How To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website


The idea of how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website caught my attention today.

I found an automated system called Leo this morning and it truly emphasizes doing affiliate marketing with no website, and profiting $43.25 an hour.

Really? Not $44.00 or $42.00? OK, I jest.

Yet I’m serious. How would this work – without a website?

The Leo creators say:


  • Get FREE Traffic In 60 Seconds…
  • ​That Turns Into Hundreds For Us…
  • ​100,000+ DFY YouTube™ Shorts Included..
  • ​Works For Literally Anyone…
  • ​Never-Been-Done On Warrior+Plus…
  • ​Flick The Switch & You’re Good To Go…
  • ​Finally Live Your Dream Life…
  • ​365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


“Works literally for everyone” is a RED FLAG to me.



First, because I do know how to make money affiliate marketing with a website or a few.


I got a free account years ago and learned how to do  a business blog the right way.


Is this what you’re ready for?








I’ll talk more about that later, after looking further at Leo, a system that says it allows you download a hundred thousand YouTube shorts – 60 seconds or less videos,  ready for your use.


The author says

Without Any Tech Skills, Video Creation Or Experience…

…You can make $43.25 per hour.


Getting feedback from a pro youtuber who looked into the details, this software doesn’t provide anything that you can’t do by yourself  using YouTube.


And IMPORTANT, it’s teaching you to download other people’s videos for your own use – Er – NOT recommended!


YouTube provides its creators with a notification system that alerts them that someone else has downloaded their videos, and that can be tracked.


Yet Leo encourages you – in fact has tried to automate this – to use other people’s creations to enhance your niche (affiliate marketing item, or focus).


In the system, you can put in a keyword – but wait! What is that? What is its purpose?


Leo doesn’t explain anything about those factors, you’re supposed to know beforehand.


So how well will this software work for you – getting you free traffic in 60 seconds?


How Did You Land On This Article?

I’m guessing you’re a beginner blogger, or a person looking into blogging, right? That’s how you landed on this article. You searched for information about how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website.


Did you know you used a keyword or key-phrase that brought you here? Well, you did. It wasn’t necessarily the phrase of my title here, but it could be another word or phrase in this post.


In the real blogger training I use and recommend for seniors and others who want to learn about work from home jobs, you learn about keywords and phrases that will bring your website traffic, or visitors.


This enhances the chances of your making some sales, that’s the whole point right?


Leo claims you don’t need to know anything to use this system. You’re going to make a few clicks and start bringing in traffic.


This automated system is going to build you a business – but you’re not the Lego Robot are you? You’re not pre-programmed to make all the nuts and bolts work, right?


If you don’t understand keywords and traffic already, how are you going to use the Leo system?


What Do I Need To Know  To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website?


Keywords and traffic are two out of a couple of dozen factors you need to understand in order to get traffic to your own website or YouTube channel. Here are more:

  • Where to place those keywords  – title-meta description-alt images-headlines-url-content
  • Where to find images and how to size them for fast loading of your web pages
  • How to format a blog post for easy reading since most people scan information
  • How to track your progress with Google Analytics
  • How to design your blog visually with the choice of (free) templates


Aside from the fact that many of the tools in Leo aren’t really complete, or there is no training as to what you do with them, none of the above is explained.


So Leo is definitely not for beginners.


And here’s where I have to state the obvious – if you’re not a beginner, you don’t need Leo. You already know how to get traffic – maybe not in 60 seconds, and that’s plain unrealistic.


If you’re not a beginner blogger, you know you can’t just download other people’s products for your convenience.


If you’re not a beginner affiliate marketer, you know that using a YouTube video that is published to share, can only add to a page of helpful, and original content.


Meaning you wrote it, maybe a thousand words. Using a video to emphasize your content is O.K., if that video has a Share option.


How do you learn and organize the information that you need to publish content online, compete with millions of other marketers?


To do that is so much easier now than it was when you had to learn code to create a website  – back in ancient history, in the early 2000’s.


Along came Blogger and WordPress, free to use blog templates with user friendly tools.


But those free blogs are not supposed to be for making money. They are for creative and informational personal uses.


WordPress is the most popular platform for blog building and the training I was so lucky to find a few years ago provides WordPress-built blogs, and gives you two affiliate marketing sites to practice with while you’re doing the classes.


This online 24/7 accessible training site also explains affiliate marketing from scratch, and how it works.


Many Choose Affiliate Marketing Because Of These Advantages:

  • No product needed – you choose from the billions already produced
  • No shipping department needed – the retailers already do that
  • No customer service needed – the retailers already have that
  • No store or office needed – you already have a computer right?
  • No one’s schedule except your own (especially if you’re retired)
  • You can blog and make money while traveling


With this remarkable and popular community (over a million members), yes, you’re going to eventually pay for access.


Would you like to look into this for a week, without paying? And after that, pay under $20.00 USD to continue for a month?


That’s plenty of time for you to try out affiliate marketing and have the knowledge to decide if you will forge on.


Leo claims to provide tutorials for some of their tools, but the training doesn’t load, at this time.


If you’re experienced enough to use Leo for a while, maybe you will make some affiliate commissions. It’s not impossible.


My perspective is, if you’re going to spend time online with the idea of creating a business, wouldn’t you prefer to OWN your sites and KNOW how to perpetuate them so you can earn revenue into the future?


I certainly had a huge advantage when I discovered this free-for-a-week training. I liked the methodical building of my blogs with every tiny detail explained in video classes, and Q&A’s attached to every one.


Are you ready to explore this for yourself?


There is a lot of talk online about how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website – and for years, the “without a website” has always fizzled out of the conversation.


Having your own website is the foundation of doing business online.  Do you want one for your own?


More about how to create a blog with WordPress step by step: 


Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress


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