BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

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BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review


Being a retired ballet teacher and personal trainer, my attention gravitates to any type of gym equipment that is portable, fits in small places, and my latest discovery is the BodyBoss.


My BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review will also discuss the affiliate program.


Because you’re at Seniors Work From Home Jobs!


Which is all about affiliate marketing, the job you do from home on your computer.


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Can I Make Money As A BodyBoss Portable Gym Affiliate?


There is an affiliate program and it is a darn good affiliate program too!


Better commissions (than Amazon or Ebay) and longer periods of time during which your affiliate link will be honored or – “longer lasting cookies”.


In my article

What Is A Full Body Workout Plan I Can Do At Home?


I told you:


“We’re going to discuss many factors about working out in this post, but first I want you to see this gym-in-a-box that adapts to:

  • A small home space where you want to workout
  • A kit you can take in your car or public transit easily
  • A patio/deck/poolside/den/bedroom space where you pull out your kit, and put away in a minute”


That’s pretty appealing, right? Imagine setting this up in your own home and all the options for use you may have.


This gym kit accommodates:

  • Young/old people who live in a small house/condo/apartment
  • Young/old people who like to work out with others in their space/in a public space
  • Peeps who don’t want or can’t afford a gym membership
  • Peeps who live in their RV or travel much of the year
  • Bloggers who move around the globe while they blog (affiliate marketers)


Here is a video to show you what benefits come with in the kit – what you’re recommending to people who are seeking a way to do full body workouts at home, or wherever it is convenient for them.



You can see more at BodyBoss.

Who Is This Product For?


Almost anyone!


It is suitable for

Anyone who wants to get in shape!


This portable home gym kit is beneficial for those who are out of shape, and for serious exercise buffs who want hard workouts with muscle building results.


It is recommended by weight lifters – you will want extra bands for increased resistance. There is also instruction as to how to include weights with the BodyBoss workouts.


It is good for seniors and somewhat frail people, whose doctors approve of them working out.


Each customer can tailor their workouts from a manual of exercises that is included in the purchase.


An individual can start at a very easy level of exertion, and work up at their own pace.


That includes people who have been injured, and whose chiropractors or medical doctors have given them the O.K. to start rehabilitating with calculated exercises.


Price: $179.00 USD – includes free access to instructional videos, and live exercise webinars.


Colors: Green, Pink and Yellow (all with a black platform)


Does the BodyBoss portable home gym really work?


I like that 85% of over one thousand customer reviews give this portable home gym FIVE STARS.


When people went into quarantine at home in early 2020 there was a massive rush of orders for this product.


And it’s still going on! At the time of this writing.


O.K. I Get That. I Meant Does The Affiliate Program Work?

Oh! Gotcha. BodyBoss says:


“We love working with bloggers, content producers, social influencers, and affiliate partners that have niche audiences that fit well with the BodyBoss brand.



8% Commission

• 30 Day Cookie

• Regular Coupons and Promotions Available”


Amazon and Ebay give you a much smaller commission, and only 24 hour cookies. That’s paltry.

And For Whom Will This Affiliate Program Work Best?

I would say ideally, for a person with some background in training and workouts. Yet that isn’t a rule.


If you love any kind of exercising, and you try out the BodyBoss portable gym, in a short time you will get to know its benefits be able to promote it.


For immediate, and to produce a quantity of your original promotional material, you could start on day one, with a diary of your exercise journey.


You can let your family or friends try it, and get their feedback.


Then share that information along with your own experiences.


Slow Down! How Do I Start?

Start your own blog and write your own reviews.


With training, you can get a lot of traffic to that blog, and attract customers.


Real internet marketing training teaches affiliates how to:

  • Earn Money At Home Online With No Delusions
  • How To Sell Information On The Internet
  • Learn How To Make A Website
  • How To Turn A Hobby Into Business Income



Your consistent application of writing a blog the right way, will take time and effort.


Yet there is another pay off in here.


You will be able to write a blog (the right way) about any subject you choose.


You may prefer to market digital information packages about exercising, if that is an area of high interest to you.


You may be inclined toward the health and nutrition aspect of exercise and there are plenty of products with affiliate programs to write about.


Following your readers’ BodyBoss purchases, you will make your 8% commissions from presenting this popular gym kit to your buyers.


Some buyers will buy extra accessories too.


One reviewer bought himself one, and one kit for each of his five kids.


You can see how this could become a profitable business if you get your site set up properly.


If you:

  • Know how to find the best search words, or keywords to attract targeted traffic (searchers who are looking for your product)
  • Learn how to format your blog articles in an attractive manner
  • Find out how to add images and videos


And much more!


Are you ready to invest your time into building an asset?


Are There Any Cons To This Product?

Quite honestly I can’t see any.  The occasional buyer will return their kit, that’s business as usual.


The fact is, as a customer you get:

  • A portable kit that stores easily in the house or the car
  • A tote for carrying if you prefer
  • Exercise videos and classes for company
  • Personal instruction if you want to buy it
  • The options to set it up almost anywhere
  • A blog of informative articles to follow
  • Technology to track your fitness


What can go wrong? Very little, in my estimation.


Regardless of the product(s) you ultimately choose to write a blog about, you will not get results without good training as an affiliate marketer. You can start your free training right now.



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Blog Writing For Money

make money at home with a blog

Starting An At Home Business is simpler than ever!


Have you ever wondered about blog writing for money? And about how people learn to do it?


It is one of the most accessible legitimate work from home jobs for seniors. For seniors who are thinking about retiring, or who have retired.


For disabled people too, who have to spend most of their time at home. And who may be bored, or have a need for an income they can earn at home on their computer.


It is also an accessible job for anyone, for you, whoever you are, if you want to train to make a successful business website, the right way.


There are many wrong ways, and I say that from sad experience!


Many years ago (please don’t ask me my age :)) I found a great blogger community on line.


I got lots of marketing tips. I learned a teeny weeny bit of code.


I used a free blogger blog for a while, but it is limited, for business.


All the wonderful peeps in the forum had websites which they made by writing code!


I will always appreciate their companionship and tips, But I had to move on.


When I found the training and community I have stayed with for ten years, I made twenty plus web sites.


They are all commercially doing well, some more than others. I decided to focus on one. This one!


Why? Let me be painfully honest. I haven’t quit my day job yet. But I see that day!


Yes I do, but I also see that day is NOW for you, if you have the 40 plus hours per week as a retiree or a disabled person.


You can progress three to four times faster than I have done. With the training I have accessed, earning revenue on line is well within your grasp.


I like that!


And how easy is it? Was it ever easy?


It is much less difficult than brick and mortar business building!


You don’t need a product to promote. Why?


Because there are millions of products made by others that you can blog about, as an affiliate marketer.


If you’re skeptical, you should be! There are countless scams about how to make an income on line out there!


Here is an example of affiliate markering. A demonstration.


Click on this link – this one –  to a website about the BodyBoss portable home gym.


You will see the home page and its promo about the product. The link you clicked on is an affiliate link.


That means if you purchase something there, the affiliate who sent you there (could be you) gets a commission.


Promote a popular product = commissions.


You’re interested and that’s how you got here, right?


Wouldn’t you love to know the secret formula – the inner sanctum of cloistered knowledge…that only a few have and it seems they don’t want to share?



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(That link above will take you to sign up for a free account).


You know, that’s exactly what it seemed like to me when I first tried it.


I couldn’t find one place that gave the whole picture.


