Health Benefits Of Working At Home

What Are The Health Benefits of Working At Home?

I imagine there are a million answers about the health benefits of working at home, considering that millions of people might want to make money from their home and quit their job right now.

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I’m not talking about remote work as an employee – I’m referring to you being your own boss. Imagine these health benefits:

  • Fall asleep when you are naturally sleepy and get enough sleep
  • Wake up with no stress
  • Prepare a breakfast from fresh food and eat it in a relaxed manner
  • Take a walk/exercise/do yoga/run/swim
  • Make another “cuppa” and call your mom/child/friend for a quick chat

See where I’m going with this? Doesn’t that sound amazingly relaxed? Good for your health?health benefits work at home

The work at home choice can be really good for you. Of course there is still some pressure to w.o.r.k.!

It’s different pressure when it is self imposed, right? You don’t have a job, or maybe you are at the preparing to retire stage. Planning to figure out a self-employed gig you can actually pull off?

Kiss the commute goodbye? Seriously is this ever going to be possible?

This whole wonderful and somewhat scary idea isn’t a fairy tale, if you get your ducks lined up properly. And I am going to tell you where you can learn how to do that!

10 Advantages Of Working At Home

I still have a job, but I can picture the day when I won’t. I am making progress toward matching my job salary with my commissions earned from blog writing.

  1. As a senior I have varying sleep patterns. This is normal, yet there’s that nine to five thing that really puts a damper on feeling good. I’d love to be paid for opening the office at five in the morning when I’m feeling wide awake and heading out for the house at two in the afternoon.

So, yes I’d love to set my own hours! You too?

2. I learned from a pretty scary mid-life health crisis that it is better to buy fresh foods and avoid the packaged, chemical-laden frozen boxed foods, or discount store pesticide laden produce. The drug and antibiotic fed meat sources aren’t so good either.

I need more time to shop in a healthy manner and prepare fresh meals. And eat when I’m hungry, and not eat if I’m not. Cooked, raw, smoothie, whatever.  Aren’t personal choices healthier in general?better health with fresh fruit

I spend half a day on a weekend preparing food to take to work the following week. I’d love to see friends and family more rather than doing that.

3. The car. Thirteen years old and going well, but I’m not going to be silly and buy a new one. So I’d love to drive it less. I’d save on gas too. Giving up that mileage to work and back would lower my insurance costs too. Big advantage!

4. Scheduling doctor and dentist appointments when I need them and not put them off until a day when I lose the least work time.

5.Referring to the internet training system I use, Wealthy Affiliate,  whenever I need to. Sometimes in the middle of my work day – Pop! – a light bulb goes on about improving a certain aspect of my websites. I want to stop everything and log on to consult one of the experts in the community.

I’d love to be able to seize those visionary moments! Carpe momentum!

6. Working when I darn well feel like it.  It’s not like I don’t think a scheduled time or a measure of discipline doesn’t matter. It does. Yet, if I get an idea for blog content late at night, and I have the energy to start a draft, I want to! Without worrying about maybe sleeping a little later.

It is beneficial to get a routine into place, yet also good when you can take a break if you need to.

I’d love to have that advantage for the odd times when such an inspiration just shows up.

7. Exercisekey in the health benefits of working at home. Whether you go to a gym or work out at home, it is your choice, how and when.

8. Clothing – professional dress code attire costs. I’m done! I would love to have more money for the occasional day trip or other occasions. Or, just save it!

9. Work station. Sometimes my table, sometimes my couch. The patio! I decided to learn how to find keywords one day with the cool breeze wafting by and the birds singing above. Keywords bring readers to your blog and just click on that blue link to find out about those!

I mostly work on my laptop but sometimes I like to watch the Video Classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate on my television – love the big screen for the details about online training for the web. Click on that link, if you’re warming up to this exciting idea of the senior jobs in retirement that are actual work at home activities.

10.  Mobility. Taking my laptop to a cafe, the library or the park. It is just great to go to an environment where I talk to people and get ideas for and work online

This includes out of town trips, and dog sitting or house sitting at another location. Your writing and publishing routines are never interrupted!

Freedom! What an advantage!

An Easy Internet Business Start

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Here is another valuable health tip – “Bone Marrow Broth Benefits“.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please contact me below!


10 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Working At Home”

  1. Hi Dianne,
    Well, I never really thought that working at home could be healthy, I guess because I look at it like you said working remotely which comes with all the stress and sitting at the computer for long periods at a time, no breaks, not eating healthy and so on.
    Now I do like the way you look at it though, eating right, getting the rest that’s needed, being able to do some sort of exercise during the day and all sorts of good things.
    I’m so glad now that I’m working at home. 🙂

    • Hi Kim! I’m happy for you too! I’m glad my post gave you a different perspective about working at home. There are many advantages. I hope everyone who aspires to do that joins Wealthy Affiliate and gets a start now!

  2. The health benefits of working at home are huge. I couldn’t wait to Kiss the commute goodbye! just like you said.
    I am really happy that I am working from home now. I get to exercise more and take the kids to and from school and sport. All of these things really matter to me.
    Sorry to hear that you had a major health challenge. I agree with you that fresh fruit and vegetables taste amazing and are wayyyy more healthier for you than any of that store brought pre-packaged stuff!
    Even just the relief from the mental stress of worry about other people’s problems. Being your own boss and setting your own hours has LOTS of advantages.
    Thank you for writing this article.

    • Hi Glenys. You’re very welcome! I appreciate you leaving your thoughts here. This year it seems like a major advantage of being at home more is avoiding the horrendous flus and colds that have circulated. I don’t have a crowded workplace, which helps too. I work at home part of the time and really enjoy it. After years of making a home but hardly being there, it is a huge improvement.

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I have read a lot about health benefits of food but never on working from home! I totally agree with you on the benefits. I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids and working from home allows me to care for my family as well as giving myself an opportunity to learn new things while earning an income. I don’t want to be left out of this digital age.
    Happy learning and earning from home.

  4. Hello Dianne, I think its so true working for ourselves does make a difference. We do indeed get unusual benefits. of flexibility and a new sense of intellectual freedom. So did enjoy this article. And as one who has also experienced health issues i know that when we have to see life in a different light, the gifts are always amazing, yes?
    Great article.. and yes to freedom and joy of independent working!
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. I love your post! As someone who has been out of the traditional work force for over 15 years I agree with the advantages you describe above. I homeschooled my learning disabled, hearing impaired daughter 8th -12th which gave her a great education. I started a horse training/teaching business and expanded my personal training business. Lastly in November I became a member of Wealthy Affiliates which has provided me the most amazing resources to build a website and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. All of these experiences have been important parts of shaping the person I am today for the better.


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