I Need To Make Money – The Heart Of This Blog


I Need To Make Money

I need to make money, I said to myself about ten years ago.

I had a job so I was paying the bills. I was keeping up.

But I had lost my retirement savings – all of it – during the bank meltdown/million layoff period.

And those savings were never to be recovered.

Have you gone through anything like that? I know your pain! 😥

And what’s more, I was approaching retirement age. This was very scary.

I had seen many articles online, about making money from home.

Who Wants To make Money From Home?

  • Persons who are confined at home
  • Retired people who don’t have enough pension income
  • Working parents who can’t leave the home (i.e. leave the kids alone)
  • Anyone else who has the interest and time

I started looking for a way to work at home because I still had a child living with me. Even though they were old enough for me to work evenings, I chose not to be out of the house every evening.

I bumped into  a lot of articles about blogging for money, and wow those scams came down the track like a runaway train!

I still look at offers, and this is one I saw today. The products claims:

“People are pocketing millions!

Again, just for helping someone get MILLIONS IN FREE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. (You can be anywhere in the world and do this)

They didn’t have to talk to them, show their face, or have any knowledge. 
All they did was connected the money with a someone that could GET IT FOR FREE.”

This is The 2 Million Dollar Commission System. 

Part of the ad copy mentions a Bryan who made over $1,000,000.00 posting one time on Facebook.

Read that as “bought ads on Facebook”. The cheap price for access to this system, $11.99 won’t be the last money you spend to use this.

Unless you have a Facebook account with a couple of thousand followers who will accept promotions from you, I doubt you or I would be tracking Bryan’s footsteps.

The creator states: “People are sharing their landing page with lots of business owners and making SERIOUS BANK each time they give away FREE MONEY!”

Translate: “sharing their landing pages” means one of two things

  1. Their landing pages are found online because the blogger has created a blog with more than one hundred articles on it and therefore gets pushed up onto the first page of search engines. Without hiring writers, this could take up to six months to build.
  2. A person looking to make money with their computer will take about six months to learn to blog (if they can find the right training) and get that blog found online, in order to promote any product. And make commissions when people buy.

I am so glad that years ago I found a training site that got me started with a free account. I learned after a few classes that there is a methodical video class system that walks you through building a web site.

A web site designed for business. Would you like to take a look at that?




If you click on the button above you will go to a page where you can provide a user name and password. No payment asked for, no credit card number.

In the long run, you could do much better building your own site(s) from where you can promote anything, like The 2 Million Dollar Commission System (which, if it works, will stop working once that government fund for business owners dries up).


I Need To Make Money – What Could I Promote Online?

You can profit from your strengths, your weaknesses, your career (current or previous) and your hobbies.

For instance if you’re a workout fan, you probably have knowledge about gym machines, exercise mats, Pilates, stretching routines and similar items.

Items that many retailers provide online. Here is one I love, and I have written about it here:

BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

That cool and easy to store at home product is popular, and the retailer uses affiliates. That means when people buy it from my blog post, I get a commission.

Some people consider being concerned about your health a weakness (I don’t but many do). Here is  post I wrote about a health product, also from a company that pays decent commissions:

What’s The Best CBD Oil To Buy


The creator of The 2 Million Dollar Commission System also asserts: “we have proven ourselves – over and over again“…


Er…the product launched on 09/16/22 – two days ago. Uh huh.


The product (professional blog training community) I recommend HAS proven itself over and over again, for over ten years. It has over a million world wide members, many of whom are available every day for help and advice.


Blogging Tips You Can Learn For Free


  • Your WordPress platformed site is coded properly for you to start right away.
  • You will get a class about choosing a niche/product you can enjoy writing about
  • You will get a class about choosing a title for your site, and a domain name
  • You will get templates for your required legal pages
  • You will learn how to upload images, and where to get free or paid for images


And that is the basics…Of course there is much more as you move on to a paid membership in order to learn how to build a great blog (s) the right way.

One of my favorite things about this training is you DO it as you learn it.

You get to SEE your work on your live blog! It is published from the beginning, and you are seeing exactly what your readers will see, when they discover it.

Another BIG aspect you will learn is HOW your readers find  Your blog post. It’s not an accident or a game of chance, despite the millions of blogs online.


Is the 2 Million Dollar Commission System a Scam?

I don’t think it is a scam.

But I do KNOW you have to be pretty savvy about working online for you to get the number of readers on your page about it.

This is definitely not for beginners.

The free account I recommend is specifically designed for beginners.

Need I say more? CLICK below on the blue button.





How To Earn An Extra Income Online


Do you want to know how to earn an extra income online?

I am sure you do, since you searched for this topic and voila, here is my article, designed to help you in your quest of how to earn an extra income online.

Most bloggers making an extra income online write product reviews in which they place affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

This is an encoded word or phrase, and usually you see it in blue, or bolded, or it is in a Button that you click on.


For example, I write about an affiliate marketing training site that offers a free account to get started learning how to blog for money. This is my Button:




That button has a link in it that takes you to the place where you can get an account (user name and password only, no $ up front) and start classes on making your own web site  (no charge, and you get to keep it) and…

…how to develop it into a good business blog.

Recently I discovered an app called NovelPro. There are hundreds of apps available to help you market various products or services, and some sound very appealing. They promise the world and more.

NovelPro states:

  • “Just One Click To Activate Your Novel, Ebook, Comics & Magazine Websites
  • Start Your Website In 170+ Niches
  • Pay once, a low one time price and profit forever
  • Unlimited websites hosting with fast blazing servers.
  • Add your affiliate links on the websites to get paid instantly
  • 100% Legal & Ethical.
  • No technical knowledge or skill required..
  • Fully Automated Sites With Ready To Sell over 50,000+ DFY novels & ebooks.

To me, the items in red are red flags

100% Legal and Ethical – why would that have to be mentioned? Is it questionable in some way?

No technical knowledge or skill required – well, let’s see about that!

Upon examination I see that the app is going to create one website for you.