That is why I am going to show you exactly how to find out about getting started. If you are:

  • A senior or senior couple living on social security benefits
  • Among the millions who have been laid off or retired early
  • Among the millions whose pension went up in vapors
  • Confined to your home
  • A disabled veteran


…You don’t have time to waste.


Finding the right training is difficult. There are many make-money-at-home scams to run in


wish I would have known about blogging


place with if you have no guidance.


The simple way is to first find (and you just found it!) a source of step by step instruction, steps that you can fully implement and see the results, on one or two free giveaway websites, made by you.


If you are patient and focused you’ll see the outcome within hours.


Another advantage to your learning curve would be to have access to countless questions and answers.


Many newbies have gone before you using this top of the line education (over 150,000), and many experienced web site owners in this community offer their expertise daily – 24/7 – to help new business owners get started.


What’s more, even good training can become obsolete with the changing trends of the market, and of the search engines’ behaviors too.


The trainers I’m talking about are on it. Any new rules or tips are integrated immediately. And shared!


After vetting many training courses, I am going to tell you about a special web site that I use myself to a good result. So let’s see if it might work for you.

Do You Need More Money?


That’s almost a silly question, right?


With food prices rising, rents going up and corresponding, service costs are going up, anyone needs more money if they want to keep to their budget.


For example, in my area the municipal cost of living raise announced for 2020 was 2.5%.


Yet, in the past twelve months food prices have increased by 25%-30%. Not even a close match!

Blog Writing For Money


This is something you can do at home, while traveling, and on your own preferred schedule.


It is an easy way to earn decent income, once the training has impacted your skill at the free giveaway websites you’ll be taught to use.

I have looked up the statistics about the level of income most US seniors are retiring with these days. It is a grim picture.


Many senior households, persons with disabilities or disabled veterans live close to the poverty level. Six and a half million seniors live well below it.

Your Dream Vacations In Retirement

blog writing for money


Or, at your own vision of the perfect place where you can relax and earn while you learn?


This is not out of the question with the implementation of the affiliate training courses I recommend.


There will not be an overnight explosion of success, and I can’t guarantee anyone’s progress.


Yet, I can guarantee the opportunity.


Starting an at home business can begin right now! You can move through it at your own pace and you will find out all about:

  • Web site hosting – what it is
  • Choosing domain names “mywebsite….” appropriate for your topics of interest
  • Using WordPress, a platform for websites that is extremely user-friendly
  • How to write content for pages and posts that are attractive
  • The many video class by class demonstrations with which you will discover the “real” how to do it all


That is just the beginning of the body of knowledge that you need, and will get, to support yourself with blog writing for money.

Opportunities – Seniors Helping Seniors


Helping other seniors (or anyone who needs some more income) is one thing you can do writing blogs for money.


That is one topic you can write about as you learn. Your experience, your problems, solutions, and discoveries of how you can make your life better working on a computer, will be valuable to others who need help.




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What Will This Cost Me?

Nothing, for seven days. View as many basic lessons as you can while you build a real web site.


Those classes, with lots of Q&A, can be viewed repeatedly if needed.


If, within those seven days, you decide to learn more, you can do another month of viewing more classes and webinar replays, for $19.00.


Or will that be two burgers and fries?


Four more weeks of classes!


After that it is $49.00 a month. Yet there are more discounts for members, they have their Black Friday sale too.

“But what if I’m not a writer?”


Blog writing is more conversational and casual than writing articles for established magazines, or technical sites.


Your spelling and grammar should be good, but it really is more like talking to people, rather than lecturing.



seniors helping seniors learn jobs


Writing blog posts is a covered topic in this training system, with examples given about:

  • How much to write
  • How to use headlines and short blocks of text
  • Adding images correctly


These basics are well covered, so that you can build a successful asset (your website), a real on line business.


And even more, many of the site owners who use the community share their own ways for composing and publishing their web pages.


Think about the topics you love to talk about. Your hobbies, your favorite pass times and places.


There is something you can talk for hours about, right?


There are ways to make money on line blogging about all those things.


This is a no risk offer.


You’ll find all the information you need!



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Related material:

How To Turn A Hobby Into Business


10 Best Tips – How To Learn How To Build A Website

website create materials

10 best Tips – How To Learn How To Build A Website

One – Your Time Management – Assign Some Specific Hours


This section of the post takes you through a process of getting the most training during the Wealthy Affiliate 7 day free trial, from when you sign up.

A full article about that opportunity is HERE.

When you log in to gain access to the training, you will be asked for a user name and password.

Only if you proceed to another month of access to all the classes and videos, including the Friday live webinars (where you get to ask questions!) will you be asked for a form of payment.

To assess how you can get the most out of your free trial period do a little analysis:

  • If you have a nine to five job, decide what hours you can set aside to view classes
  • You will have one or two weekend days in the seven day trial regardless of when you sign up
  • Once you’ve got a time management plan, let your family know about your “Do Not Disturb hours
  • Review the comfort level of your work station and adapt it, to make sure you can work sitting or standing too, once in a while
  • Reflect On  How You Study Best

Do you like to take notes as you listen to or view classes? If so, have a special notebook (you can get them at the Dollar Store) to document your ideas and questions.

This will become a training diary/journal as you progress in learning how to make a good blog.

A money making blog! That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Have your sharpened pencils or easy flowing pens ready!

Another option is to pause the training videos and quickly make notes in a document on your computer.

TwoYour Time Management Plan


You want to get the most benefit possible from your free learning opportunity, don’t you? Maybe your schedule looks something like this:

  • One hour learning with your morning cuppa and breakfast before you get ready for work
  • A half hour or forty-five minutes during your lunch hour at work – if you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Two to three hours after dinner each work night
  • Weekends – no limit!

Say you start on a Wednesday evening. You sign up, go into the community website, and take a half hour just to look around and find the classes.

get started now image

Don’t get crazy and stay up till 2 AM if you have to go to work the next morning. Make sure you get some good sleep hours in for that one hour before you go to work!

Take note that in the first couple of classes you are going to create at least one website (you get to make two in the free trial). You will spend some time in that section deciding on what product or category of products you will write about, and make money from referrals.

Here are three of my articles you can read quickly, before you get in, and start using up your free time. They were written to evoke ideas from your past experience and knowledge, hobby expertise and the like.

  1. How To Turn A Hobby Into A Business
  2. I Want To Work For Myself What Should I Do
  3. How To Sell Information On The Internet

Pick whichever title appeals to you and give it a read!

There are millions of products to promote to millions of online shoppers. You shop online, right? It is so easy and convenient for everyone, and especially for people who are confined to their home.

Now anyone living in a small town can shop with access to every item sold in the malls, in boutiques, and gourmet stores.

Who would have imagined this twenty-five years ago?


shop rack


Three – So How DO I Make Money With My Computer?


First you follow numbers one and two above.

Why is this important?

With the Wealthy Affiliate professional blog training, you are going to create your blog as you learn.

You will know how to make a blog with the correct legal notices. The site gives you templates to copy and paste into the required pages in your blog editor area. You will simply switch out your name/site name at the correct spots.

The verbiage keeps you legal. It makes sure your readers know that they can safely come to your site any time.

Your site is safe to leave comments on.

It reveals to your visitors what data may be collected during their visit. It also explains that third party sites like Google and Amazon, for example do collect data when a person clicks through to those sites from your blog, and that you have no control over that.

A lot more is explained that most peeps browsing on line never think about.

