What’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

What’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online


When I talk about internet marketing with friends they ask me what’s the easiest way to make money online? Is it easy? It was for me because I love writing and sharing information.


But how did the making money part enter in?


Another blogger referred me to a site where I could learn all the professional requirements for a revenue earning blog and I started with a free account that gave me access to an overview of the training.


Are you ready to look at something like that? 





This is a blog post I’ve written about an easy way to make good commissions:


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System


I won’t repeat the details about how the ClickBank system works because you can click on that and read it in full. You can also read an overview here.


What’s the easiest way to make money online at home in 2023?


Whether or not you’re a senior or disabled person working at home, or a younger person, I will mention the key benefits of earning income with a web site:

  • No age discrimination – no one can lay you off for being not young!
  • No gender discrimination, getting paid the 73 cent FEMALE dollar
  • No discrimination if you’re overweight or have medical problems (yes that happens! In hiring and lay-offs)


I wrote the article above in 2019 and I still say ClickBank digital products are the easiest to start off with. Why?


  • Best commissions to be found
  • Products can be instantly downloaded
  • Huge variety of products
  • The vendors have done the optimization for products to be found
  • ClickBank provides the popularity of the products to help you pick


Here I refer to experts on the topic of earning money with a website: 


“Zeroing in on a problem you can solve is more important than fancy logos or expensive software, says Satya Purna, a cognitive behavioral money coach and founder of Infinite Minds, LLC….

“…“The most important thing to consider is: ‘What problem can I solve?’ Then go find people who need to solve that problem…” – Satya Purna


““I would say the first thing is to create a website, as everyone wants to see a website. ” – Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts


If you learn how to start a proper professional blog and begin earning ClickBank commissions after a few months, you can pay for the business costs:

  1. Domain name (get one free if you choose the pertinent membership level)
  2. Monthly membership for the training (you can choose annual for a discount)
  3. The costs of your internet service provider


You can now add products of similar categories to that blog and promote them too!


How do I earn money online for free without hard work?


I hope you’re chuckling along with me on this one. Have you ever started a new business for free and didn’t work hard? Hands up! 🙄


We’re talking about the easiest way not the easy way – because there isn’t one. It’s not difficult either, and you’re biggest initial investment is your time. If you’re retired you can put in 40-60 hours or more a week, right?


Many bloggers are working jobs and still make money from their blogs working 20 hours a week (maybe more if they have no kids, no pets, no long commute).


Speaking of no long commute, that’s one of the benefits of blogging at home. And there’s more!

  • No using up gas and continuing to wear out your car
  • No putting off medical or other self-care appointments because of the work schedule
  • Learn to grow your own veggies, grow sprouts on your countertop and grow blueberries in pots


And why would I mention any of those last things? Because they are popular topics and I will bet you can find a digital product on ClickBank about how to do those survival-ish things to write about and promote, and earn commissions from.


From my linked article above, go to ClickBank and view the marketplace. There are thousands and thousands of products to promote and earn with.


You will find one reflecting your interest and expertise gained from your hobbies or past career(s).


This will enable you to write the volume of content needed to gain visibility online. To write about 35-50 articles in a few months and start making commissions.


You can see some discipline and consistency is required, but that’s a lot easier if you love this thing, right?


And there are so many things on this earth to love! And learn more about! And share! Your readers who will make purchases are the ones who love -or are fanatics about – 

  • Woodworking
  • Fishing
  • Gardening – many categories!
  • Sports information on how to improve
  • Muscle building
  • Nutrition
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Your favorite hobby


I truly believe – have tried and succeeded – that promoting ClickBank products is the easiest way to make money online. It is the easiest way to start because of:

  • The thousands of products to pick from
  • The best commissions you’ll get from affiliate marketing


And what do you need to start? A well designed, legally set up, attractive web site.


You can learn how to make one, starting with a free account (no payment form asked for)





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