Marketing Reward Reviews – Make $5k In 48 Hours Scam?

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Marketing Reward Reviews – Make $5k In 48 Hours Scam?

I found this excellent syndicated article from 2009 and essentially, the information in it hasn’t changed for the past eleven years. It is apropos of the opportunity described in this Marketing Reward Reviews article.


It is at the end of this post, for you to read if you wish.


So why do I think that Marketing Rewards may be a scam?


Let’s start with “make 5K in 48 Hours”.  Seriously?


Making 5K in a month is a stretch for even experienced online marketers. Unless you can hire out a lot of the work, who is going to grind through the 20 hour days and get results?


I know you came to this page for a reason – to learn about working on line at home, right?


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


If you want to just get started with some real training, for free, just click the blue button now.




The vendor states the following about this product, which is a software that automates marketing processes (funnels):


” -100% newbie-friendly
-Send the right traffic at the right offer in SECONDS
-No “One” method or application: The software creates campaigns for any platform.
-No product creation or technical skills required
-You don’t need a website or an email list
-No “Analytical” or “market research” required
-You could be BROKE and living in a homeless shelter and still make a fortune
-STEP BY STEP training guides on video to make sure you can start making money right away.”


I have issue with the “100% newbie-friendly”. If you are a newbie, do you even understand the rest of the list?


Do you understand traffic and campaigns?


What Is The Cost of Marketing Rewards?


Your initial Access  is $17.00. But there are more packages included, so obviously you need those to make this system work.  Those costs are:

  1. $37.00
  2. $47.00
  3. $57.00
  4. $97.00
  5. $67.00 – for the right to re-sell this product as an affiliate

(You can get Clickbank software products to market for free. Why would you pay someone to affiliate market their product?)


Plus, these affiliates promoting Marketing Rewards are dangling the carrot of a collection of free bonuses (information) that they have to make.


It seems that they pick up bonuses from others too.


The marketing centers around a “Youtube hack”, which is simply find youtube videos that are not promoted or attended to online. They’re just kind of parked.


You are guided to contact the creator and offer to buy or rent the video. Then you will replace their promotional (if there is one) link with your affiliate link.


I can see that if you had dozens of for example, Clickbank products, matched up to these “parked” videos, and showing your affiliate link, you could see some money coming in at around the typical 1% return .


In the paid for packages there is training about Facebook ads which you will buy and manage.


Newbie friendly yet?


See what I mean? I think that an experienced internet marketer can get this system going and make some money, depending on their available time and skills.


But if your head is swimming with questions right now about affiliate marketing, running ads, placing links and more, this training is not going to explain any of that.


One promotional video I watched about this even stated “Make $7,000.00 in 48 hours”. As attractive as that sounds, it defies reason.


I included the article below because it makes a couple of crucial points about making money online.


The author states that you must have:

  • “…a clear, current and successful blue print of making money online…”
  • “…a reputable mentor who is already making money online”…


And I can tell you exactly where to get those!


Wouldn’t you love to have a 24/7 open training school outlining and illustrating the basic building blocks of a blog designed for business?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a large community of mentors who contribute to the classroom discussions that show below every class video?


Videos that walk you through every point and click of the steps to get a blog online?


Where the terms of affiliate marketing are defined and fully explained?


That’s what I call Newbie Friendly.


During one week, you can learn from the basic classes and get one or two blogs started.


Done for you are legal disclosure pages which you can copy/paste, and personalize.


You will see how to write promotional blogs about (your chosen topic, or niche) illustrated by a pro, so you can follow along developing your own money making blog(s).


There are many more tips and tricks to becoming successful at affiliate marketing. Not gimmicks, but techniques that Google and other search engines will reward you for using correctly.


So with no further ado, let’s get you started (you won’t be asked for any payment form). You can examine the discounts available for continuing training, on the inside.


You will see for yourself how in depth yet easy to follow the classes are.


button prompt


The article that caught my eye is worth a quick scan. The ideas are common sense, and hold true no matter how much the styles and requirements of blogging change.


(The highlights in the following article are mine. )

Internet Money Making Scams – Most Online Opportunities Are Quick Scams For Money by Christopher James

Internet money making scams get many people so easily because majority want to make quick money from the internet without considering that they may end up falling into quick scams for money opportunities.


After reading this article, you will discover three things which must come together to make you money online, three reasons why ninety-five percent of online opportunities are internet money making scams and three things you must watch out for in every make money online business opportunities, in order to escape internet money making scams online.


When it comes to making money online, this is what every online business opportunity seeker should know. To be successful, there must be a selected group of people who are looking for a solution to their problem, and these people would not mind spending money online to solve their problem. They are otherwise called a hungry market.


Secondly, that product or service which is the solution to their problem must actually exist online, or you can create it if it does not exist.


Finally their must be a way for you to bring the hungry buyers to the solution, which is the product or service.


If you are the middle man who can bring them together through search engine optimization, blogging, and through other methods of online making, then you are going to make a lot of money online. Anything that is short of this could be an internet money making scam.

Three reasons why majority of internet opportunities are quick scams for money are peoples’ mindset, greedy fraudsters and ignorance.


When it comes to mindset, some budding opportunity seekers believe that everything online should be easy, and it does not take any work or much work to start making cash. This is not true.


Greedy fraudsters are smart enough to know how people think about the internet and quick money, so they design different kinds of push button internet money making scams which they know are not true and won’t last.


They disguise them in different ways like “how you can make thousands per month working just 30 minutes per day” etc.This kind of internet money making scams get people because they are ignorant.


Being ignorant of how to differentiate genuine opportunities from internet money making scams is where the problem lies.


You will never get caught up in making money scams on the internet if you have a clear, current and successful blue print of making money online, have a reputable mentor who is already making money online to guide you and getting into the right mindset to do all it takes to follow laid down instructions and work. This is the ultimate secret of escaping internet money making scams online.

There are hundreds of genuine blueprints [] to follow, and hundreds of ethical people to hold you by the hand and guide you. You’ll be shocked at how simple the systems are to use. And you’ll probably be just a bit amazed (maybe even frustrated or angry) that someone hasn’t shown you the way out of internet money making scams online. Find out more at [] for more information.

Article Source

Please note that the author’s links were un-linked at the original point of publication.


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What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System About – A Scam?

hourglass and clock

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System About

I wanted to get as much information as I could to find what is the 12 Minute Affiliate System About – what is it affiliates can do in 12 minutes to make money on line?


Is the 12 Minute Affiliate System a scam? It doesn’t seem so, yet it takes some looking to figure out what making money with this method will actually cost.


If you are new to this subject, affiliate marketing is you, the affiliated business person, promoting a product and when a sale is made, you get a commission. 


You  >>>>>promote>>>>>someone buys>>>>>you get a commission.


Eezy-peezy, right?


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


If you want to learn how to do it for yourself and learn how to  make a good blog – or blogs – that you OWN and will always be able to edit and update – for the purpose of affiliate marketing – I would love to share how I do it. 


button prompt


The 12 Minute Affiliate System costs $9.95 to join – not too bad, what do you think?


When you’ve signed up, it will then take you “12 Minutes” to sign up for a Clickbank account, and a Clickbank user name.