The disclosures are important and legally required. Having them means that your hard work will not go to waste because you have forgotten one of these items.

Yet, during this training period, it will take you maybe one hour to get all this accomplished.

I think that is pretty amazing myself. And maybe you don’t believe me right now, but you will do it. And when you create your second trial blog it will go even faster for you.

These free blogs are real sites on the internet. At some point, you may want to convert them to a real dot com/co/info/net et al website. At that point you will get discount domain name prices from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress as a platform (the coded architecture) for you to build your blog on. The Themes (appearance styles) you choose from, are attractive, practical, whimsical, magazine-like, whatever you need or fancy.


picture of websites

What’s really important is that they are mobile friendly. People can find your posts and buy from them on their phones!

You’re probably getting the idea now how much is built-in, before you even start.

You don’t need to know any coding, or have a business degree to get going with this adventure.

Four – Do I Need To Know Code At Any Point?



Naturally you want to comprehend exactly how this works, right?

After setting up the legal pages that every site should have, you will learn how to write the correct content on your blog.

You will be advised to use a conversational style so your readers think that you are trustworthy, and are a real person.

Your personal voice counts.

You don’t need to rush off and find out how to learn how to write!

People read so many advice blogs online and they truly appreciate a unique voice, so be yourself. It will contribute to your “brand”.

It will help bring visitors back to your site for more information.

For example, if you are a fishing or woodworking or quilting expert, you will naturally use the hobby lingo. Your readers who have searched for specific information about the latest “how-to’s” or special products will relate to you. You’re speaking their language!

I have had a blog about ballet for over ten years. I can speak the language. If I tried to write a blog about woodworking just because it is a popular topic, it would take me ten years to write a couple of articles!

I doubt I could impress any real woodworkers!

An easy to understand and informative post will get bookmarked. It can be shared on social media and more people will visit it.

It may get mentioned in forums, or emailed to a reader’s friend. I do that all the time, don’t you?


ballet pointe shoes
Monetize Your Experience!


Five – How Will My Blog Get Seen Online?


That can be an intimidating thought. When you use a search engine, you get to page of articles on Widgets. Maybe the first five are ads.

Maybe you go to the second page to find exactly what you’re looking for. And you find it.

Did you notice up at the top of the first page that there were 76,000,000 search results?

That’s what I mean by intimidating!

If you have organized your time management well, you will have the time to review the class on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, a couple of times.

True confessions – I have watched it at least five times, I lost count.

Now that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can review any class or video, including the live webinars, anytime.

Now we come to a special benefit within the Wealthy Affiliate writing tools.

You will learn about Keywords – the words people put into the search bar in Google, Yahoo, or whatever search engine they use.

You get seen online by using those keywords, or phrases, in your blog titles. And you don’t have to intuit or just guess them!

You will have access to a free keyword finder, that is paid for if you’re not a member. And you will be shown how to use it.


letters SEO

Here I want to mention the community and the many mini-trainings.

Google is the most used search engine, right? Many people haven’t even heard of another one except maybe Yahoo.

Google isn’t our best friend in some ways, although it is very helpful in others.

One thing it will do periodically is “move the goal posts” regarding the best way to get found online.

When that happens there are new blogs written within Wealthy Affiliate by other seasoned members who explain what’s happened, and the tips to work best with it.

You have access to all of these mini-trainings, as a member.

Six –  I Still Don’t Get Who Will Pay Me And Why

I am guessing you may have spent twelve to fifteen hours studying through the above five sections.

The most important focus you need to have is comprehension. You can go back and edit/improve any posts or pages you have published, any time.

I know that resistance is futile when it comes to a perfectionist. Just remember that your writing style is friendly and casual!

You are on your way to becoming an affiliate marketer. If you’ve been in sales, you understand commissions.

Affiliate marketers get paid in commissions from websites like:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Sites with marketplaces of many product lines that vendors place there
  • Clickbank, a digital (instant download) product site with thousands of ebooks


It’s good to get your blog grown to at least twenty to twenty-five posts before you sign up to be, for example an Amazon affiliate.

Most vendors want to see that you actually have a site with some visitors.

This is to your advantage as well, because at that point, you have spent time editing your posts, adding attractive images, using headlines to break up  your text, and generally making a good user experience for your site visitors.

Each vendor site will walk you through the sign up area. You will get a tracking code, or affiliate ID that will follow a shopper to a site, and that is how you get paid a commission on that sale.

This is one of the Disclosure pages you will make when you start your blog. You inform your readers that if they buy a product through your affiliate link, that you will get a commission.

This is a required disclosure. It shows you can be trusted, because you are being transparent.


hands keyboard money

Seven – One Of The Cool Built-ins You Get On Your Free Site


The WordPress platform has “plugins“, small pieces of software that format your blog, or configure it to perform a certain way behind the scenes.

One of these time savers is All In One SEO.

You will get a walk through lesson on how to further set this up for your blog.

Certain fields need to be filled in, and certain boxes need to be checked. This gives you the best functioning for Google, Bing and Pinterest to view your site and help get you traffic to your posts.

As you develop your blog and start to get traffic, you will need to add to this plug in, and you will be helped with that too.

One of the purposes in having the search engines know about your sites, is that they each will keep track of your visitor stats, and with considerable detail.

You can see how many readers visit your site, stay on it, and which keywords were used to find you. In this way, you can further use those keywords to write more posts!

The search engines’ analytics area also let you know if you have any errors in your posts/pages that you can correct for better function.

Another part of this training is to tell you what other plug ins to install (all with a click or two!) to enable easier viewing by the search engines.

This helps you get closer to the first of the search pages, and closer to the top.


Yahoo page

Eight – Keep Up Your Healthy Habits As Best You Can


During this rather intense seven day learning binge, I strongly recommend that you keep up some of your exercising, sleep well, and eat well.

The last thing you want is to get over-tired. Studies show that you won’t remember what you have learned before you sleep, if you don’t sleep at least seven hours.

One trick to keep the circulation going, and calories burning, is to sit on a physio ball. You can bounce and fidget as you study.

If you have a stand-up work station you already know that trick! Walk on the spot all day lol.

I do understand that you can get hooked, it is so exciting finding out how this really works!

You’re thinking about making enough money every month to retire early, maybe?

  • Traveling more?
  • Renovating your house?
  • Retiring your spouse?
  • Sending kids to college?

Whether you’re a senior or a student, I get how exciting this is!

I still find the articles online about making money and bringing in a six figure income with a blog.

Yes, there are people who do that. They have done the training and done the work. This can be done!

And do you know what these people all say about how they succeeded? They were:

  • Consistent
  • Time management experts (they learned as they went and got better)
  • Created a balance of researching/writing/socializing/exercising
  • Disciplined with their diet and sleep hours
  • Perseverance-ready, they knew there was no overnight success
  • Were able to reach out to the members of Wealthy Affiliate when they were stuck (humble)

I bet that you have all the potential to do the above.

Your aspirations brought you here, and you are ready to excel, over time, and become a successful blogger.


happy family picture

That’s you, right?

You are going to improve all your best habits, becoming a blogger. You are going to grow out of all your worst habits.

You’ve got this!

Nine – So Many Ways To Succeed!


I wrote an article about how to make money with YouTube. I was astounded to find this young woman’s story. I heard it on the radio (Bill Handel KFI iHeart Radio) one morning while driving to my job.

This lady wrote about Slime. You know the kind that kids who go on Nickleodeon get slimed with? I had no idea how big Slime is! That’s because my child is a grownup and I’m out of the loop.