Yet the e-books, novels and magazines websites are not exclusively, but mostly – let’s face it – Amazon products.

So first, you have to get an Amazon affiliate account.

And Amazon won’t give it to you unless you already have a website that gets traffic.

If you don’t need any knowledge or technical skills, how do you already have a website that gets traffic, if you even understand that?

One of the things that the training community I recommend teaches is, it’s best to start out choosing a niche (product or service that appeals to a very specific audience).

This is to help you succeed because you’re not competing with some MASSIVE website (like Amazon!).

Doesn’t that make sense?

One of the basic classes offered helps you sort out how You, a newbie, can pick a niche product that you can write about with enthusiasm. Why?

Because for a successful blog, you’re going to write a lot of content in order to gain visibility with the search engines (Google, Bing and more).

It absolutely fascinates me how a blogger can (and I know these people) pick an item like football snack helmets or unique toilet seats, and make a living. Yet, this is done.

When you think about it there billions of searches a day for all kinds of items that you can center a blog around.

  • Woodworking tools and plans
  • Pink satin ballet pointe shoes
  • Gardening tools for women
  • Positive thinking guide books
  • Patio heaters
  • Gazebos and fire pits
  • Knitting and crocheting patterns, needles and hooks

Seriously, I could list a hundred off the top of my head. But you get the idea.


Don’t Waste Time Learning How To Earn An Extra Income Online

A few years back I did waste some time finding out how to earn an extra income online. Yet, I had a couple of factors in my favor.

I discovered a very valuable digital book about a topic I happened to be an expert in.

This book was on a marketplace that provided an affiliate link for bloggers, and offered a very good commission – 50%!

Without knowing anything about marketing online I wrote five articles a week about this topic, and a few months later I got an email from the marketplace asking for my tax info because I had made $1,200.00!

That’s not a lot of money and I couldn’t quit my day job.

But what if you’re a retired senior and you’ve already quit your day job?

You have 40 more hours a week than I did then, to write, learn, and develop your blog.

See where this is leading?

Senior retired bloggers, and disabled people working from home, really do make money online:

  • They choose their own work hours
  • They set up a comfortable work station
  • They can rest when they want to
  • They can exercise when they want to
  • They can travel when they want to (ah! the laptop lifestyle!)
  • They save time and gas money
  • They govern their quality of life

Are You Unemployed And Need To Make Money?

You would need a few months, and with all the time you have on hand, you could make very fast progress with the right instruction.

Here are the advantages to getting set up properly with the right community and support.

This community also offers a discount on domain names  – “mysite.com” and hosting – the place where your site sits online.

Comparing it to NovelPro…well, there is no comparison.

  • Getting a site to compete with the behemoth Amazon vs your own unique site
  • Getting a site for marketing what Amazon’s already marketing vs your own niche
  • Earning .6% from Amazon vs 10% to 50% commissions from other retailers
  • Getting a site that hundreds of others have also bought vs your own unique site
  • Getting a fad app site vs building a site(s) that will earn for years
  • Getting questionable support vs having a 24/7 community for support and help

I have to say I lucked out in the beginning of my blogging days. I had a topic I could write about in my sleep and I made money.

This is my site I started out with, if you’d like to take a peek.

But I had to move forward from luck and really learn how to do it professionally.

If you’re interested in studying how the pros do it, for seven days free access, get your account now.




I hope to see you there!


Here is an article about the place where I marketed my first product, a digital book, from:

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System


Home Based Job Residual Income Needed

home-based-job-residual income

This almost sounds like a classified ad from the old days – “Home based job residual income needed” – doesn’t it?

This blog was designed for seniors to find ways to create an online job to do at home, or while traveling, or worked from anywhere. But, you can be at any age and benefit from all the information in the many articles here.

Today we take a look at the Venus App. It is described as follows, by its authors:


  • Makes Us 100% Passive Income…
  • Be Up & Running In 60 Seconds…
  • Legally Raid Amazon…
  • No Physical Products Needed…
  • Works For Literally Anyone…
  • Never-Been-Done On Warrior+Plus…
  • Press A Button & You’re Good To Go…
  • Live Your Dream Life…
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


Looking at this Venus app closely I find out that it is a system where you buy it, and you get a dashboard that invites you to make E Books – you know, digital books that in this case, are sold on Amazon.

The system will help you “generate e-books” which you can edit – whoa! Do you have to be a writer of e-books?

What if you’re not? Because one trusted person mentioned in a review of this app, that at least 30% of the 2600 e-books provided are plagiarized.

How do you vet the e-books? How do you edit the information? How many hours of searching on line will give you the information you need?

Are you a fast writer/editor? Do you know how to format an e-book, for example, to get it published on Amazon?

I’m going to interrupt my own article right here, for you readers who need a home based job resulting in residual income.

I’m really not sure the Venus app will get you results.

This app isn’t expensive mind you, but “you get what you pay for” might apply here.

So the app will create (questionably legal) e-books. (one user confirms there is a lot of plagiarism)

It will also convert them into audio books (very popular!).

And we know Amazon sells tons of e-books and audio books, don’t we?

Yet, publishing e-books requires standards, correct formatting – all explained on Amazon.

Publishing on audio books requires a good voice (yours!),  and other quality standards.

There are several steps and several web sites to use, to do this with the Venus app.

It is a little complicated for my taste.

I truly want to help you decide how you  – especially if you’re a senior without enough Social Security and other pension benefits to live comfortably after retirement – or a disabled person confined to your home – might develop a residual income working from home.

Because of that, I must mention now that I recommend a training program for making money on line, that you can investigate for free, over seven days.

The cost is, your time.

Starting from scratch, would you like to learn:

  • How to set up a business blog
  • Orient it to a niche (product or service) you’re familiar with (maybe a hobby)
  • Choose a domain name
  • Study some classes on developing the blog
  • Posting the correct legal pages
  • Posting an About Me (you!) page  so your readers will trust you
  • Learning how to find readers – how they will find you!
  • How to write content that will authenticate your blog with search engines

And much more! Would you like to start? Click below.



