can refer them, and make commissions from sales.

Clickbank logo
Good Affiliate Program Commission

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System


If you shop on amazon and find a product on someone’s blog recommending it, they get a commission. That does not change your price, so it is a win-win situation.

My article about one example of amazon recommendations is Amazon For Wedding Gifts


Gift Sets At Amazon

My vitamin and supplements blog is here.


For blog training, Wealthy Affiliate training is my heartily recommended choice, after many attempts with blogging and marketing courses all of which gave me only part of the picture.

To fulfill your dreams of turning a hobby, or perhaps your expertise from a wage job/career into a home business, I don’t want you to waste years and money pouring your heart into a blog that isn’t designed for marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the big picture of marketing online and allows you to create two blogs online, published, with no up front cost whatsoever.

This offer is for a seven day period, as much as you can do.

You will have a community to engage with as you go. You will create as you go, and see the growing web site with every step.


blog word and planet

That’s pretty exciting isn’t it?

You’ll learn some important tips for making your blog visible to people who are searching for your hobby products, or your informational products about the hobby items.

That is called blog traffic.

How To Get More Traffic With Your Blog


Your ideal traffic is from people ready to buy whatever you are writing about.

Yet you can also draw readers who are searching for information. You can provide articles discussing the different specs or varieties of the product topic.

This why the first steps of designing your blog are so important. If you get those tracks laid properly, it will be easier to progress with your site buillding.

The general plan is to write a lot of content, up to at least one hundred articles. This is not going to be a problem, because you have chosen a topic you can go on and on about, right? A real passion!


photo wordpress blog editor
Start Writing Here


The specific plan is to form a site with some built-in advantages that allow you to track your progress with help from Google and other search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate provides this, including in your two free blogs.

Click here for my article Learn To Find Keywords about finding key search words to enhance your content.


Are You Ready To Make Two Blogs For Free


Whether your mom had a home business, or your inspiration or need comes from where you have ended up in your life, this is do-able!

You can build a home business with online marketing.

It is not overnight. It could be six months to a year before you start seeing significant income. It may cost you $300 – $400 USD over your first year. You will get about a 50% discount on domain name purchases (the

You will get your blogs placed on the Wealthy Affiliate servers, or hosted, for free.

Or pay $12.00 per month, per blog, elsewhere.

For some more information you can read my review of all the advantages of this membership community HERE.

If you want to start now to find out what you can do, and how much is possible




Have you started blogging already? What was your inspiration? Please share your adventure with us! Use the comment box below.


Recent Fraud Stories – Senior Targeted

fraud scams stories

Just yesterday a friend witnessed a personal story of elder abuse and FBI fraud. The perpetrators were pretending to be the FBI. I wonder how many other recent fraud stories there are that we won’t here about.


Fraud Scams, Stories Abound – Take Notice!


If you think the FBI is not busy, take a look at this page showing successful investigations that resulted in convictions so far in 2019. Astounding, and with millions of dollars in fines for those in prison.

The scope of these scams are truly startling. We don’t hear about them on the evening news. They include:

  • Internet donor fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Lottery fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Government contract in Afghanistan fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Counterfeit money operation

I could go on, and the first page on that link above is one hundred out of over nine thousand, as of today. You could read the stories for a month!.


In Her Backyard


Gail Bernstein, my generous friend I’m staying with while my broken leg heals, employs a handy man, a skilled senior who lives in his trailer and boon docks around town. He lives well enough, judging from the clean motor home and Dodge Ram that pulls it.

We don’t know his full story, but he’s not down and out and he himself looks well kept.

Yesterday when Gail went out back to check on his day of work in a backyard artisan shed, he was shaking like a leaf.

He had just received a phone call, allegedly from the FBI. They were on their way to pick him up.

elder fraud

The person calling him stated that he was a victim of identity theft. It involved his ex, and also involved theft and a murder.

He claimed that the FBI had frozen his bank accounts, and his Social Security benefits.

Most people would be shocked by this information. This senior was rattled and Gail and I were astounded.

Elder Fraud


“The FBI has opened 66 economic crime investigations related to elder fraud since March 1, 2018″…”
Its data shows confidence fraud and romance scams aimed at the elderly
accounted for more than $184 million in losses over the past year.” – Results of Elder Fraud Sweep Announced

This man’s life could have fallen apart quickly if he was detained for a couple of weeks, or even days. A boon docker, his home and vehicle would have been impounded, building up about an eighty dollar a day bill. Plus he would not be getting his mail concerning its whereabouts in a timely fashion.

Yes, he could lose everything, fast.

We don’t really know this person, but we felt for him.