Making money with YouTube means drawing views. The Slime topic drew views from

a) kids

b) a parent whom the kid begged to watch it and buy or make them some Slime

c) grandparents whom the child begged to watch because the parent was too busy

d) a school teacher who planned to make Slime in class and told all the kids to watch it!

And guess what happened! Elmer’s Glue, an ingredient for Slime, ran out of glue!

If you’d like to read how this young lady retired her family and built them all a mansion to live in, my article is HERE.


YouTube on laptop

Ten – Your Non-Affliliate Marketing Talents


Another way some people do a lot of income paying work online is Fivrr.

(My article HERE.)

You may write:

  • Great resumes
  • Reviews
  • Make beautiful images
  • Design book covers
  • Create printables, invitations, and more

You can capitalize on your experience with design or writing  through Fivrr.

I did not realize this until I needed it. I wrote an ebook and published it on Amazon. It is called Facts About Saturated Fats. It was a learning exercise for me.

I bought a $28.00 tutorial online about writing an ebook in 24 hours.

I just had to try it!

Well, it took me a week.

I needed a book cover, so I went to Fivrr. I provided an image and my author name.

It cost five dollars and I added a tip of five dollars. With the Fivrr fee to use their site, I paid $12.00. No big deal, since I did not know how to do any of this myself.

And by the way, I published this ebook on Amazon (a small guide book, 20+ pages). I never promoted it and I have sold about fifty copies. I made money!

Imagine if I had promoted this book with all the social media/blog posts/forum participation opportunities et al!

That’s an avenue I haven’t pursued, but could, any day I decide to do so.

And you can too!

Do you have a passion, a favorite topic that you collect information about? That you think everyone should know?

Write it all down!

You can create ebooks and publish them on Amazon.


And the whole point of this blog is to show you where you can learn how to make a good blog.


A blog that can promote your ebook and you can then make money from selling hundreds or thousands.

It’s been done!

You may also be gifted in arts and crafts and use Etsy for selling them. Or have your own Amazon store and stock your wares in a local Amazon warehouse. No packing and shipping!

There are ways to do these things and you can learn how to build a website to promote your wares/ideas/ebooks/health products/hobby products/ and make sales and commissions.

It is real work, and I hope I’ve encouraged you to take a free week’s trial at it.

I hope I’ve helped you to get organized and get the absolute max out of that week.

If you decide to move and become a member of Wealthy Affiliate it will cost you $49 per month.

But wait! Here’s another bargain.


special offer words

If, before the seven days are up, you decide to go for your first month’s membership, it will cost you only $19.00.

So whatever you learned and got done in your seven day trial, you can now do four times as much training for under twenty dollars.

And that is why so many people join Wealthy Affiliate. The training gives them a chance to prove to themselves what they can do when they apply themselves with consistency, perseverance and enthusiasm.




Have you ever started a blog? How did it go? Did you think you had the right information to eventually succeed with making money online?

Please do share your experience! Use the comment box below.




Amazon For Wedding Gifts -Your Benefits

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An affiliate marketer can benefit in two ways from recommending amazon for wedding gifts. If you’re not an affiliate marketer yet, you can CLICK OVER to this article explaining that, and this page will stay open for you to resume here.

Recommend Top Items For Wedding Gifts

This blog is focused on seniors and seniors will be excited to hear that their children or grandchildren are getting married.

This family excitement includes nieces and nephews too! 

So let’s get to the presents, shall we?

Choosing categories of presents in my mind, follows two categories.

  1. Gifts for couples who do not have a household together
  2. Items needed for couples who have an established/semi-established household together

Amazon makes searching easy for best seller items. Your readers (from whom you can make commissions when they buy) can filter for top brands, per their budgets, and Prime delivery if they have it.

You can also promote Prime to them so they can get it through your affiliateID link (more about that below).

It’s pretty awesome to contemplate the commissions you can make for helping people find special gifts for their dearest ones, don’t you think? There is so much to contemplate:

  • Televisions/entertainment sets
  • Appliances
  • Chinaware – kitchen and fine
  • Linens
  • Cutlery sets
  • Crystal ware
  • Prints and Fine Art
  • Patio Furniture

How To Write A Blog About Amazon Wedding Gifts


Your first step is to create a blog the right way, to attract online shoppers to your web site. Competition can seem daunting, yet there are millions of shoppers looking for the exact right item for themselves, and in many cases, gifts.

A very easy platform (coded architecture for site building), or foundation, to write a blog on, is WordPress.

W letter in circle

“Tips on Building a Website With WordPress by Josh Argent

You need a blog. That’s a fact and
they are relatively easy to build so let’s look at how to build a blog
site. Some time ago, in the early years of the internet, somebody
decided that it would be a good idea to tell the world what they were
doing, what their opinions were, and anything else that happened to be
on their mind at the time. The figured out a way to post these thoughts
online and the world of blogging begun.

Since then, blogging has evolved in
to something much more complex and important. Although there are still
people who have personal opinion blogs, those people are either highly
influential people or have a blog that receives next to no traffic.
(Facebook has taken over the reigns for personal thoughts and opinions)

Blogging is used for ranking high in
search engines, advertising products, communicating valuable
information, and corporate awareness just to name a few uses. Let’s now
look at how to build a blog site:

Step 1: Pick Your Platform There are
many out there. WordPress is the most popular and it comes in an online
portal where you don’t have to install it on your website or the
self-hosted option where a little bit of webmaster experience is needed
to install it on your blog. (Assuming you have a website of your own.)

Take a look at WordPress as well as
other options and see which you like the best. One word of advice:
WordPress is hugely popular because it has a whole series of plugins to
expand the functionality of it. Smaller, less developed platforms do not
have as many plugins.”


I have quoted him from an article I wrote, with more detail for you, How To Build A Blog With WordPress. Just CLICK HERE to find out more.


No Overnight Riches But 24/7 Support For You


Would you like to be shown a step by step method of building a blog to make money with?

There is a professional look to a site that has been started with the right know-how about ecommerce, or, business online.

It may take several months to get noticed on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and more). This is true for everyone. Some folks may get mislead and purchase a course that throws up a one page site for you and sells you traffic, in the chance that you might make some sales that way.

I’m talking a few hundred dollars a month for that expense! But you’d want to invest as little as possible for the most ROI – Return On Investment, wouldn’t you?

Amazon Will Help You


Once your blog has some content, perhaps about twenty articles, you can apply for an affiliate ID.

This ID will be used to let Amazon know when a customer has arrived on its site, from your blog. Not only will you be paid a commission for the item you recommended, but you will be paid a commission for any other item purchased at that time.

Think about that for a moment!

Amazon also offers you an ID for other countries too, so folks shopping in Canada, the UK, and Europe may come to your blog and shop. You won’t miss out on those site visitors’ purchases. How cool is that?

You can create a blog for just one category, like Bedding, if you have enough interest and experience to write a lot of content about it. Or, you can have a blog with several categories you’d like to write about, or even “everything Amazon sells”.





This article may help you form some ideas: What Can I Write A Blog About.

The Best Training Online Can Lead You To Success


Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for learning how to build a blog the right way. It has saved me so much time and money over the past few years.

It offers the step by step building blocks for your sites. Video classes and ongoing/updated discussions help with your comprehension. You can repeat any classes as you need to.

It instructs you in the use of keywords for you titles and headlines, so you can be found by people searching online.

It offers updates on legal requirements and other disclosures.