So you re-write an e-book, making it original with your own words.
Then, the Venus app creators recommend you use the text to voice software provided, and make an audio book.
The Venus app then has you sign up to a separate web site called acx. Acx publishes e-books.
But here’s a major brick wall – Aex does not accept books made with text-to-voice. Which are, all the e-books you make with Venus.
That just leaves me scratching my head!
So, alternately, what if you were to simply follow the many you-tube videos on how to publish your own e-book? There are a few that walk you through it, including the formatting Amazon requires.
Because if you can do that, you do not need any app.


And here’s where I come to my point


Even if you’ve made a few e-books, or dozens, you will need your own web site to promote them.

You will need hundreds of followers on social media to promote TO.

If you have a visible (high ranking) blog your readers will be able to discover your e-books.

Same with social media, you need to have this set up in advance. Presence.

That’s why I recommend the best professional blog training you can find. The not-overnight, not no-work-needed, not no-skills-needed, methodical brick-by-brick site building classes that will guide you correctly.

Don’t you want a web site that will endure through years on the search engines?

Don’t you want to know how to make your web site visible online?

Wouldn’t you like to learn the proper format for a promotional and an informational blog article?

Would you like to be assured that the hosting (the physical servers provided) of your blog is reliable with great tech support?

More than a million users over ten plus years use this platform to host their business websites.

To create their business websites, and to keep them updated with both legal requirements and internet trends.

It can be a little intimidating to learn the thousands of details about blog writing.

That’s why I recommend that you follow the map that starts at the beginning, with video classes, lots of Q & A, to take you to the published product (yours!) that can compete for readers and buyers.

You can set up an account with simply a user name and password. No payment type asked for.




More great material:

Make Your Own Business Web Site With Easy CB Profits

make-your-own-business-web-site-home office

How would you like to make your own business web site?

I have made a few, and some were easier to build than others.

Will Easy CB Profits help you get started?

Since my first successful blog that brought me sales was promoting a ClickBank product (a digital download of information, easy to buy, usually well-priced, and often with a 50% commission) I was interested in the product called Easy CB Profits.

Here is how the creator promotes the virtues of this system (and I quote):


  • 365 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • DFY ClickBank Offers That pay you $500 or more in commissions…
  • At Last, A Solution That Lets You Create Job Crushing Income
  • Set & Forget It… Runs 24/7 On Complete Autopilot
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • $100 a day ClickBank Tutorials Included Free.
  • DFY ClickBank Profit Sites In 50 Different Niches
  • These Sites Drive Free Traffic To Themselves
  • 24/7 Income stream
  • No Monthly Fees Ever..
  • World Class Support Team
  • Get Results Or We’ll Send You $100

So firstly, you have a year’s money back guarantee. That’s a plus.

Done For You ClickBank offers that pay – wow! $500.00 commissions?

I have to study this further, because I’ve never, in eight years, heard of that. Usually ClickBank prices aren’t close, anywhere near close to, a thousand dollars, which might get you that kind of commission.

Also, I’m not sure what DFY (done for you) ClickBank offers means, because ClickBank has already done those, and provided them in a format you can use for earning marketing commissions.

It purports to be a “job crushing” revenue earner – and who doesn’t want to give up their day job?

I know many who have.

Some are cyber-colleagues in the blogging business, and a few are instructors in a training community.

And, many of us got started for no funds upfront, not even a payment method on file.

Searching online, just like you are now, we came across a link posted by a complete stranger, who may have become someone’s BFF! I say that, because getting access to a free account is a friendly thing!

Of course authentic blog business training cannot be free forever, but we had a whole week to start the five basic video classes, and put up our very own web site.

Learning how to make your own business web site – and then learning what to do with it – isn’t difficult.

It takes knowledge from experts, a time-tested linear training system, and your time and patience. How much time do you have in a week to start creating a work-from-home future?

Click below if you want to try this out.




Let’s  look at CB Easy Profits some more:

Set And Forget It – a wonderful catchy buzz phrase, yet how does that play out?

How much work needs to be done before you get to that stage?

Honestly, the reality of the internet is that well built web sites always need some attention.

You don’t buy a car and forget it, do you? You change the oil, give it the regular tune ups and all that, right?

Because you’re not going to let such an investment deteriorate.

Web sites are like that. The initial investment is small dollar-wise, but all your creativity and time are valuable, so you want to maintain what you’ve built.

And with the training I recommend from an experienced community of helpfuls, the maintenance is minimal, but needs to be kept up.

For $14.95, in one way you can’t go wrong with CB Easy Profits, and you can get your funds returned.
OK, so it’s 100% newbie friendly.
But is it? It’s claimed that their ClickBank affiliate sites “rank themselves on Google”.
And I ask you, perhaps a complete newbie, or if you remember being a beginner blogger – what does that mean?
If you don’t know what that means, and all that it entails,  – well, I just made my point.

$100 a day ClickBank Tutorials Included Free

This is a good thing. Without those you wouldn’t know what you’re doing, or where you’re going.

The huge 24/7 awake blogging community I recommend will do so much more. Once you’re paying for training you have access to hundreds of tutorials about marketing:

  • As an Amazon affiliate – all the world wide sites
  • For Ebay
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • And thousands of products via massive marketplaces like Awin and Share A Sale
  • Many of your favorite one-product vendors who use affiliates for promotion

CBEasy Profits will choose 50 Niche Products – popular items – for you.

The system will generate a squeeze page – an intro page – and a thank you page – for each item or niche product, that it has chosen for you.

This all sounds very good, but from a business viewpoint it isn’t.

Why would I say that?

Here’s this easy to use “DFY” system. Purportedly, thousands of  the product has been purchased.

Do you want to make your own business web site – or have a dozen or more sites that look like thousands of others?

And compete in exactly the same way?

Furthermore, investigation of this system reveals that you will NOT get a dot com or dot net or dot co website, and those are among the “dots” that get ranking – that is, the site will show up – from the popular search engines.

