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I Need To Make Money

I need to make money, I said to myself about ten years ago.

I had a job so I was paying the bills. I was keeping up.

But I had lost my retirement savings – all of it – during the bank meltdown/million layoff period.

And those savings were never to be recovered.

Have you gone through anything like that? I know your pain! 😥

And what’s more, I was approaching retirement age. This was very scary.

I had seen many articles online, about making money from home.

Who Wants To make Money From Home?

  • Persons who are confined at home
  • Retired people who don’t have enough pension income
  • Working parents who can’t leave the home (i.e. leave the kids alone)
  • Anyone else who has the interest and time

I started looking for a way to work at home because I still had a child living with me. Even though they were old enough for me to work evenings, I chose not to be out of the house every evening.

I bumped into  a lot of articles about blogging for money, and wow those scams came down the track like a runaway train!

I still look at offers, and this is one I saw today. The products claims:

“People are pocketing millions!

Again, just for helping someone get MILLIONS IN FREE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. (You can be anywhere in the world and do this)

They didn’t have to talk to them, show their face, or have any knowledge. 
All they did was connected the money with a someone that could GET IT FOR FREE.”

This is The 2 Million Dollar Commission System. 

Part of the ad copy mentions a Bryan who made over $1,000,000.00 posting one time on Facebook.

Read that as “bought ads on Facebook”. The cheap price for access to this system, $11.99 won’t be the last money you spend to use this.

Unless you have a Facebook account with a couple of thousand followers who will accept promotions from you, I doubt you or I would be tracking Bryan’s footsteps.

The creator states: “People are sharing their landing page with lots of business owners and making SERIOUS BANK each time they give away FREE MONEY!”

Translate: “sharing their landing pages” means one of two things

  1. Their landing pages are found online because the blogger has created a blog with more than one hundred articles on it and therefore gets pushed up onto the first page of search engines. Without hiring writers, this could take up to six months to build.
  2. A person looking to make money with their computer will take about six months to learn to blog (if they can find the right training) and get that blog found online, in order to promote any product. And make commissions when people buy.

I am so glad that years ago I found a training site that got me started with a free account. I learned after a few classes that there is a methodical video class system that walks you through building a web site.

A web site designed for business. Would you like to take a look at that?




If you click on the button above you will go to a page where you can provide a user name and password. No payment asked for, no credit card number.

In the long run, you could do much better building your own site(s) from where you can promote anything, like The 2 Million Dollar Commission System (which, if it works, will stop working once that government fund for business owners dries up).


I Need To Make Money – What Could I Promote Online?

You can profit from your strengths, your weaknesses, your career (current or previous) and your hobbies.

For instance if you’re a workout fan, you probably have knowledge about gym machines, exercise mats, Pilates, stretching routines and similar items.

Items that many retailers provide online. Here is one I love, and I have written about it here:

BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

That cool and easy to store at home product is popular, and the retailer uses affiliates. That means when people buy it from my blog post, I get a commission.

Some people consider being concerned about your health a weakness (I don’t but many do). Here is  post I wrote about a health product, also from a company that pays decent commissions:

What’s The Best CBD Oil To Buy


The creator of The 2 Million Dollar Commission System also asserts: “we have proven ourselves – over and over again“…


Er…the product launched on 09/16/22 – two days ago. Uh huh.


The product (professional blog training community) I recommend HAS proven itself over and over again, for over ten years. It has over a million world wide members, many of whom are available every day for help and advice.


Blogging Tips You Can Learn For Free


  • Your WordPress platformed site is coded properly for you to start right away.
  • You will get a class about choosing a niche/product you can enjoy writing about
  • You will get a class about choosing a title for your site, and a domain name
  • You will get templates for your required legal pages
  • You will learn how to upload images, and where to get free or paid for images


And that is the basics…Of course there is much more as you move on to a paid membership in order to learn how to build a great blog (s) the right way.

One of my favorite things about this training is you DO it as you learn it.

You get to SEE your work on your live blog! It is published from the beginning, and you are seeing exactly what your readers will see, when they discover it.

Another BIG aspect you will learn is HOW your readers find  Your blog post. It’s not an accident or a game of chance, despite the millions of blogs online.


Is the 2 Million Dollar Commission System a Scam?

I don’t think it is a scam.

But I do KNOW you have to be pretty savvy about working online for you to get the number of readers on your page about it.

This is definitely not for beginners.

The free account I recommend is specifically designed for beginners.

Need I say more? CLICK below on the blue button.





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