It offers help on choosing themes, or the appearance and format that best suit your blogs.

And here is the icing on the cake – it offers you a week to do classes free, and build two web sites! You can see these blogs appear before your eyes, and they will be live online!


wealthy affiliate get started now




Try out Amazon for wedding gifts, to begin your marketing online.

Click Here to see my post How To Turn A Hobby Into Business for more marketing ideas.

Do you have blogs in the works now? Please do share, we’d love to hear about your web building



The Work From Home Guidebook

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The Work From Home Guidebook

I know that there are millions of searches a month on search engines, made by people looking for a real work at home opportunity. Many would buy a guide to working at home online, and there are many of those.

I have bought a couple myself. I’m a reader who loves to read, so I bought them.

Quite honestly though, I have to say that the best way to learn is to do.

I have already written many articles about working at home. Selling repaired furniture, working at a call center from home, dog walking, babysitting, all worth while side hustles.

Maybe I could write my own work at home guidebook. But for you, I have a better idea.

The side hustles I mentioned above all require that you are at home. In the same place all the time, ready to receive customers.

That’s perfect for people who don’t want or need to go anywhere.

Or, who advertise that they are available on certain days of the week, which gives them options to be absent.

Seniors in retirement especially, want options to travel to visit family or simply take in new sights.

trailer at lake side


What Is The Laptop Lifestyle About


You’ve read the term ‘laptop lifestyle, haven’t you? It’s kind of everywhere right now!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the work from home guidebook!

The laptop lifestyle encapsulates the idea of not just working from home, but – from wherever you are!

Here’s an example. You’re a retired senior but you need more money.

You have started a dog sitting and a baby sitting business. You have to get up and go to your clients, or have them come into your home. Whatever works. You need money!

Both dogs and babies sleep, don’t they? When they do, you pull out your laptop and write a blog post about an indoor herb garden kit that sells on amazon. Like this one, you can click to see it here.

See how that herbal garden kit is linked right to amazon? When your readers click there and end up buying one, amazon will pay you a commission.

 That is called affiliate marketing. Amazon helps you sign up to be an affiliate, gives you advertising help and tracks everything for you.

You can promote anything from amazon. And you can do the same with the many retailers and vendors who have an affiliate program.

monitor with shopping items


Better Than A Work From Home Guidebook


When I use the term guidebook, I mean the small books one finds to buy as e-books. I have bought a couple and written one, which is available on Kindle from amazon.

The better way to learn, which is to do, is accessible at Wealthy Affiliate, a huge web site, with many training classes on working from home online.

The training is geared for affiliate marketing, yet you can use it to create business blogs for products you create too.

For example, if I look at these basic training classes:

  • Lesson 1, Getting Rolling! 
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • What’s My Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website

I view four out of ten FREE to study classes that are the first part of their blog building training.

And I see that the textual content is the equivalent of the basic guidebook content that one pays about $2.99 US for on amazon Kindle.

A quick download. There are thousands of these e-book guides on a zillion subjects.

Aside from saving $2.99 ( I know that’s no big deal but stay with me here), this free trial opportunity gives you videos, and hundreds of Q & A’s related to each class.

And even more, you DO as you go. What is that worth?


Work From Home Network Marketing


Another incredible bonus you can get, even during your seven day free trial, is a huge network of fellow newbies and seasoned successful web site owners.

As requirements for web sites increase on line, like the upcoming European GDPR rules (which involve data collection or deletion), and as search engine biggies like Google changes how it values our site content, the savvier entrepreneurs are out front at Wealthy Affiliate.

Their personal posts with information and their self-created video walk-throughs about the latest demands helps the network of a few hundred thousand people, keep up.

And there is even more value here.

Writing as a profession can be quite lonely.

It is usually a solo mission, yet most of us are pack animals.

pack of wolves

It is really really good to have a live feed question and answer section for when you hit a wall and just can’t figure something out.

It is terribly frustrating to keep trying to re-size an image or change the font size for your web site, and fail.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are not alone! It is a world wide site and is open 24/7.

You don’t need to be lonesome, and don’t be a stranger! Always ask when you need help.

There is also a huge search area where you may find a dozen answers to a question.

The Live And Kicking Guide To Working At Home Online


I think of Wealthy Affiliate as a very animated guidance system.

There is a weekly live webinar on crucial topics, or new marketing tips which are all uploaded to view again and again.

You can get feedback on your beginner blogging efforts right at the start, both for encouragement and to hone your skills as you go.

Contributing to the feedback threads you also get a good view of how other people are doing. You can keep improving your own work this way.

If you are a senior who needs more money in retirement, or a disabled person who needs to work at home, you won’t waste any time learning within the Wealthy Affiliate system.

No matter what you’re doing at any given moment, you’re always gaining not just knowledge, but experience.

Did I mention you’ll get to build two websites, also at no cost during the free trial? Yours to keep!

button sign up for free 

Do you have any questions about all this? If so, feel free to leave them below. 


Start An Online Business For Free Now

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Start An Online Business For Free Now


I found this article “26 Businesses You Can Start For Free”  and I thought I’d mention the top five here.

They are not all online business ideas. I am going to mention some that are.

Guess what Number One is! (my personal fave, fyi).

Blogging, as in monetized blogging.

The author, Briana Morgaine, discusses the elements a would-be blogger needs to work toward success:

  • Pick a topic or niche you are passionate about
  • See if vendors of this product (digital or physical) have an affiliate program so you can sign up to promote it
  • If you want to write an ebook where can you get the best format/publishing/ guide

Those three points encompass a lot of know-how.


Just click on that link to start learning the easiest and best way with detailed classroom instruction.


Resume Writing


Especially if you’ve had work in HR and participated in the hiring process, you could do very well at this.

Even if you haven’t, knowing or learning Microsoft Office or Libre Office (a comparable free office suite) will set you up to write good resumes.

You can learn almost anything on Youtube!

If you chose this area in which to make money you would do the following:

  • Learn to write a blog with which you could promote your resume business
  • Sign up on Fiverr to advertise your services
  • Sign up to Canva and learn how to make images (good for your blog posts too)

Study your competition to see what their web sites look like. This will help you develop a unique approach so you can stand out and get clients.

Start now.

If you’re working full time and are over 50 or over 60, decide how long you will take to learn the skills you need to move forward.

Decide how many hours a week you will work on this project.


When you click on that link, know that you’ll have seven days to study professional classrooms. Clear your social schedule lol!

Related material:


laptop, keyboard mouse and documents on desk
How To Make A lIving On Fiverr

Example – Gardening And Landscaping


Are you a retired gardener or landscaper? Or have you grown a garden for years and acquired the green thumb skills?

The physical aspect of this business requires strength (or hiring it) and up front money for products.

Here’s where I’m going – without laying out those thousands of dollars, you can make money blogging about:

  • Gardening equipment
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Soil mixes
  • Compost bins
  • Seeds pots and planters
  • Containers for gardens
  • Potted trees
  • Gardening aprons, stools, sun hats, sun glasses and sunblock!

You could easily write more than a hundred product reviews about all those items.

Think about where your readers would go to buy them:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Overstock

And others.

You can sign up to be an affiliate marketer for any or all of those retailers. When your readers go to them from your blog links, you will make a commission from their purchases.

I explain more about this here:

amazon page on monitor
How To Create A Website On My Own

The place I recommend for where you get started, the Wealthy Affiliate web site, teaches you the necessary legalities of affiliate marketing and makes it easy for you to include disclosures on your blog.

