How People Are Able To Earn $1000 Per Day From ClickBank

How People Are Able To Earn $1000 Per Day From ClickBank


After reading a few of my other articles a pal asked me how people are able to earn $1000 a day from ClickBank. Is this really possible?


Yes, it is. However, what the time frame is to achieve that depends on various factors. 


  • Do you know how to get started? (I will tell you below)
  • How much time you have to put into this blogging for money adventure
  • The quality of training you can get so you don’t waste time doing/undoing/doing again
  • How well you compete for guaranteed targeted traffic (you’ll learn how to guarantee it)
  • How consistent your blog publishing is
  • How visually appealing your blog is – minimalist or decorative and all in between
  • How well you review ClickBank products and create the invitations to buy


And those are the tip of the iceberg! I learned about the rest of the iceberg by getting access to a professional training site for bloggers. And I didn’t pay one dime for the test drive. I got a free account. If you’re ready to do that, click below on the blue button. 

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




Why did I put that affiliate disclaimer above? To illustrate the nature of this blog. If you purchase anything from this post, I will get a commission. No, I’m not making $1000 a day from ClickBank – I make some money, but I also have many other promotional blog posts for many other products.


I started my blogging business with ClickBank because at the time, a package of information with a book and videos, was in the ClickBank marketplace. And it happened to be on a topic I was passionate about, and I was also an expert in. The ClickBank marketplace has thousands of products.


You can find one you are passionate about, or have high interest. And because your interest is already high, I bet you can write quality content about it over many blog posts. This will build out your site with volume, and will attract higher ranking (visibility) on the search engines.


I hope your mind is buzzing with ideas. A favorite hobby would be an ideal topic for you to write about.


My post about Joe Vitale’s Awakened Millionaire mind training is popular. Visualization and affirmation usage is very popular.  And, note here, if you click on that link and purchase the informational package, I will get a commission.


ClickBank’s commissions tend to be higher than retail product commissions, maybe as high as 50%. That’s why I recommend starting a blog business with these digital, easy-to-buy products.


You can’t really go wrong with this, providing you learn how to make a blog, and make it visible on line.


Getting guaranteed targeted visitors to your blog is a learned skill.


So if you make a commission of $25.00 from a digital product, and you prompt 40 purchases, that is $1,000.00.


The other advantage is that the creators of the digital products have already researched and written their sales pitches and you can draw from those for key phrases used.


That would be for your own unique content, not any copying. Unique content is one of the factors that the search engines use to rank your material. Your personal experience with a career or a hobby will feed your blog content.


If you’re a senior citizen whose retirement budget looks bleak, why not capitalize on your accumulated knowledge? Do you have any background in the following categories presented at the top of the page on the ClickBank Marketplace?


  1. Health & Fitness
  2. E-Business & E-Marketing
  3. Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  4. Self Help
  5. Home & Garden
  6. Cooking Food & Wine
  7. Green Products
  8. Business & Investing


Now, imagine one tiny aspect of any of those fields. For example, Woodworking. You’ve got:

  • Your favorite woods – write a blog post about each, and the ones you don’t prefer
  • Your favorite tools – why they’re your favorites, and where to buy them (you get the affiliate %)
  • Your favorite wood workers and their products
  • Any woodworking clubs?
  • Conventions?
  • Awards?


The readership for these narrowly focused products, techniques, results – is your niche.


Your niche, your audience, will get to know you and learn to trust you. Your writing will inspire them to leave comments on your posts, raising your visibility.


More about niche markets.


Raising your visibility is something that snowballs. Yes, it takes time. Yet, as each post ages and gains readers, the snow ball gets bigger. Maybe that’s not the best analogy, nor very poetic – but you can see it, right?


But what if you only make $50.00 a day from ClickBank or other commissions? That’s $1,500.00 a month. And it will snowball. Depending on the household you support, that could make a huge difference in your quality of life.


Double it – $3,000.00 isn’t insignificant, right? Would that much increased income from working online decrease any food insecurity? Investment insecurity?


If you made a list of your insecurities right now, what would it look like?


What amount of monthly income would calm those insecurities?


If you could create that revenue by talking about your enthusiasm for a certain product or informational package and publishing 1000 words twice a week, that’s pretty incredible isn’t it?


Yes, you need more details to do this the right way, and in a methodical way that economizes your time. That’s why I recommend the training I was lucky to discover.


To see your blog appear online and grow as you go, is very rewarding. You can get a good look at the instruction, just click below.




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