Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money


The Awakened Millionaire Academy

Is this video course, a Joe Vitale awakened millionaire scam or a viable way to develop a mindset that will help you make a million dollars?

Joe Vitale is a millionaire marketer and has appeared in infomercials and many online products. He is associated with the power of positive thinking, and the movie The Secret.

I don’t think it is a scam, yet it may take a certain mindset to begin with, to get anything out of this course. I had to re-visit this article today (in 2024), because I noticed that it has the most highly searched querie of all my articles : “joe vitale scam”.


If you’re attracted to this kind of study, deepening your belief and faith that life can be good, and if you enjoy spending time on this kind of practice, it may be a perfect path of study for you to improve your life with. Some people perceive any positive thinking material to be a “Hopium” scam. Does that mean that prayer is also scam? Just putting this in perspective!


Here is a little background on this author:


“Vitale’s first book, Zen and the Art of Writing was published in 1984. Some of his other publications include: The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, and Faith. Vitale also recorded many audio programs for Nightingale-Conant. Vitale has also written a book on P.T. Barnum’s business secrets, There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.


In 2005, he became a bestselling author when he wrote The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out.


Vitale has written books on marketing and business including Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words and Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing. Vitale also wrote The Secret Prayer which was released on May 18, 2015.


In 2016, 2017, and 2018, Vitale wrote multiple books including: The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment (2016), Law of Attraction Quotes (2017), and the most recent book that Vitale has published, Anything Is Possible. (2018)” – Wikipedia


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


How Much Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy Cost?


It sells for $47.00.


Not a bad price for anything, providing you don’t get hooked into up-sells (additional offers). Also this is a ClickBank digital product, so you can get your money back within 60 days.


If you came to this page to learn the right way to build a blog for money, you can get started with a no-cost account now.






What Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy purport to give?


And, why would you want to promote it for affiliate commissions? And how will you do that?


Video Training – access to the proven steps to unlock the Awakened Millionaire Mindset: giving you a path to MORE money, MORE spiritual growth, and MORE meaning… at the same time.


I think that is appealing – we’re all so short on time these days. Unless we’re staying home from a lay-off because of the Covid-19 epidemic, or other collateral damage factors, and need something to tackle and keep our mind alive, right?


If you’re a senior or a disabled person looking for a way to make real money online, I can you offer you a much more reliable way, and more about that below.


8 Laws Of Awakened Money (I am not sure what “awakened money” actually means) –  Dr. Joe Vitale shares specific strategies he has used to make millions while following his spiritual path.


Master the Awakened Millionaire Formula – You will be instructed how to combine money and spirituality… So that you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth at the same time.


See, I’m already having a little problem with this promotional blurb, because, didn’t it just say the same thing twice?


Trigger the 4 steps of Spiritual Awakening – “Follow these proven steps to awaken you passion, spiritual power, and the ultimate soulful meaning”…Of what?


The course has a private Facebook group you can join to  – “ Get ideas, advice, and support from Joe and the community of like-minded individuals”.


For free, I can show you where to join a huge community of internet marketers where you’ll see the professional quality of training and you can build your own blog. Where you can also get ideas and advice.


A blog that is designed for business online. But, back to the promo blurb:


Joe says he has a powerful training method – “Experience a transformational educational experience super-charged to make your transformation as fun, engaging, and POWERFUL as possible”


Could that be the hypnotic repetitive affirmation practice like The Law of Attraction taught?


Joe says you will not get behind. There is a way to keep you accountable – “high tech” so that you keep up.


I can recommend this course, and from my experience, you can change and improve your moods and general state of mind with this kind of activity.


You can CLICK HERE if you want to read the full promoted promises of the benefits you can get from the positive mental programming this course offers.


You can read more about the “Bold Action Bonuses” your “Intentional Transformation” and “the power of subconscious learning with conscious learning.”


You will “Enjoy the camaraderie of a courageous, convicted group of people walking with you side by side through this Awakened Millionaire lifestyle and movement…


It’s nice to have a community, don’t you think? 


Yet, this course was promoted as far back as 2016 – so where are all the millionaires who spiritually attracted the money from their mindset? Surely we would have heard about them by now.


Does that mean it is a scam? No, it is not a scam. There is nothing wrong with learning self-hypnosis, or brain training by video, for $47.00.


That is a perfectly valid practice, as long as you also learn to DO SOMETHING concrete that might become a real business that brings in money, if you learn to do it right!




You came to this page because it is about “seniors work from home jobs”. It is on a blog that promotes blog training for a real business online, focused on affiliate marketing for seniors.


Real blog training is not about overnight riches. It is about a concrete step by step training that may take a few months to fully comprehend and execute to get good at.


It includes learning how to get found on the vast massive volume of web sites on the internet. Just like how you found this page.


It includes how to put together good blog posts with the right sized images, on a platform called WordPress, in an attractive and easy to read format.


You do not have to know any code!


This popular and worldwide training web site will teach you everything about site building for making income online.


You can access five training classrooms (video and text) for free for seven days.


If you’re passionate about learning the real skills of online marketing, you can proceed to ALL the classes for $49.00 – the cost of the premium membership. 


Another discount is to pay $495.00 for one year. If you choose that, you will get a free, for one year.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – I recommend you;

  1. Start your free account now and view a few classes.
  2. You can Get The Awakened Millionaire Package HERE if you want to read the full promoted promises of the benefits you can get from the positive mental programming this course offers. to fortify your confidence and motivation. That is an affiliate link btw, I will make a commission if you buy, and you in turn can do the same.


When you decide to purchase some training, and you progress through the classes, you will see a real blog appear live online!


Your blog!


And it is yours to build, to develop a real online business.


BUTTON join for free


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