How To Start An Online Business by Paypal


I picked this article to review because it is the most recently written article on page 1 of google results today. Also, I had no idea Paypal ran articles like this, because I’m in such a hurry when I log in to do a transaction! 🙂

A major point this Paypal article makes is, do you want to buy a website or make your own?

Buying a website may involve thousands of dollars!

And then, you may end up hiring someone to customize it, which won’t be cheap.

You can use Wix, Weebly or Blogger to make a site, but it won’t be “dot com”. It will be Wix, Weebly or And you won’t own it! They will.

Investing the time into making your own website(s) gives you a huge advantage. You will know what’s “under the hood”.


parakeet with tiger head
Pixabay offers free to use images

Want to change the image heading an article? That will take you a few minutes. You will have learned how to:

  • Find free images
  • Resize, crop, compress, and otherwise customize them for your blog
  • Put on or take off borders
  • Add text like your site url or your brand phrase

That’s just one thing you’ll be able to do. That’s just one skill out of hundreds you will learn.

Your blog is your business and you will have control over its appearance.

You will also have control over its Presence. Meaning, how easily the search engine users find you.

Search Engine Optimization is an acquired skill.

You want to pick the search words, or keywords, that people are using to find things on the web.

There are many good keyword search tools that you can buy to hone this.

monitor showing keyword tool image

The keyword tool Jaaxy is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

30 searches in Jaaxy are included in the Free Trial you can view here.

You can also get Jaaxy to use outside of Wealthy Affiliate.


To Wrap This Up

There are different ways to start an online business for free now.

Make a list of your skills, interests and hobbies. What stands out?

Do you make something that you could sell? A craft work, jewelry, or art work? That could go on Etsy, Amazon or Ebay.

You will need a blog to promote it, just like you would affiliate products.

You might see articles on line about promoting products without a web site.

small figure holding stop sign

When you follow the information you’ll find that you need to buy traffic to make this work. Will that be $100 USD a month or $500 USD a month?

Ka-ching! It’s easy to see who is making the money there! Don’t go for those!


With the Wealthy Affiliate system, you’ll have help all the way.

I think you’ll be awestruck, quite honestly, to see how much help is offered by the seasoned members of the site who design images, buttons, short cuts, and just give them away!

Any questions? I’ll answer them here, or I’ll see you in there!


An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide

hand drawn monitor saying welcome to e couirse learning

Need An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide?

Who are the people looking for an affiliate marketing how to guide? The ones I’ve talked to about learning to do something on line and make an income come from these  categories:

  • Sick and tired of a commute that keeps getting longer
  • Too sick to go to work (chronic fatigue and other auto immune or anxiety disorders
  • Work in a shrinking industry
  • Want to get ready now for retirement and relocation to a cheaper economy

Why would someone’s commute get longer? Right now rental costs are skyrocketing in some areas. That means that when a rental increase happens, people may elect to move farther out from central. They need the cheaper rent, but will have a grueling commute if they can’t get a job where they have to live.

The people who suffer from the chronic exhausting auto immune system conditions aren’t helpless. But given the ongoing treatments and periodic flare ups, many need remote jobs (work at home for a company).

Those who can’t get those have asked me about how to learn about affiliate marketing.

heavy traffic

Encore Careers After 50


“In the first decade of this century, America lost 56,190 factories, 15 a day.” Industry Week reported in 2016.

Carrier in Indiana paid workers $20 an hour but elected to move to Monterrey, Mexico where workers would get $3 an hour.

Workers “openly wept as United Technologies shattered their hopes, their dreams, their means to pay middle-class mortgages.” (United Technologies owns Carrier).

“Carrier took $5. 1 million of those tax credits in 2013.” Those were tax credits “established specifically to ensure that green manufacturing jobs remained in the United States.”

A different way to outsource jobs is for a company to lay off skilled workers and hire temps. They can use them weekly as needed, no commitment, no benefits. And at a lower wage.

If a person is over 50, they aren’t willing to have that happen again! You wouldn’t, would you?

I’ve told my friends (I’m not a career consultant or anything) to look at learning to blog, and develop a business on line. During the next few years while they take what they can in terms of employment, they could end up making a real income on their computers.

Stay with me or scroll down. I am going to tell you where to get the how to guide for that!

closed factory


Jobs For Seniors Over 60 Working From Home

Related material: What Is A Good Side Hustle

Driving Jobs For Retirees

I had looked into this category for a friend recently. I’m not going to recommend Lyft or Uber. There are too many complaints about those companies with many accounts of people averaging $2 an hour.

What was more appealing were driving jobs with transit companies for seniors who qualified – Medicare beneficiaries. There was another area of transit to transport rehab patients to the correct facilities which could be longer trips and paid for mileage covered as well as an hourly wage. 

Part Time Jobs For Older Workers

“Part-time jobs are more likely to be lower-level positions in industries like retail and health care. And even for these positions, older workers must still brush up on computer skills and evaluate whether they need to expand their skill sets. But with a bit of insight and creativity, older workers can land part-time jobs that provide stimulation and challenges – and pay more than minimum wage.” – from Monster dot com.

 Five Popular Online Jobs For Retired Persons

The AARP site has a good page with elaborations on the following categories:

  • Customer service representative
  • Online Juror (I find this one fascinating!)
  • Virtual Asistant
  • Online Tutor with or without certification. If you can tutor math and Physics or SAT prep you’ve struck gold.
  • Writer-Editor

This AARP page also mentions Christine Durst, an internet fraud and safety expert and cofounder of, a website that screens job leads on home-based jobs. Good to know someone is taking care of the frauds and scams aspect!

older man surprised with computer icons in background

How To Make Money By Working Online


Maybe you haven’t been suddenly laid off, nor are you partially disabled or sickly, and you don’t have a terrible commute.

Maybe the idea of working at home (or from anywhere!) just appeals to you! Whatever your situation, here is my recommendation for an affiliate marketing how to guide.

Wealthy Affiliate University. No, you’re not going to get a degree. But you’re going to get what you want. You’re going to learn everything.

  • What is affiliate marketing/how do I make money
  • Can I promote my own products (yes!)as well as be an affiliate
  • Can I build the right kind of website for marketing by myself (yes!)
  • Can I learn how to compete for customers (yes!)
  • But – can I really make a professional looking blog? Yes!

wealthy affiliate image get started here

How To Be Your Own Boss At Home

That’s how you want to end up, right? Your own boss at home or

  • At the family cottage
  • At your kid’s house visiting the family
  • On your RV trip
  • At your brother-in-law’s vacation house in Tuscany (dream big!)

It’s great to dream and I highly recommend it. Do those vision boards where you paste up pictures of things you want. Feed your brain the good stuff!

You’ll need to look at it while you learn the nitty-gritty.

But you won’t be alone!

Aside from having support from a spouse or partner (if you both learn this you’ll have twice the results!) with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have a huge community of beginner – to – experienced – to – expert web site owners who are all marketing online.

You will be able to join mini-groups whose members help each other on social media.

You may pick up a personal mentor who will help you fast forward your progress.

You will see weekly live cutting edge webinars that review specific marketing strategies.

You can also CLICK HERE to see the first 10 classes for FREE!

It’s a seven day trial and you can immerse yourself. You can build TWO web sites to practice with.

Both can be converted to a professional dot-com blog with a couple of clicks so you won’t have to rebuild.

You will learn because you will DO every step as you study. Lots of ‘how to’ information.

