How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging?

How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging?

How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging? That’s a good question and do you mean per week, or per month? Or, eventually, perhaps per day?
How do you get to that goal? How do you get started? I am going to outline the basic steps that will launch you into a part-time or full-time business, depending on your availability.
If you have done some research and are ready to learn how to develop a money earning blog, click below to a page where you only need a user name and password – no payment! – to test drive the training.  
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Is it worth starting a blog? Can I make money from it?


The answer to this question depends on your goals. This site is focused on senior citizens in or heading toward retirement, and ways to earn money to boost your SS income yet retain:

  • Freedom from the 9-5 schedule – create your own
  • Freedom to travel and earn money as you go anywhere
  • Freedom to enjoy the company of your partner and/or family as much as you like
  • Freedom to keep learning and growing while benefitting from past jobs and hobbies


Those are the most common reasons that come up in conversations, in my experience. Here, I want to save you from pretty shiny things that will distract you from making real progress in your blogging adventures. Purportedly time saving systems that will and I quote ” earn over $100k/month“. 


I made that quote red because that’s my red flag alert. Like you even needed it, but seriously how realistic is that? If that were possible I’d be earning it, and maybe you would be too. That quote refers to the 3 Step Blueprint Create N Cash that allows you to (from the product description):

  • “Use AI tools to create and sell your first product in 7 days.
  • Students Earning $10,000+ with their first product – See student results on this page.
  • No ads or traffic – Tap into an existing stream of buyers.
  • NO copywriting – Simple AI tool generates sales letters and videos for you.
  • 60-Day ‘first product launch guarantee’ – this works for you or you pay nothing.
  • Working now in 2023 – Recession-proof business model set to explode over the next 5 years.
  • NO Limits – YOU are in complete control of how much you earn”


One online learning site of note.


So, AI is still new, and much is being written about Open AI and Chat GPT versions.  From the pro bloggers I know, the biggest asset of AI is to save time in the research phase of content creation.


Because the success of your blog depends on your content, unique and high quality content.  More about Create N Cash:

“Use AI tools to create and sell your first product in 7 days” – just a note here, after buying the package at the $17.00 product launch price, you will buy those AI tools


How do I make money by blogging in 6 months?


While I am giving some information on Create N Cash (not to be confused with Clone N Cash or Type N Cash), why do I keep coming back to the topic of blogging? Because, even if you create good digital courses and submit them to Udemy or ClickBank and other similar platforms, are you going to rely on them to bring you customers?


Wouldn’t you rather have your own site to promote from, one you design, develop and control? That you can re-purpose as fads and trends change?


Honest coaches will tell you that 3-6 months is the usual time frame to see income coming in from affiliate purchases prompted by your blog content. Of course that depends on whether you have 40+ hours a week to work on your work at home business, or whether you’re working some evening and weekend hours.


It’s vital to get started properly with no time wasted. The training I recommend has video classes with a huge legacy of Q & A’s to review, as your own questions come to mind.


  1. It has a live feed going on 24/7, worldwide.
  2. It uses a careful step by step process whereby you build your blog and watch it appear online right from the start.
  3. It helps you choose a topic with a niche audience, those people who love your topic too, and will search for you online.
  4. It will help you choose a topic that you have enough enthusiasm for to write consistent content without burning out or getting bored.
  5. It will show you how to use the correct titles and words and phrases to help your readers find you instead of someone else when they’re searching online
  6. It will give you samples of the required legal pages/disclaimers and more (internationally), that you will customize for your blog
  7. Many members pitch in with additional training on how to use ads, how to write good sales copy, and how to track your progress with Google services


If you’re a teacher, consultant or coach, I’m not going to say don’t buy the $17.00 Create N Cash package. You can get that money back within 60 days if you think it’s rubbish. And, it may jump start your digital product career.


It’s simply my opinion that if you’ve never taught, coached or practiced a hobby to a point of expertise, that you’re not going to come up with good courses.


Oh right, the AI is supposed to do that. Which even proves my point, without experience, how are you going to know that the robot-created courses are any good?


It’s like research with AI – you still have to fact check any information you get. Remember, it’s not a search engine, it’s a human-like response program. 


So, how can you earn $500 blogging, in whatever time frame? Learn the right way, don’t waste time, and develop the skills you need to compete. 


Take a close look at the excellent, always available, membership community that offers discounts on domain names, and free hosting for several sites.




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