How To Earn An Extra Income Online

Do you want to know how to earn an extra income online?

I am sure you do, since you searched for this topic and voila, here is my article, designed to help you in your quest of how to earn an extra income online.

Most bloggers making an extra income online write product reviews in which they place affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

This is an encoded word or phrase, and usually you see it in blue, or bolded, or it is in a Button that you click on.


For example, I write about an affiliate marketing training site that offers a free account to get started learning how to blog for money. This is my Button:




That button has a link in it that takes you to the place where you can get an account (user name and password only, no $ up front) and start classes on making your own web site  (no charge, and you get to keep it) and…

…how to develop it into a good business blog.

Recently I discovered an app called NovelPro. There are hundreds of apps available to help you market various products or services, and some sound very appealing. They promise the world and more.

NovelPro states:

  • “Just One Click To Activate Your Novel, Ebook, Comics & Magazine Websites
  • Start Your Website In 170+ Niches
  • Pay once, a low one time price and profit forever
  • Unlimited websites hosting with fast blazing servers.
  • Add your affiliate links on the websites to get paid instantly
  • 100% Legal & Ethical.
  • No technical knowledge or skill required..
  • Fully Automated Sites With Ready To Sell over 50,000+ DFY novels & ebooks.

To me, the items in red are red flags

100% Legal and Ethical – why would that have to be mentioned? Is it questionable in some way?

No technical knowledge or skill required – well, let’s see about that!

Upon examination I see that the app is going to create one website for you.

Yet the e-books, novels and magazines websites are not exclusively, but mostly – let’s face it – Amazon products.

So first, you have to get an Amazon affiliate account.

And Amazon won’t give it to you unless you already have a website that gets traffic.

If you don’t need any knowledge or technical skills, how do you already have a website that gets traffic, if you even understand that?

One of the things that the training community I recommend teaches is, it’s best to start out choosing a niche (product or service that appeals to a very specific audience).

This is to help you succeed because you’re not competing with some MASSIVE website (like Amazon!).

Doesn’t that make sense?

One of the basic classes offered helps you sort out how You, a newbie, can pick a niche product that you can write about with enthusiasm. Why?

Because for a successful blog, you’re going to write a lot of content in order to gain visibility with the search engines (Google, Bing and more).

It absolutely fascinates me how a blogger can (and I know these people) pick an item like football snack helmets or unique toilet seats, and make a living. Yet, this is done.

When you think about it there billions of searches a day for all kinds of items that you can center a blog around.

  • Woodworking tools and plans
  • Pink satin ballet pointe shoes
  • Gardening tools for women
  • Positive thinking guide books
  • Patio heaters
  • Gazebos and fire pits
  • Knitting and crocheting patterns, needles and hooks

Seriously, I could list a hundred off the top of my head. But you get the idea.


Don’t Waste Time Learning How To Earn An Extra Income Online

A few years back I did waste some time finding out how to earn an extra income online. Yet, I had a couple of factors in my favor.

I discovered a very valuable digital book about a topic I happened to be an expert in.

This book was on a marketplace that provided an affiliate link for bloggers, and offered a very good commission – 50%!

Without knowing anything about marketing online I wrote five articles a week about this topic, and a few months later I got an email from the marketplace asking for my tax info because I had made $1,200.00!

That’s not a lot of money and I couldn’t quit my day job.

But what if you’re a retired senior and you’ve already quit your day job?

You have 40 more hours a week than I did then, to write, learn, and develop your blog.

See where this is leading?

Senior retired bloggers, and disabled people working from home, really do make money online:

  • They choose their own work hours
  • They set up a comfortable work station
  • They can rest when they want to
  • They can exercise when they want to
  • They can travel when they want to (ah! the laptop lifestyle!)
  • They save time and gas money
  • They govern their quality of life

Are You Unemployed And Need To Make Money?

You would need a few months, and with all the time you have on hand, you could make very fast progress with the right instruction.

Here are the advantages to getting set up properly with the right community and support.

This community also offers a discount on domain names  – “” and hosting – the place where your site sits online.

Comparing it to NovelPro…well, there is no comparison.

  • Getting a site to compete with the behemoth Amazon vs your own unique site
  • Getting a site for marketing what Amazon’s already marketing vs your own niche
  • Earning .6% from Amazon vs 10% to 50% commissions from other retailers
  • Getting a site that hundreds of others have also bought vs your own unique site
  • Getting a fad app site vs building a site(s) that will earn for years
  • Getting questionable support vs having a 24/7 community for support and help

I have to say I lucked out in the beginning of my blogging days. I had a topic I could write about in my sleep and I made money.

This is my site I started out with, if you’d like to take a peek.

But I had to move forward from luck and really learn how to do it professionally.

If you’re interested in studying how the pros do it, for seven days free access, get your account now.




I hope to see you there!


Here is an article about the place where I marketed my first product, a digital book, from:

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System


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