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Just between us, I really am not used to talking about myself on the huge open world wide web. I am a private person.

I’ll explain how I got here, stretching way beyond my comfort zone, and also why I am starting to like it!

And I’ll tell you a bit about me, so that you can see how I think I can help you.

Top Jobs, Retirees. Why I Was Looking!

I had retired from an athletic career, got married, had a baby…and then normal became very strange as marriage proceeded to divorce, financial abandonment, and a struggling single motherhood. I slept on the couch for nine years. (I really don’t want single mothers to go through that! I’d like to help them, as well as the seniors reading here.) The good times were being able to do fun things with my child and his godparents and god-bro, as they called each other.

author with dog

Me with the god-dog, Daisy.

When my child had reached high school and I had more time on my hands after the eight hour work day, I discovered internet marketing. A chance to augment my income from home!

I got very excited and bought training I couldn’t understand but I spent evenings and weekends trying to, for a year. Then I canceled my monthly $39 membership, got a free Blogger blog, and started writing about what I really knew well.

I wrote almost every day for a year. I had found an ebook to promote, a product I could stand behind, then another. I forged ahead with no training and earned $1200.00 that first year.

That niche, or small market area, became huge and the “pros” swept in and stole my writing, on a weekly basis. I got tired of filing complaints and getting their blogs taken down.

Yet, I could have taken control of that situation and turned it around, but I did not know how.

Then I got laid off and finding some training was crucial. I found Wealthy Affiliate through a person from whom I had bought a couple of useful training packages, although I never understood all of it, and the publishing platforms that I had been using eventually shut down.

I finally learned one constant on the internet marketing world. Change. Niches come and go, search engine behavior changes, and I desperately needed guidance to remain engaged properly.

I did get my job back but I knew that I needed to figure out my possible options for senior lifestyle careers.

I am still in that job but it is a matter of time until that field collapses.

I want to share with you the Wealthy Affiliate training opportunity!

I want to help you get ahead with affiliate marketing, help you learn how to do it correctly, so that you can skip all the mistakes I made.

It is the best instruction a person can get for a work from home job, or work from your RV, sail boat, or your country cottage. (Some start at the local library until they can buy their own computer.)

It doesn’t matter where or how you start, I can help you with getting started for free. You can take a look at this opportunity and learn how to create an income for yourself.

So that is what I am about now, sharing and helping you develop your options for senior lifestyle careers.

It’s easy to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, click on my direct link. I really hope I’ve reached you and given you some hope for a decent retirement.

If you join you can start networking with me on the site and you’ll get to know many helpful tutors there! Please feel free to leave any comments you have, or ask questions below.

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