The situation seemed drastic. Law enforcement certainly would need to establish that he wasn’t a willing participant in the fraud. It would need to verify his ID details and whereabouts during the criminal activities.

And we could do nothing to help. Gail could only wait to see if he showed up for the next day, or not.

It Is A Scam


The following day he showed up. He told Gail that he had called his son who lives in another state, and he looked up the situation and verified it is a scam.

This man is linked to the web by his phone but does not have a handy way of getting online with a computer.

(I know from using the library in a large city, how many seniors and disabled folks practically live there all day, to use the computers.

You can see from the cars parked outside that some of them live in their vehicles. What a sad situation in this wealthy country.)

Just imagine if these scammers had stayed on him and demanded that he text his SS number, birth date, et al, to their office. And then he did.

Fortunately that didn’t happen. I wonder how many terrified seniors did!

elder fraud abuse

Have any of them had heart attacks or strokes over this? Have they lost their life savings?

Scammed People Are Not Stupid


Senior generations were raised to respect authority and trust people in official positions. That makes them easy prey for scammers. It is almost incomprehensible the degree of depravity that goes on these days, facilitated by data mining by “respectable” businesses.

“The number of defendants, victims, and alleged financial losses exceeded last year’s figures, when the Department of Justice announced charges against more than 250 subjects and losses of more than $600 million.” – from the linked Elder Abuse article above.

Six hundred million!

When I wrote my article “Reverse Mortgage Risks” I wanted to warn seniors about the possibility of losing their homes, or signing up for an expensive and unfair loan. And, there are reverse mortgage scams.


I had no idea of the frauds going on.

My article Senior Poverty Statistics discusses the numbers and recommends the best place for a person to learn how to write a blog for money, just like this one you’re reading.

upsell multitasks

If that is of interest to you,



You can learn the basics of small home business blogging, the right way, and engage with a million plus member community. Many of them are seniors who want to make some extra income from home.

I recommend it because I know it is not a scam. People can take a week to view basic site building lessons, and create two sites for free. Those sites will remain on line and belong to you, the creator, even if you do not join the training community.

You will not be asked for a payment method, or any other personal information other than your name and email address.

That’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

Thinking more about Gail’s employee, who is strong and can still work, that isn’t every senior. How long will he be able to earn money? What if he didn’t have family?

Social security or disability benefits can pay for groceries, gas, and sundries. It will not pay for a roof over one’s head. The homeless numbers in this country prove that, and many are seniors.

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate online training for internet marketing.




Many people are paid commissions by recommending products to the millions that shop online everyday.

It is an ideal job for seniors and disabled people who cannot leave home to work.


disabled blog at home for money


It is very enjoyable to write about product lines that you love, be it kitchen wares, fishing equipment, electronics and more.

Related material:

Reverse Mortgage Risks

Do you know anyone who has been scammed financially? Please do tell, as these recent fraud stories must be told! Use the comment box below.



Bone Marrow Broth Benefits

bone broth

The value of bone broth has been recognized throughout recorded history in every culture I’ve been able to read about. Bone marrow broth benefits include the release of collagen, to restore soft tissues in the body after accidents or other injury.

Bone Broth Recipe For A Slow Cooker


I am specifically referring here, to an electric slow cooker, or crock pot, that you can leave cooking while you’re out of the home.

Bone broth can be slow cooked on the stove. I tend to write for working people, whether senior or not, and I certainly don’t recommend you leaving the stove on when you’re not home.

Here is a video telling you how to use your slow cooker for making bone broth.

The Naturopath physician explains that the broth benefits include:

  • Stimulating your immune system
  • Provides concentrated protein
  • Detoxes the body/is a cleansing food without fasting

And in the spirit of this blog, which is about Affiliate Marketing, here are crock pots to view, presented as you will when you embark on your own marketing online journey.

Click on the pot to view this multi-use cooker, best seller!


cooker for bone broth benefits
Extra large cooker. Click on the pot!


Those products are linked to Amazon. If a reader here clicks on the images, and buys one, I will get a commission from Amazon for the referral.

I will tell you, for your blog, to instruct the reader to “CLICK HERE” or “CLICK ON THE IMAGE” to see the details, or learn more.

Blogging For Money And Health Benefits


This blog’s purpose is to show you where to go for the best training available on the web to learn site building for business.

To teach you how to blog for:

  • Extra income/full time income
  • A better life/health benefits
  • Independence for any age person, and especially in your over 60 years
  • Extra income if you live on disability benefits/cannot leave your home to work
  • Self expression, sharing information, and wouldn’t mind your site paying for itself
health benefits of working at home
To Your Health!


