What Can I Write A Blog About

What Can I Write A Blog About? The Smartblogger site, a blog site which makes about $100,000.00 a month, advises getting started with Affiliate Marketing as the best business strategy. So there’s a professional answer to “what can I write a blog about”? Marketing on line. I enjoyed reading that fact from author Jon Morrow […]

Online Work For The Disabled

Online Work For The Disabled Disabled veterans and retired military service men and women often face challenges with employment. For many, online work for the disabled is the best solution for this problem. This article will discuss employment work-at-home positions, and a self-employed work model. The latter topic is basically what my whole web site […]

Online Training For The Web

Online Training For The Web Is Easily Available! While this isn’t a newsflash, if you are currently searching for online training for the web, I know you could use some guidance to save time and money. The best and fastest course of action is to find a training website where you can access updated, easy […]

Increase Your SS Income

Start A Small Website Business Do you need to increase your SS income? Do you already know that you will eventually end up with not enough money in retirement? Are you among the millions who are about to reach retirement age, with a feeling of dread hanging over you? Read on! Here is some real […]

Feeling Angry About Money

“I’m feeling angry about money today.” Is that you, ever? Do you get to feeling angry about money too? If you’ve ever felt that way, I’m going to help you right now, so that the feeling will fade from your life. Here’s what I was thinking a few months ago: “Do I Want To Learn […]

The Best Free Online Website Builder

The best free online website builder comes with two giveaways! Wealthy Affiliate University offers you the chance to create a couple of WordPress blogs with the best free online website builder. You can have access to their video Classrooms training for one whole week! And how does that actually work? Go ahead and click on […]

Equal Pay Same Job

Equal pay same job for women? Really? Where is that? (Warning: this article is written in all sincerity but with humor and irony too. A little bit tongue-in-cheek. It is not meant to trigger intense political discourse.) Why Women Deserve Equal Pay – Explained! The current POTUS (President Of The United States) has stated today […]

Top Jobs – Retirees

Top Jobs – Retirees Over 65? Are you looking for the top jobs for retirees? Oh – you weren’t planning to be working after full retirement age? You are in the company of millions! Millions of retired seniors who for decades, Worked hard Raised a family (or maybe didn’t) Paid into a pension through the […]