Make Your Own Business Web Site With Easy CB Profits

How would you like to make your own business web site?

I have made a few, and some were easier to build than others.

Will Easy CB Profits help you get started?

Since my first successful blog that brought me sales was promoting a ClickBank product (a digital download of information, easy to buy, usually well-priced, and often with a 50% commission) I was interested in the product called Easy CB Profits.

Here is how the creator promotes the virtues of this system (and I quote):


  • 365 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • DFY ClickBank Offers That pay you $500 or more in commissions…
  • At Last, A Solution That Lets You Create Job Crushing Income
  • Set & Forget It… Runs 24/7 On Complete Autopilot
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • $100 a day ClickBank Tutorials Included Free.
  • DFY ClickBank Profit Sites In 50 Different Niches
  • These Sites Drive Free Traffic To Themselves
  • 24/7 Income stream
  • No Monthly Fees Ever..
  • World Class Support Team
  • Get Results Or We’ll Send You $100

So firstly, you have a year’s money back guarantee. That’s a plus.

Done For You ClickBank offers that pay – wow! $500.00 commissions?

I have to study this further, because I’ve never, in eight years, heard of that. Usually ClickBank prices aren’t close, anywhere near close to, a thousand dollars, which might get you that kind of commission.

Also, I’m not sure what DFY (done for you) ClickBank offers means, because ClickBank has already done those, and provided them in a format you can use for earning marketing commissions.

It purports to be a “job crushing” revenue earner – and who doesn’t want to give up their day job?

I know many who have.

Some are cyber-colleagues in the blogging business, and a few are instructors in a training community.

And, many of us got started for no funds upfront, not even a payment method on file.

Searching online, just like you are now, we came across a link posted by a complete stranger, who may have become someone’s BFF! I say that, because getting access to a free account is a friendly thing!

Of course authentic blog business training cannot be free forever, but we had a whole week to start the five basic video classes, and put up our very own web site.

Learning how to make your own business web site – and then learning what to do with it – isn’t difficult.

It takes knowledge from experts, a time-tested linear training system, and your time and patience. How much time do you have in a week to start creating a work-from-home future?

Click below if you want to try this out.




Let’s  look at CB Easy Profits some more:

Set And Forget It – a wonderful catchy buzz phrase, yet how does that play out?

How much work needs to be done before you get to that stage?

Honestly, the reality of the internet is that well built web sites always need some attention.

You don’t buy a car and forget it, do you? You change the oil, give it the regular tune ups and all that, right?

Because you’re not going to let such an investment deteriorate.

Web sites are like that. The initial investment is small dollar-wise, but all your creativity and time are valuable, so you want to maintain what you’ve built.

And with the training I recommend from an experienced community of helpfuls, the maintenance is minimal, but needs to be kept up.

For $14.95, in one way you can’t go wrong with CB Easy Profits, and you can get your funds returned.
OK, so it’s 100% newbie friendly.
But is it? It’s claimed that their ClickBank affiliate sites “rank themselves on Google”.
And I ask you, perhaps a complete newbie, or if you remember being a beginner blogger – what does that mean?
If you don’t know what that means, and all that it entails,  – well, I just made my point.

$100 a day ClickBank Tutorials Included Free

This is a good thing. Without those you wouldn’t know what you’re doing, or where you’re going.

The huge 24/7 awake blogging community I recommend will do so much more. Once you’re paying for training you have access to hundreds of tutorials about marketing:

  • As an Amazon affiliate – all the world wide sites
  • For Ebay
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • And thousands of products via massive marketplaces like Awin and Share A Sale
  • Many of your favorite one-product vendors who use affiliates for promotion

CBEasy Profits will choose 50 Niche Products – popular items – for you.

The system will generate a squeeze page – an intro page – and a thank you page – for each item or niche product, that it has chosen for you.

This all sounds very good, but from a business viewpoint it isn’t.

Why would I say that?

Here’s this easy to use “DFY” system. Purportedly, thousands of  the product has been purchased.

Do you want to make your own business web site – or have a dozen or more sites that look like thousands of others?

And compete in exactly the same way?

Furthermore, investigation of this system reveals that you will NOT get a dot com or dot net or dot co website, and those are among the “dots” that get ranking – that is, the site will show up – from the popular search engines.

So you may, because of that alone, make NO money from any of these cookie-cutter one page sites.

I could go into much more depth on this system, but truly, I’d be wasting my time.  And I wouldn’t want to encourage you to waste yours.

One thing I can promise you, you won’t waste time if you go for a week’s long intensive study for zero money up front.

Learn how a real business blog is built, with the correct informational pages, the correct legal pages, and more. And those pages are provided for you, to edit and customize for YOUR blog.

Learn how to format a good blog article.

Learn how to create the best titles, paragraph headlines and choose the best colors for your blog.

Learn how to create a brand, a logo, and learn where to find the free tools to do so.

Learn how to write in an easy style,  a conversational style that sounds like YOU, or at least the business version of you.

You don’t want to write too short an article, or too long (I’m almost done here I promise! 😀 ).

You don’t want to over-kill it, be boring, or drag out the important points.

And neither do I!

All you have to do is click on the blue button below, and get started.



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