How To Make Extra Money As A Senior

How To Make Extra Money As A Senior

How To Make Extra Money As A Senior is a hot topic these days – or maybe always has been.

I work in a field that truly keeps the ongoing challenges of keeping up with inflation (impossible for most!), keeping up with rental costs (half-a$$ed rent control laws halfway help but only if you never move and aren’t forced out of “your” home).

I have just reviewed about 30 articles with recommendations about making money with your computer, at home.

They feature questions like:

  • Can I do online tutoring? (great for ex-teachers)
  • Is Drop-shipping worth it? (You don’t have to keep stock, you sell it, they ship it)
  • Can I Publish an e-book? (Yes you can! And it’s not hard to learn)
  • Can I make money with videos on YouTube? (Yes! You can)
  • Start a blog – about what? Anything you love enough to write lots of content about

Where Do Billionaires Invest When There Is High Inflation?

Yes, even billionaires are looking for handy ways to make more money – but this doesn’t concern us, does it? They are not reading this blog because it is designed for retiring or soon-to-be retiring individuals and couples who want to work from home or while traveling without the worry of running out of funds.

How Do I Make Money Online For Free Fast?

This is a common bogus idea that is a time waster to pursue. I have read that question online for over ten years. It never goes away and I have never heard of anyone discovering a way to do this. ‘Nuff said!

How Can I Make Money Online Without Selling Something?

Now we’re getting warm!

If you are not a natural and successful salesperson (sell-ice-to-Inuits type of talent) but love to talk about your favorite gadgets, hobby products, and “how-to’s” you learned in your career, you might love Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a type of marketing where you get to write, explain, describe, RAVE about a product or line of products to a specific audience of interested people – a niche – who are looking for your information online.

And, there is a place where you can learn how this works and how to get that niche to find your blog!

Years ago I found a training community where I was able to start learning the basics of affiliate marketing, with five classes about this online business style.

I did not have to pay anything to get a look at the training and income earning potential, and how the support from this community could help one learn.

You can do this too: CLICK below.


This is serious business training that with enthusiasm and consistent work and correct application, will earn you income.

This is not “EASY Money”. When have you ever made Easy Money?

I won $100.00 with the lottery once –  no future in it though!

I really want to help seniors who have probably followed this working-life path.

I’m not going to say “career path” because many of us who thought they were going to have a career (traditionally a job with one company including health benefits, bonuses, pension plan et al)  – not just a job – got blind-sided by these wealth-sucking events:

  • Divorce
  • Business moved off shore
  • Illness (yours or a family member’s)
  • Real estate investments or home got taken by bank corruption and ensuing freefall events

And there went your retirement plans!

Or, maybe you worked so hard for so long that you never made any retirement plans!

I must say I resent the common phrases of describing those who are retiring comfortably as people who “worked with fiscal discipline and intelligent strategies”. Really?

As though the rest of us had no discipline or wasted money we could have spent on retirement strategies.

Sadly, the facts are that the biggest maybe-once-greatest developed country has contrived to eliminate decent labor laws, or allow for work-arounds, has contrived to allow run-away-train rent increases while suppressing affordable housing development, and has contrived to bankrupt people and take their assets just for getting ill.

I guess that was a bit of a rant…and a bit dark…so let me get to the good stuff!

How Can Senior People Earn Money In Their Old Ages?

All the researchers I reviewed today agree that there are two best ways:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Start a YouTube channel

Since I am a writer I will focus here on the blog for business via affiliate marketing path.

I will also provide information about making money with YouTube further below.

There are technical aspects to succeeding with a blog.

Knowing code is no longer required.

Finding a host to support an easy-to-build WordPress blog is a must.

Learning HOW to build the blog on WordPress is a must, because you want a good visual appearance and a professional (including legal) presence.

Learning how to help your audience – that niche who wants the information you’re going to provide – find you online.

Learning how to schedule your training and writing time so you can publish quality content consistently, without burning out.

This schedule is yours to choose – and depends on whether you are retired, or still working full time or part time.

After your first free classes, you will have the option to begin your professional training at $49.00 a month.

For this you get access to a huge and long-lived affiliate marketer training community. The classes are methodical going through the basics of blog building and enhancing your site in the ways that will allow you to supplement your social security income.

This $49.00 investment also includes one dotcom, “”, a professional website address. 

And for some, your blog may eventually make you more money than you have ever made.

Blog success takes time. There is no “overnight” or “instant”. And you want to stay real about this, right?

And I would judge by the million PLUS users of this training site, that most of the members stick with it and become earners online.

If you want to learn how to make extra money as a senior – click below!


Here is the post about YouTube success:

Do Youtube Videos Make Money


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