So you may, because of that alone, make NO money from any of these cookie-cutter one page sites.

I could go into much more depth on this system, but truly, I’d be wasting my time.  And I wouldn’t want to encourage you to waste yours.

One thing I can promise you, you won’t waste time if you go for a week’s long intensive study for zero money up front.

Learn how a real business blog is built, with the correct informational pages, the correct legal pages, and more. And those pages are provided for you, to edit and customize for YOUR blog.

Learn how to format a good blog article.

Learn how to create the best titles, paragraph headlines and choose the best colors for your blog.

Learn how to create a brand, a logo, and learn where to find the free tools to do so.

Learn how to write in an easy style,  a conversational style that sounds like YOU, or at least the business version of you.

You don’t want to write too short an article, or too long (I’m almost done here I promise! 😀 ).

You don’t want to over-kill it, be boring, or drag out the important points.

And neither do I!

All you have to do is click on the blue button below, and get started.



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Motivational Encouragements – Is Onyx Misleading

motivational encouragements laughing people

Motivational Encouragements

The thousand of apps and software packages that are promoted and used to help you make money on line without learning how to, use highly targeted motivational encouragements to get you to buy.

Those motivational encouragements as used in online marketing articles, are called keywords.

The following list in the frame is a snippet from the Onyx promotion. This is an app that promises:

  • Fully-Automated App Does It All…
  • 100% Brand New To Warrior+Plus…
  • Get Results In 20 Mins Flat…
  • We Get Paid For Doing No Work…
  • No Experience Or Skills Needed…
  • Works For Anyone Anywhere…
  • Finally Live The Laptop Lifestyle…
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


“Without Traffic, Selling, Funnels, Affiliate Marketing or any other complicated, outdated, beaten old strategy that’s highly saturated in 2022…”

If you talk to the people (and I have, for eight years) who make a good living marketing online, they would hardly call their method of success a “beaten old strategy”.

They, and I, use a marketing training and community website that provides daily updates, legal requirements, and many more details about to write a good business blog.

Most of them, as well as myself, started with a non-paid week of access to the instruction classes. These classes outline how to pick a product, or “niche” to promote on two trial websites. We all had seven days to try the classes, pick our blog titles, pick a visual theme, and publish the blog, all in about half an hour.

Before I talk about Onyx, to see if it might help us start making money “in twenty minutes”, you can click on the blue button below if you want to skip the details and get your free account.






ONYX is an app that puts you in the middle between a user who wants a task done, and the person who can do the task.

You charge $500.00 for a task, and you pay the worker $150.00. Wow, what a profit!

According to the creators, you don’t need any online marketing skills – none!

How realistic is this?

Too good to be true? You know what they say about that, right?

Who Can Benefit From the Onyx App?

The creators suggest the following (and I quote):

  • Student…
  • Stay At Home Dad…
  • Single Mother…
  • Pensioner…
  • Office Worker…
  • Literally Anyone…

That resonates with me because that is the list I would say can benefit from an internet training that will help you create a web site designed for business that is so solid, it will outlast any fad-driven app that is a few weeks old.

Would you rather make your own business web site?

What motivational encouragements can I cite here that would benefit you?

  • Own your own site(s)
  • Learn how to earn income when you make your own business web site
  • Learn how to find words to use that will help readers find you
  • Enjoy a 24/7 active site with live chat, Q & A’s in each lesson
  • Find out how to use images (paid or free) properly
  • Discover how to enhance your site(s) for loading speed
  • Get tips on writing good content to attract visitors
  • Practice good format guidelines for your blog articles
  • Design your site and articles to earn affiliate commissions

Why all this? Because you are going to make your own business website in order to earn and increase your revenue attained by affiliate marketing online.

Affiliate marketing online is how you make money.

The blue button above sends you to a page where you can make your own free web site.

Wouldn’t you love to make your own free web site?

I’m not dismissing Onyx as an opportunity. No, it clearly is an opportunity but I have a problem with some of its promo.

Specifically, the authors emphasize points like:

  • A two-click application, to get fully launched with Onyx
  • First click to buy and get to the Dashboard
  • Second click to enter a keyword and – wait!

What’s a keyword? It’s one of those motivational encouragements!

But how do you know how to find one?

Who is looking for a solution to a task they need done?

How do you start?

The failing of this app – Onyx

I can tell you, from the Dashboard options, that you are expected to know a lot about working and marketing online.

The Dashboard offers an option to integrate this app with your web site – WAIT!

Who said anything about having a web site!

Onyx said “the fully automated app does it all” – but it doesn’t build you a web site.

Onyx said “get results in 20 mins flat” – huh? You’re going to make your own business web site in 19 minutes and then apply Onyx?

See how this doesn’t make sense?

A Million Plus Users Take Advantage of The Training I Recommend

These are people who didn’t fall for “make $100 an hour in twenty minutes flat” . I mean who has done that?

Who has been paid for “doing no work”? Hands up!

So, okay, I could pick this apart more, but do I need to?

Onyx is cheap to buy, and you can get your money back. No big deal.

But, in the time you buy it, and proceed to figure it out, navigate the Dashboard, worry about keywords to generate  – you could get your free account to a system that will launch you to a real potential of making money with a blog designed for business.

A business blog that will, with diligent practice, increase your affiliate marketing earnings for years.

How much do you think you can learn in a week? The blogging classes are there for you to view, and repeat as needed.

You will learn how to get a website address, (no money needed) how to pick a visual theme, how to introduce yourself (About Me page) and how to start writing content that will interest people.

And you’ll learn about keywords, which Onyx seems to think you will intuit. No!

There is a keyword tool provided, which you can try for free, with your account. And a lesson to explain it.

If you’re serious about supplementing your retirement income, your student budget, your at home mom or dad budget, or your travel budget, look no further.




Related material: this article is about using a Clickbank (digital informational or inspirational product) package with which you can make good affiliate commissions:

Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money


Need Help With Money Problems

need help with money problems

When I talk to many of the seniors I run into, and ask what would make their lives better many of them say I need help with money problems.

