How To Escape From The Rat Race

How To Escape From The Rat Race

Are you completely happy at working the nine to five (or later) employment job? If you have a career path that looks promising, then you probably are, aren’t you?

On the other hand if you’re a single parent juggling work, driving the kids to school, picking them up, arranging day care when they’re sick…been there done that! You too?

Have you hoped and dreamed for a break – as to how to escape from the rat race?

I’m going to help you with that! Exactly how – coming in just a bit.

There is a way and it will take a little planning.

I don’t mean that you can’t start right now, because you can.

How fast you progress will depend on what time you can set aside to learn a step by step extremely proficient way to build a blog or two that will become a work-at-home or work-while-you-travel or work-while-kids-are-busy Rat Race-free lifestyle!

The reason why I said “blog or two” just above is because I am going to direct you to where you can build two websites for no cost, no credit card or payment method asked up front.

That is two websites for free, for real.


How To Escape From The 9 To 5


You’re probably already thinking about the benefits of getting away from the 9 to 5 schedule, doesn’t your mind just goperson carrying JOB sign on back there?

In that situation here are a few advantages I can think of:

  • You can work in your peak hours
  • Take care of your children/parent/pets as needed
  • Take care of yourself properly, for medical/dental, other appointments
  • Exercise more

Don’t all those things sound great? And why, you might ask, do I think you can get there from here?

Because the blog building training I referred to above (the CLICK link) is a comprehensive, professional level wealth of information.

It is highly organized with classrooms where you listen, view and DO the material, as you go.

That website, Wealthy Affiliate, has trained about a million entrepreneurs who work on their computers to earn an income.

It has trained college students, young parents, travelers, and seniors, to build a living income, or augment their wages or retirement pension.

And the door is open for you!

With no start up cost, you can go through the basic training classes and SEE your blog(s) develop before your eyes.

Senior Isolation Statistics – About You Or Someone You Know?


I came across this article a couple of days ago that troubled me. It starts with this:

Nobody relishes the prospect of aging without a spouse or elder man sitting alonefamily member at their side, without friends to help them laugh at the ridiculous parts and support them through the difficult times. Yet, that is just what many North American seniors face. As the baby boomer generation crosses the over-65 threshold, it grows; but many of our aging loved ones are still feeling alone in the crowd.”

The article goes on to make twenty main points about senior isolation statistics and their ramifications.

Here is a shorter list that catches my attention, as relevant to how an isolated person (senior, disabled, shy, socially phobic just as examples) might discover one of the great escape jobs involved with blogging.

  • Isolation increases the risk of mortality (dying)
  • Isolation increases blood pressure
  • Isolation can lead to depression
  • Geographical isolation may have no solution
  • Loneliness is contagious!

I’ve included this section because even if you’re not seeking information on how to escape from the rat race, you may be looking for more well being.

And that can include community, and connecting to others through writing a blog.

More well being may also include additional income for you.

Which is something a proficiently built blog, or a few, can lead to.

Great Escape Jobs


What can a parent, a senior, a college student, a lowly paid worker, a not-paid creative person or contract worker do to escape financial famine?

Most mothers or single dads would choose to work from home if they could.

Many seniors would be eager to prepare for retirement with more revenue coming in than they might be expecting.happy older couple

A college student might be willing to dedicate ten or more hours a week to blogging if it could bring in money.

So how do these great escape jobs come about?

If you’re wondering how to set up an opportunity to work on your computer you’re in luck!

The instruction website I’m recommending you join will show you how to:

  • Set up two free websites
  • Walk you through the legality content (copy/paste)
  • Explain how you are going to set up your site to be found on line
  • Teach you how to write the content you will publish
  • Provide a network of successful entrepreneurs to help you
  • Offer hundreds of FAQs to refer to
  • Access this site 24/7 as it is international – it never sleeps

How To Join A Blog Community



As I’ve said above, there is no cost to log in and start immediately watching the classroom trainings.You will have seven days to take advantage of these.Blog page shows on large and small monitors

You won’t be asked for a payment method of any kind. That comes later if you want to invest in an ongoing membership.