For Newbies, there are videos if needed. The regular prompts are easy to follow.


Clickbank will verify your email, you will enter some information into your profile and – voila!


The next financial outlay (yours) is to purchase an Auto-Responder service (a monthly cost). You will also choose products to promote – yet, if you’re too new to decide, they will choose three for you.  


The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a “DO-It-For-You” set up.You can opt to have the small in-between steps done for you, for a fee of $62.00.


With your Auto-Responder purchased, the system will be able automatically embed your name and affiliate link into emails that will be sent out “for you”.


But, sent out to whom?


What made me raise my eyebrows was when a cheerful host on their start-up video said “if you don’t know how to get traffic, you just go here and click on Get Traffic“, like wow, just click!


What is traffic anyway?


“Internet traffic is the flow of data within the entire Internet, or in certain network links of its constituent networks. Common measurements of traffic are total volume, in units of multiples of the byte, or as transmission rates in bytes per certain time units. ” – Wikipedia


(And I really must mention here, if you know how to get traffic, you are probably are way ahead of needing this Done For You marketing system.)  


But that is where you BUY traffic, starting with a $99.00 bundle. You can spend $99.00 a month, a week, or every day!


Hundreds of emails will be sent out promoting the products you choose from the Clickbank marketplace, for which you will have been given an affiliate link.


This system wants to set you up with multiple streams of income. That is always a good thing, so everyone says. And it makes sense.


So now you’re getting started with three products. A diet product, a How To Make Money product, and a relationship repair or personal development product.


Now you need $99.00 X three, however often you want that paid traffic sent out. 


The system will embed your links into emails written for you and send them out. You may hear from these potential customers and you will respond, as needed. 


Some will buy the product right away. You’ll be paid your commissions, per however you set your payment schedule up when you entered your profile details.


It can take a few months to start seeing sales in an increasing amount. And don’t forget, you are buying traffic on a regular basis, to prevent everything from coming to a screeching halt.


It is really hard to say how fast you might start making more than your overhead costs. Meaning, making anything.


My take on this system is that you have got to spend at minimum of $99.00 a month to keep it going. The more money you can invest in this, the faster, potentially, money will come in.


So if you’ve got $2,000.00 per month to keep spending in this system, you’ll be making significant money, for sure.


BUT. There’s always a but, right?


For the time and money you have to put into this system – wouldn’t you rather learn the BIG PICTURE of affiliate marketing?


The reason why I give this affiliate marketing opportunity a thumb down, is that you don’t learn how to make a good blog, you don’t really learn to do anything except buy traffic.


thumb down sign


It is not a scam, but it looks like you have to persist through several months before you have any idea how it’s working.


For the real How To secrets, that within a few months of applying the techniques and building a real business blog the right way, keep reading on!


If you’re a senior or an about-to-be senior, or someone who simply wants to make the transition to work at home, do you want the process done for you and completely out of your hands?


Or would you prefer to learn business blog making and with that training, and be able to make web sites that will make you money for years to come?


I did, and now have almost twenty blogs that promote a variety of affiliate products.


I started the hard way – with a realization that people were making money on line, making small web sites that sold, or helping others understand how to blog for money.


And how was that happening?


The crazy thing is, I made a blog and wrote content that was lucky for me, due to a past career, was very good content.


I recommended one affiliate product but one day it disappeared from the Clickbank marketplace and  – poof!


All gone.


I wanted to make more web sites, and more professional looking sites that I could adapt for a line of products.


But I didn’t know how. I don’t write code.


Does that sound like you? Do you want/need to make extra money, or make a living online?


Do you want to know my special secrets for making affiliate commissions online?


A few years ago I was an abandoned single mom. A laughable stereotype. A cartoon, sometimes, in my mind.


I was fortunate to have a job, that paid about one tenth of what I earned as a professional before I married. Yet it kept us going.


And you know why I eventually got a computer and internet service for my home? I went into debt to buy one.


Because my child and I spent many dinner times at the library so he could get on the computers there and research what he needed to do his homework.


I knew that could not go on…Indefinitely.


About a year after getting this computer, and after reading a lot on line, deep into the nights, I realized people were making money at home by marketing online!


I needed, just like you need to now, learn:

  • How to write a blog
  • How to find things to write about for money
  • How to get found online by shoppers
  • How to add images to my blog that helped promote an affiliate product
  • How to add the right legal disclaimers
  • How to include the correct non-US disclosures


What would you rather do now?


Buy a Do It For You system?


(I’m not saying you shouldn’t – if you have the money to keep putting into it, go for it.)


Or would you prefer to spend, say, maybe a little under $50.00 a month to create and maintain blog(s) that bring in an income – blogs that you own, have complete control over and can even sell?


Regarding discounts for this membership site – the first discount is 100% off.


That’s right, you can access a series of classrooms for no cost, for one week, and build one or two blogs which you get to keep.


The second discount is over 50% off – you can keep studying for a month,  at the price of $19.00 USD!


But wait! There is a third discount for premium membership at the price of $49.00 a month.


You can buy a yearly membership for $495.00 , getting two months free.


Even though this is professional training, not a Done For You system, you still get a lot. Like:

  • How to find good affiliate products to sell
  • How to write good product reviews
  • How to pick a good theme for business
  • How to get traffic for free in perpetuity
  • How to build up your own email list (not paying for it)
  • Free technical support for your sites


And tons of tips from other members on writing good titles and headlines (to format your posts) making Youtube videos, using Pinterest to get more traffic, just to cite examples.


I want to help you get started the correct way, with the proper set up for your blogs.


So get started now!


BUTTON join for free

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Work – Home Opportunities Seniors Want – But No Scams!

Online Webinar and Computer

Work – Home Opportunities Seniors Want – But No Scams!


I have read so much about retirees struggling to keep afloat from the low pensions they receive. Now it is not impossible to find work – home opportunities seniors want to find out about.


It’s a real boost to the quality of their lives if seniors (or the disabled who must or want to make money online) can work from home on their computers and make up for their financial downsizing.


Because, who doesn’t want to live easy, comfortable lives without the money struggles in their retirement years?


Let’s consider some of the ways for seniors to earn money online.

What are the best jobs for senior citizens?




Do you love your career, but wish you could spend a little less time doing it?  Consulting might be a way to go for you. After years in your field of work, you probably have made some good connections who know you and trust your work.


Getting leads from a few of these people might be easy to begin with, but ultimately you will need a good web site so the seekers of your expertise can find you. You can pay $3000.00 to $5000.00 to get a good business web site made for you.


The drawback to that (if you do have that kind of investment money) is that you have to hire a web site creator everytime you want something added or changed.


That is why I am going to share my secrets of learning how to make a good blog yourself, for a pretty low investment money-wise. If that’s why you came to this blog you can start now (zero cost).


button prompt


Learn some basic techniques for free!


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




I am sure you’re aware of the Zoom classes and all kinds of community activities going on for people to do at home during this current Covid-19 pandemic.


What a huge change to our lives, right?


If you qualify to do professional tutoring (which is well paid) and can promote yourself, there are platforms (Skype, Facetime, Zoom etc.) for tutoring from home.