Many of these friends have their Social Security pension payouts and an additional income from a private pension fund, yet as the world changes in some pretty scary ways, a lot of people feel like they need more money.

And they’re willing to work for it. You too?

Once you’re retired, and you don’t have an iron clad schedule or strict structure for your daily living, you need to create a new structure for living, and maybe working.

So in keeping with the theme of this site, seniors-work-at-home-jobs, I’ll share the reasons seniors give me why they want to work from home.

And for some, home has become an RV. Even while traveling anyone can be linked to society with internet connection.

Whether traveling or rooted, people want to work from home because:

  • You can choose your own schedule – 9 to 5 or night owl shift
  • You can save on time and gas and wear and tear on your vehicle
  • You can eat at home and stay healthier
  • If you’re disabled or restricted in any way you can be more comfortable at home
  • With a laptop, you can travel and work while you go
  • You can take breaks and visit family or friends or different parts of the world
  • You can take some of your work expenses off your taxable income (follow your fed/state guidelines)
  • You can learn how to write for money, how to affiliate market – all from home!


Learn The Best Way To Get Help With Money Problem Solving

You need more money. You’re willing to work ( at home, whatever your lifestyle).

So what work can you do?

Do you enjoy talking to friends about certain products? I mean products related to certain work, including hobbies.

For instance, I know someone who makes pretty good monthly income writing about men’s gardening tools. He has a blog all about those items.

He writes product reviews and recommends the best widget to do XYZ…And gets paid!

He gets paid commissions from retailers who sell the items he informs his readership about.

You Can Make Money Working Online Too


Like my friend who writes about men’s gardening tools, I began studying affiliate marketing before retirement was near.

A lot of writing is required for a blogger to get found online, because all the search engines want to present the most popular websites to their consumers. That’s the bottom line.

If you have a real passion in a hobby that you like to share, be it fishing, wood working, crocheting, anything – writing content for your blog won’t be a problem.

My first blog is this one. I knew nothing about blogging for money. Nothing.

However, after writing about 50 blog posts, I got a notification from ClickBank that they wanted my tax info so they could pay me! (*more about ClickBank below)

I was writing about a digital information package that a site called ClickBank, a marketplace, listed. Every time one of my readers bought this package (instant download) I made $25.00! Wow.

If I had studied the training I later discovered, I would have made ten times the amount I made being blissfully ignorant.

I did find a place to learn how to make more money with less work (not no work, please note). I got a free account to glean as much as I could about blogging for money, the right way, for one week.

Would you like to do that? If so, CLICK below!




That was nine years ago, that I started to make money with my ballet blog. Eventually many commercial interests found the ballet “niche” or corner of the market, and they came to dominate the field. But, still, my early blog gets visibility online because of the volume of the content, longevity, and “authority” the search engines give it.

I have developed a few other blogs, all for affiliate referrals, and I was able to do that because of the training I have cheerfully bought from the site I recommend to shortcut your path to success.

There are many tools to help you write blogs that readers will find.

A tool to find the right titles, and headlines  – the exact right words – that people are searching online with. How ’bout that?

Templates – formatting for product reviews – how to best present your recommended items or digital information packets to your readers.

How to find copyright-free or paid for images to enhance your posts, and how to upload them to your site.

Oh! Let me back-peddle a bit – first of all, even without paying one cent, this training site will give you TWO websites to develop over your free seven day classroom access.  TWO!

If you decide not to become a member of this site, those sites are yours, for always.

If you do decide to become a member, and keep training, you will have access to a world wide community. There is always a vast number of members on the site 24/7. They are available for a live chat feed where you can ask questions about the training.

You have a legacy of Q and A’s included with every classroom, and these continually grow.

In other words, you’re never alone! 

*More About ClickBank;

What Is Clickbank University A Scam – Or Will You Make Money?

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System

And why I am I doing this/why would you be doing this? To alleviate the need for help with money problems?

Yes! Because I/You may have other goals, right?

Like needing money to support our hobbies and dreams that our career didn’t? Maybe, right?

There’s always more, right?

Inspirational Words Of Encouragement

No! Not my strength…but I can give a good pep talk for learning how to write a blog that will make money.

I lost my retirement fund a few years ago in the previous recession – had nada! Zip!

And I know that happened to hundreds of thousands of people.

So here are my inspirational words of encouragement:



Here’s another article I wrote to give you more ideas:


Reward Banx 300 Plus Per Day

What can you really make with Reward Banx  300 plus per day?


Let’s take a look at this opportunity. If you’re a retired senior, or soon to retire, wouldn’t you like to add to your income and live a lifestyle you’ve always wanted – without working so hard?


Many seniors and disabled people – who need to make money working from home – need help with money problems. Let’s look at some of the features of Reward Banx and see if it might be an opportunity to make money after retirement.

In 3-Clicks = We Activate

“Done For You” Coupon Code Websites”
…Says the creator. I wonder how that can work. The author purports:
  • “No Complex Setup, Just 3 Clicks To Activate These Coupon Code Sites…
  • We’re Getting PAID To Help People Save Money…
  • Self-Ranking Sites That Drive FREE Google Traffic To Themselves…
  • 100% Automated, Setup Once & Forget About It…
  • Risk Free 365 Day Money Guarantee
  • PLUS: We’ll Pay You $200 If You Fail…”

First off, that’s great advertising. Notice the attention-grabbing phrases like “help people”, “self-ranking”, “automated”, “risk free”, and “guarantee”.

Since the readers of this blog are looking for ways to make money at home, they are also looking for training. If that’s you, do you know what “self-ranking” is?

Because that’s one big chunk of affiliate internet marketing – ranking. What that boils down to is being seen on whatever search engine you’re using.

Is Reward Banx going to train you? Let’s look further.

Zero Technical/Computer Skills Involved

I’ve made sure that this software would be so easy to use that even my mother and father could use it (they know next to NOTHING about computers).