After a week, you will have the opportunity to access the entire website for a month, for only $19 USD. 

If you do, you’ll be building an Authority website that will be pushed to the top of the search pages.

And why does that matter?

Think about what you were searching for just now before you came to this article.

Some of the words you entered to find information are somewhere in this blog post. And here we are!

(You can read more about that by CLICKING TO THIS ARTICLE.)

So, fast forward to you having just one blog, well designed, attractive to look at, and easy to read.

And you have written a volume of interesting and useful content.

Some, if not all, of that material will contain links to retailers and information vendors.a link

Your readers will follow those links and in many cases, buy a product you have discussed and recommended.

And that’s where you will be paid a commission from their purchase.

That is called Affiliate Marketing. You are the affiliate and those links are called Affiliate Links.

Writing pleasant, resourceful and informative reviews is a skill you can learn, if you don’t have it right now. That is a main focus of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Another method of blogging is writing about your own craft or artisan product, or popular collections (vintage jewelry, coins etc.) that you sell on a site like Etsy.

Your blog posts will then link your readers to your Etsy page to buy.

I hope I’ve made it simple to understand these opportunities about how to escape from the rat race.

Wealthy Affiliate training will show you how to shape your vision and create well being in your future.


What’s your situation today? Are you ready for a new plan? Please share if you like, or leave any questions you have below.


10 thoughts on “How To Escape From The Rat Race”

  1. Hi Dianne, this is priceless information you have here! I can’t imagine anyone that would not benefit from this. The idea of not having to go to a 9 to 5 job and work for some no good boss just sounds to great to be true. It is definitely worth checking out!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Kim! I certainly hope to help anyone who has this goal. From either want for a better lifestyle or as someone who has to work from home due to a disability.

  2. This is a great article, Dianne. You have really spelled out the positives of working from home and there are so many people out here looking for these types of opportunities. They just may not know where to look. After reading this article, it is evident the links you share are ideal opportunities!

    Once again, wonderful job. I look forward to more great articles from you in the near future. What will be your next topic to talk about for seniors?


    • Yvette it’s nice to feel the sympathy you have for people who want to create a better lifestyle. Making money from working at home isn’t easy but it’s so possible!
      I hope that seniors, the disabled and the fed-up in the rat race population can fulfill their dreams for a better living.
      Seniors have so many challenges now. Some have lost homes or retirement funds.
      It’s sad that those people will have to keep working. But with excellent training at a place like Wealthy Affiliate they can learn how to make a real business blog and earn decent revenue. Cheers!

  3. As a retiree who had never heard of affiliate marketing until a few days before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I can testify that the training is excellent. There are so many helpful people there. It is like having a second family. Since my family is spread across the country, it is a welcome change to have something useful to do, and to earn while I learn.

    • Sheila I agree! Having a blog community of both students and the pro marketers is such a boon!
      I would imagine it can be a real lifeline if a person is alone.
      I think seniors have so much to offer from their life experiences. There is no end to the niche blogs that can be created!
      Thanks for thoughts!

  4. More Well Being!! That strikes home for me. Not do to loss of a loved one but a loss of my own self-worth. Becoming disabled. Working from home and starting an online business was a doorway to reviving my self-esteem. The community aspects of Wealthy Affiliate are reinforcement for me that I can do it even with impairments.
    Your article and direction are so helpful and they are just another gentle reminder that this works. I can succeed. Thank you.

    • Christina thank you for sharing your personal experience here. I’m sorry to hear about you being disabled, yet I’m very happy you discovered Wealthy Affiliate and indeed are on a business track. I see from looking at your site that you offer great information for indoor gardening.
      To your continuing success!

  5. did you hear about the 90yr old Italian lady who start blogging and have over a million followers? the story was awesome…she learned how to use the computer in her 80s

    • Hi Oneil, I did hear that story. She is a true inspiration! Now that we know about neural plasticity and the fact that our brains can change and we have more control over our lives than we previously thought, I hope that seniors and anyone, will envision more in their future.
      It seems natural that older people, and any person who is so inclined, would want to work at home. Thanks for your thoughts!


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