Athletic Coach.


Connecting with individuals or teams from home has recently developed into a new normal for sport lovers, and for professional teams too.


Dance schools and companies are teaching classes and rehearsing from the safety of their homes.


While some schools are back in the studio, we can only pray for all that it goes well.


If you’re retired, or are planning retirement, you can research current tutors and how they promote themselves.


What do their web sites look like?


Can you make one too? You most certainly can and that’s what this article is here for – to help you get started.


Tax Preparer.


If this something you have already been doing in an office, you can carry on at home. If you want to freelance in retirement or pre-retirement, this can be a very easy transition.


You may need to:

  • Update your computer or system
  • Get the best internet service so you can download/upload files from clients speedily
  • Start a blog for your home business in order to keep a steady stream of clients


If you have no background in tax preparation, companies like HR Block will train you and get you ready for tax season. You will learn their software and possibly use their offices in peak season. When the pandemic is over…


But you came here because you want to make money from home, right? And you most certainly can with tax preparation.


The same internet/computer/background/training requirements follow for the below mentioned fields.



Medical Biller/Coder.

Customer Service Representative.

Virtual Assistant.


None of the above jobs are scams. yet there are many “make money online” jobs advertised that are. I cover some of those on this site.


While researching for this article I came across this passage on Quora, posted anonymously. It is one answer to the question “Can a 60 year old woman start over in life?”


“You can move, get new friends, find a new job.

You can put the past behind you and take on a new persona.

You can love better and be loved better.

You can become smarter, kinder, and happier.

You can leave behind the people who tear you down.

You can walk away from a demeaning boss or spouse or friend or child.

You can take up healthy habits: food, exercise, sleep

You can find peace.”


It made me think of seniors being able to work at home, or from home, if their field requires interaction outside of the home.


Staying healthy, finding peace…Always good, right?


Starting over or changing your mode of working isn’t always easy.


But that is one of the things I like the most about blogging for money at home.


You can:

  • Choose your hours
  • Accomodate healthcare appointments as you like
  • Exercise at home or not, when you want to
  • Study blog writing and develop a long term business at the same time
  • Work on your computer while traveling
  • Live in your RV for months on end and keep earning money
  • See more of family and friends
  • Stop worrying about money

What percentage of 70 year olds still work?


“Over the past 20 years, the share of Americans working in their 70s has risen from less than 10% to nearly 15%, according to US Census bureau data.

In addition to people being healthier and living much longer, economists say that a combination of financial considerations such as years of stagnant real wages and a shift away from traditional pensions in the private sector are some of the reasons people are working longer. The decline of manufacturing and the increase in the number of people working in less labor-intensive occupations also has contributed to the trend says Abraham, who researches work and retirement decisions of older Americans.” – Quartz

That’s why I like writing about home based business opportunities for seniors. Whether you need to work or want to work, being your own boss is an option many people have never had.
Are you a low income senior retired or wanting to retire?
If that’s you, I am guessing you already have some of what you need to learn to write a blog for money:
  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Somewhere to live
  • Food and bills money


Those things are the basics you need to move forward and you’re already paying for them.


While it may take six months to a year to see significant income coming in, you can develop a real business online for not too much money.


The professional training community that will teach you the best way to build a business blog costs $49.00 a month for premium membership access to dozens of classrooms, live webinars and Q&A archives.


But there are significant discounts to get you started.


The biggest discount is – drumroll – ONE WEEK FREE!


And, the building of two web sites you get to keep no matter what else you do with or without this community.


Seriously wow, right?


The next discount is ONE MONTH of full access membership for $19.00.


Four more weeks of classes and watching your blog(s) grow to look professional and attractive.


So go right ahead and start your grand adventure with this long standing training community so that you can build a business and make money online from home – wherever home is on the globe!




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What Is Clickbank University A Scam – Or Will You Make Money?

laptop on desk

What Is Clickbank University A Scam – Or Worth Your Money And Time?


Have you wondered what affiliate marketing actually is? You can’t read much about making money on line without hearing those words a lot.


Maybe you want to investigate what this business style can do for you. And you have heard about Clickbank University and many have asked me “What is Clickbank University – a scam – is it worth the money?


People want to know:

  • Can you make money with Clickbank (yes)
  • How much does it cost to join Clickbank (nothing)
  • Does Clickbank pay per click (no)
  • Is Clickbank legit (yes)


Clickbank is a huge marketplace of affiliate marketing products (specifically, digital products) which means people promoting those products (other people’s creations) make a commission from each product sold.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


One good thing about selling whatever you can promote (out of interest or skill) is you don’t have to deal with customers’ grievances, transactions, or keeping products in stock.


That is the essence of affiliate marketing, including Clickbank’s products.


Hang in, I am getting to the ‘University’ aspect of Clickbank.


Clickbank University is not one of the various systems that automate promotions for you.


The 1.0 version of Clickbank’s training was geared more toward affiliate marketers.


The 2.0 (current) training is geared  more toward vendors, starting with how to make products (more tools to buy). The instruction then goes into the complete sales process and all its various steps to success.


Either way, Clickbank training costs, initially $47.00 per month for access.


More training adds up to $598.00 in fees.


Clickbank features products that “do it for you” in terms of setting up a system to market products, place ads and automate email campaigns for you.


Which is not cheap. And you’re not in control of those systems – the owner is.


What I like about Clickbank is that the all digital products are appealing to people who can download them as soon as they buy.


This is a huge PRO that works for you and the customer. There will be some returns, but in my experience that is not a big CON on the money you can make with a good blog promoting a Clickbank product.


You certainly need to get some correct affiliate training for how to effectively market Clickbank products, or any other affiliate product that might be a special passion of yours.


You also are going to need knowledge about specific blogging tools to get the sales made.


Now at my special university of choice for affiliate training, they have all the tools that you need to know to promote clickbank products and any kind of product that will set you up to build a real business blog, designed for financial success.


Clickbank University will cost you a few hundred dollars for all of its training on selling Clickbank products.


But do you need it?


Would you like to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing (any kind of product) for free?





The fact of the matter is that I made money affiliate marketing a digital product via Clickbank in my online business before Clickbank University even existed!


But, after a couple of years I hit a wall because I needed proper affiliate training to build a blog that I owned.


I had been using a free blogging platform, but needed to move on and become more professional.


I also needed to be able to make a good blog for promoting other products – to generate a diversity of on line sales!


Then I found a fantastic training that gave me access to the real secrets of making money on line.


The real secrets to building a blog for money that would eventually generate income, ongoing.


If you have a few hundred dollars to throw, and if you are only interested in promoting digital products, go ahead and buy Clickbank University.


It is not a scam.


But it teaches a limited scope of marketing, limited to only Clickbank products.


If you are a senior who wants to learn work at home jobs options, I want to help you start working towards being your own boss and living for yourself.


I want you to be able to earn income by promoting any kind of product.


I want you to diversify your sources of income, once you have a blog or two up and running.


How would you like to be able to:

  • Keep healthier hours (your choice!)
  • Spend more time with family and pals
  • Travel and still blog for money
  • Have no commute and auto and gas expenses
  • Add to your SS income
  • Take long RV trips (or live in your motor home) and earn money with your laptop


Those goals are not that far out of reach with affiliate marketing, learned the right way.


