What Are The Best Ways Of Increasing Your Blog Traffic – 5 Tips

What Are The Best Ways Of Increasing Your Blog Traffic – 5 Tips


What are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic? I will go over a few methods that will help you.


If you’re still looking for a way to start a blog, and design it properly for making money online, you may want to look at a place where you can view basic blog writing classes and decide how you want to move forward. You can do this with a no cost account, just click below.





Best Blog Page Designs


Where will you find guidance for the best blog design ideas? Do you have to come up with one on your own? If you don’t know web design, how do you start?


A blog platform called WordPress is available for all, and it offers a variety of themes, or visuals, for a blog. It is easy to try them on”for size”  and switch them out until you have one you prefer.


It would depend on your niche, or target audience, the readers who want to learn about and ultimately buy the products you love to review and promote (or not!).


You can choose a very decorative theme (scrolls, flowers, cherubs etc.) or a minimalist look. Some themes are designed for photography and art presentations. Some are designed for journalistic material, or essays, and aren’t necessarily minimalistic, but have a more “reading the newspaper” look. 



The Best Website Builder For Bloggers


WordPress is a well known platform (virtual foundation) for building blogs. Any kind of blog.


For business bloggers, it is a supportive product that will help you get the guaranteed targeted traffic (from your niche) and when I say guaranteed, that only applies if you learn how to use the theme you choose, learn how to make menus for easy navigation, and have a visually pleasing look.


After creating your necessary pages ( you would learn those in the training I recommend) you will do a google website load speed test – or whichever search engine you choose – to make sure your readers aren’t leaving your site or going to make a coffee while your posts and pages appear. The WordPress themes are conducive to quick loading, as long as you know how to upload images correctly.


There’s no point in getting guaranteed targeted visitors who bail quickly because your pages can’t load fast, is there?


Use A Long Tail Keyword Finder


Firstly, what is that? 


Actually, before I describe a number one item, let’s back up to number zero: what is a long tail keyword? It is a longer phrase composed of several words, that are commonly used by readers to find what they’re looking for online.


For example if you search “garden fence” you will get 419 million results. But if you search “white picket garden fence with trellis” you find only 718 thousand results.


That is a targeted result. With about 1/400th the competition for viewers. While long tail keywords or key-phrases have fewer searchers, they are your searchers.


I hope this doesn’t sound over-simplified or like I’m talking down to you, I can only say when I first started to learn how to blog, I felt like I was in kindergarten. 


A Free Keyword Competition Analysis Tool


For many of us, starting free is essential. Within the training community I have linked to on this page, the paid monthly membership offers use of keyword competition analysis tool.


Before you get to that point, what will you do? The training also teaches you how to take advantage of the search engines, primarily Google.


When you search on Google, you see the count of the results; how many million, thousand, hundred results. All those results are your competition.


These search engines also have a category “People also ask” which gives you more popular search phrases. You can also learn The Alphabet Soup method which is typing in a phrase ‘white picket fence’ space, and the letter a. You will get a list of phrases like:

  • Amazon
  • At Lowe’s
  • And self-watering system
  • Attached to house


You can go through the entire alphabet, getting ideas which are mostly the less competitive long tail keywords. Bear in mind, this is just the first step of research into how well you can compete with keywords.


I would have floundered around longer than I did, trying to figure all this out, without the guidance of the video and text classrooms I found with my free account. Ones I can still go back to today, for any review I need. 


Learn How To Write Blogs For Money


Specific guidance and demonstration of the techniques to execute the best ways of increasing your blog traffic will save you time and expense, right from the start. It will cut down on the initial overwhelm that some experience in the face of the competition, and the desire or need to earn some income from home.


Who Can Benefit From Pro Blogger Training?

  • Retirees with low income who want to work from home
  • Disabled people who need to work from home
  • Any person who needs more income and wants to be at home at least some of the time (ie don’t want a second job out there)
  • Retired RVers (Fulltimers) who want to supplement their pensions from their RV home


There are many more reasons to simply want:

  • To be independent
  • Have the freedom to travel
  • Visit family
  • Expand one’s horizons
  • Continue one’s education


Working on a blog that makes money is a way to achieve all of that!

It won’t happen overnight.

It will require consistent application.

And I bet you’re up for it.

Ready for take off?


what are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic take off


Take the test drive through some basic classes with only a user name and password needed. Take your time evaluating the cost and benefits of real blog training! CLICK below. 





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