Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?



Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?

The success of any affiliate marketing blog is guaranteed targeted visitors – can Fitness Mojo help you with that? This software caught my attention because I love the topic of fitness in general.


But what if it can’t? I hope you will read ahead and get the information that will help you get guaranteed targeted visitors to your current or future blog, regardless of the topic you write about.


Here is an interesting page about fitness culture. 


I’ve written a couple of review articles about fitness machines, which are affiliate products and help make me  money.  Fitness Mojo is described like this: QUOTE


What if you could click 1 button & instantly Create A Self-Updating Affiliate Health & Fitness site?

A ready-to-earn affiliate health & fitness site with your affiliate link automatically embedded across all pages and posts
Forget about hosting, domains, freelancers, writing content, and monthly charges
Build MULTIPLE sites for more passive income
Sell additional sites to clients – Commercial License included
Get automated free traffic from Google with the auto-updating SEO module included
Never update a thing – health & fitness offers and everything else self-updates in Real Time”  UNQUOTE


I’m going to discuss a few points about this software package that promises the solution for any and all affiliate marketing challenges. Can you actually “click 1 button & instantly Create A Self-Updating Affiliate Health & Fitness site?”


The idea of a self-updating site about  anything is pure fantasy.


Ask any pro blogger who has toiled for months and even with skilled application of aiming for guaranteed targeted visitors, and knows it takes time to gain traction and “authority” with Google and other search engines.


with your affiliate link automatically embedded across all pages and posts”.


No. it turns out on close inspection, that you have to do all that manually. And, where do all those pages and posts come from?


You write them.


So right here, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you where you can learn about affiliate links, how to write content, and include your affiliate links as you go.


This is a the site where you can take a look at the training, with only a user name and password. No payment method asked for, unless you decide to proceed with their classes. You simply CLICK below for your free account.




“Forget about hosting, domains, freelancers, writing content, and monthly charges”


Good luck with that! So it suggests that Fitness Mojo will host, give you a domain (, or something like that.


However, the pro domains are dot com, dot net, dot co, dot us and the others you’re used to seeing on professional sites. And you DO have to pay for those. Btw the training I recommend offers you one free domain,  a real dot com, for one year, if you proceed to paid training.


Plus, this membership site includes free hosting (parking your site on their server) for several sites, depending on the level of membership you choose.


Why I ultimately chose this site for blog learning, was that you can view and review the video and text classes as many times as you like.


Learning to blog from scratch can make one feel at quite a loss in some moments. OK, speaking for myself… 🙄


Being able to view the classes at one’s own pace is a real plus, and you have a legacy of Q & A’s and discussion by other members below each class. And those are always growing!


Guaranteed targeted traffic to your blog – how?


You are the guarantor of this traffic.


With your own domain, and the right training, you will create your success. Isn’t that exciting? You’re in control.


Isn’t that why you want to work for yourself at home and independently steer your fate?

  • Maybe you’re doing that now but need some pro tips at increasing your revenue?
  • Maybe you are just starting to dream that you can make money with a laptop at home, or while traveling?
  • Maybe you’re daring to hope that you can control your work schedule?
  • Maybe you want to spend more time with family?
  • Maybe you want to take better care of your health?
  • Will your past work experiences or knowledge about your favorite hobby help you create and enjoy a blog? (Yes!)


Your hopes and dreams are important, especially if you need to make some money in retirement, and you want to be independent.


That’s why I want to save you the time and frustration of a “done-for-you” package like Fitness Mojo with its empty promises.


If you want to fast track the training I recommend, there are other members online 24/7 who can be very helpful.


There is a live feed where you can get questions answered very quickly. There is a live video training every week, with replays, so again, you can review a topic as much as you need.


There is a lot to learn about creating a successful blog and it can be overwhelming without a step-by-step focused approach.


Another reason why you would do best to create your own blog, rather than use Fitness Mojo, is the established fitness sites are huge, have been around for years, and are very hard to compete with for web visitors.


Your own blog can have its specific and narrowly focused audience, a niche, which seeks a particular product or service that your blog can provide.


Does that mean I have to make a product to sell? (no!)


You will write about products as an affiliate, meaning if your reader follows your affiliate link (remember how Fitness Mojo promises to automatically embeds your links? But on close inspection doesn’t?) and your reader than makes a purchase, you will be paid a commission.




Commissions vary from retailer to retailer, and you will get some good tips as to how to choose and present the products you recommend.


And you will get guaranteed targeted visitors to your blog, albeit gradually. You’ll learn how. It is an acquired skill that will start out OK, and get better and better.


I hope you’ll take a look at the site I recommend and view all that is available to help you decide about becoming a member.


I believe in you! You just have to learn how, and you can do it.





A Quick Summary of This Post


This post  delves into the capabilities of Fitness Mojo, a software purported to assist with affiliate marketing by facilitating the creation of self-updating health and fitness websites. I’m skeptical, raising doubts about the software’s ability to deliver on its promises.


Fitness Mojo claims to provide a one-click solution for building affiliate health and fitness websites, complete with embedded affiliate links across all pages. However, I question the feasibility of this feature, pointing out that manual content creation is still a necessity. Even using a form of AI, it’s still hands-on, including your follow up marketing of your published post.


Fitness Mojo also offers hosting and subdomains, but the author notes that premium domains like .com require additional payments. In contrast, the alternative training platform that I recommend (and have stuck to for the past ten years) provides a free dot com domain as part of its paid training package.


My recommended training site is user-friendly. It allows learners to progress at their own pace, offers live Q&A sessions for quick assistance, and provides video replays for revisiting important topics.


I would like to emphasize that the responsibility for generating targeted traffic to one’s blog ultimately lies with you the author, which is why I stress the importance of proper training and domain ownership.


Furthermore, I advocate for creating a personal blog over relying on Fitness Mojo, highlighting the challenges of competing with established fitness websites. Personal blogs, can cater to specific niches and effectively promote affiliate products.


The concept of affiliate marketing is explained, emphasizing that affiliate bloggers promote products through special affiliate links and earn commissions on sales. The post also stresses the significance of selecting and presenting products skillfully.


Gaining targeted visitors is described as a skill that improves over time, with the recommended training site assisting you to develop this skill gradually.


I encourage you to explore the recommended training site for comprehensive resources and support in their affiliate marketing endeavors.


You can do this!



Here’s a post I wrote that became popular – it is about a digital product that pays a good commission. If it’s a topic you love to write about, you could be its marketer!

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