Do Youtube Videos Make Money

Do YouTube Videos Make Money

Often readers have asked me do youTube videos make money? I’m not a video maker myself but I think I’m missing out on something.

So here’s another question for today: have you made slime yet? Stay with me because I’m going to illustrate something important about how youTube videos do make money.

A lot of money, for some.

Need A Quick Slime Recipe?

If you senior readers here have grandkids, I bet you’re way more clued into the Slime Phenomena than I am.

In fact, I only just heard about this morning on Bill Handel’s radio show. I’m driving along as usual watching the crazy traffic on the way to work and the word “slime” keeps tapping at my awareness.

a quick slime recipe

 Then I hear the phrase “six figure income” and I start paying attention! It turns out that Karina Garcia, a twenty three year old woman in Southern California has retired her parents and siblings and bought a huge family home for her family.

And right now there’s a run on Elmer’s Glue, one of the slime ingredients. The Elmer’s Glue website and the Michael’s craft store website now show recipes for slime.

Does Karina make slime? No. Does she sell other people’s slime?


Ms. Garcia started a youTube account and began uploading videos about different slime recipes, the ingredients in slime recipes, and much more.

She is now making between $100,000.00 and $200,000.00 a month! From YouTube.

Here is one of her videos about a quick slime recipe:

And as of today, this video has had 3,379,594 views! And Ms. Garcia has a couple of hundred videos!

Why did she do this? Because Slime has been around for years. It first showed up on Nikelodeon.

And how does she make the money?

Huge corporations, one being Coca Cola for example, pay youTube for advertising on her videos because they draw a lot of views.

And Ms. Garcia gets a cut.

Best Home Online Jobs

This story shows us how making youTube videos is obviously one of the best home online jobs.

tiny home office

The idea is to make videos about an ongoing “hit” product. You don’t have to own, sell it, MLM it, make a rip-off version of it or even write about it.

Bets are though, you will at some point want to make a website to help increase a retirement income.

So here’s a plan – learn how seniors can make money online with a website, marketing a product. Someone else’s product…This is called affiliate marketing.

You can test drive some classes and experience a training community for free, to see if this would inspire you to build a business blog.





The Slime opportunity has been taken up by many other video makers, but you may have a high interest in something very different anyway.

You can go here to learn about promoting Clickbank products  . Those are digital instant download informational packages on thousands of topics. You are probably quite knowledgeable in a few of them!

For example a popular one is about woodworking. And then think about the potential for related videos. It could start at building a workbench exclusively for wood working. I’m no expert but per my imagination you’ll need:

  • A good place in the home or
  • A good place in the garage
  • Maybe a garden shed workshop
  • Good lighting
  • Perhaps an electrical source
  • Good ventilation because you may use wood glues or paints/varnishes

O.K., there are six videos right there. You would want to watch a

promote Clickbank products wood working

lot of wood working videos to see how you can present a unique angle to your viewers.

Increase A Retirement Income

Look at popular wood works and dissect them for your viewers. If you know a lot about wood working you’ll come up with many more ideas than I ever could.

These videos can be short. They can link to your website, and your website can link to them.

On your website you could also promote wood working products or designs from:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

and more! You can become an affiliate marketer for those stores and earn commissions when a shopper goes to the vendors through links on your site.

That’s a lot to take in right?

And how do you get started? At Wealthy Affiliate you get a free trial – no payment method asked for, nothing – seven days where you can view hours of lessons AND you can put together a real practice website which you can later convert to your own dot com.

Please if you find a better deal than that, let me know!

Source of top image.

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  1. Wow, 6 figures from slime. Who would have thought? Makes me start thinking about trying YouTube for more than just watching craft videos or how to fix a computer issue. Thanks for the inspiration!


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