AI App Scam – Is Inject A.I. Cash One?

AI App Scam – Is Inject A.I. Cash One?


The creator of Inject A.I. Cash says you get paid even if you don’t work. Uh – huh.  The creator says you only need 30 seconds a day. Wow! But is this an ai app scam? Sounds amazing, right? These apps are appearing like participants in a fast and furious race, every day. Let’s slow down and take a look at this one.  We will also take a look at traditional blog for business training, and what course of action provides the best online income for you, searching for the best way to learn affiliate marketing for seniors.


What Are The Top 10 Online Income Sites

In case you’re still casting a wide net for information, I wanted to provide this link. The information is beyond the scope of this article but you may find it interesting.

I want to narrow your search by discussing a) the Inject A.I. Cash app and b) the training I truly recommend for you.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Are You Looking For Work At Home Training Courses


If so, please click the blue button below. You can investigate the professional training site with no payment required. It is comprehensive (and I mean in the Buckminster Fuller comprehensive way!)





Earning Money On The Internet


AI has been released in hundreds if not thousands of varieties for you to use, and it’s all about earning money on the internet, right? The focus of this blog is affiliate marketing for seniors but you can be at any age legal to do business in your area, and benefit from this article. I want for you to skip all the time consuming learning curves I went through starting in 2006 with NO TRAINING IN SIGHT. 


I started writing like crazy on a free blogger blog because I could. I made some money promoting a ClickBank digital product, until the author moved it to Amazon, changing the affiliate commission from $25 to $5.00. My first rude awakening. I don’t want you to go through that. But why did I succeed thus far? I wrote in a NICHE or a limited topic with a specific audience, in which I am an expert. I had tons of material that I could write about practically in my sleep! I’m thinking that YOU have a career or hobby topic you can almost write about in your sleep too! 

Making Money On The Internet From Home


But how do you do that? You can write 100 articles on your marvellous topic and save them. Would that take a few months? Are you retired or semi-retired, or looking ahead to retirement? Do you know how to:

  • Find the best title for an article 
  • Know how to format an article
  • How to find the best headlines for each section of your article?
  • How to add images to your article 
  • How to share your articles automatically with social media sites
  • How to set up a YouTube channel, if you don’t want to write


If you opt to try Inject AI Cash, you don’t have to know any of those things. Or, do you? If you want to try it, go here. That’s not an affiliate link, I don’t get a commission if you buy it. I haven’t signed up for that because I really don’t think it’s in your best interest for me to recommend it. I truly don’t know who has the experience to use it, and I don’t think it’s for beginners or seniors who are SERIOUSLY looking for the best online incomes.

Best Online Incomes


Will Someone please tell me what the best online incomes are? Or, does that matter if I don’t know how to present myself as a marketer online? How do I get there from here?


A.I Inject Cash says it exploits three major platforms to get endless $29.00 payments. (worth $997.00 per month). You get paid for campaigns you didn’t write and leads you didn’t collect. (worth $997.00 per month). It provides a Mobile Edition (for phones). (worth $497.00 per month). So we’re close to $2500.00 now! That you don’t have to spend, but these are only arbitrary values.

Best Online Income Opportunities


So for a cheap buy and money back  guarantee – all good! – I’m not going to say A.I Inject Cash is a scam. No. No way. But will it be among your best online income opportunities?

What Do I Need To Start An Online Business


Goodness where do I start? Well, OK, I think you need an established web site you own. And you may want to know “how to establish a website”. And that’s why I recommend the training venue of which access is provided by the Blue Buttons in this article.


How To Make Money On The Internet


  • How long will it take me ?
  • What are the basics I don’t know now?
  • What kind of support do I need?


A dedicated training community should provide:

  • Articles and video classes you can view and review as many times as you need
  • Instruction on the legal information you need to add to your blog
  • A well presented About Me page that will instill trust in your readers
  • A community of beginner bloggers and experienced bloggers who engage in a live feed so you can get questions answered quickly
  • A stable platform for your blog like WordPress that keeps improving its software
  • Updated training modules on all topics, especially AI
  • Weekly live video training with over-your-shoulder demonstration of blog creation and a live Q&A
  • A plethora of video trainings for more advanced bloggers to improve your use of YouTube marketing, using paid ads and more
  • Content marketing tips (the material you write) to enhance your visibility online with both quality and volume
  • Prompt creation with ai – getting the information and presentation varieties you want in less time


The training I recommend provides all these items and many many more. I think it’s most beneficial feature is that you create your blog as you study. You don’t pack up your brain on theories for months, then start working on your blog.


After about three months you will most likely start to see that you’re now earning money on the internet! Maybe enough to cover your basic costs of monthly training!


That’s HUGE, right? I urge you to click on the button below and get an up close view of what is waiting for you. 




Here is more information about getting targeted visitors to your new blog.


Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?


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