Well, I am probably the age of the author’s mother and father – heh heh – and so are my readers, and so might be you.

Ten years ago, I started learning about blogging for money.  I accessed a training site that DID teach me about ranking, for one, and also gave me the opportunity to make two websites for free.

Do I hear a WOW?

Now, I expect you to  be skeptical. You’re looking for a real feet-on-the-ground place to tell you how to earn some extra revenue online, or with a full time ability, to fully support you in retirement or after a traumatic disability that requires you to work at home.

We will look at Reward Banx further, but I want to give you access, right now, to the training place I found where I learned how to actually get some money into my bank account.

I started for free, and after a week of training classes, I decided to pay for more.




 I honestly don’t know how you can keep on developing a site, and the hopefully resulting income, with zero computer skills, or zero blogging skills.

The Reward Banx system says this all “set and forget” with automated updating and automated “ranking” so YOUR site shows up in the search engines and people will click on it and use YOUR reference for coupons, and you will get a commission.

That’s affiliate marketing, by the way. Someone buys something from your web site and you make a %.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned strategies like:

  • High Ticket Sales…
  • Affiliate Marketing…
  • Making Videos…
  • Social Media Marketing…
  • Email Marketing…
  • Local Marketing

After all, how are those things working out for you right now?

So, for someone to ask “how’s that working out”? …they’re not talking to a newbie, right? They’re not talking to a senior or disabled person searching for a way to supplement their SS or SSD payments.

This where I find I can’t recommend Reward Banx to my readers.

My readers want something concrete to interface with that will offer professional business blog training.

My readers know that ultimately nothing comes for free, but also an opportunity to try out some authentic blog training classes with no payment asked for, is rare. If not unique.

That’s why I hope to shorten the learning curve for newly arrived retirees or people on disability. You can learn how to promote items you have an expertise on, even it they have just been a beloved hobby to you and not a career. Things like:

  • Woodworking information
  • Barn owl boxes
  • Crocheting
  • Cooking accessories (BBQing and more)
  • Recipes
  • Gardening tips and equipment
  • Ballet and dance information and supplies

Honestly, it’s endless.

What do you love?

My mother could have had a site about bird watching, affiliate marketing the attendant supplies. Bird houses, binoculars et al. Amazon is a place where buyers look for bird houses, bird food, bird feeders, night vision binoculars and other accessories.

My dad could have had a site about wood working, rug hooking, and (big time!) beer making. So those are hobbies they had. While “just hobbies”, they could have talked for a month  about those things.

See where I’m going with this?

I don’t think Reward Banx is a scam. But it’s a wee bit optimistic about You, with no website training, making about $300.00 a day with it. I just don’t see it.

I recommend a site that:

  • Is open 24/7 with over a million members world wide who will help you
  • Has been on line for years
  • Hosts a site (gives you a space on a server) for half price the going rates
  • Sells domain names (yoursite.com et al) for half price the going rates
  • Has both higher priced and lower priced  membership opportunities
  • Has superb technical support
  • Offers support for “ranking”
  • Has weekly training webinars with an expert (and he’s funny!)

What’s to lose?



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What Can I Write A Blog About



Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic

Everyone wants guaranteed targeted web traffic, right? Surely, you too?


Along came an app called SpeeeD, which claims the following:

“This isn’t some old outdated traffic source that nobody uses…

This traffic source has real humans who whip out their credit cards and cause a buying frenzy like nothing you’ve ever seen before… 

You’ll be able to leverage this 416,000 visitors an hour platform from 1 dashboard in 1-click…”

Slow down there! Any experienced marketer will want to question these figures.

I’m not saying this is impossible – there are some highly successful marketers who may get that kind of traffic due to their relentless and savvy promotions, or  – paid ads.



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Buy Targeted Web Traffic Cheap


That’s another headline I saw today. If you’ve ever worked in advertising, you know there are no cheap advertising methods anywhere.

Unless you learn how to blog online the right way, to develop your own web site that in and by itself WILL generate its own traffic, in time.

In other words a site owned by you, IS a platform from which you can market products which will get you commissions from purchases made by your readers.

There is a whole system in place, tried and true, which will not go away. That’s why I started THIS blog for seniors, the disabled, or anyone who wants to investigate work from home jobs.

I was able to see how this system would work, because I got a free account. I got access to a batch of blogging-building “how to” classes. For a week! I devoted all my waking hours to learning about affiliate marketing online.

Does that sound like something you’d like to do? learn? To know?




The creator of SpeeeD goes on to to talk about Quora, and its huge website stats:

“Now Quora gets over 300 million visitors a month…


  • 10 million visitors a day…
  • ​416,000 visitors every hour…
  • ​6,900 visitors every minute…
  • ​115 visitors every FREAKING second… “

And, yes Quora is an enormous web site with thousands of contributors. Many of them write excellent answers (Quora is a Q & A site).

And many of those writers share their affiliate marketing links, or links to their own website where they are promoting products for sale by retailers.

So, Quora is a way to get targeted traffic, or attract readers who are looking for information and deals on the subject of the author’s topic.

More claims:

“We’ve discovered a totally legal, easy and ethical loophole that doesn’t require any of the following:

  • No Tech Skills
  • No Being On Camera
  • No Uploading Images
  • No Setting Up Funnels
  • No Previous Experience
  • No Paid Advertising
  • No Waiting Months For Results”

I can look back at the days before I found my recommended training for making money with a blog – when I had no tech skills. I had no website. I didn’t know how to write content for a blog. 

I guarantee that if you are a beginner, someone searching how to start working at home online, the above SpeeeD app is not going to be a snap.


How To Start An Online Blog and Make Money

Lots of people publish articles about how to make money online “free”, make money blogging “overnight”, or in a week. 

I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I never saw that happen for anyone. A really well presented affiliate marketing blog may take up to six months to bring in some revenue. 

Do you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing beginners blog?

