Senior Low Income Living

Senior Low Income Living – Who Is Ready To Stop Working?

The topic of senior low income living can refer to many things. Some seniors can no longer enjoy luxuries like a yearly cruise or fly to a far away resort, unless they continue to work full time.

Yet the majority live way below an income that is even comfortable. Tens of millions cannot retire at the full retirement age, and need to plan for when they cannot work at all. This article will help you with getting a picture of how you can earn income on the internet – no scam! – and how you can get started with a ton of training for no cost, no payment information asked for.

At an article states that ” A private room in a Virginia nursing home would now cost $82,125 a year; in 10 years, the price tag goes up to $133,773.”

That is one example of living in retirement and it is irrelevant to the many seniors who are trying to figure out how to retire sometime in the future. Their budget isn’t anywhere near that amount!

So what is relevant to you right now? Something like:

  • Will I (we) need to sell our home and move into something much smaller?
  • Is there a better city for me/us to live in on a low income?
  • Is a senior community of folks about my age better – and will the cost be low enough?
  • Is my neighborhood still as safe as it was when I/we chose it or should we change?
  • Can I/we still live close to the family?
  • How will I get assistance for living if I need it?

In Portland Oregon a 55+ community living center starts at $695 a month. In Algonquin, Illinois, near Chicago, “low income affordable” units start at $2153. Yikes!

I Need Help For Rent!

If you search “rent help for low income seniors” you will find many sites for applying for government assistance to subsidize your rent or monthly utility bills. It would be good to examine all of these and see if there is any program you should get into.need help with rent!

Waiting lists for subsidized housing can be years long, so apply now!

In a recent article on this website I talk about ways to learn how to start a home business with blog writing for money. Click here if you’d like to see my recommendations.

This entire website is dedicated to showing seniors (and the disabled) ways to make money at home on the internet. And every aspect is covered.

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Still Working But Want To Retire?|

Millions of seniors have not been able to save the $1,500,000.00 amount recommended to live in retirement, at about 65% of the annual income they used to have.

Many seniors keep their jobs after full retirement age and save their social security benefits as best they can for a few years. That’s a very small safety net compared to 1.5 million dollars.

Some opt for a reverse mortgage of their home to increase their income. Read about reverse mortgage risks here, and view your choices with the help of an attorney.

Many don’t have a problem with keeping a roof over their head, but would like to enjoy their senior years with a challenging and exciting business they can do at home or from on the move – and that’s why I would like to help you with this information.

What Is The Process To Build A Website

What Is The Process To Build A Website?

If you have never worked with a website, never mind built one for yourself this can be an intimidating idea. Your solution is to get what you need for:

  • Website building tools for free
  • Internet marketing strategies for a small business
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  • Discover what are the the best affiliate commissions you can earn with a blog

Here are the details I’ve outlined for you about Wealthy Affiliate University  – Click!- a huge educational site with not only video classrooms that take you through each building block of a website, but support you with thousands of Q&A’s on every topic.

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If you have any questions or comments about this training please leave it below! I will get back to you.


12 thoughts on “Senior Low Income Living”

  1. I like how you’ve been able to identify a key problem facing millions of seniors out there today. Many have not been able to save up the 1 and a half million dollars recommended to be able to live comfortably in retirement.

    Building your own website is a great way to take matters into your own hands! I think you’ve made an excellent suggestion for anyone looking to supplement their income! Great job!

    • Glad you enjoyed this article Alec! I certainly hope all low income seniors will find a way to live well! Getting out of the grind and working at home seems to be a good option.

  2. What you say in your post is very true and very factual. Senior low income living in my opinion should be highlighted more often and I applaud you for tackling the issue head on with a fantastic piece of writing. A person works all of their life only to suffer the indignity of living with barely enough money to do the day to day things, it is a big let down and just when they should be relaxing, well you are right when you say that some cannot even afford a holiday. It is to me a travesty. Then there is the part about wealthy affiliate which is a good solid piece of content. Well done on this awesome post!

    • Thanks for visiting my post Simon! I hope, every day that seniors who need a better income come across this information one way or another. It is terrible to feel stuck the way many do. Regards!

  3. Interesting topic and something that we should plan for. I am nowhere near my senior years, but I do think about how I would support myself when I retire. I think building an internet business can be a solid way to go about it. But like any other ventures, it does take time, money and effort and do so. I agree that it’s best to find resources that truly helps to build this business as soon as we can. Thank you for this insightful article.

    • Hi Lily! Thank you for visiting my site, and for your thoughts.
      It’s true that working on line takes a personal investment. That’s the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for training. An individual can minimize the financial output by putting in time, to study and to write. A big advantage is that the effort is under one’s control and a person can progress at their own pace. I appreciate your feedback!

  4. your view is very loud and very actual and if one can say it is more accurate because most of the elders around my society use to be complaining of waking up earlier and travelling to work and i think this is the right one for them

    thanks for the information provided

    • Jose thank you for leaving your comment here! I truly hope that the information on my blog will help many seniors to learn how to make a decent supplemental income from home.

  5. I believe that this is a good way for the elderly to make money and have fun doing something that they love. This type of work is available to anyone who is willing to put in the time and make it happen. Thanks for sharing, you post is well detailed and will do a lot to educate those who are looking for a way to make some money and have fun at the same time sharing what they know.

    • Thanks so much Norman for leaving your impression here. I want seniors to know that they CAN write about a subject they love and make money, given the work required. It is exciting to create your own blog and I hope I can help people learn!

  6. This is a really interesting opportunity that my father would really want to know about – I’ll have to show him this!
    He’s been looking for something to get his teeth into for quite some time now and earn at the same time!
    One question – is this website building lark a bit ‘techie’? He’s decent with a PC but not what you’d call a pro?

    • Hi Chris! I don’t consider myself “techie” or a pro yet. But I have built a few websites by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate step by step. I hope your father will try it out!


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