Online Training For The Web

Online Training For The Web Is Easily Available!

While this isn’t a newsflash, if you are currently searching for online training for the web, I know you could use some guidance to save time and money.

The best and fastest course of action is to find a training website where you can access updated, easy to understand instruction about all aspects of using a web site to monetize, or make money, with various kinds of affiliate marketing venues.

What Is The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Program?

There are many good affiliate marketing programs and they are free in that there is no monthly membership cost to participate. How do you find one? One way is to use google.

For example, if you have a strong interest in vitamins to enhance health, go to google (or Bing or Yahoo). In the search bar type “affiliate: vitamins” – not with the quotes. You will see a whole page of vitamin companies which run affiliate programs. Most will have no up front cost. Move on from any which do!

marketing nicheYou can do the same for any product. Ones with a small niche, or a particular corner of the market, are good to promote.

The small or specialized audience for products like “Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count Linens” or “Hemp Tote Bags”, just as two examples, will allow you, the marketer, to focus on writing about a product and draw consumers who are looking for it. Click on the “what’s my niche” image and you’ll see a training page showing online training for the web.

You will see the whole lesson. There is a video, and lots of text outlining the material about niches.

This is your sneak peek into authentic training for a work at home job!

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

First of all, amazon makes it really easy to join their affiliate program. At the bottom of the home page in the

“Make Money With Us” category, you click on “Become An Affiliate”.

Amazon walks you through it from there. Amazon gives you a whole world of items to promote! From fishing rods to green amethyst silver jewelry (see how I focused on a niche jewelry item with that?) you could create an entire blog site around certain products. Or, best sellers, and other types of featured deals.

I chose that Bed In A Bag set randomly just now. The image contains a link to Amazon, and if you were to click on it and then buy the set, I would get a commission. And that’s how it would work for you, as an affiliate marketer.

When you’re an amazon associate, amazon keeps you well informed of specials, via your emails. Amazon provides links and images and the “star” ratings on every item. The commissions seem low, 4% -6% and sometimes more, yet well developed web sites make good money with amazon.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Newbies

Clickbank logoClickbank is a huge marketplace of digital items. These are ebooks, and are instant downloads for buyers. It excels in the “how-to” and self-help areas. It is good for DIY instructions and designs.

You can go to and peruse through the categories. You’ll see that some items don’t have a commission rate entered and you can ignore them. You can filter your search with the “High to Low” choice and you’ll see the commissions. Click on the title of the item. This will take you to the vendor’s sale page and you can see how the product is presented.

Some are a little cheesy, so it’s good to view a few in the same category. I also like to look online at the sites promoting the item to see the reviews, and what the competition is.

Commissions can be over $20 a sale for these products. If you find one that you can really write a lot about, (that is, you have a high interest, experience with, or a passion for the topic it covers) it is worth building an affiliate blog around it. Here is a detailed article about Clickbank.

Clickbank gives you a link per product to track you as a source of the sale. Find something you really enjoy talking about and your information and enthusiasm will draw sales!

And yet you…

Must Have Affiliate Marketing Tools!

Clickbank has its own training “university” with a monthly cost. It is narrowly focused on the use of Clickbank, naturally.

must have affiliate marketing tools
how to earn from a blog

One of the tools you need is free training websites, and you can get that along with world class instruction at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge website with hundreds of well organized training classes – most with exact visual demonstrations. And those videos inspire long training discussions with new people who are learning online training for the web, all day and every day.

Because this community is international, there are blog writing students online 24/7. There are also experienced bloggers who contribute to:

  • Training questions and answers
  • Live feed questions and answers
  • Mini-trainings walking the newbies through the detailed workings of website building
  • Instruction in SEO, (finding the best keywords for your content), which can be overwhelming without help
  • Where to get free images for your blog posts
  • The best way to put those images into a blog post (you can use your own too!)

And…more! How much more?

  • The two free websites I already mentioned – which you will name and build with careful instruction
  • Discount prices on domain names – roughly 50% you’ll pay elsewhere, for dot com names
  • Ongoing or should I say never-ending support if you decide to go further with online training for the web and extend your membership (which is paid)
  • Free website hosting while you’re a member

You can start this training for no money out of your pocket. And you will be given two marketing blogs that you will build – for zero dollars.

Here is a chart showing you how that works:

Online Business For Seniors

The choices for an online business for seniors are staggering. How to decide! I bet you could make a quick list of things seniors are especially interested in. I’ll have a go:

Health (vitamins, paleo diet, Atkins Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Nutri Bullet menus, protein smoothies

Exercise (Yoga, Classical Stretch, Aging Backwards, Essentrics)

Workout equipment (Yoga mats, workout clothes, treadmills, muscle rollers, weights, sneakers, water bottles) If you click on those images you will go to Amazon. If you were to buy, I would make a commission, just as you yourself would on your own affiliate blog.

You could have categories of products on one blog, or completely separate sites for a single product.

Work At Home Jobs For Disabled Vets

With certain disabilities a veteran will be stuck at home. A veteran can end up with a life of pain management, movement restriction, boredom, depression and poverty. Yet even with this undesirable ending to a life of service, the vets I’ve spoken to (younger and older) are self-motivated, disciplined, result-oriented and many have business management skills and computer skills.

Anyone who can use a computer for the mere basics can learn online training for the web. Vets may be experts with:

  • Engines
  • Electronics
  • Communications
  • Solar energy
  • Off road vehicles
  • Survival equipment

And, a wide range of other topics depending on their hobbies and interests.

Learning online training for the web may come very easily and produce a very decent income for a disabled vet.

Please leave any comment or question below – let me know what you think about some of these ideas. Would any work for you?



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