Is ShareASale Worth Using For Affiliates?

Is ShareASale Worth Using For Affiliates?


What is ShareASale? Is ShareASale worth using for affiliates? Meaning, those bloggers, and maybe You, who promote products made by other people for a commission.


Here is a little info and history about ShareASale. 


And below is a short video about ShareASale:



This marketer explains that she makes money with ShareASale in two ways:

  • Commissions from product sales
  • Promoting the network to others who sign up, and a portion of their % goes to the person who referred  them


Amazon is the most visible, but not the most popular affiliate site. This is because payouts and terms are too low / poor for most marketers who have weighed in on this, and many niche products have better deals and promotions being sold directly from merchant websites instead of Amazon.


Amazon kind of took itself out of the competition when it slashed commissions and really upset its affiliates. Imagine working on a successful blog for a couple of years, to have its value marked down 90%!


And there is one key point, about joining ShareASale or a similar network of retailers. Your blog. What if you don’t have one?


Can you somehow get one?


You can buy websites that some other marketer has started, and has designed them for business. Those will sell for thousands of dollars if done well. And the purchaser needs to know what to do with it! How to keep adding content and building it out.


With a small budget, you can start your own site. I started mine with a free account and got to take a close look at the training its site offered. Would you like to do that now? Click below and see what you think.





How Can I Be Approved On ShareASale Easily?


“The most reason of get declined from ShareASale is to not have a running website.” –


I read the recommendations about ShareASale by successful bloggers to see if any one of them would not recommend this network. None did not.


And every single one states that you must have a web site or video channel in order to qualify.  


The network wants to see that you have a marketing venue in place (thus the button to click on above) that has some longevity online and can draw readers to its retailers’ products.


And I would say that is fairly easy to achieve IF you have the information to follow and create your web site properly.


It’s not difficult, but there is no guessing, you need to know how to build a business blog. 


Once you have applied and been accepted by ShareASale, you can view the many products and decide on one or more that you would like to promote. Also one that fits your blog focus.


At that point you will apply to the specific retailer(s) of the products you can promote easily. So you are going to do best choosing products, or a product type, that you have interest in and can write about


A lot.


Building a blog means adding content in order to gain readership. Do you have a favorite product – household, or a hobby product – that you can’t help talking about to anyone who will listen because you love it so much?


That is an ideal choice for an affiliate product, because you won’t burn out writing about it. Your enthusiasm will be contagious, and will add energy to your informed information.


The quality of the information you provide will help a reader decide to buy that product. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Products


ShareASale helps its members by providing a data base of its retailers, and the top selling products. This is the market, and it is fluid and changing. Up to date information is vital.


How Can I Benefit From ShareASale 


Most ShareASale reviewers share my view. Be Prepared.


By that we mean, build a marketing venue – a blog or vlog (eg a YouTube channel).


Plan on a few months of work before you see revenue appearing. And then keep going! You are building a real business. It may take 3-5 years before you make a full-time income, one you can live on.


If you’ve retired are or approaching retirement, and will need more income than you expect to have, why not start learning how to blog now? Learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing now.


You can’t know what you’re getting into without some exposure to professional online marketing training.


You haven’t bumped into the scams and get-rich-quick offers.


You haven’t seen the hundreds of “no skills needed” systems that you can view the basics of for under $20.00 and then purchase more access for hundreds of dollars.


You haven’t seen the done-for-you packages where it turns out you need a lot of training to put the package to use.


I would like to save you some time and agony by providing you with a no-cost look into a training web site where you learn how to build a marketing venue, that is yours to develop, that you will own.


Not something that is part of a system that you’re dependent on for support or updates that may never appear.


You want a business that you have control over and will grow for years to come. It will depend on you, and that’s the advantage, right? 





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