  • Affiliate marketing for blogs entails some know-how. Specifically:
  • How to target an audience interested in a specific topic or product
  • How to write good content – useful content, for the readers
  • How to link your articles to a retailer who will pay you for the referral
  • Get free blog design templates


Where Can I Start A Blog?

You can start a blog where the pros hang out. The real people who make a living from affiliate blogging. A community of bloggers who encompass a HUGE range of products, hobbies, and digital information.

My blog, this one, is targeted at seniors who want some extra money in retirement, and also the disabled who have to work from home, or who would prefer to work from home.

Many seniors live in their RVs and travel around while making money blogging

Many younger people travel and make money with their laptop as they go.

You can start a blog at an exciting, always live, professional business site called Wealthy Affiliate. There are dozens of classrooms, designed for you to develop your site step by step. The right way. 

For no money upfront, no credit card on file, you can study for a week. You can build a free site, which is yours for months whether you continue with the paid training or not. Yours!

If you decide to proceed with access to training at the low price of $49.00 a month, you will learn how to get guaranteed targeted web traffic which will be yours, not Quora’s or any other site that someone else owns and controls.




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Quick Ways To Earn Money Online – Can Phone4Kash Work?

Do you ever wonder about quick ways to earn money online – can Phone4Kash work?

The creators proudly proclaim that they are making internet millionaires overnight and that kind of hype. 

I don’t personally use Twitter anymore, but enough people I know do. That means if ONE internet millionaire was made by this, or any app, I’d know about it instantly.

Probably you would too, right?

I’ll try not to be discouraging about making money from home, especially to my senior audience here. I’ll proceed with a closer look at Phone4Kash, and if we don’t discover that it’s a way for you to make any amount of money online, I will tell you a way you can!

But first:

I quote the creators claims:

  • You don’t need to do any coding or complex set up!
  • You don’t need to pay thousands to a programmer!
  • You don’t need your own Apple or Google Developer Account!
  • You don’t need previous experience!
  • You don’t need a website!
  • You don’t need tech skills!
  • You don’t need paid advertising!
  • You don’t need to pay monthly fees!
  • You don’t need a product!

But wait! Not too far into the video tutorial on the Phone4Kash promo site, the teacher says “copy the code and go to the control panel  of your website – hold it right there!

What happened to “You don’t need a website“?

What happened to “You don’t need tech skills“?

Do you know where your control panel is, in the website you don’t need?

Believe me, when I read this kind of promo I Want To Believe – know what I mean?

If you don’t know how to find a control panel in a website, and add code, stay with me. I have a few websites, and I don’t need to use a control panel or add code, ever. 

>>>>>>>>>I haven’t had to do that for over ten years!<<<<<<<<<


How We Got More Than $43,080.10 By ‘Lazing Away’ On Our Phones…

That headline is written by the creators of Phone4Kash.

The new phone app that will enable you to disperse links about products to make you affiliate commissions to millions of phone users. Because we all love getting those uninvited notifications on our phones, all day, don’t we?

Now, I’m a senior too, and this blog is to help seniors who want to work at home, and also the disabled who HAVE to work at home, to find the best way they can earn extra revenue to their pensions and SSI or SSDI benefits.

But, to depart from my own revulsion to getting endless notifications on my phone, which may be shared by millions my age, I will continue to review this opportunity.

“If you can spare 2 minutes a day, that’s all you need to succeed with Phone4Kash.

Because 1421 members just like you are already getting iOS and Android payments over and over again …”

Many seniors have owned businesses, or worked in businesses, that probably made NO DOLLARS in two minutes a day, average.

But times have changed! I’m doing my best to keep up, and I bet you are too, right? So i”m willing to learn new things, especially if it means I (we!) can:

  • earn decent money from home
  • stay in my home
  • live the RV lifestyle, earning with my laptop
  • visit family when I please
  • get the best medical care, without worry
  • go back to school for a degree if I want
  • live an anxiety-free life

And all those good things!

And you newbies reading this article – you can do this all without paying for traffic or building a list.

But, newbies don’t even know what that means, right?

Just saying! 


How Do You Make Money On The Internet

That’s what you really need to know, right? So, right here, I am going to give you a link to a training website which you can peruse for no money, for a week, and examine the classes that will help you start. 

Classes that will walk you through starting one or two websites, designed for developing a business on the internet. 

You can create an account, with no credit card or any type of payment asked for. Promise!




Here is why I recommend this incredible training opportunity. You will create your own internet real estate (your blog(s)) which you will always own

You  will pay about half the cost of hosting (having your site(s) on a server that will keep them visible online).

You will pay about half the cost for your domain name (hiitsme.com, .info, .net, et al).

You will have a weekly training webinar with an experienced internet marketer who is patient, does the step by step walk through of the elements that build a good blog, and for a bonus, is really funny.

You will have 24/7 access to a live feed of Q’s and A’s, with the million plus world wide members . Many of them are as new as you, and many are top money-making marketers who share their tips and tricks with you.  Amazing, they are!

You will have many classes (some you will access for free, with your initial free account) that walk you through:

  • starting your site
  • picking a name
  • deciding what kinds of products or services you can write about easily
  • where you can send readers and buyers online, to make commissions
  • how to mine from your own experience with jobs/hobbies/real life
  • how to attract the numbers needed to your site to earn money

Learn To Make Money Online Today

So I’m talking about “learn” “today” and that’s a real reality, with just one click.

I’m never going to say  “make money on line today” or “make money in two minutes” or any of that crazy stuff.

With the training I recommend, and still use, to keep myself sharp and on the cutting edge, you will learn the nuts and bolts of designing and creating content on your website, that will be unique to you. It will be your Brand. 

Your style, your delivery, your expertise, offered to the searchers who seek a certain product for their specific needs.




This is an article I wrote a while back, giving you some ideas for Your Blog, Your Brand, if you have concerns about getting started. 

What Can I Write A Blog About

What Is Set And Forget – Koin Make Money System


The Set And Forget make money online system was released about a year ago. But my article here, is about the generic meaning of the phrase, thus the What Is Set And Forget – Koin Make Money System title.


