How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions?

How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions


I’m presenting this idea today in relation to this blog and its readers and within the perspective of making money with your blog – or future blog – and one particular AI product (software package) and its assertion that you can make more money with its use. Thus my title How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions.


Here is an overview of AI if you would like that.


I am going to share with you a brief discussion of AI Whisperer, a hypy-sounding app purportedly designed to make you a lot of money per day. I am a skeptic, and yet I hope I’m wrong when I think something just isn’t going to work that way.


I also try to give my readers (mostly senior citizens and others wanting to make money from home) a heads up about things that may waste all their time in their efforts to achieve a more comfortable retirement lifestyle.


The AI Whisperer product (not to be confused with AI Whisper) is worth looking at in theory, yet at close scrutiny I’m not sure what the value is. It claims:


“FINALLY! AI that actually makes money
 REAL LIFE $100-400/day case studies
 CHAT-GPT SOFTWARE! + hacks pre-loaded!
 PROFIT WITH the AI Goldrush of 2023
 WHISPER to Chat GPT, MidJourney & more
 50x AI HACKS you can just “cut-and-paste
 UNLEASH THE T-1000 on ClickBank, Google, Shopify, W+, GetResponse & 23x mega-sites!”
OK, but what does all that mean? 


What is AI Goldrush of 2023 


What is THE T-1000 and all that other stuff mentioned above?


Is artificial intelligence overhyped technology?


So far this looks like hype to me, but I will look further.


The reason why I’m so careful with these kinds of promotions, is that blogging for money is a real job (self-employed, the best, right?) and many bloggers do make a full time income. It’s not difficult, with good training, and it takes consistent work and patience, but it CAN lead to financial independence. I was lucky a few years back because I got a chance to learn how to blog the proper way.


I found a place where I could view the training for free and decide if I wanted to move forward and become a pro. I signed up for the free account, decided I couldn’t afford not to proceed with paid training, and I’ve never looked back. Would you like to do take a look at that opportunity? (CLICK below)






The AI Whisperer product promo says:


“AI is here, it’s dangerous, and people like me…



Wow that’s dramatic! This is kinda hard to get into for me.


Is artificial intelligence overhyped technology?


A cognitive science and computing systems researcher, Robert Stone, says “Oh hell yes. There are so many people with a stake in presenting it as more that it currently is. So many ambitious overachievers out there spinning BS to get money.”


I know AI is new, for some, and exciting (for some) and of course it’s real, and it’s not truly that new. Yet, new applications are popping up every day. 


So if you have a blog, how is this going to help? If you intend to have a blog, and during and after you create that blog, how is AI Whisperer going to help?


If you’re a retiree looking to make some income by working at home online, how will this software package going to help you?


Will it relieve you of hours of research for content ideas on your blog?


Maybe, if you’re that short of ideas. Most bloggers aren’t. In three seconds, any day, you can find related ideas for blog articles on a search engine.


It’s an easy technique that is taught in the training (“free account”) I alluded to above.


And, no matter if you get lists of blog ideas with an AI tool, you still have to:

  • Research the competition
  • Research the keywords you want to use as a title
  • Find appropriate headline titles for your sections in the article
  • Write appealing content for your target audience


One pro blogger weighs in…”Some want to take the easy way out because they do not want to do the research. They rather let an AI write up junk articles that goes nowhere! It takes a lot of work. Anyway, readers ain’t dumb. They know!”


From other comments by professional promotional (affiliate) writers online, AI can help with an initial exploration into topics related to your niche.


But after that, it’s business as usual, in completing and publishing a typical informative blog post where one’s readers may follow a link, make a purchase, resulting in a commission for you.


Yet, AI Whisperer claims to “automate 94%” of your work.


With one click, the training community I discovered a few years ago, can give you access to a list of topics, perhaps hundreds of phrases, for writing prompts.


As I’ve mentioned, you then must proceed to evaluate the competition showing on the search engines before you proceed to spend a couple of hours or more, writing a quality and engaging blog post.


You can get your money back if you purchase AI Whisperer, if you want to take a look at it and try it out. How do you proceed to make money? You can retrieve search phrases for any topic, all writing prompts.


You can get content for an article, which will need editing. After all, others will be searching as well and you want your articles to have your voice and your style, that your readers are used to.


One video I heard introducing GPT 4, before it was released, emphasized “you can not expect factual results”. Wait – what?


This reminds me of when I bought a bunch of PR articles – pre-written for my editing and customization – some on health, coconut oil benefits, and related topics.


I spent so much time editing them because this article seller has many customers. I didn’t want my articles to resemble hundreds of others. I ultimately stopped using them, as writing my own from scratch took the same or less time.


This trend (real or imagined) of throwing up articles, landing pages et al with a template retrieved in seconds, and publishing instantly to make hundreds of affiliate commission dollars a day – is that the BS our expert quoted above referred to?


The app hasn’t been around long enough to determine that.


But the training I have had and still enjoy for the constant updates and new developments of working online, has been around for over ten years and has proven its worth time and time again.


I could write a lot more about this (and I have) but if I’m going to save you time, I urge you to click below, and take a look at the training for yourself.


It is the very back-bone of business oriented blog writing. It can take you in whatever direction you want to go.


I’ve given you a very brief peek into the hype aspect of AI. A proficient marketer may find ways to take advantage of it, but I personally can’t see how a beginner blogger can.


There’s a lot to learn, but if you’re leaning toward this adventure…Just click below!




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