Make Money Writing At Home

Make Money Writing At Home

Do you wonder if you can ever retire and be truly comfortable? Oh dear, you can’t? Do you want to make money writing at home?

O.K. so I just  threw that right out there. (Duck! lol).

I know if you’re anywhere near being in the same boat I have been in – you need this.

boat sunk in water
Totally sunk!

And yet to succeed at a business working from home you need to be prepared, right? This is not something anyone jumps into without knowing the precise way to proceed.

I am going to help you find out how to do that. How to get detailed, step by step, precision training on building a business on line.

I bet that if you need more money in retirement than you’re currently expecting to have, you might be anxious, frustrated and even angry. It doesn’t seem fair.

How does it feel to consider having a home line of work? While it still is a fact that you have to work, you can have choice over:

  • How hard you work
  • How many hours, and which hours in the day you will work
  • Whether you work at home or while visiting family
  • When you stop for meals, exercise, other tasks, or socializing
  • Arranging your training times to maximize saving money

How Can Seniors Save Money

Speaking of saving money, how can you do that if you were training on your computer, at home? You will save on:

  • Gas
  • Time commuting to a job
  • A dress code wardrobe or uniforms
  • Buying food away from homeless
  • Other work supplies or equipment

I’m getting to where you can find the best training to succeed in creating a comfortable home based business, but first think about what you want that life to look like. And feel like.

Do you have a small country town, or a waterfront location where you’d like to retire, but can’t? (Yet!)

Do you want to buy an RV and travel around, but your old age pension can’t support that?

I’d like to do all the above! We should all aim high, shouldn’t we?

waterfront retirement spot sunset

Will you be able to get rich fast? No. Yet I can see why you’d think that for a second.

I’m thinking that you are getting close to retirement age, or maybe you’re already there and you’re still working.

The title of this blog post caught your eye. Or maybe another title on this blog. It’s all geared toward how to get trained to make money writing at home.

Before I get to that, here’s a little back story.

Years ago I was thinking ahead. I cashed in a retirement fund and with an investment partner I bought some rental property. That trundled along just fine until the banks went down the rabbit hole taking us all with them.

Down, down, down.

person in rabbit costume on bridge
Oops! Wrong way!

Did you go down that one too? Or was it divorce or death of a spouse that brought you up short? Getting laid off?

You know, truly, if you feel like telling your story, please do in the comment section below. I and other readers of this blog like good company! If it’s long…please tell! We must hang together.

So we bought two properties in a small country town I planned to retire in. Those went down the rabbit hole, but I later got relief and new hope by signing up for authentic instruction about web site building.

CLICK that link to see how you can benefit too.

In explaining how I can help you – here’s an example of how you can work on line, help people, and make money.

Today I got up and recalled that it’s time to order more water filters for my counter top Aquasana water filter. Why did I think of that?

Because on the news there was a report about how likely there would be an earthquake in my area within two days! (It never happened.)

Two days! Oh my gosh it’s time to empty out some emergency water bottles and refill them with fresh water! That’s a bit of work…

Then my mind took me to writing a blog post on my amazon affiliate blog (I’ll explain that in a minute), promoting this water filter system.

Because weren’t other people wondering about an easy way to filter water too?

The benefits of this system?  It is affordable for both home owners and small apartment dwellers. (Which would be me after the rabbit hole.)

Affiliate Marketing Explanation

Since I have mentioned my amazon affiliate blog, let me at least briefly explain.

You probably shop on Amazon, or know that you can. My amazon affiliate blog reviews many products and if you look for one of them, you may find my blog.

book cover person on laptop working from home
Be an amazon affiliate!

And then, you may follow a link from it to amazon and make a purchase.

If you were to shop that way, I would make a small commission. Not a lot. But if one hundred shoppers did the same…see where I’m going here? A blog writer can be an affiliate with:

  • Target
  • Macys
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Ebay

And, many, many smaller businesses too.

That is just one way you can earn an income with your computer. So now on to help you make money writing at home!

How can you get started? How did I?

I had lots of help. It was disorganized and practically accidental, but I got going writing about my first profession, classical ballet. I could write technical articles in my sleep.

I don’t even remember how I found The Perfect Pointe Book which way back, was a ClickBank

book about pointe shoes
Another book I made commissions on.

product. A digital instant download book – and excellent!

>>>>> Click Here to see my article on ClickBank products.<<<<<

You may be surprised to find that you are an expert on one of the topics which have a best selling product on the ClickBank Marketplace.

There are articles on this web site about what to write about and how to find keywords (words that shoppers use to search for items they want) and many other aspects of generating an income with your computer.

The point of this article is “how can you learn to do this right?”.

Wouldn’t you love to have a week’s dry run at this training for free?

Would you like to set up a free web site with a few clicks and just start building it up with some content? Well you can!

Wealthy Affiliate will give you 7 days access to their classrooms for starting a blog.

If, within that seven days you decide you want access to the entire volume of instructions, you can purchase that for $19.00 and it’s good for a month.

>>>>>>> Click here to take a look around the web site right now. <<<<<<<       

Go ahead with that and I’ll continue to help you when you’re there!

And don’t forget to leave your story below!


8 thoughts on “Make Money Writing At Home”

  1. Dee,

    Your post on how to make money writing at home has a lot of useful information. I didn’t know all those companies offered affiliate programs. I do a lot of shopping at Target and I wouldn’t mind being part of their affiliate program. Thanks for the helpful information.


    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comments here. You prove in your own example that you are already an expert in Target goods. That’s a great place to start affiliate marketing, and anyone can expand from there. The same blog writing skills can apply to hundreds of topics. As the training elucidates, learn how to set up a blog properly and then do it over and over. To your success!

  2. Awesome approach. Your words are great and it caught my attention. This seems to me what anyone with this type of influence could possibly change our world. Well ok maybe just part of it. Thank you for sharing this and I will give it some thought.


    • Hi Xavier!It’s true that we can have enough influence over our own world if we learn how to effectively work for it. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate so that people can learn properly and waste no precious time. Cheers.

  3. Hi Dianne and thanks for your post. Im in the same boat as you, lol. Near retirement and not ready. We lost quite a bit in the last market crash of ’08 (I think?) and that hurt us. So now I’ve started my own online business to help supplement. And it’s so much fun too!
    Wishing us both the retirement of our dreams!!

    • Indeed Suzanne, we can realize our dreams. Perhaps a modest life, but in our control (to a large degree anyway) and more time at home with friends, family, garden, whatever our favorite things are. We have suffered huge losses yet we are not helpless and there is no reason to not pursue happiness. Cheers!

  4. Great article on retirement lifestyle changes. Yeah, hard to think about retiring in just 2 years but I think the time to make a change so I have more income is now. You’ve given me a lot of ideas in this post. Affiliate marketing is something I am comfortable with because the affiliate gets to choose what to promote. I like that kind of control over my business and I dont think I have to give that up just because Im retiring. Affiliate marketing offers a lot of promise.

    • Hi Dr. Doug. I too think their is promise and much fulfillment in on line marketing. So many people have had a career that was put in place just to survive. I think it would be ultimately satisfying to make money focusing on something you love and love to share.


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