Coping With Forced Retirement

Coping With Forced Retirement For many, their retirement date wasn’t a choice. As corporations down-sized, moved state or country  or just plain collapsed hundreds of thousands of jobs disappeared. This is catastrophic, as health care, location, family life, and visions of the future (or lackof) are all disrupted.Coping with forced retirement is stress on steroids […]

Do Youtube Videos Make Money

Do Youtube Videos Make Money Often readers have asked me do youtube videos make money? I’m not a video maker myself but I think I’m missing out on something. So here’s another question for today: have you made slime yet? Stay with me because I’m going to illustrate something important about how youtube videos do […]

How Can Seniors Make Money

How Can Seniors Make Money Many seniors, the disabled who must work at home, and a parent who wants to stay home with young children…need more money! Most seniors in or near retirement know they’ll need more income than they have planned for. Here are some answers to the dilemma of how can seniors make […]

The Niche Marketing Guide

The Niche Marketing Guide What is the best niche marketing guide for setting you up to earn some income online? I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, an online comprehensive training site for making money with the internet. It solves many problems for a person who needs an at home job. And this usually means seniors or the […]

Why Do People Need Control

Why Do People Need Control Why don’t they – who doesn’t want control over some aspects of their life? Especially when it comes to finances, do the bankers, currency traders, mortgage sellers ask “why do people need control”? People meaning – like you and me? Disabled retirees, seniors or soon-to-be? No, those institutions have the […]

How To Get A Second Income

How To Get A Second Income I truly hope that this article, or another on this blog will help any retiree (whether a senior or a disabled person) who needs money, learn how to get a second income. You want to: Increase your ss income Supplement an inadequate pension income Start an online business while […]

How Is Internet Marketing Done?

How Is Internet Marketing Done? Many seniors ask me this. They are curious, but they’re also fearful of a future in retirement without enough money coming in. How do people end up in this predicament, wondering how is internet marketing done? Do you wonder that or wonder if maybe working online could save you from […]

Baby Boomers And Marketing

Baby Boomers And Marketing Learn To Be An Online Marketer Are you a baby boomer who does not want to opt for the typical retirement “Thanks For The Many Years” plaque? Are you curious about baby boomers and marketing – online? I think that baby boomers are an unusual, and outstanding generation in the grand […]

Retired, Need More Income

Retired, Need More Income! Almost everyone I know both locally and online who is retired or who would like to be retired, needs more income. We seem to be in uncertain times with great social unrest and much written about but unclear reports, on the financial condition of the world. It seems like there are […]