What IS Set And Forget


Set and forget is a phrase that’s been around for a long time. It can refer to instant pie filling, jello desserts, play doh or slime recipes. 😀 


It became popular over about fifteen years, in the business of selling systems, hot tips, web site scraping (stealing) and other purportedly decent methods to automate ways to generate revenue from a web site, web page, or ad.


I want to discuss below, how the system Koin, may be used to develop an income stream that is automated. The idea is you buy the software, set up as directed (two clicks!), and earn $39.00 worth of “free Bitcoin” every few hours.


Who Can Benefit From Using Koin?

Here is a list of benefits according to the author:

  • Ride This New-Wave Today…
  • (I must comment here, Bitcoin has been around for years)
  • ​Fully-Automated 30 Second Setup…
  • (but wait! It will take more than 30 seconds simply to buy it!)
  • Works For Ordinary People…
  • (only if you’re already a crypto currency trader, or a successful day trader)
  • 100% Fresh (not!), 100% New (not!), 1000% Easy…(not!)
  • Flick A Switch & You’re Ready To Roll…​(thousands of successful bloggers disagree)
  • Finally Unlock The Laptop Lifestyle…(yes, some do travel working on their laptop)
  • ​It Either Works Or We Send You $500! (I’ve read this so many times!)
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…( will you remember, in a year, where your $11 went!)

I hope my comments aren’t distractions or come across as smart-ass.


My response is because I have used a real blog-for-money training community and have been making money online since 2016. I will talk more about that below, or if you like, you can click on the blue button below and view it for yourself.




But I don’t want to do you a disservice so I will continue to reveal more about Koin.

Particularly, IF you’re an experienced crypto coin or day trader, I’d say go ahead and give Koin a whirl, for $11.00 (and money back guarantee). There’s no harm in that.

The author repeats what many “simple system” authors of set and forget software have said.

“The old way of making money online is DEAD”. Chuckle. That’s like saying God Is Dead – you’re going to get an argument from millions of people!


Is Koin Worth It


The Koin author shares:


“Bitcoin went from being worthless in 2010 when it was first announced, to be worth as much as $65,000 per coin…

…It’s now currently sitting at around $35,000 per coin…

Imagine being able to own just 3 of those coins… At the current rate that would be over $105,000 in your pocket…

And imagine owning those coins without having to invest a single dime… Literally zero risk to you…

Here’s why Bitcoin is the future:”


Avoiding Scams For Seniors


I have to trouble shoot those statements above right now!


Avoiding scams for seniors is a big part of this blog. I focus on seniors but the information is applicable to anyone.


Yep, Bitcoin is worth about $35,000.00. So even IF this Koin system can make you $39.00 worth of Bitcoin…well, you do the math.


“without having to invest a single dime”…Really? You have to buy Bitcoin to make this system work.


“Bitcoin is the future”…Again, really?


A book I bought, Bitcoin Beginner, was published so long ago it’s disappeared from the book list on Amazon. I look today, and see many guide books for cryptocurrency acquisition dating back to 2016.


Why Not Study Writing Articles Online For Money


...The right way?


You won’t need Koin or any other cheap $11.00 app. You may end up paying a monthly or yearly membership fee to participate on step-by-step instruction classes, but the training I recommend can be used for free, for one week, so you can see what is possible. You can:


  • begin a real WordPress styled blog within a few minutes
  • learn to decide what to write about – a niche you’ll love
  • learn to attract your exact audience with use of keywords
  • understand affiliate marketing – making commissions from retailers
  • learn blog post composition for easy reading
  • access a weekly live training seminar with updates on blogging success strategies
  • access to live chat – get your questions answered (with membership)
  • 24/7 activity with millions of world-wide users to help you succeed

The Koin presenter even claims –


“We’re leveraging a little-known, hidden loophole that not many know about…

A loophole that allows us to honestly, ethically & legally generate up to $39 in FREE Bitcoin every 12 hours… It’s literally set & forget… “
I have to weigh in here – Bitcoin has been around for far too long for a hidden loophole to remain in obscurity until now. It simply isn’t possible.
I am not going to spend time going over the user interface in the Koin system. After reviewing some critical youtube videos presented by my affiliate marketing trainer competitors, I see that they all agree with me that tried and true business blog instruction is far superior.


In Conclusion


“Even Though Setting Up This App Is EASY & Can Be Done In 30 Seconds We’re Including Over The Shoulder Tutorials Walking You Through Exactly How We Get $39 In FREE Bitcoin In As Little 12 Hours Flat.” – Koin author


Well, thank you for that. IF you pick through the promotional material, scrolling way down, this is what you see. It’s NOT 30 seconds, it’s at least twelve hours of training.


Following more of the sales pitch, Koin covers all the insecurities and personal buttons that can be pushed on people who are attracted to:


  • driving the most expensive cars
  • living in gated exclusive neighborhoods
  • wearing fabulous jewelry and fashions
  • eating in the best restaurants
  • sending your kids to the best private schools

In contrast to those items, this article and my blog is written for seniors, the disabled who have to work from home, and anyone else who wants to make money from home.


This is a list of their aspirations (maybe yours?), goals that can be achieved by blogging for money the right way.


  • work at home before, or in retirement, to earn extra income
  • work the laptop lifestyle in order to travel, visit friends and family, often
  • Rv as a lifestyle, earning income from affiliate marketing as you go
  • choose your working hours
  • save on gas and commute time
  • avoid stress in retirement or planning for retirement
  • feel secure that you, a marketing beginner, can learn the professional business blog development


Top Online Training Companies – Blogging For Money


My highly recommended of the top online training companies is Wealthy Affiliate. It offers:

  1. a week of free access to the training classes
  2.  two blogs (which you can keep) and
  3. access to a tool that helps you find the best words to use so people can find your blog on the web.

Click on the button below to get access to the free training classes!



Additional material:


What Is A Legitimate Work From Home Business

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