I think that’s exciting, don’t you?

If you decide to join I will see you in there and I will personally help you in any way I can.

What’s your vision board – mental is all you need. What’s on it?

You can have it. You’ll work for it. But you can have it.

Any questions or ideas you want to add? Would love to hear from you.


I Want To Work For Myself What Should I Do

I Simply Am poster

Some friends and I were recently sitting around discussing the best retirement income ideas. I don’t mean we’re a group of thirty year olds wondering about investments. We’re way past that! (You may have noticed that this blog is for seniors, and those who have to work at home.)

“I want to work for myself what should I do?”


was practically a chorus from us.

Let’s face it, if you’re looking at the necessity of making money after retirement, how are you going to:

  • Spend more time at home
  • Get in lots of time with the family
  • Travel often to see far away friends and family
  • Relax more and avoid stress even if you’re working
  • Work at your best time – which was never 9 to 5
  • Keep away from that freeway stress and smog
  • Take more time to enjoy your hobbies
  • Take better care of your health than office work allows

What would you add to that list? You have some specific dreams for retirement, don’t you?

older couple running on beach


 Does Internet Marketing Give You An Edge Over Offline Jobs

Are you among the many seniors today who are eager to start their own business at home  – because you pretty well have to?

You have probably realized by now that it is not healthy to become inactive, regardless. – Plus, perhaps you can’t afford to completely retire.

If you’’re considering an offline job or starting your own business venture after retirement, think about the alternative scenario – the Internet and all the variety of work it offers. More seniors are turning to the Internet because it’’s ultimately profitable. You can set up your business at home and set your own hours.

That gives you the ability to have cash in your pocket for some luxuries rather than just the day to day necessities of your household. Again, for those advantages listed above, and whatever you thought of too.

The Internet doesn’’t discriminate against age as some offline employers do. You can even work in your pyjamas with your cat on your keyboard. There is actually a business on line called Pajama Affiliates, for marketers. You get the idea, this is no joke!

Best of all,– you can work in any niche (small part of a market) that appeals to you. You have already developed skills from the other jobs you have previously worked at. This can appeal to other marketers who may use you as a freelance writer, or researcher, to gather information about their niche.

People now purchase more products online than offline. It’’s the most convenient way to shop.  Advertising on the web will reach far more of the global population than the paper and media advertisements (that you pay a high premium for) can possibly reach.

Social media such as Facebook and Pinterest can be an awesome tool to drive traffic to your website. They are the cyber versions of setting up a booth at a trade-show or local swap meet, hoping that buyers will stop and make the long and foot-sore day a profitable one.

trade show

It’s easier to monitor your online marketing efforts, versus offline methods. And you can change your ads or methods of getting your product known immediately and without great costs involved.

The use of emails to get the word out to your online customers is also a better and more profitable way to market. Some of this is automated.  There will be no paying for someone to take around flyers or other means of offline communication.  –Emails cost a reasonable monthly fee, including the automation and responses.

As you build your business or keep active by accepting online jobs, you’’ll learn more about how to make your efforts more profitable. Every day is a learning day on the ‘net.

Things change so fast that it i’s crucial to keep up with what’’s going on, –especially in your own niche.

And now I’m getting to the part where you learn how to lay out a plan. 

What Is The Internet Marketing Plan That Works?

So how does a person, you, show up? I am going to tell you exactly what to do.

First, start an account at Wealthy Affiliate for internet marketing training. No cost.

click button

Proceed with the first 10 classroom lessons about building an on line business. You will:

  • Decide what your business will be focused on (your information or product, or someone else’s)
  • Get a domain name (mybusiness dot…etc. etc.)
  • Follow a step by step guide and create your web site
  • Configure your web site to be found by the search engines that people use (all video, easy to do)
  • Add some legally necessary information about you, and the privacy while reading on your site (copy and paste, customizing of course)
  • Learn about writing blog posts – fleshing out your material in an easy to read format
  • Study how marketers make money promoting products or ideas on line
  • Learn to write reviews about products related to your niche

Seriously you can do all that in a weekend, with no prior experience. Just allocate the time.

Concept word on sign

Bear in mind – you are still at the NO COST phase!

And you get 7 days for this! And there is lots more!

How To Write For A Web Page

First of all, your first web page, post/article isn’t going to be your best. You are going to write better and better with every one.

The set up within Wealthy Affiliate is called WordPress. As you get better at writing for a blog, you can always go back to earlier material and edit, or update it

Your video classrooms cover the correct formatting of a web page, in depth.

This is the beauty of creating a business from scratch, the right way. Because your business can grow for years if it is set up properly. It can continue to be improved with the latest information about the product or service you’re promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate stays current with required changes for business owners operating online. You will always be informed.

Within your first 7 day free trial, you may elect to start a membership, at just $19 USD for another month, to continue training.

Following that, you will pay $49 USD a month.

Here is more about that.

3 column comparison

click here button

More related information:

I Love My Work At Home Job

Have any questions? I would love to help you further, so please leave your question below.


How Can I Start Up A Business Of My Own

person working at desk

How Can I Start Up A Business Of My Own

A lot of people ask me that, and quite often. Whether they want to work on line or off line, they want to know “how can I start up a business of my own”?

I’m going to answer that question, at length in fact, but let me digress for a just a little.

This is a true story and this is the kind of experience that drives a person to want to work for him or herself.

This person, female, is over 50. She’d like to get out of a huge city that is becoming less and less enjoyable to live in. She has searched the home rentals in a small town.

Basically twice the square footage rents for less than what you pay in the city.

So, maybe she doesn’t even have to match the pay she’d getting now. A little less would make it.  She periodically reads all the job sites to see what is available. It’s a small town.

It’s got a K Mart, a Starbucks, a Home Depot, a Walgreens and a Rite Aid. They need cashiers, and people on the floor.

And every single job listing includes “must be able to lift up to 50 lbs”!

Kidding me? Is that really true? Or is that to deter older people from applying. Just thinking out loud here.

small man pulling enormous load of sacks

Age Discrimination In Jobs

First, you may have come to this blog to find out how to learn affiliate marketing at home. In that case –


Age discrimination in jobs takes many forms. One I saw happen in front of my eyes recently.

A mid-forties person was laid off after nineteen years with a corporation.

We all know how that works, right? They will hire a younger person to do her job at half the pay.

Her supervisor called and asked her “what was your job? No one knows what to do.”

She had basically created her job as she went along. All her managers and supervisors didn’t know how she put it all together and no one could replace her.

Many people who have been employed (in the US) and who are around their mid forties, are not looking for a start up business of their own.

Sadly, unlike workers in more advanced nations, they need a job so they can get health insurance for themselves and their family.

family in heart image

But how might it work for over 50 people or over 60 people who have insurance through a severance plan, Medicare or company pension?

How Can Affiliate Marketing Work For Seniors And Retirees?

Getting back to how to start up an affiliate marketing business – and people inquire about this for many reasons:

  • Boredom
  • To avoid depression after being laid off
  • Financial need
  • Rising prices
  • Health costs concerns
  • A love for social interaction and helping people
  • A sense of adventure and drive to create a new career
  • A reach for freedom and independence
  • Explore talents that are not related to their professional work

For most people, the easiest start up is an online business. You can begin with literally zero cost.

Here are things you need that you already have:

  • A roof over your head
  • A computer
  • Internet connection

That’s all you need to start.

With no money to commence, you can CLICK HERE TO BUILD A WEB SITE FOR FREE.

