Is The AI App A Scam – Looking At Luna

Is The AI App A Scam – Looking At Luna


Luna has arrived on the horizon along with many other ai apps – but is the ai app a scam? It makes a lot of promises, so let’s take a look. 


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No Tech Skills – No Writing Posts – No Followers – No Ads


So says the creator of this app, Luna. It purports to “exploit Elon Musk’s new platform X” formerly known as Twitter. It claims to get you free traffic in 60 seconds resulting in just short of $500.00 pay days. If this sounds as incredulous to you as it does to me, and if you’re looking for authentic blog training, get a no-cost look at the training I recommend for a real career online, get your account right now! Click below. 





Are you looking at making money from the internet? 


It seems like an app like Luna could give you a real jump start with this project. The app author says:

We don’t write any posts
We don’t generate any followers
We don’t run any ads
None of that is important…
Because our AI does all of that for us…



There is an inherent problem here. When you do professional training on using AI, you learn to  prompt it in order to get the best feedback possible. Then you have to troubleshoot that information, make sure it is correct and representative of your material.


If the Luna App does all this for you – how will your material be any different from the other Luna users’? The author reflects what may bloggers/vloggers feel from time to time: 

Writing posts (formerly tweets) Is boring, and not easy…
It takes a lot of time and experience…
And instead of spending your time learning that…
We let our AI model do it for us in less than a minute
And there are more miracles! I quote:

Yup… 2 minutes per day…

No more… And it’s not even complicated…
You just need to follow our DEAD-EASY setup…
And you are good to go…unquote
Well, I have a question – if Luna works with you engaging with it two minutes a day for an almost $500.00 pay out, every day, why does your usership get you 24/7 technical support and over-the-shoulder-video training? 


Make Money From The Internet


Luna promises you can make money from the internet with NO training, NO experience, NO paid ads! How? Firstly, your affiliate links will be put in all your material that you upload to X.


But wait! If you’re a beginner blogger with no experience:


  • Do you even know what affiliate links are?
  • How do you get affiliate links?
  • At what pointe in your creative development online will a retailer/manufacturer allow you to connect to their product?
  • Some retailers have no screening process for affiliates
  • Some, like Amazon, have pretty stringent requirements, like an established web site you own


How To Make Money With The Internet Using An Established Web Site You Own


Why do I recommend the training you get to see when you click on one of the Blue Buttons? Here’s the short list:


  • You get a place on a server – called hosting – for free with membership
  • You get a discounted price on a domain name – “”
  • You get access to a 24/7 live feed of questions and answers
  • All the classes have a long/legacy Q&A you can learn from, and add to
  • Updated training on how to benefit from AI is weekly and detailed
  • If you’re not sure what to blog about a Niche Finder will help you
  • Legal requirements for a business blog are explained – international
  • Understanding how to make money using the internet is explained
  • How to gain visibility online is thoroughly taught


The Money On The Internet – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors


Hordes of people around the world earn money on the internet. Many earn a full-time income, meaning revenue that pays their bills, and more, in their area. If you’re a senior citizen reading here, your reasons for wanting to learn how to do this may look something like this:


Again, I quote from Luna’s creator:


Luna is the only app…

That will do literally everything for you…
That means, EVERYTHING…
You don’t even need an existing account with Twitter/X
Luna will do all of that… All that you need to do…
Is setup Luna, which takes less than a minute…
And then it will run in the background
Sending you massive clicks and sales…unquote
The Luna App hasn’t been around long enough for us to know how well this turns out. It “runs in the background” while you live your life and money pours in, that’s what the promo says.
I can’t help but wonder what happens if suddenly Luna gets taken down, or X says “enough” and starts charging for material posted with affiliate links – who knows what the owner Elon Musk might decide?
If you’re going to put any time and some money into creating a business online, don’t you want it to be YOURS?
Is the ai app a scam? I don’t think so, but it would be quickly learned and best used by a person who is expert at uploading good ad copy material onto various platforms with well formed affiliate links that stay within the terms of service, which can change. 
Wouldn’t you prefer to have an established web site that retailers/producers will allow into their affiliate programs?
Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the skills to publish material that will retain meaning far into the future even if product details change? Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the traditional (yet always changing) elements of a well designed business blog? Wouldn’t you prefer to learn the art of using AI yourself, with a reputable producer?
You can take a close look at how this training works, the different membership costs, and the massive community support that never sleeps! You can do your own investigation of the potential in this instructional series of classes that have been going for over a decade. Just click below.  




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