What Is Set And Forget – Koin Make Money System


The Set And Forget make money online system was released about a year ago. But my article here, is about the generic meaning of the phrase, thus the What Is Set And Forget – Koin Make Money System title.


What IS Set And Forget


Set and forget is a phrase that’s been around for a long time. It can refer to instant pie filling, jello desserts, play doh or slime recipes. 😀 


It became popular over about fifteen years, in the business of selling systems, hot tips, web site scraping (stealing) and other purportedly decent methods to automate ways to generate revenue from a web site, web page, or ad.


I want to discuss below, how the system Koin, may be used to develop an income stream that is automated. The idea is you buy the software, set up as directed (two clicks!), and earn $39.00 worth of “free Bitcoin” every few hours.


Who Can Benefit From Using Koin?

Here is a list of benefits according to the author:

  • Ride This New-Wave Today…
  • (I must comment here, Bitcoin has been around for years)
  • ​Fully-Automated 30 Second Setup…
  • (but wait! It will take more than 30 seconds simply to buy it!)
  • Works For Ordinary People…
  • (only if you’re already a crypto currency trader, or a successful day trader)
  • 100% Fresh (not!), 100% New (not!), 1000% Easy…(not!)
  • Flick A Switch & You’re Ready To Roll…​(thousands of successful bloggers disagree)
  • Finally Unlock The Laptop Lifestyle…(yes, some do travel working on their laptop)
  • ​It Either Works Or We Send You $500! (I’ve read this so many times!)
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…( will you remember, in a year, where your $11 went!)

I hope my comments aren’t distractions or come across as smart-ass.


My response is because I have used a real blog-for-money training community and have been making money online since 2016. I will talk more about that below, or if you like, you can click on the blue button below and view it for yourself.




But I don’t want to do you a disservice so I will continue to reveal more about Koin.

Particularly, IF you’re an experienced crypto coin or day trader, I’d say go ahead and give Koin a whirl, for $11.00 (and money back guarantee). There’s no harm in that.

The author repeats what many “simple system” authors of set and forget software have said.

“The old way of making money online is DEAD”. Chuckle. That’s like saying God Is Dead – you’re going to get an argument from millions of people!


Is Koin Worth It


The Koin author shares:


“Bitcoin went from being worthless in 2010 when it was first announced, to be worth as much as $65,000 per coin…

…It’s now currently sitting at around $35,000 per coin…

Imagine being able to own just 3 of those coins… At the current rate that would be over $105,000 in your pocket…

And imagine owning those coins without having to invest a single dime… Literally zero risk to you…

Here’s why Bitcoin is the future:”


Avoiding Scams For Seniors


I have to trouble shoot those statements above right now!


Avoiding scams for seniors is a big part of this blog. I focus on seniors but the information is applicable to anyone.


Yep, Bitcoin is worth about $35,000.00. So even IF this Koin system can make you $39.00 worth of Bitcoin…well, you do the math.


“without having to invest a single dime”…Really? You have to buy Bitcoin to make this system work.


“Bitcoin is the future”…Again, really?


A book I bought, Bitcoin Beginner, was published so long ago it’s disappeared from the book list on Amazon. I look today, and see many guide books for cryptocurrency acquisition dating back to 2016.


Why Not Study Writing Articles Online For Money


...The right way?


You won’t need Koin or any other cheap $11.00 app. You may end up paying a monthly or yearly membership fee to participate on step-by-step instruction classes, but the training I recommend can be used for free, for one week, so you can see what is possible. You can:


  • begin a real WordPress styled blog within a few minutes
  • learn to decide what to write about – a niche you’ll love
  • learn to attract your exact audience with use of keywords
  • understand affiliate marketing – making commissions from retailers
  • learn blog post composition for easy reading
  • access a weekly live training seminar with updates on blogging success strategies
  • access to live chat – get your questions answered (with membership)
  • 24/7 activity with millions of world-wide users to help you succeed

The Koin presenter even claims –


“We’re leveraging a little-known, hidden loophole that not many know about…

A loophole that allows us to honestly, ethically & legally generate up to $39 in FREE Bitcoin every 12 hours… It’s literally set & forget… “
I have to weigh in here – Bitcoin has been around for far too long for a hidden loophole to remain in obscurity until now. It simply isn’t possible.
I am not going to spend time going over the user interface in the Koin system. After reviewing some critical youtube videos presented by my affiliate marketing trainer competitors, I see that they all agree with me that tried and true business blog instruction is far superior.


In Conclusion


“Even Though Setting Up This App Is EASY & Can Be Done In 30 Seconds We’re Including Over The Shoulder Tutorials Walking You Through Exactly How We Get $39 In FREE Bitcoin In As Little 12 Hours Flat.” – Koin author


Well, thank you for that. IF you pick through the promotional material, scrolling way down, this is what you see. It’s NOT 30 seconds, it’s at least twelve hours of training.


Following more of the sales pitch, Koin covers all the insecurities and personal buttons that can be pushed on people who are attracted to:


  • driving the most expensive cars
  • living in gated exclusive neighborhoods
  • wearing fabulous jewelry and fashions
  • eating in the best restaurants
  • sending your kids to the best private schools

In contrast to those items, this article and my blog is written for seniors, the disabled who have to work from home, and anyone else who wants to make money from home.


This is a list of their aspirations (maybe yours?), goals that can be achieved by blogging for money the right way.


  • work at home before, or in retirement, to earn extra income
  • work the laptop lifestyle in order to travel, visit friends and family, often
  • Rv as a lifestyle, earning income from affiliate marketing as you go
  • choose your working hours
  • save on gas and commute time
  • avoid stress in retirement or planning for retirement
  • feel secure that you, a marketing beginner, can learn the professional business blog development


Top Online Training Companies – Blogging For Money


My highly recommended of the top online training companies is Wealthy Affiliate. It offers:

  1. a week of free access to the training classes
  2.  two blogs (which you can keep) and
  3. access to a tool that helps you find the best words to use so people can find your blog on the web.

Click on the button below to get access to the free training classes!



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