I Love My Work At Home Job

If you would dare to dream about retiring and still making some income to make life more fun, read on!

I Love My Work At Home Job

I bet you’d love to wake up every day, walk to window, look out and stretch widely while thinking “oh man do I ever like this job!”

Wouldn’t you love to have that care free feeling every morning? Brew the coffee/tea while you:

  • Ignore the traffic reports
  • Ignore the weather reports
  • Don’t worry about the price of gas
  • Take the dog for a walk…Whenever
  • Enjoy the morning brew on the patio/balcony/backyard
  • Muse about your next blog post…

Oh! This has something to do with blog posts?

But wait – you’re not a writer? I’m not either. I’m just throwing some ideas out here, and, I can type.

Some daily bloggers I know use talk-to-text software. You still have to edit though.

Do you know how to live a stress free and happy life? My conclusion, after the research I’ve done for my senior and disabled readers here, is that many folks don’t.


 family playing soap bubbles

Why Don’t You Know How To Live  A Stress Free And Happy Life?

Ideally over the decades of your career/jobs, life should get easier. You work, you save, you invest.

You look forward to the wonderful feeling your mind, heart and body will experience the day you get up and you don’t have to go to the job!

No commute! No freeway, no subway, no bus! No crowds!

Relevant information:

Health Benefits Of Working At Home

Have you ever had a period in your life where you controlled your schedule? Where you didn’t have to jam all your daily chores into a weekend and some evenings?

Here is a little info from a lady, Alejandra, who is training to blog for income.

You can read all of what she says if you CLICK HERE. 

Snippets: “the first day I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been learning all kind of skill to help me to build up my online business.”

…”It’s true when you love something it’s hard to quit doing it. So I kept

learning more here at WA about what to do to reach success with a
website and work from home.”

smiling sun blue sky

…”Oh my! my quilt site in English went from 2 to 5 visits per day to over 100 visits!!! I couldn’t believe what I was seen!! So I went to check my quilt site in Spanish.

Ha ha-ha this site went also from 4 to 10 visits for day to more than 150 visits!!!”

…”I wanted to share this “feeling great” moment with all of you, and let you know that Wealthy Affiliate training works, all we all need to do
it’s to keep at it and work every day to build up our sites.”

Why is she so happy and feeling great? Because she is training to build a proper blog, gain visitors and create an extra income. And she sees it developing!

Can you imagine having that knowledge? To know how to write on a blog and make some money working at home?

Enough money to work from your house/cottage/campground/beach, in retirement?


You can click on that link above and soon see a website appear before your eyes. After a little while following a video, and you’ll have decided on a topic to write about and share its benefits, in a blog post.

If you truly think you can’t write, just pretend you’re:

  • Floating on your back on a pool raft with a friend talking about your topic XYZ
  • Sitting on the dock with a pal, describing the best features of XYZ
  • Walking the beach with the pal, waxing on and on about the benefits of XYZ

Or something else like that, and goodness, that would feel good, wouldn’t it? You’re hardly working :)!

So keeping that relaxed frame of mind just type away as if you’re talking to a pal. You can edit it when you’re done.

With some basic training, you can quickly learn how to put a  blog post together.

A good format involves headlines, short paragraphs, and some images.

Stay calm! There is exact instruction for that, and it costs nothing for beginners’ classes.

Classes with videos and a lot of Q & A to drill down the details.

And a partner owner of the decade plus web site Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, repeats often –

“You don’t have to write literature”.

I think you could do that, don’t you? Sound like yourself!

People who search on the internet like to find someone with a natural, non-hype attitude giving good information about a product.

With a picture of you and an About Me page that reveals you as a real person, your blog will develop trust.

face middle aged woman

Senior Retirement Jobs

I know seniors in retirement who have ended up working for older seniors. In a care taking capacity, doing others’ chores, shopping, laundry, and cleaning is pretty tiring if you’re doing your own too.

Yet, those jobs are easy to find so if there is no other way to keep up a bare-bones income, this is a good survival action.

And mostly it’s women doing this. Married, widowed, or single, only an ample pension will pull them out of this area of work.

So let’s focus back on feeling great and being optimistic. The leisurely morning brew and self-directed work schedule is what you really want, right?

It might take you one or two years to build up a couple of blogs that attract visitors who become buyers. Visitors who trust your material and recommendations and this results in you being paid commissions from vendors.

That is affiliate marketing. More about that here.

How would you like to start learning about blog writing? As you progress, you’ll see exactly how a well developed blog can attract visitors and begin making money.

A Good And Happy Life

Are you getting close to retirement? By ten years or less maybe?

Or by twenty years? Don’t have $1.5 million saved?

You’re in good company! Truly, most seniors don’t, or they had it and lost it.

It’s a good thing to wake up every day, and while you’re getting ready for your job/commute/bus/train/subway/eight hour day, look forward, remember your vision, your version of what I started this post with.

Take one minute while drinking coffee or packing your briefcase, to view your ideal wake-up-don’t need-to-go-to-work-anymore mental movie.

But right now –


And that’s your start to learning how to make a blog and build toward working at home in retirement.

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 Wondering about anything? Leave your question below and I’ll get back to you!


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