With methodical blog building instruction that will help you succeed.


Think about it – you’ve worked long and hard for decades already (unless you’re not a senior but want to start up an online business with all its  advantages while you’re younger).


Now you can find out secrets like how you landed on this page today. No accident!


That one factor is a big deal, and my recommended training site teaches you the basics, as well as volumes of tips and tricks contributed by the membership of professionals.


While you’re doing the basic classes, you won’t be wondering “but how do you do this, and how do you do that” as you see the different facets of building a site presented.


Even though I made money in my earlier days of marketing, I would look upon more professionally made blogs with envy. I did not know how to find out how those techniques, or what they were called.


I had discovered one bloggers’ forum and they were friendly folk, but they all had made their web sites by writing code. No way could I do that.


Fortunately, you can skip all that distracting worry and just learn the plain and simple way to get a blog going, and the required elements like:

  • Choosing the best Theme (appearance) for your topic
  • Getting found on line
  • Creating blog posts that inform
  • Adding appropriate images (that are free to use)
  • Writing enough in a post, and how to break your information up in sections
  • How to include legally required disclosures
  • How to include non-US required disclosures
  • How to use the Google and other search engines to help you track your progress


You know, I could add a lot more points to that list and just bowl you over, right?


But I won’t because you can see the basic classes for yourself, at no cost, for a week. When you learn things in the right sequence, step by step, you won’t get overwhelmed.


You will also have access to the comments and Q&A’s in each lesson.


Even though there is a lot to learn, there is no other way to do it and no better way to do it.


Like with anything, you learn it best with meticulous instruction and application.


You will do the steps as you go and actually publish your blog online.


You will learn about WordPress and how to edit, update and improve your web site whenever needed.


I decided not to go with Clickbank’s training because where I was already learning how to make a good blog, had much more in its training.


So much so, that the professionals in the member community stick around to learn and share the constant updates in good online business practices that appear on a regular basis.


Are you ready to take a week and check out how you might make money on line promoting a product(s) that you are enthusiastic about?


Are you ready to start studying every day with your morning/evening/midnight coffee or tea, and your computer?


Here is where to go!


BUTTON join for free


What Is 365 Perpetual Income – Can Work At Home Seniors Make Money?

What Is 365 Perpetual Income

What is 365 Perpetual Income – and can seniors or the disabled at home (or anyone) make money with this online business system?


I came across this system at Clickbank – a huge marketplace on line showcasing vendors who have written ebooks or put together systems to make money online.


I don’t think it is a scam – but its presentation doesn’t reveal all the costs inherent in making the system work.


Nor does it reveal the level of knowledge a web site owner needs to truly make this system work in a timely fashion.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


You can get initial access to the system for $9.00. Sounds good, right?


After that it is $47.00 a month to stay in.


Oh but there is more. The user will need to establish a Clickbank account – and that is a normal thing if you want to be an affiliate for any Clickbank vendor.


And almost right away, before you know more details about what you’re potentially buying, you need to sign up for an email marketing system (paid by you).


And that is the user’s (your) cost.


If you want to learn how to make a good business blog, for free, right now – 


BUTTON join for free


In the Perpetual Income 365 business purchse, there are more services available that rack up another approximate $400.00, that you would need to acquire (these are called “upsells”) in order to get this system running so you can make money.


So there is no real scam here, but you get the information you need to run this business, on kind of a slow drip.


In this system, you will generate leads for selling –  this system.


Collecting leads is a big deal in business, both off and on line.


Yet all your activity would be inside this system which will, for a couple of hundred dollars, email your leads automatically, with your affiliate link (a link identifying You so you get a commission on a sale).


And here comes my first objection to the Perpetual Income 365 system.


If you work it for a while, and then discontinue it, all your captured leads go to the owner.


No, you cannot take those leads, for example, if you have decided to build your own blog and promote another product or business system.


You will have paid for ads, promoted and sold access to Perpetual Income 365, and paid for automated promotions to go to these leads, but they are not your leads.


And more, you will lose all the pending commissions gleaned from those promotions. The Perpetual Income 365 owner will keep those.


Clickbank guarantees a 60 day money back refund if you don’t like any product you bought through Clickbank.


But the Perpetual Income 365 creator does not.


If you quit, the system takes all.


So for me? I don’t think so. I can’t recommend this business system to you.


thumb down sign

Why? Because if you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars to get a business system going, and run a web site and set up an email promotions system to make sales – I think you should OWN IT.


And own everything about it, into perpetuity. It should be yours.


All the readers you get to your web site(s), all the email addresses you may capture, all the affiliate commissions you may generate – all those things should be yours.


No one should be able to  withold them from you.


For instance, at this blog, Seniors Work From Home Jobs, I recommend the affiliate training secrets I discovered that enabled me to build this web site (and a few more).


And I recommend it for you, for you to build a blog or blogs, that can be monetized (built for business the right way).


The place where I learned to blog properly can teach you everything that the Perpetual Income 365 product can teach you, and much much more.


It can teach you how to set up a blog with the correct legalities and disclosures for global readership. It can teach you how to write good blog posts with an attractive format.


It shows you how to add images to your blog articles, and tells you where to find pictures and photographs you can use for free, or for pay.


Perhaps you are retired or are planning to retire, and you will need more money than your Social Security payments?


Perhaps you cannot work outside of your home, but you need more income than you have to be comfortable and healthy?


You can make a decent income with affiliate marketing, or promoting someone else’s product for a commission.


You just need to learn how to make a blog designed for business. It doesn’t happen overnight, there are many skills to learn.


None of them are super tricky or difficult, it’s just that you won’t have heard of them unless you get good blog training.


For example, how did you find this particular blog post today?


You searched in Google or Duck Duck Go or Bing, with some search words like “build a good blog” or “make money on line” and here you are.


That is no accident. I created this blog and this post, in order to help you find the information you’re looking for.


And to help you avoid a lesser-than business opportunity.


But how did I do that?


I learned some secrets to blogging and getting found on the massively huge world wide web. I mean, what are the chances?


If you learn how to make a good blog, it’s not chance. You learn how to get an advantage over the enormous competition and get your blog read.


This is all teachable – whether you’re promoting a woodworking information package, a build-your-own-bunker e-book, or whatever you’d enjoy promoting.


Almost everyone has a passion – a deep interest – in something. It could be a career field, or a life-long hobby – something you love to talk about and inspire admiration for.


What is your favorite topic or product you just can’t stop talking about when given the chance? Because blog writing is a lot like talking.


It is conversational and easy to follow. If your audience finds you, they will love your intensity and attention to details, that a general dinner party crowd may fail to appreciate.


But that is one of the beautiful secrets to blog writing – knowing how to get found by the exact people who want your information or expertise.


With the right training, you can learn those secrets and build your own perpetual income revenue. And you will own it.


The training I recommend starts off free –  for one week you can get access to the ten basic blog building lessons which you can view and follow, and build a real web site.


This basic creation is done for you, but not removed from your control. You will then learn how to add all the pages you need and then learn how to write content for your chosen topic.


