Home Based Job Residual Income Needed

This almost sounds like a classified ad from the old days – “Home based job residual income needed” – doesn’t it?

This blog was designed for seniors to find ways to create an online job to do at home, or while traveling, or worked from anywhere. But, you can be at any age and benefit from all the information in the many articles here.

Today we take a look at the Venus App. It is described as follows, by its authors:


  • Makes Us 100% Passive Income…
  • Be Up & Running In 60 Seconds…
  • Legally Raid Amazon…
  • No Physical Products Needed…
  • Works For Literally Anyone…
  • Never-Been-Done On Warrior+Plus…
  • Press A Button & You’re Good To Go…
  • Live Your Dream Life…
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


Looking at this Venus app closely I find out that it is a system where you buy it, and you get a dashboard that invites you to make E Books – you know, digital books that in this case, are sold on Amazon.

The system will help you “generate e-books” which you can edit – whoa! Do you have to be a writer of e-books?

What if you’re not? Because one trusted person mentioned in a review of this app, that at least 30% of the 2600 e-books provided are plagiarized.

How do you vet the e-books? How do you edit the information? How many hours of searching on line will give you the information you need?

Are you a fast writer/editor? Do you know how to format an e-book, for example, to get it published on Amazon?

I’m going to interrupt my own article right here, for you readers who need a home based job resulting in residual income.

I’m really not sure the Venus app will get you results.

This app isn’t expensive mind you, but “you get what you pay for” might apply here.

So the app will create (questionably legal) e-books. (one user confirms there is a lot of plagiarism)

It will also convert them into audio books (very popular!).

And we know Amazon sells tons of e-books and audio books, don’t we?

Yet, publishing e-books requires standards, correct formatting – all explained on Amazon.

Publishing on audio books requires a good voice (yours!),  and other quality standards.

There are several steps and several web sites to use, to do this with the Venus app.

It is a little complicated for my taste.

I truly want to help you decide how you  – especially if you’re a senior without enough Social Security and other pension benefits to live comfortably after retirement – or a disabled person confined to your home – might develop a residual income working from home.

Because of that, I must mention now that I recommend a training program for making money on line, that you can investigate for free, over seven days.

The cost is, your time.

Starting from scratch, would you like to learn:

  • How to set up a business blog
  • Orient it to a niche (product or service) you’re familiar with (maybe a hobby)
  • Choose a domain name
  • Study some classes on developing the blog
  • Posting the correct legal pages
  • Posting an About Me (you!) page  so your readers will trust you
  • Learning how to find readers – how they will find you!
  • How to write content that will authenticate your blog with search engines

And much more! Would you like to start? Click below.



So you re-write an e-book, making it original with your own words.
Then, the Venus app creators recommend you use the text to voice software provided, and make an audio book.
The Venus app then has you sign up to a separate web site called acx. Acx publishes e-books.
But here’s a major brick wall – Aex does not accept books made with text-to-voice. Which are, all the e-books you make with Venus.
That just leaves me scratching my head!
So, alternately, what if you were to simply follow the many you-tube videos on how to publish your own e-book? There are a few that walk you through it, including the formatting Amazon requires.
Because if you can do that, you do not need any app.


And here’s where I come to my point


Even if you’ve made a few e-books, or dozens, you will need your own web site to promote them.

You will need hundreds of followers on social media to promote TO.

If you have a visible (high ranking) blog your readers will be able to discover your e-books.

Same with social media, you need to have this set up in advance. Presence.

That’s why I recommend the best professional blog training you can find. The not-overnight, not no-work-needed, not no-skills-needed, methodical brick-by-brick site building classes that will guide you correctly.

Don’t you want a web site that will endure through years on the search engines?

Don’t you want to know how to make your web site visible online?

Wouldn’t you like to learn the proper format for a promotional and an informational blog article?

Would you like to be assured that the hosting (the physical servers provided) of your blog is reliable with great tech support?

More than a million users over ten plus years use this platform to host their business websites.

To create their business websites, and to keep them updated with both legal requirements and internet trends.

It can be a little intimidating to learn the thousands of details about blog writing.

That’s why I recommend that you follow the map that starts at the beginning, with video classes, lots of Q & A, to take you to the published product (yours!) that can compete for readers and buyers.

You can set up an account with simply a user name and password. No payment type asked for.




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