How To Make A Fulltime Income Blogging – With WebNova?

How To Make A Fulltime Income Blogging

WebNova – I noticed this system recently and wondered if it could help people learn how to make a fulltime income blogging.

Its promises are attractive, and I quote:

  • Tap Into Huge Untapped $2.7 Billion Website Building Industry Today
  • Create Ultra Fast Business Websites For Any Offer In Any Niche In 3 Clicks
  • Drag-N-Drop Editor For Quick Addition Of Glamorous Elements
  • Choose from 100+ DFY websites Templates To Create Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Lightning Speed Loading With SSL Encryption
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Expensive Freelancers OR Money Charging Third Parties
  • Limitless Hosting Included At No Extra Cost
  • Fully Cloud-Based So Nothing To Download Or Install
  • Newbie Friendly, Easy To Use With No Coding Or Writing Skills 
  • Limited Time Commercial License Included To Provide Top Notch Services
  • Get Started Today For A Low, One Time Investment – No Monthly Fees!


Newbie Friendly, Easy To Use With No Coding Or Writing Skills 

This is the first red flag I want to point out. When I went in depth about the details about this software, the positive items seem to be:

  • A volume of DFY (done for you) websites are accessible
  • Dozens of templates provided, included in the initial $17.00 cost
  • You can choose your template and with a few clicks create a site

Those are three important attributes, but then what do you do if you’re a beginner blogger?

Number four positive – these web sites are customizable!

Yes, you can edit, add to, and just go crazy making this web site attractive to a buyer, say a local business which needs a site.

Wait – what? I have to sell web sites to make those amazing profits via the “Huge Untapped $2.7 Billion Website Building Industry“.

I am going to get to the point right here. If you want to build a web site about a product or topic you love, and design it to make money…How are you going to know how to do that?

Years ago I happened across the chance to get an account at a HUGE  online community that has created step-by-step, detailed, video classes. I authored and published two sites with guidance as to choosing a niche, or an exclusive part of the market.

I learned about many details about how you build a blog, important details that I, as a newbie, had never heard of before.

The lingo, the behind-the-scenes (or, screens) activity that bloggers use, is all explained carefully in five foundational classrooms.

No money was asked upfront for this opportunity and I had a whole week to learn all this! Would you like to get an account and do that? CLICK BELOW.




Because that’s where you’re going to learn how to make a fulltime income blogging!


More about WebNova

This system is to for you to make websites, and sell them to your clients.

Clients? You have clients, right? No? A minor detail?

Your clients will pay for an attractive site with On Page SEO.

Are you thinking “what the H is that”?

The free week of basic classes in blog building I recommend will explain that in great detail, revealing several techniques to becoming an expert in SEO – or Search Engine Optimization.

Because if the search engines can’t find you, amongst the massive online content of bloggers, then your prospective clients (small businesses which don’t have a web site) won’t find you either.

And that’s just ONE detail of many, that you need to become an expert at when you learn how to make a fulltime income blogging.


What Is The Best Way To Learn About Internet Marketing – Done For You?

If you’ve raised children, or taught (kids or adults) you’d probably agree with me that the best way for people to learn is to do it themselves. Am I right?

I think the biggest feature that makes my chosen training for business blogging, is that you do-it-for-yourself as you go through the classes.

  • You don’t study a volume of theory and then go figure out  how it is applied.
  • You MAKE an About Me page and publish it, you see it online
  • You use the TEMPLATES for required legal pages, customize them, and publish
  • You learn how to find images to use (Paid or free) and add them to your posts

You get to see your products that you have created, all of which can be edited and enhanced as you learn more.

Gosh, I know bloggers who go back and re-do posts and pages they wrote years ago. Styles and requirements on the internet change often, and you need a connection to people who are going to keep you updated!

Here’s another important – no – vital – feature of this specialized training. And it’s why, when it came time to decide to move forward with the paid training, I knew I couldn’t afford not to proceed.


It is vital, not just for your daily/weekly/monthly production and satisfaction of having done the work, but because  – Search Engines!

The search engines like sites that publish consistently, rather than sporadically.

If you can set a schedule to learn, and write and publish blog posts, that contributes to your visibility online.

I started part-time, about 20 hours a week.

You know, I used to come home from work, make dinner and clean up – and then, watch a couple of hours on television. That’s about 20 hours a week, including weekends.

I was delighted to replace those passive hours with active hours creating some future income.

Those who can put in a fulltime schedule have a real advantage. Is that you? Are you a retired senior or a disabled person who would like to supplement your income?

If you are, I created this blog for you.


How To Build A Blog Fast

Your perspective on “FAST” depends on your financial needs, of course.

Consistency is key as I mentioned above, but your enthusiasm is a big boon. If you select a product, like  hobby information and tools,  or household items or activities that you truly enjoy, you will naturally produce valuable blog content faster.

Because, even if you go ahead and buy WebNova and produce a few sites, YOU will produce all the content for those sites.

Picking your own niche, or product to promote with your blog, that draws from your hobby or professional experience, is the best way to move forward.

Affiliate Marketing VS Direct Sales

WebNova helps you build sites that you, in turn, are going to sell.

A valuable site has about 100 posts on it. Or, it is so superbly SEO’d like only a pro would know how to do, and can be smaller in volume of content.

This will take you a few months, unless you can hire writers to produce articles for you.

At that time, you would start selling that site.

My preferred system of blog building is affiliate marketing.

That means I write about services or products other people create. If someone buys it from my blog link, I get a commission.

This means I can make money while I’m still creating my site. I can make money while I’m editing, enhancing, and re-doing older posts.

So why wait? Choose affiliate marketing (services or products). CLICK BELOW



Here are some ideas to get you going!

What Can I Write A Blog About


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