Most likely you will continue with another month of classes, for a discount price of $19.00 USD. Wow – you can do a lot in a month!


And by then you will see what this web site offers, how much you can learn, and how you can generate a real income.


This is a real low risk opportunity for a  test drive!


You came here for a reason!



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What Is An Internet Marketing Course – Copy And Paste?


What Is An Internet Marketing Course – Copy And Paste?

What Is An Internet Marketing Course

“I will sign up as an affiliate…and sometimes even the next day…there are 10s of thousands of dollars in commissions…just sitting there.”


This is what one course author claims about his internet marketing course.


Whoa! What is an internet marketing course? What is “Copy And Paste”?


Who said that? Ewen Chia. And how can that be true?


Well, it’s not.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


If that were true, don’t you think you would have heard about that person before now? Like on the evening news? Repeatedly?


And wouldn’t you have heard about his hundreds of students who were making that money now? Here is a screenshot of one of their earnings.



Instructions? “If you have a list, no matter how big or small, send these to them now!” And he provides emails to send people.


But wait! What’s “a list”? Why would you send them these emails? And there are twitter messages and classified ads for you to use:


“He made $6,361.95 in one weekend…
all with a simple copy paste job!
Click Here To See How You Can Too…”


But wait again! You have to pay for classified ads, right?


So what are you copy and pasting here? Emails (where’s your list/what is an email list), classified ads – placed where – and wherever, you pay for it.


Here is more about what you can promote…which means you buy it too, right? So you know what you’re promoting? The same thing you’re buying! Ewen says:


“The product really works as said and now you can…

Earn 60% Commissions Or Up To $477.00 With Just ONE Affiliate Link!

Here’s a quick summary of the commissions you’ll make with Copy Paste Income:

Front-end offer $37: Your commissions = $22.20
One-time offer $67: Your commissions = $40.20
Backend offer $197: Your commissions = $118.20
Backend offer $197: Your commissions = $118.20
Backend offer $297: Your commissions = $178.20

Your Total Commissions: $477.00!


It looks like there are upsells, or “additional offers” after your referred buyers spend $37.00.


That is not a lot of money these days and it’s not a big rip-off, but this table above shows that the offer is for your buyer to spend $477.00 – almost 10 times the initial offer!


Is it a scam? Kinda sorta, but not altogether. Because as confusing as the sales page is, someone with time and a few hundred dollars to spend can make something out of this.


But would I recommend it for making money online? No.


thumb down sign


Sadly, I remember Ewen Chia from over a decade ago when I was first trying out internet marketing. I bought a couple of his courses and it wasn’t a lot of money.


I didn’t become a success like he did, and why not? It was because every thing he taught and sold centered around a person having, or being able to build, a viable web site from where they could sell or promote products.


And he didn’t teach that.


And he’s still not teaching that. He’s selling a “secret” hidden somewhere in his sales page. Kidding me? I have to figure that out and buy something?


Where does a person learn to develop “a viable web site from where they could sell or promote products.”?


Who IS teaching that?


For no money upfront, I can direct you where to start learning how to build a business designed web site, and where you will build one and see it published online before your eyes!






(There will be almost no “Copy And Paste” – except for legally required pages which are available to copy and paste on this site, inserting your site’s name where needed. Easy – peasy! )


Ewen Chia offers a few promotional banners which are images linked to your affiliate link (for his Copy And Paste product) via which you can be paid commissions if people join up for $37.00,  (and further upsells) not being as baffled as I am by the “secret” in the sales page that is going to make me money.


This Seniors Work From Home Jobs blog, where you are right now,  is aimed at helping seniors (or anyone) work from home with real professional training as to how to make a good blog.


What to write about? Pick a hobby or product, or line of products, that you love to talk about.


You can become an affiliate marketer for many vendors and products – yet you do have to build a blog.


No Copy And Paste needed- because you are creative and experienced in some things that perhaps you had a long career in and can now share your experiences with people who  are looking for your expertise or knowledgeable referral to products or information that will help them.


You can learn how to build a blog that helps people find what they are looking for online.You can discuss the benefits of your chosen product and build out a site with lots of useful information.


There are techniques you will need to know in order to get seen when people search on the search engines, for information about whichever topic you’re writing about and promoting.


These are all easy to learn (and I am so thankful I found a place online where I could learn to build a business web site):

  • The technique of becoming visible on Google and other search engines
  • The technique of formatting a blog post
  • The technique of adding images to your posts, the right way
  • The technique of placing social media Share buttons on your posts
  • Knowing how to include the required legal pages and disclosures on your site…


…And much more!


No “10’s of thousands of dollars” overnight…But real training for a real business that you are mostly going to invest time in. You are already paying for, or have paid for:

  • A computer – desk top or laptop or both
  • An internet connection
  • Electrical power
  • A roof over your head, house, apartment or RV
  • A coffee pot or teapot for every morning – right?


And how much time do you have to learn how to build a blog the right way – for free?


Got seven days?


Because where I can direct you to set up a free account for access to training classes is a web site that has trained thousands of professional marketers, since 2005.


And you can participate in the basic training classes for one week, and build two sites for no money. Real sites which you will see on line, and they are yours. Simple as that!


Yes there is a cost to ongoing training. But do some training, and then evaluate how you want to proceed.


(You will not be asked for any payment method when you join for free. No personal data is gathered at all.)


If you’re excited enough about this type of business to have found my blog post about it, you’re really going to like this instruction method, connecting you to Q&A’s and classroom discussion about all the aspects of blog building.


You will view videos demonstrating exactly how to write and format your blog posts.


You will not have to learn any code! Learning how to make a good blog can’t get any easier.


That doesn’t mean you don’t have to have commitment and consistency – this is a real business you’re building that can make you money (not overnight!) for years to come.


The rules and trends of succeeding on line are periodically changing, and that is another bonus to belonging to a pro community – updates are posted as they happen.


So are you ready to try it?






Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money

millionaire home

The Awakened Millionaire Academy

Is this video course a Joe Vitale awakened millionaire scam or a viable way to develop a mindset that will help you make a million dollars?

Joe Vitale is a millionaire marketer and has appeared in infomercials and many online products. He is associated with the power of positive thinking, and the movie The Secret.

I don’t think it is a scam, yet it may take a certain mindset to begin with, to get anything out of this course.

If you’re attracted to this kind of study, deepening your belief and faith that life can be good, and if you enjoy spending time on this kind of practice, it may be a perfect path of study for you to improve your life with.

Here is a little background on this author:

“Vitale’s first book, Zen and the Art of Writing was published in 1984. Some of his other publications include: The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, and Faith. Vitale also recorded many audio programs for Nightingale-Conant. Vitale has also written a book on P.T. Barnum’s business secrets, There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.

In 2005, he became a bestselling author when he wrote The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out.

Vitale has written books on marketing and business including Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words and Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing. Vitale also wrote The Secret Prayer which was released on May 18, 2015.

In 2016, 2017, and 2018, Vitale wrote multiple books including: The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment (2016), Law of Attraction Quotes (2017), and the most recent book that Vitale has published, Anything Is Possible. (2018)” – Wikipedia

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

How Much Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy Cost?

It sells for $47.00.


