How To Build A Blog With WordPress

How To Build A Blog With WordPress

My friends ask me how to build a blog with WordPress because they really wouldn’t know how to begin. How to make it look orderly, colorful, or entertaining, depending on their purpose for blogging.

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Most people I know are heading for pretty simple retirement living. And they would like to make it a little, or a lot better!

Here is an article I found about blogging and how it used to be done. The author doesn’t really tell you how to do it, but outlines the elements you must learn to somehow put it all together for yourself.

It’s all good information and I think you’ll find it helpful. I recommend you read it.

Getting Started

However, if you’re ready to take the steps to create a website with WordPress,

click through to my article Getting Started.


You can learn to build a blog with WordPress with no money. You can get two free practice sites with training included as to how to set it up. Point and click, rinse and repeat.

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Every article on this web site is oriented to a different part of blogging. I truly hope to help you begin, and continue, to write on line and make extra income if that is your goal.

Tips on Building a Website With WordPress by Josh Argent

You need a blog. That’s a fact and they are relatively easy to build so let’s look at how to build a blog site. Some time ago, in the early years of the internet, somebody decided that it would be a good idea to tell the world what they were doing, what their opinions were, and anything else that happened to be on their mind at the time. The figured out a way to post these thoughts online and the world of blogging begun.

Since then, blogging has evolved in to something much more complex and important. Although there are still people who have personal opinion blogs, those people are either highly influential people or have a blog that receives next to no traffic. (Facebook has taken over the reigns for personal thoughts and opinions)

Blogging is used for ranking high in search engines, advertising products, communicating valuable information, and corporate awareness just to name a few uses. Let’s now look at how to build a blog site:

Step 1: Pick Your Platform There are many out there. WordPress is the most popular and it comes in an online portal where you don’t have to install it on your website or the self-hosted option where a little bit of webmaster experience is needed to install it on your blog. (Assuming you have a website of your own.)

Take a look at WordPress as well as other options and see which you like the best. One word of advice: WordPress is hugely popular because it has a whole series of plugins to expand the functionality of it. Smaller, less developed platforms do not have as many plugins.

A blog will do you the most good if you set it up on your website. Search engines will index the blog on your site and give you better results than if they find your blog on the WordPress site. You don’t want that if you’re using your blog to rank high in the search engines.”

My comment here: I think this is incorrect or no longer true.

Steps To Create A Website With WordPress


wordpress basics poster

“Step 2: Set it Up If you need help setting up your blog, ask the technical support department of your web host. Often, there is an automatic setup utility that can help you as well. Look for that in your website control panel or ask for help.”

Me again: when I used the system I recommend on this page, it was (and is) all automated for you.

“If you have a little bit of website and database experience you can probably figure it out. WordPress, for example, gives a lot of detailed, easy to understand instructions for setting it up. Make sure to read those before paying somebody to do it. It’s not too difficult to learn how to build a blog site with a little bit of patience.

Step 3: Find a theme All blog sites have a series of themes of skins that change the look of it. These don’t often affect the functionality of the site so have fun with this and pick one that is pleasing to your eye.

Step 4: Add Content Type articles, post pictures, and celebrate the fact that our look in to how to build a blog site ended in success! Good luck with your new blog!”



and you will arrive where you can start your free web site! (No payment info asked!)

The reason I chose this article is to illustrate what you would have to do without the training and services from this system. It is a huge community of experts with tons of training.

Start free, see it manifest in front of your eyes…And you decide how you will continue.

I hope I see you in there!

Take a look at a beginner’s lesson right here!

Have you tried blogging before? How did you learn? Please do share, and feel free to leave any questions below.


4 thoughts on “How To Build A Blog With WordPress”

  1. Thanks for this article. No doubt, with technology evolving at the speed of light, things have changed on how we do things, but the opportunity is still there more than ever.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dianne,
    Seniors have a lot to give back, they can do that with a website and a blog. Having a way to build their own website and learn how to get their information out is great.
    I am in that bracket, 65 years old, I have been blogging for several years and found word press to be easy to use.
    The training you recommend is one of the best on the internet today.

    • Good to hear that John. I intend, with this web site (powered by WordPress of course!) to spread the word! There is lots of opportunity for people with a few hours in their day to learn, to build an online income.


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