How Can I Start Up A Business Of My Own

How Can I Start Up A Business Of My Own

A lot of people ask me that, and quite often. Whether they want to work on line or off line, they want to know “how can I start up a business of my own”?

I’m going to answer that question, at length in fact, but let me digress for a just a little.

This is a true story and this is the kind of experience that drives a person to want to work for him or herself.

This person, female, is over 50. She’d like to get out of a huge city that is becoming less and less enjoyable to live in. She has searched the home rentals in a small town.

Basically twice the square footage rents for less than what you pay in the city.

So, maybe she doesn’t even have to match the pay she’d getting now. A little less would make it.  She periodically reads all the job sites to see what is available. It’s a small town.

It’s got a K Mart, a Starbucks, a Home Depot, a Walgreens and a Rite Aid. They need cashiers, and people on the floor.

And every single job listing includes “must be able to lift up to 50 lbs”!

Kidding me? Is that really true? Or is that to deter older people from applying. Just thinking out loud here.

small man pulling enormous load of sacks

Age Discrimination In Jobs

First, you may have come to this blog to find out how to learn affiliate marketing at home. In that case –


Age discrimination in jobs takes many forms. One I saw happen in front of my eyes recently.

A mid-forties person was laid off after nineteen years with a corporation.

We all know how that works, right? They will hire a younger person to do her job at half the pay.

Her supervisor called and asked her “what was your job? No one knows what to do.”

She had basically created her job as she went along. All her managers and supervisors didn’t know how she put it all together and no one could replace her.

Many people who have been employed (in the US) and who are around their mid forties, are not looking for a start up business of their own.

Sadly, unlike workers in more advanced nations, they need a job so they can get health insurance for themselves and their family.

family in heart image

But how might it work for over 50 people or over 60 people who have insurance through a severance plan, Medicare or company pension?

How Can Affiliate Marketing Work For Seniors And Retirees?

Getting back to how to start up an affiliate marketing business – and people inquire about this for many reasons:

  • Boredom
  • To avoid depression after being laid off
  • Financial need
  • Rising prices
  • Health costs concerns
  • A love for social interaction and helping people
  • A sense of adventure and drive to create a new career
  • A reach for freedom and independence
  • Explore talents that are not related to their professional work

For most people, the easiest start up is an online business. You can begin with literally zero cost.

Here are things you need that you already have:

  • A roof over your head
  • A computer
  • Internet connection

That’s all you need to start.

With no money to commence, you can CLICK HERE TO BUILD A WEB SITE FOR FREE.

What about money? Well, this is business we’re talking about here.

A business that will grow (if you learn it the right way) and you will incur some costs as you go along. Under $50 USD a month, with a couple of exceptions here and there.

working online outdoors

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult

I don’t think affiliate marketing is difficult given the right know-how.

Plus, you will save a lot of time learning to do it properly. From the basic of building a correct marketing blog, to learning how to get noticed on the world wide web, and going on to send buyers to the best place to purchase what they want and – here’s the Voila!

You get paid a commission by the vendor or retailer.

This is a real work from home job. From your home office. Your kitchen table? Your patio? Your RV, as you travel?

Just recently I read a couple of blog posts from a Wealthy Affiliate marketer who was on a cruise ship. He was earning as he cruised!

I’m not going to go into the step-by-step starting a web site here, because if you sign up for a free account, that’s all covered for you. In every detail.

shopping on smart phone

So How Do I Sell Stuff Online?

Keeping it simple, you’re going to start a blog. Your blog is the foundation of your business.

You will learn how to enhance every aspect of your blog to attract visitors. To compete well, you will learn all about keywords, or SEO. That stands for Search Engine Optimization.

You will pick a topic, or niche to promote.

This works best if it is something you love and like to talk about. Or, just one item or component of something you can talk a lot about.

Here is the affiliate part.

Many vendors and retailers pay bloggers to promote their products. You become an affiliate with one, or a few, and they pay you commissions when a buyer arrives at their store following an affiliate link from your web site.

Amazon may be the prime example of this. This is because of the range of products it offers. But Amazon isn’t doing this all by itself! Oh no.

Many Amazon “stores” are owned by independent sellers who use Amazon as an outlet. If you send a buyer their way Amazon handles the transaction and you get a commission. You don’t have to deal with that other vendor at all.

When you shop on line and search for products you could end up landing at Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, in fact, any number of stores you’re familiar with.

package from monitor to person

You will buy if it is a retailer known for generally good return policies, quality products relative to price, and fair or free shipping charges. Because you do that often already, right?

In many cases, someone is getting a commission from your purchase. That doesn’t change your price.

Do you want to try this out right now? You can follow professional instruction for seven days without paying.

If you do nothing further you can keep the web site or two anyway. It will always be yours.


If anyone asks you “how can I start up a business of my own?” just send them to this article right here.

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12 thoughts on “How Can I Start Up A Business Of My Own”

  1. Great post and explanation on how anyone can start a business online. For those who are retired especially. For seniors with a lot of time on their hands, affiliate marketing can be fulfilling. Earning money blogging about things that are interesting to them plus earning money doing it!

    • Hi Cynthia. I truly hope that seniors and others with financial fears will try this out. Those who persist and are willing to build can get all the tools they need to do so.

  2. Hi Dianne, very engaging and timely post. The days of older people being portrayed as technophobes are increasingly coming to an end. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 67% of seniors are on the internet.

    So your call for seniors to establish their own online business is a logical next step. Once more, they have life experiences that they can leverage. All they need is some direction and a roadmap, and your post does a great job of providing both.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Thabo! I hope many seniors will decide to use blogs for some entreprenurial work, and share their life experience too!

  3. An excellent article, Dianne. It gives hope to seniors who want to be productive and continue to earn, while working at home. The huge bonus is signing up with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build your business.

    Thank you for this informative post.

  4. I think a lot of people would love to do something for themselves. The hurdle they have to overcome is learning how to do it.

    Because people do not always know the first steps, they shy away from giving it a try.

    Starting right from the beginning and getting the training you need is so important.

    This is excellent information.

    Thank you


    • Hi Chris. It’s so true that finding the right information and building a site from the bottom up is crucial. One can waste years trying to figure it all out!

  5. Great introduction for a free course in Internet marketing. You have provided a wealth of information to pique the interest of those who may not have even thought about it. I am one of those seniors well over 60 who is enjoying working on her own website and looking forward to the profits it can bring.

    • Hi Tanya. Time is certainly of the essence for us older people! We want to learn properly, and earn while we learn too! The fact that seniors (or anybody) can start for free has prompted thousands to try Wealthy Affiliate, and many are bringing significant revenue with their blogs.
      To your success!

  6. Hello Dianne,
    Great article! I love the way you ‘break it down’ in small pieces. The desire, the website, the know-how, the affiliate marketing side of it, and the possibilities. Of course, age should never be a factor to decide how you progress as an individual (self-actualization), however, your tips and suggestions will surely be a guidepost along the way!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for visiting my post Michelle. The potential for success in marketing on line truly depends on a good blog. Even for an off line business at home, a blog is great advertising. The hard part I think it getting started and finding good training (like Wealthy Affiliate!)


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