Not a bad price for anything, providing you don’t get hooked into upsells (additional offers). Also this is a Clickbank digital product, so you can get your money back within 60 days.

If you came to this page to learn the right way to build a blog for money, you can get started now.



What Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy purport to give?

Video Training – access to the proven steps to unlock the Awakened Millionaire Mindset: giving you a path to MORE money, MORE spiritual growth, and MORE meaning… at the same time.

I think that is appealing – we’re all so short on time these days. Unless we’re staying home from a lay-off because of the Covid-19 epidemic, or other collateral damage factors, and need something to tackle and keep our mind alive, right?

If you’re a senior or a disabled person looking for a way to make real money online, I can you offer you a much more reliable way, and more about that below.

8 Laws Of Awakened Money (I am not sure what “awakened money” actually means) –  Dr. Joe Vitale shares specific strategies he has used to make millions while following his spiritual path.

Master the Awakened Millionaire Formula – You will be instructed how to combine money and spirituality… So that you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth at the same time.

See, I’m already having a little problem with this promotional blurb, because, didn’t it just say the same thing twice?

Trigger the 4 steps of Spiritual Awakening – “Follow these proven steps to awaken you passion, spiritual power, and the ultimate soulful meaning”…Of what?

The course has a private Facebook group you can join to  – “ Get ideas, advice, and support from Joe and the community of like-minded individuals”.

For free, I can show you where to join a huge community of internet marketers where you’ll see the professional quality of training and you can build your own blog. Where you can also get ideas and advice.

A blog that is designed for business online. But, back to the promo blurb:

Joe says he has a powerful training method – “Experience a transformational educational experience super-charged to make your transformation as fun, engaging, and POWERFUL as possible”

Could that be the hypnotic repetitive affirmation practice like The Law of Attraction taught?

Joe says you will not get behind. There is a way to keep you accountable – “high tech” so that you keep up.

I don’t know what that could be, as I haven’t bought this course. I am very familiar with the Law Of Attraction movement and teachers, so no, I am not going to buy this to see what the Accountability Tech is.

You can CLICK HERE if you want to read the full promoted promises of the benefits you can get from the implanted mental programming this course offers.

You can read more about the “Bold Action Bonuses” your “Intentional Transformation” and “the power of subconscious learning with conscious learning.”

You will “Enjoy the camaraderie of a courageous, convicted group of people walking with you side by side through this Awakened Millionaire lifestyle and movement…

And here’s my problem with that – it’s a little culty, don’t you think? 

What’s more, this course was promoted as far back as 2016 – so where are all the millionaires who spiritually attracted the money from their mindset? Surely we would have heard about them by now.

Does that mean it is a scam? No, it is not a scam. There is nothing wrong with learning self-hypnosis, or brain training by video, for $47.00.

That is a perfectly valid practice, as long as you also learn to DO SOMETHING concrete that might become a real business that brings in money, if you learn to do it right!


You came to this page because it is about “seniors work from home jobs” and it is on a blog that promotes blog training for a real business online.

Real blog training is not about overnight riches. It is about a concrete step by step training that may take a few months to fully comprehend and execute to get good at.

It includes learning how to get found on the vast massive volume of web sites on the internet. Just like how you found this page.

It includes how to put together good blog posts with the right sized images, on a platform called WordPress, in an attractive and easy to read format.

You do not have to know any code!

This popular and worldwide training web site will teach you everything about site building for making income online.

You can access ten training classrooms (video and text) for free for seven days.

If you’re passionate about learning the real skills of online marketing, you can do another month of classes for $19.00 – about one third of the cost of the premium membership, $49.00 a month. 

Another discount is to pay $495.00 for one year.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – start your free account now and view a few classes.

As you progress you will see a real blog appear live online!

Your blog!

And it is yours to keep, regardless of whether you stay with this community or not.

BUTTON join for free


Another great product to make money with:

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Women Need Help With


Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Women Need Help With

If you have ever gone through a period when your hormones were off, really off, you’ll be happy to know that someone has compiled a packet of information about hormone imbalance symptoms women suffer from, and would certainly welcome help with.

There is a way that an affiliate marketer, someone blogging for money, can help someone with their problems by providing a product or information. And that could be you!

It’s really sad, in my opinion that women and men can suffer havoc in their lives from hormonal imbalances, with little help.

You’ll be lucky if your general practitioner will run a full endocrine panel and keep testing until the cause of your discomfort has been recognized.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance?

  • Weight gain.
  • Exhaustion
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Constipation or more frequent bowel movements
  • Dry skin/loss of skin tone
  • Water retention
  • Ongoing weight loss (sometimes sudden)
  • Variations in heart rate

How DO I Balance My Hormones?

Here are some tips:

  1. Eat balanced meals with some quality protein
  2. Exercise daily, if only a 30 minute walk
  3. Avoid sugary foods, including non-sweet carbs
  4. Learn to avoid and control stress – practice  journaling, meditation
  5. Consume omega 3/omega 6 balanced fats
  6. Drink green tea
  7. Eat fatty fish that provide onega 3 fatty acids
  8. Eat grass fed meats and dairy products (omega 3 fats)
  9. Eat organic foods – pesticides are estrogen mimickers
  10. Get a good water filter to decrease chemical intake (hormone mimickers)

Did you know that low or high estrogen levels can contribute to infectious, autoimmune, metabolic, and degenerative diseases? 

I have been reading and writing about herbs, vitamins and exercise for years, with the goal of helping people get healthier and enjoy their lives more.

I have also been paid for my efforts with an affiliate marketing blog.

Would you like to help people do that too?

And get paid for it?

stacks of coins

Here you are on this blog, which means you’re looking for some information about seniors work from home jobs, right?

This is the same information that anyone would use to learn how to make a good blog, and many seniors who have retired or want to retire don’t have enough money to do so.

Many people would love to make money working from home or wherever their laptop is, for many reasons.

Skills are needed for you to succeed at this, and getting the right training will spare you a lot of frustration and lost time.

This blog tells you how you can start a free account and learn how to blog for money, the right way.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.
I am going to discuss more about the blog building training opportunity, but first let me mention The Power of Hormones, a digital book, that you can promote for a commission.
First you will sign up with Clickbank, a huge marketplace digital authors use to advertise their products. All you need is a user name and password to access the data base of products.
Thousands of products!
If you have zero interest in promoting information about hormonal balance, believe me, you will find something else in their volume of listings.
If you want to see what the author’s promo page looks like – CLICK HERE.
I think it is a good promo page.
It is not over-hyped as many are, or cheesy. It gives a lot of reasons for women to buy the product.
It also gives you, the blogger, ideas to promote this product yourself.
This is why I recommend this product for affiliate marketing:
  • A good price people can easily pay
  • A good commission for the affiliate blogger
  • Money back guarantee (all Clickbank products offer this)
  • Almost everyone has hormonal problems these days

Here is what I really like about affiliate marketing. Once you have a blog built with some helpful content to offer readers, you can make commission after commission promoting one product.

Any product giving at least 20% commissions to the affiliates is well worth your time.

Given the right training for your your web site, readers can find your promotional information and buy their digital product immediately. 