For example, I’ve wriiten an article focused on health – Health Benefits Of Working At Home“. You can click on that title and you’ll end up on a new page, and this one will stay open.

In my article I Love My Work At Home Job, I give you lots of ideas, if you think you can’t write.

A third article covers these topics:

Make A Living On Your Computer

  • How To Make Money Without Leaving The House
  • Make Money While Traveling Around The World
  • Make Money While Traveling In Your Rv
  • Retirement RV Living

If you’d like to try some real blog training for a week, no cost (no payment method asked)




More Bone Broth Benefits


“You can get more collagen by eating wild-caught salmon, as well as eggs
and avocados. But bone broth is where you’ll get the biggest collagen
bang for your buck.” – Dr. Al Sears

Collagen not only enhances your skin and connective tissues, but it supports a body part called the
“extracellular matrix” (ECM) which controls the communication between your immune system and your nervous system.

“In biology, the extracellular matrix (ECM) is a three-dimensional network of extracellular macromolecules, such as collagen, enzymes, and glycoproteins, that provide structural and biochemical support of surrounding cells. Because multicellularity evolved independently in different multicellular lineages, the composition of ECM varies between multicellular structures; however, cell adhesion, cell-to-cell communication and differentiation are commonfunctions of the ECM”


The ECM is made of proteins such as collagen and elastin. Its health can be damaged by chronic pain. The ECM tissue in the brain can become compromised. This is a little complicated and involves the memory of pain.

cranium extra cellular matric ECM

Yet this damage can be reversed.

If you can consume more collagen the repair of the ECM will also result in a reduction of pain. Collagen doesn’t just support soft tissues, but builds bone matrix too.

There Is More To Bone Broth


“Chinese research on bone broth revealed that the calcium present in the
bones is useful in controlling pain and inflammation, cramps, muscle
spasms, delusions, depression, insomnia, irritability, hyperactivity,
anxiety, palpitations, hypertension, high cholesterol, allergies,
brittle nails, periodontal and dental disease, pica, rickets,
osteomalacia, osteoporosis and any situation that creates bone loss such
as aging, immobilisation, postmenopause, and caffeine.”

That is pretty impressive, don’t you think? And that quote is from an article about broth made from cow hooves.

Many people with leaky gut problems are encouraged to make bone broth, as it has a healing affect on the gut lining. It also prevents parasites from clinging to the gut, and they can be excreted.

Cow hooves can be purchased stripped and cleaned. In fact, the hooves are removed, and the cut is from the heel to the knee. Some recommend that they soak them for forty-eight hours, with the water being changed frequently.

Simmering over ten hours, up to forty-eight hours (per the video above) is reccommeded. Condiments and spices can be added in the final stages.

Armenians have their own recipe and use this health-laden broth for a social ceremony. Blogger Hairenik has written a colorful account of that HERE.


cow for bone marrow broth
Bless the beasts that bless us!

Is Bone Broth Anti-Inflammatory?


Bone marrow broth is a traditional, used for centuries, anti-inflammatory remedy. It can affect any suffering tissue in the body. It can be added to your physician recommended treatments for:

  • Sprains, strains, breaks and impacts
  • Joint and muscle pain/arthritis
  • Leaky gut and other related gastrointestinal discomforts, including food allergies
  • Dry, flaky and cracking skin
  • For some, improved hair growth and thickness

More reference material:

Homemade Bone Broths for Healing, Including Fighting the Flu

18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bone Broth – Louise Hay

“consuming bone broth during a respiratory infection reduces the number of white blood cells”


I will be making pots of the broth and freezing in two pint tubs. Wouldn’t this be handy to have in the freezer for when you feel a cold coming on? Or a flu or cough?

This is so easy to give to children when they start complaining about feeling sick or feverish.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they served this in senior homes and rehabilitation centers instead of that boxed frozen food?

Shouldn’t your orthopedic doc be handing out the recipe with your other discharge papers? Or your internist? Seriously!

Have you tried making bone broth? Do you remember your parents or grandparents making it? I am curious, so please do share in the comment box below.

I recommend fresh made foods to be consumed whenever possible. But right now I do have a broken bone and am staying at a friend’s, to avoid stairs. And I just found this, grass fed sourced beef collagen. It will do for now.

(If you want vegetarian gelatin CLICK HERE.)


bone masrrow broth benefits
CLICK on the image to view more.

Amazon For Wedding Gifts -Your Benefits

senior couple dressed up

An affiliate marketer can benefit in two ways from recommending amazon for wedding gifts. If you’re not an affiliate marketer yet, you can CLICK OVER to this article explaining that, and this page will stay open for you to resume here.

Recommend Top Items For Wedding Gifts

This blog is focused on seniors and seniors will be excited to hear that their children or grandchildren are getting married.

