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How To Profit From A Website

Getting started at any new project or job can be intimidating.

Especially if you have had access to training packages that promised you that you could build your own web site and make money on line.

And somehow, it just never panned out. You thought you just couldn’t get it, and you did it all wrong.

Has that happened to you?

You need more income, and you need hope. Yet, after attempting, you can’t do it. Is it a mystery, a well kept secret by the gurus?

internet marketing questions

I used to think that! “He” or “she” isn’t telling all! They are holding the crucial elements back, highly guarded. And that may be true in some cases.

But here is what I think is more common.

Most Training In Internet Marketing Starts At The Wrong Level

I have tried some “how-to” systems and many, many mini courses that were meant to upgrade the quality of my writing, the visual look of my pages, the volume of visitors to my articles…

And there is always another one, literally, every day.

One of the most frustrating things about these courses and tutorials is that the authors assume a level of knowledge about computers and publishing on line that most people simply don’t have.

They may be very helpful folks with honorable intentions, but I think they mostly end up helping each other.

owl teacher

It takes the ability to stand in the shoes (or at the keyboard) of an individual who has never seen the procedures entailed before, or read the special terms for which understanding is required.

To get started effectively, you have to start at the beginning, and learn how to lay the bricks. Otherwise, it is easy to give up and get discouraged, thinking that you don’t get it, and you never will.

Have you ever been at that point? A little further below I’ll share with you how to get the real info.


Internet Work At Home Scams

Another aggravating factor is the amount of highly promoted scams. Many promise that ‘in two hours a week’, or something like that, you are going to attend a web site that you will simply put your title on, and traffic will come in by the thousands and click to purchase whatever the product is.

Then it turns out that those results could never ever happen unless you ate, worked out, cooked, laundered, cleaned house, slept (oops, sorry no sleeping 🙂) i.e., lived in front of your computer.

“I Want An Internet Marketing And Work From Home Business!”

Your curiosity has brought you here and I want you to know you are not going to be let down. You will be able to see everything that is in this Wealthy Affiliate University campus.

You will learn how to build a proper web site that you can later earn income with.

It’s like that. Like a campus with catalogs of courses where you can go back and forth, up and down and peruse all the departments.

It’s like a huge computer store where you can walk around and try things out, and see what you can do.

Or like a dealership where you test drive the car. Imagine how hard it would be for a car dealer to explain everything about a car that he can’t let you drive?

You would never buy one there right?

You certainly wouldn’t trust him or anyone else there! The idea is laughable.

Are You Looking For Senior Citizen Employment Opportunities?

I am assuming there is a little pressure behind your choosing to visit this page today, isn’t there?

Perhaps you’ve been laid off, been retired early, or have a disability and can no longer work in the environment you were in. You don’t have time to waste trying out all the internet offers that are out there for starting an at home business.

Especially if you are alone.

If you go ahead from here, and start learning the correct techniques, you will be alone no longer.

You can have a look around at Wealthy Affiliate and try everything on for size.

You can learn how to design your own web sites for free.

Two web sites!

You will see exact methodical procedures, demonstrated for you on videos. You will see a live discussion in these lessons with people just like yourself, asking questions.

You will also see many responses from seasoned site builders who are always happy to pitch in and elaborate about the details,  and you will have access to their profiles and see the sites they have built.

You will have real world active internet business models to view, that support senior lifestyle jobs from home. You will also see that many of these experts started just like you are starting, with the basics.

There is no overnight pot of gold but there is a way to get started as fast as you want or need to go.

This is an international community with friendly supporters from around the globe, so this site never sleeps.

Online Training For The Web

You don’t need blind trust. You will have access to enough activity to prove to yourself that you CAN do what is required to build a business on line. It takes as long as it takes and the pace is different for everyone.

I know people can acquire a fear of failure simply because they have never had the right guidance.

No one is expected to know how to do this, or learn by trial and error.

You will not be alone! You will have help on each and every step you take.

You will have your own “real estate”, which is what a web site is sometimes called.

Not a google blog or a free WordPress site that is not permitted to do business.

You can build two websites for free (within a trial period).

These are your “test drives” that you can continue building into permanent sites if you wish.

You ARE going to build a business. You will patiently (while brimming with enthusiasm) learn what are the cornerstones, where they go, how they link up to the pages and articles.

You will know how you can make them look as picturesque or as spartan as you choose!

There is no wheel inventing demanded of you.

However, once your basic structure is in place, you can get very creative in your choice of images, colors, page configuration and more.

The WordPress platform you will have free access to is like the framework of a house, ready for you. You will put up the walls and windows and some decoration, making your site unique.

Here is a chart to help you see how the system works:

how to get started making money on line

A starter account gives you time to try everything out. Before you use the keyword tool, you can learn how it works and how to make the most of it.

You can learn how to make some money while you’re still developing new skills in internet marketing.

This will not come that fast, but you will get all the information you need to move toward that.

You can take advantage of the daily discussions and follow the people that help you and read all their own mini trainings that are generously shared in this community.

You might surprise yourself sharing some tips with other starter account holders and you’ll realize the pleasant give and take in this support system.

When you click

“Create A Starter Account”


you will not be asked for a credit card.

There are no tricks here that you will have to undo in order to not be charged with user fees at a later time.

If you are seeking a way to work from home during retirement, or to augment your current income, this unique membership site gives you all the ins and outs of setting up a blog, or web site, for internet marketing.

And it is updated every day by the input of experts and fellow marketers.

Even during a seven day starter program, you’ll see new training being added. It may not be part of the free training, but you’ll know what is available.

Click  here to see more about the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate training.


If you have any questions about the information on this page please let me know in the comment section below. I will be notified immediately and will get back to you!

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    • Hi Carol! Thank you for visiting my site! I think most seniors who want to work online need all kinds of help to get started in the best ways possible. I am going to pay your site a visit too!

  1. I must be really stupid because I paid $97.00 to learn how to make money online and it started out with a bunch of videos that I did not understand, even after taking 4 full pages of notes and have not even finished half of the tutorial videos. Should I get a refund? It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Your site seems more honest and promising.


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