After 60 days, with no return, you will get your commission from Clickbank. Clickbank has a good reputation for paying on time, and keeping records you can easily access and view anytime.

Most Clickbank products offer between 30% to 50% commissions.

Can you imagine affiliate selling for those commissions while you sleep, travel, play with your family, when you’re not blog writing?

Would you love to earn a full time income while not working full time?

I started with a Clickbank product and wrote many blog posts about it.

I wrote for months. I had no training, I just wrote about what I knew about the topic, and all of its many aspects.

One day I got an email from Clickbank asking for my tax information – I had never completed my profile – because there were a couple of thousand dollars waiting for me!

So click here to get your copy of The Power Of Hormones!

See the potential of this marketing style? You get to:
  • Stay home or work anywhere your laptop can go
  • Choose your own hours of training and blogging
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • No car or commute expenses
  • Work, eat and sleep when you want and be healthy!
When I look back at how I got started and made money with no knowledge about:
  • How to show up on google and other search engines
  • How to add images the right way
  • How to make my own images when I wanted
  • How to publish legally required pages
  • How to stay updated with publishing styles
  • How to write good reviews
Wouldn’t you love to know all that and integrate it properly, step by step, taught by marketing professionals?
Wouldn’t you love to have the advantage of using a popular blog platform like WordPress without needing to learn any code?
The business model of affiliate marketing is easy to learn. It can seem complicated, but with an organized sequence of classes, it all makes sense as you go along.
It will take you time and consistent study, as learning any real business will.
The joy of it is seeing a real web site appear, page by page, as you learn. 
The benefit of learning the way I did, in a community of experienced web site builders and business people, is that your hours of learning will not be wasted with the wrong advice.
You can watch training videos over and over whenever you need to. You can get questions answered from a vast archive of FAQs, and also in real time.


Here is my article I wrote for teens, and dancers. I have updated it for this re-publication.
“Teenage hormone imbalance has a great deal to do with teen weight gain or weight loss.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance include the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Poor concentration
  • Too big/too small appetite
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Catastrophic thoughts
And there are more subtle symptoms too like food allergies and painful digestion.
But seeing as we’re ballet dancers here, let’s focus on teen weight gain. Is it because of:
  • starchy diet
  • not enough good protein
  • not enough salads and raw veggies (organic!)
  • not enough filtered water
  • bad sleep from all of the above and anxiety

Get a hormone balance test!

I am not going to explain how hormone balance is related to organic foods, good proteins and good sleep, because I would have to write a book – and someone already did.
If you are a dancing teen, young adult or pre-menopause dancer who thinks you may have a hormone imbalance, please read The Power Of Hormones and get some relief!
I have been through this situation and I guarantee that you will save yourself years of struggle and grief and ill health if you understand the way to balance your hormones with diet and perhaps some nutritional supplements.
To your health!”
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Prepared Food Delivery Programs – Can An Affiliate Make Money?

laptop and coffee on desk

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Prepared Food Delivery Programs – Can An Affiliate Make Money?

Can I Learn Online How To make Money Online?


Yes, you can and that will be the topic of this article, after we discuss the prepared food delivery programs of  bistroMD.


bistroMD is a company that delivers diet food meals to people who want to lose weight in a healthy way. 


bistroMD provides a variety of meal plans, an extensive blog, a social community, access to certified dieticians, and information about getting better sleep and effective exercise.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


One example of a blog post informing the dieter, is about cauliflower.


“The growing popularity and love for cauliflower are likely attributed to a couple of factors. One: The innovative opportunities offered by the food industry, including from Green Giant, Birds Eye, just to name a couple. And two: A natural response to gaining interest in gluten-free, low-carb, and plant-based diets.


Whatever continues to spiral the hype of cauliflower, there is no denying the veggie has quite a notable nutrient profile. It is also a versatile ingredient and can be prepared in many nutritious and delicious ways.” – more here.


Cauliflower became popular as a starch replacement. Finely chopped into rice-size pieces, and substituting for a grain in a pie crust, is well known to most dieters.


That is from a huge volume of food and nutritional information provided for its customers.


bistroMD describes itself as “Powered by the science of metabolism correction”.

The company describes its affiliate terms as such:



  • $45 per sale!  Some of the highest commission pay outs in the Wellness and Weight loss categories
  • Earn a $100 bonus after the first 5 sales!
  • Bonus structures for top performers!
  • 45 day cookies


  • Top performers typically earn over $6000.00 on a monthly basis
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Existing brand awareness
  • Product demand
  • Attention grabbing banners
  • Bi-weekly newsletter”


I bet you’re willing to put in some training time and blog building for that!


Reversing metabolic syndrome is a big goal for many dieters. If you’re over 40 or over 50, you may have experienced what a challenge this can be.


This area of health may be one that you have a background in and can therefore write excellent promotional material about it.


bistroMD provides an enormous amount of information that will give you many topics to write your own input about, on your web site.


It may express a passion of yours, to help other people get some real traction on boosting their metabolism and perhaps adding years to their lives.


Or, it may be the excellent business opportunity offered by this popular prepared food delivery programs outfit that inspires you to recommend it.


The business founders followed their passion in creating the nutritionally based bariatric-savvy meal designs to keep dieters on track.


If you would like to learn how to make a good blog for business online, read on! 


You can help a lot of people achieve a healthy weight and create a lifestyle change that will sustain it.


And, in doing so, you can build up a blog that will become a magnet for those individuals, by your use of the special skills required to become a successful affiliate marketer.


And you will build a line of revenue for yourself that can become a full time income, if you learn to develop a blog the right way. 


Do you want to start right now?


BUTTON join for free



You can join a professional training community for free and do some real life blog building. 


Of course you are going to pay for training to fully develop a blog, but you will get actual experience at starting a business website before you commit to that.

Why Might I Choose This Company For Affiliate Marketing?


bistroMD offers its affiliates a very competitive commission for promoting its diet meal plans. 

It offers inclusion of a wide market of dieters:

  • General weight loss interest
  • Women’s specialty meals
  • Men’s specialty meals
  • Gluten free meals
  • Diabetic friendly meals
  • Heart healthy meals
  • Great snacks


Once you have a blog in place with twenty to fifty posts written, you can apply to join an affiliate conglomerate like CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction).


It is a management site for many vendors who offer decent commissions for sales of their products recommended by publishers online.


These vendors want to see a somewhat developed blog before they will approve an affiliate marketer. That blog can be a work in progress, as long as it is drawing some traffic.


Regardless of the areas of your interests and background experience, you will want to pick a product(s) that brings you a good commission for your efforts.


Amazon used to be a choice site to affiliate with, but it has reduced commissions so low that many marketers have turned away in disgust.


Learn Blog Writing For Money The Best Way 


Which is the way I finally learned after much misguidance!


I wouldn’t want you to take the years I did building a so-so blog because I didn’t know the pro skills. Plus trial and error by oneself can get lonely and frustrating.


Despite those circumstances, I did make some money, more than enough to cover my online expenses. Expenses like:

  • Buying a domain name
  • Paying for space on a server – “hosting”
  • Paying someone to install your site on the host site properly
  • Paying for someone to help you find a good theme (suitable appearance for your topic)
  • Buying updated “how-to” courses as the rules and trends on the web change


The training world I am going to send you to will give you all the above for free, to make two blogs. You will get basic lessons in blog building, the same lessons paying members get, for one week.


