Reward Banx 300 Plus Per Day

What can you really make with Reward Banx  300 plus per day?


Let’s take a look at this opportunity. If you’re a retired senior, or soon to retire, wouldn’t you like to add to your income and live a lifestyle you’ve always wanted – without working so hard?


Many seniors and disabled people – who need to make money working from home – need help with money problems. Let’s look at some of the features of Reward Banx and see if it might be an opportunity to make money after retirement.

In 3-Clicks = We Activate

“Done For You” Coupon Code Websites”
…Says the creator. I wonder how that can work. The author purports:
  • “No Complex Setup, Just 3 Clicks To Activate These Coupon Code Sites…
  • We’re Getting PAID To Help People Save Money…
  • Self-Ranking Sites That Drive FREE Google Traffic To Themselves…
  • 100% Automated, Setup Once & Forget About It…
  • Risk Free 365 Day Money Guarantee
  • PLUS: We’ll Pay You $200 If You Fail…”

First off, that’s great advertising. Notice the attention-grabbing phrases like “help people”, “self-ranking”, “automated”, “risk free”, and “guarantee”.

Since the readers of this blog are looking for ways to make money at home, they are also looking for training. If that’s you, do you know what “self-ranking” is?

Because that’s one big chunk of affiliate internet marketing – ranking. What that boils down to is being seen on whatever search engine you’re using.

Is Reward Banx going to train you? Let’s look further.

Zero Technical/Computer Skills Involved

I’ve made sure that this software would be so easy to use that even my mother and father could use it (they know next to NOTHING about computers).

Well, I am probably the age of the author’s mother and father – heh heh – and so are my readers, and so might be you.

Ten years ago, I started learning about blogging for money.  I accessed a training site that DID teach me about ranking, for one, and also gave me the opportunity to make two websites for free.

Do I hear a WOW?

Now, I expect you to  be skeptical. You’re looking for a real feet-on-the-ground place to tell you how to earn some extra revenue online, or with a full time ability, to fully support you in retirement or after a traumatic disability that requires you to work at home.

We will look at Reward Banx further, but I want to give you access, right now, to the training place I found where I learned how to actually get some money into my bank account.

I started for free, and after a week of training classes, I decided to pay for more.




 I honestly don’t know how you can keep on developing a site, and the hopefully resulting income, with zero computer skills, or zero blogging skills.

The Reward Banx system says this all “set and forget” with automated updating and automated “ranking” so YOUR site shows up in the search engines and people will click on it and use YOUR reference for coupons, and you will get a commission.

That’s affiliate marketing, by the way. Someone buys something from your web site and you make a %.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned strategies like:

  • High Ticket Sales…
  • Affiliate Marketing…
  • Making Videos…
  • Social Media Marketing…
  • Email Marketing…
  • Local Marketing

After all, how are those things working out for you right now?

So, for someone to ask “how’s that working out”? …they’re not talking to a newbie, right? They’re not talking to a senior or disabled person searching for a way to supplement their SS or SSD payments.

This where I find I can’t recommend Reward Banx to my readers.

My readers want something concrete to interface with that will offer professional business blog training.

My readers know that ultimately nothing comes for free, but also an opportunity to try out some authentic blog training classes with no payment asked for, is rare. If not unique.

That’s why I hope to shorten the learning curve for newly arrived retirees or people on disability. You can learn how to promote items you have an expertise on, even it they have just been a beloved hobby to you and not a career. Things like:

  • Woodworking information
  • Barn owl boxes
  • Crocheting
  • Cooking accessories (BBQing and more)
  • Recipes
  • Gardening tips and equipment
  • Ballet and dance information and supplies

Honestly, it’s endless.

What do you love?

My mother could have had a site about bird watching, affiliate marketing the attendant supplies. Bird houses, binoculars et al. Amazon is a place where buyers look for bird houses, bird food, bird feeders, night vision binoculars and other accessories.

My dad could have had a site about wood working, rug hooking, and (big time!) beer making. So those are hobbies they had. While “just hobbies”, they could have talked for a month  about those things.

See where I’m going with this?

I don’t think Reward Banx is a scam. But it’s a wee bit optimistic about You, with no website training, making about $300.00 a day with it. I just don’t see it.

I recommend a site that:

  • Is open 24/7 with over a million members world wide who will help you
  • Has been on line for years
  • Hosts a site (gives you a space on a server) for half price the going rates
  • Sells domain names ( et al) for half price the going rates
  • Has both higher priced and lower priced  membership opportunities
  • Has superb technical support
  • Offers support for “ranking”
  • Has weekly training webinars with an expert (and he’s funny!)

What’s to lose?



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