This family excitement includes nieces and nephews too! 

So let’s get to the presents, shall we?

Choosing categories of presents in my mind, follows two categories.

  1. Gifts for couples who do not have a household together
  2. Items needed for couples who have an established/semi-established household together

Amazon makes searching easy for best seller items. Your readers (from whom you can make commissions when they buy) can filter for top brands, per their budgets, and Prime delivery if they have it.

You can also promote Prime to them so they can get it through your affiliateID link (more about that below).

It’s pretty awesome to contemplate the commissions you can make for helping people find special gifts for their dearest ones, don’t you think? There is so much to contemplate:

  • Televisions/entertainment sets
  • Appliances
  • Chinaware – kitchen and fine
  • Linens
  • Cutlery sets
  • Crystal ware
  • Prints and Fine Art
  • Patio Furniture

How To Write A Blog About Amazon Wedding Gifts


Your first step is to create a blog the right way, to attract online shoppers to your web site. Competition can seem daunting, yet there are millions of shoppers looking for the exact right item for themselves, and in many cases, gifts.

A very easy platform (coded architecture for site building), or foundation, to write a blog on, is WordPress.

W letter in circle

“Tips on Building a Website With WordPress by Josh Argent

You need a blog. That’s a fact and
they are relatively easy to build so let’s look at how to build a blog
site. Some time ago, in the early years of the internet, somebody
decided that it would be a good idea to tell the world what they were
doing, what their opinions were, and anything else that happened to be
on their mind at the time. The figured out a way to post these thoughts
online and the world of blogging begun.

Since then, blogging has evolved in
to something much more complex and important. Although there are still
people who have personal opinion blogs, those people are either highly
influential people or have a blog that receives next to no traffic.
(Facebook has taken over the reigns for personal thoughts and opinions)

Blogging is used for ranking high in
search engines, advertising products, communicating valuable
information, and corporate awareness just to name a few uses. Let’s now
look at how to build a blog site:

Step 1: Pick Your Platform There are
many out there. WordPress is the most popular and it comes in an online
portal where you don’t have to install it on your website or the
self-hosted option where a little bit of webmaster experience is needed
to install it on your blog. (Assuming you have a website of your own.)

Take a look at WordPress as well as
other options and see which you like the best. One word of advice:
WordPress is hugely popular because it has a whole series of plugins to
expand the functionality of it. Smaller, less developed platforms do not
have as many plugins.”


I have quoted him from an article I wrote, with more detail for you, How To Build A Blog With WordPress. Just CLICK HERE to find out more.


No Overnight Riches But 24/7 Support For You


Would you like to be shown a step by step method of building a blog to make money with?

There is a professional look to a site that has been started with the right know-how about ecommerce, or, business online.

It may take several months to get noticed on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and more). This is true for everyone. Some folks may get mislead and purchase a course that throws up a one page site for you and sells you traffic, in the chance that you might make some sales that way.

I’m talking a few hundred dollars a month for that expense! But you’d want to invest as little as possible for the most ROI – Return On Investment, wouldn’t you?

Amazon Will Help You


Once your blog has some content, perhaps about twenty articles, you can apply for an affiliate ID.

This ID will be used to let Amazon know when a customer has arrived on its site, from your blog. Not only will you be paid a commission for the item you recommended, but you will be paid a commission for any other item purchased at that time.

Think about that for a moment!

Amazon also offers you an ID for other countries too, so folks shopping in Canada, the UK, and Europe may come to your blog and shop. You won’t miss out on those site visitors’ purchases. How cool is that?

You can create a blog for just one category, like Bedding, if you have enough interest and experience to write a lot of content about it. Or, you can have a blog with several categories you’d like to write about, or even “everything Amazon sells”.





This article may help you form some ideas: What Can I Write A Blog About.

The Best Training Online Can Lead You To Success


Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for learning how to build a blog the right way. It has saved me so much time and money over the past few years.

It offers the step by step building blocks for your sites. Video classes and ongoing/updated discussions help with your comprehension. You can repeat any classes as you need to.

It instructs you in the use of keywords for you titles and headlines, so you can be found by people searching online.

It offers updates on legal requirements and other disclosures.

It offers help on choosing themes, or the appearance and format that best suit your blogs.

And here is the icing on the cake – it offers you a week to do classes free, and build two web sites! You can see these blogs appear before your eyes, and they will be live online!


wealthy affiliate get started now




Try out Amazon for wedding gifts, to begin your marketing online.

Click Here to see my post How To Turn A Hobby Into Business for more marketing ideas.

Do you have blogs in the works now? Please do share, we’d love to hear about your web building



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