What about money? Well, this is business we’re talking about here.

A business that will grow (if you learn it the right way) and you will incur some costs as you go along. Under $50 USD a month, with a couple of exceptions here and there.

working online outdoors

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult

I don’t think affiliate marketing is difficult given the right know-how.

Plus, you will save a lot of time learning to do it properly. From the basic of building a correct marketing blog, to learning how to get noticed on the world wide web, and going on to send buyers to the best place to purchase what they want and – here’s the Voila!

You get paid a commission by the vendor or retailer.

This is a real work from home job. From your home office. Your kitchen table? Your patio? Your RV, as you travel?

Just recently I read a couple of blog posts from a Wealthy Affiliate marketer who was on a cruise ship. He was earning as he cruised!

I’m not going to go into the step-by-step starting a web site here, because if you sign up for a free account, that’s all covered for you. In every detail.

shopping on smart phone

So How Do I Sell Stuff Online?

Keeping it simple, you’re going to start a blog. Your blog is the foundation of your business.

You will learn how to enhance every aspect of your blog to attract visitors. To compete well, you will learn all about keywords, or SEO. That stands for Search Engine Optimization.

You will pick a topic, or niche to promote.

This works best if it is something you love and like to talk about. Or, just one item or component of something you can talk a lot about.

Here is the affiliate part.

Many vendors and retailers pay bloggers to promote their products. You become an affiliate with one, or a few, and they pay you commissions when a buyer arrives at their store following an affiliate link from your web site.

Amazon may be the prime example of this. This is because of the range of products it offers. But Amazon isn’t doing this all by itself! Oh no.

Many Amazon “stores” are owned by independent sellers who use Amazon as an outlet. If you send a buyer their way Amazon handles the transaction and you get a commission. You don’t have to deal with that other vendor at all.

When you shop on line and search for products you could end up landing at Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, in fact, any number of stores you’re familiar with.

package from monitor to person

You will buy if it is a retailer known for generally good return policies, quality products relative to price, and fair or free shipping charges. Because you do that often already, right?

In many cases, someone is getting a commission from your purchase. That doesn’t change your price.

Do you want to try this out right now? You can follow professional instruction for seven days without paying.

If you do nothing further you can keep the web site or two anyway. It will always be yours.


If anyone asks you “how can I start up a business of my own?” just send them to this article right here.

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Empty Properties Sale – Is It An Epidemic?

closed sign on store front

Empty Properties Sale – Is It An Epidemic?

Retail commercial property sale like Penny’s, Kohls, KMart, Toys R US, Michael’s, and other legacy type neighborhood landmarks seem to be everywhere now. The empty properties sale market is like dead wood.

How will all that real estate be used, transformed, or demolished?

And yet, that glut on the market of unused real estate is exactly what is driving the online marketing opportunities.

An online forum commenter who uses Once Born as a handle, said today:

“The shopping area in the city centre where I live has undergone massive changes in the last few years as the tipping point in the balance between bricks and mortar retailing and the Internet has been reached.

Three or four major chains of retailers have gone bust just this year. Empty premises are being filled with student accommodation for the nearby university, and places to serve the students, which has given the area something of a reprieve.

However, there is hardly anything left except for things that can’t be done online (opticians, fast food, coffee shops and restaurants – everything else is not at immediate risk).”

Emphasis mine.

“Definition of tipping point

: the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often
unstoppable effect or change takes place” – point

A family urgent care center might show up in the corner drugstore, just so the chain can stay open. Because all those notions and sundries we used to buy at the corner store or pharmacy are sold online.

Over the counter drugs are sold in big box stores. Those warehouse stores have pharmacies too.

What’s more, a  few years ago a realtor friend, Michele, told me that after the housing crash we would see real estate collapse in shopping centers and other large commercial properties. I sure see it now.

Sorry Closed sign


That is tragic!

How Do You Sell Online

Now that the point has tipped, tens of thousands  of previously well employed individuals have had to settle for far lower paying jobs. And many of those have wondered,  “how do you sell online?”

If that’s you, you could get a job at any retailer which is still open, for paltry pay and unpredictable schedules.

Or, you could get (or keep) the not so great job you have and start learning how to sell online.

And now, what will you sell? No ideas?

Go to Amazon:

  • Browse through your favorite things
  • Browse through some really expensive things (that maybe you can’t afford right now)
  • Browse through stuff you need for your home (house, garden, tiny house, small space apartment)
  • Check the pet items (love those Rhinestone collars!)
  • Look at outdoor patio furniture
  • Search indoor gardening supplies
  • Get a load of the best rated drones!That’s how you start, just getting ideas.
laptop with sticky notes on it
Everything starts with ideas!

What Are The First Steps To Starting An Online Business

You already did the first step! That’s if, you did the steps above.

Maybe you didn’t go to Amazon but you went to Ebay because you shop there more.

Probably all the retailers you have shopped at are now online. And when your favorite neighborhood stores close, that’s where you go – online!

And, doing an instant mental run through what was your favorite item? For more exploring:

  • What is the favorite item you gave your fiance(e) when you were engaged?
  • What is your favorite item you saved from the first place you lived in (as an adult)
  • What would you recommend as a 25th Anniversary gift for parents?

There is so much to sell! And it’s all on line!

Grab a, or open Notepad and jot/type this stuff down. Believe me, you’re going to use it all.

Create My Own Blog Site – Where? How?

Retail property rent on line is called “hosting”. You need your own web site, or blog, to use as a store. The web site needs to be located somewhere in cyberspace, and those businesses that provide this usually charge a monthly fee.

And I know a place where you can get this for many web sites, for free. I’ll elaborate a little further down.

As to how you create your own blog(s), the place I recommend is the same place where you can get the hosting for free!

If you’re starting a business online (especially one you haven’t done before) I think it’s super convenient to have all the aspects in one place, don’t you?

And wouldn’t you love to have all the professional training in that one place too?

How about a community of both fellow students and pro marketing bloggers also? A community that is awake and alive twenty four hours seven days a  week?

wealthy affiliate picture
Join in and learn!

Wealthy Affiliate is the one-eighty reversal of the empty properties sale recession phenomenon. It is a hub of blog building activity.

Blogs about thousands of popular topics. Imagine about a million members with a few blogs apiece.

That is a lot of web sites all selling on line!

Some folks sell their own products, but many affiliate with retailers like Amazon or Ebay, earning commissions from products they promote.

What IS Affiliate Marketing Online – And What It Isn’t

Picture the old days of network marketing or MLM.

You joined up and paid a couple of hundred dollars for training materials and some product. You also agreed to henceforth spend a chunk of cash monthly, or you were out!

You paid to work for them. You drove out to weekly sales trainings that resembled spiritual revival meetings.

You drove to prospective buyers, or people who might also join up. In which case you sold them the training package.

Lots of time and effort on your part, no time at home.

Then came affiliate marketing, among the best work at home jobs. Well, the best, judging by the millions of people who  do it.

You start with an idea, like I talked about above.

You affiliate with an online vendor who sells the item or service related to the idea you’re enthusiastic about.

You learn to build a blog, the right way, the fastest way, at the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You keep building your blog until you reach your tipping point of effort over to successful results (income creation).

You have now transitioned from the world of the empty properties sale tradegies into the world of affiliate marketing.

Work from home, or your RV or your cruise trip.

blogger on the beach


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Have you thought about working online? Have you built a web site? Do tell your story! Or ask any questions, in the box below.


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