Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress

Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress

There are several good choices you can make if you’re considering blogging sites as a way of organizing personal writing material. Blogs can be shared by groups. I used to read one that was for neighborhood gardeners, just as an example.


I used to read blogs by a group of on line marketers. They wrote code to make their sites look good. That was something I could not do! And still can’t.


I had made a few blogging sites a few years ago when I was thinking I could perhaps make some significant income. And I did, back when it was much easier to make some money with a blog.


Yet the internet became more sophisticated, regulated (for good reason!), and complicated.


Then I discovered WordPress. And it was free! I created Pookie’s Blog which is written in the voice of a tea cup poodle who loves fashion and ballet. It is found here:


See how it says “”? That means it is owned by WordPress, not by me. I can post all kinds of material on it, but I can’t use it to sell anything.


Because that would be unfair, wouldn’t it? I’m not paying anything for that “real estate” on the web, WordPress is.

dog on chair
Even A Dog Can Have A Blog


However, there is another version of WordPress that you use when you buy hosting (a place on the web maintained by someone who knows how to make that all happen) and buy a domain name ( “ or .ca or all those dot suffixes) which is your address on the cyber real estate.


You own it and you can make money with it.


I’ll explain more about that but first I’ll talk a bit about another place you can make blogging sites.

Free Blogger Websites


Blogger websites are easy to use. I knew nothing when I first started using blogger. Yet somehow I just pointed and clicked my way through to the ‘voila – here’s your blog!’ point.


At that point in time, you wrote a long linear blog like a journal, that added post after post.


Now Blogger has different pages you can add which makes getting around your material a lot easier.


Blogger is perfect for family journals, vacation memoirs or whole life memoirs. It can load up with photos and videos and be really fun.


I want to mention a service related to blogs that is really cool. Blog2Print. You can have your blog printed like a book, and it’s not expensive.


I think that would make an incredible memento or gift, don’t you?


“Printing Blog Books Is What We Do


Blog2Print has been helping bloggers create beautiful printed
versions of their blogs since 2007. With more than one million blog
books printed so far, Blog2Print is the leading provider of
custom-printed blog books.”


open book with popped up dog and umbrella


Blog2Print will print:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • TypePad
  • Tumblr

How To Make A Website For Affiliate Marketing


When I got serious about making income that could become a real living income, one of the reasons I chose WordPress was because all the web sites that I admired were powered by WordPress.


In the beginning I had to contact a person I read about on a marketer’s blog called One Week Marketing. I paid him a very reasonable price to install WordPress on my hosting account and do a little set up for me.


Because I had no clue. Theme? A few plug-ins? Huh? I didn’t even ask.


I started writing and it still gets some visitors even though I rarely update it.


I plan to re-vamp the entire site with the blog training I found that I heartily recommend for affiliate marketing. I made my first professional style blog there for free.


laptop computer

How To Make A Website For Free With WordPress


And you can too! If you want to skip the rest of the details here and start –




After doing a video class and reading, you will simply “click” and your site will install instantly.


You will “click” again on a Theme that looks appropriate for your topic. (And those themes can be changed!)


Then you will go on to the following training class to see what needs to be done next.


Under the training classes are long threads of discussion by new trainees and expert bloggers. Questions and answers grow there every day and tips and tricks abound!


A lot more detail will be gone through where you will continue to create your blog set up properly, using pre-installed tools or plugins, which get your site set up with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Pinterest so that your material is easily found by them.


If you miss something, you just scoot the video back and watch again, until you know what to do.


I guarantee starting from scratch the right way is easier than re-creating a site a few years later :).


I could explain a lot more technicalities here but I want you to experience the delight of seeing your web site appear!






It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than That


And that’s how you get started with blogging sites!


Have you tried blogging already? How did it go? Please do tell your story, or ask any questions below.


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  1. This is a great post, thank you. I never knew anything about blogging until I joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn about online marketing. And it’s so easy to set up!! I love WordPress too. I even set up a free WordPress website to just try new things on.

    • Hi Suzanne. What I love too is you can do up to 25 test sites at Wealthy Affiliate! I have a few ideas for test sites – can’t wait to try them out!


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