If you’re as excited as I think you will be, you will go on to pay for a full month’s access to more instruction for $19.00 USD.


(Regular Premium Membership is $49.00 per month or $495.00 per year – 12 months for the price of 10).


You will be able to follow experienced bloggers who give a lot of tips in the form of blog posts and videos, to refine your understanding of how to build a successful blog.


You will be able to buy “” domain names for about half the regular market price.


You will be able to build up to 25 sites hosted for free, as a member.


Are you ready to start blog building?




I couldn’t help but go look up this article I wrote ten years ago. I was very much into promoting DIY meal making and organizing. And I think I got some good ideas into this article.

But, seriously, who has the time? Now, I promote bistroMD.  


“Weight loss menus are important and lack of organization will bring about failure in your efforts to diet. On busy days (like most days!) it is awful to get stuck hungry without the right meal available. If you, for example, have started a two week fast weight loss diet, you are serious about dropping the fat and staying healthy as well. The faster the weight reduction, the more crucial it is to eat foods full of lean proteins, healthy oils, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Having at least one week prepared and posted in your kitchen is ideal. Five small meals a day may enhance fast, safe weight loss, since more frequent eating of the right healthy foods gives you a metabolism boost. Know what your breakfast will be, and get everything ready every night before you go to bed. I suggest this because in the event you sleep in, or have to go somewhere earlier than usual, you will not end up sabotaging your diet plan because of the rush.

For many people, the next three meals will be eaten away from home. If you share fridge space at the office, organize your meals in tubs or bags, so that you can, again, not sabotage your diet planning with poor organization. If you feel deprived at all when you begin your diet, either from the smaller portions, or from not feeling as full, use chop sticks to decrease your bite sizes. This will also slow you down a bit, another good dieting technique. Your brain takes at least fifteen minutes to tell you that you are full. Take your time, chew each bite until it is completely pureed, and then your brain can signal your body correctly.

Have your last meal of the day ready to prepare when you get home. If you are extremely hungry and want to eat right away, you will not goof up by grabbing a few bites of the off-limits foods while you make dinner.

Keep up your enthusiasm! Post a photo of THE THIN YOU on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Don’t diet in isolation. Take advantage of others’ experience, and get some more ideas here about how to get the best weight loss menus. 

Article Source


What Is CBD Oil A Review Of An Affiliate Marketing Opportunity


Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

What Is CBD Oil – A Review

In this article I introduce an opportunity for you to develop a long lasting business on line, as an affiliate marketer.


An affiliate  is someone who promotes a product and gets a commission for creating sales.


This means a vendor gives you a connecting link between a buyer, their purchase, and YOU.


There is a top of the line training community I recommend, for learning how to make a business blog the right way.


Want to try it?






Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. As of 2019, clinical research on cannabidiol included studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain, but there is insufficient, high-quality evidence that it is effective for these conditions”. – Wikipedia



This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Is CBD Oil A Nootropic


What is a nootropic?


“Nootropics (/n.əˈtrɒpɪks/ noh-ə-TROP-iks) (colloquial: smart drugs and cognitive enhancers) are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. While many substances are purported to improve cognition, research is at a preliminary stage as of 2020, and the effects of the majority of these agents are not fully determined.” – Wikipedia


Research about nootropics is inconclusive – all nootropics. Therefore, at this time, no claims can be made. Yet somehow this question comes up about CBD oil.


A simple nootropic we all know about is caffeine. Many will attest to its enhancement of mental clarity, right?



More to the point, CBD oil from hemp is a food supplement. It has so far proved harmless, and the market has grown incredibly.


A famous brand of CBD oil is Charlotte’s Web. This formula was processed for a little girl who suffered from over 400 epileptic seizures a day, and truly had no quality life.


The CBD oil has a positive effect on her and became famous. It pretty well jump-started the industry.


The Charlotte’s Web brand has an affiliate program – a 15% commission on sales, and a 30 day cookie – the duration that an affiliate link is connected to the sale.


The company I introduce below has a much better deal.


The human body has an endocannabinoid system. It has receptors for cannabinoids in the brain and in its organs.


It is a natural fit in other words, and CBD oils discussed here are made from the hemp plant.


Hemp as food, has been on the market for years, one example being for a vegetarian protein supplement powder for your smoothies.


Hemp seeds can be ground to go into smoothies too, or used for thickening sauces.


It is in the category of an omega 3 oil, and the benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids are well tested and undisputed.


Can CBD Repair The Brain?


One small but well controlled test with CBD oil showed that persons experiencing the onset of psychosis showed decreased symptoms, with a 600 mg. dose of CBD oil.


This is as yet an early exploration into “re-setting” or repairing the brain function related to psychotic conditions.


” If CBD turns out to be an effective anti-psychotic, these findings will highlight yet another striking paradox of a plant that science is only now really beginning to understand.” – Forbes


CBD oil customers want it for improving their sleep, pain levels, and anxiety levels. Obviously there is an improvement in brain function but only further studies will provide the specifics.


Joy Organics And The Affiliate Program





This vendor states:

Our World-Class CBD Oil Affiliate Program

With a 25% commission and lifetime commissions as well as an aggressive bonus program, the Joy Organics affiliate program offers exceptional earning potential for its affiliates.

What’s an affiliate? An affiliate is similar to a Refer-a-Friend program but with unlimited earning potential. For every sale you refer to our site, you earn a commission or percentage of the sale. There is no initial investment — only opportunities. We are not a Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM company.”


This is an obvious great deal in affiliate marketing – high commission, lifetime connection to your buyers.


A huge plus considering that this is a product of regular consumption and your buyers will order it again and again, for years.


The vendor offers an array of products:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • CBD softgels with Melatonin
  • CBD Softgels with Curcumin
  • Salve
  • Cream
  • Bath Bombs
  • Dog treats
  • Tincture for pets
  • Sports Cream


Once you have joined this program (follow the prompts to the affiliate sales tracking site this vendor uses) you simply start promoting it on a blog designed for business on line.


How Do I Learn Blog Writing For Money?

What kind of blog is that?


A blog which:

  • Is easily found by search engines (correct keywords, good content)
  • Has the right disclosures and a contact form
  • Conforms to Cookie laws
  • Has an About Me page to make you a real person to your readers
  • Is informative and easy to read (good formatting)


It is not complicated to make a good commercial blog. It does require time and patience.


You need a training platform that is organized with step by step classes.


You need guidance with legally required pages (this is given to you).


You need to know how to find keywords and how to use the keyword tool – you get 30 free searches. 


You will view classes where you actually build your blog as you learn, so you can see it on line.


It’s real!


When you start your free account you will have access to a series of basic classes, for seven days.


You will choose a domain name (like “mynewblog” or “mywoodcarvingshop”. …)


This site you make is yours, even after the training is over, if you don’t proceed further.


You will pay nothing, nor do you have to set up a payment form. You will see long Q&A threads below each class (video and text), to view as you wish.


I think that is pretty exciting, don’t you?




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