How Many Followers/Subscribers Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing To Be Profitable?

How many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable?


I‘ve been asked how many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable.


What do we mean by subscribers in regard to affiliate marketing?


Those are your readers who consent to give their email address for you to send them new posts, and other news about your topic of promotion.


The most simplistic answer to that question is,  it’s relative. 


Maybe you write articles and intend to hold out for free traffic – or organic traffic, meaning people who search for something online and you happen to have written material that offers the information they seek.


You could make a commission from the purchase of one person who buys from a retailer linked to from your blog. It might be a fairly large commission.


That commission might be double your monthly cost of maintaining a blog online, and the business portion of your internet provider costs and electric bill.


Because at some point in the business of having an affiliate marketing blog, you are going to do the math and figure all of that out.


So you have made a profit, and don’t even have one subscriber.


And truly, you don’t need any if you follow that method of building up a blog which steadily gains traction online, gets more views and you make more sales.


And to project from that, you may at some point start buying advertising.


You decide on a budget, experiment, and determine how much you can spend on ads to bring in more sales, and still profit.


You may not necessarily have any subscribers or followers at this point. I’m a “let’s keep it simple” person, so I have built up my blog visibility and made some noticeable money, without ads or subscribers.


That’s just my style.


If you’re starting off with a big budget for advertising, you can do it differently.


This blog is designed to help seniors, the disabled, or anyone who prefers to work for themselves at home.


It is intended to point you to where you can learn professional business blogging from scratch. If you’re at the From Scratch stage, here’s a little breakdown of what you’re going to learn:


  • How to get your material online, or hosted
  • How to get a domain name or “”
  • How to set up your blog legally and provide contact for any reader who wants to contact you
  • The way to write an About Me page so your readers get a sense of who you are, and come to trust you


I was lucky way back, and got a referral to a professional training site, which targets your success from the first 5 no-cost basic lessons, to hundreds of further classrooms which drill down to every strategy needed to gain readers, maybe subscribers, to your blog or YouTube channel.


You too, can take advantage of this close look at these opportunities to learn blogging, the right way. CLICK below!



How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing?


As I have outlined above, you start by getting a peek into the vast realm of writing promotional and informative material on  web site that you own.


In case I forget, I’ll mention right now that with purchase of training at this site, (the one you go to when you click on the button above)  you will get a free domain – – name for one year. At the end of that year, when you renew you will get a deeply discounted price for maintaining that domain name. 


How Many Followers Are Needed To Get A Subscriber?


You may or may not get any official followers, yet you may work up to thousands of views a month, some repeat visitors.


The training I’m recommending here walks you through the aspects of email marketing, and how you get a good list of subscribers.


Do I Need A High Ranking Blog To Get Subscribers


You definitely need a blog to get blog followers and/or subscribers.


You need to know how to develop that bog.


What do I mean by develop?


I mean writing content, a LOT of content. Which means you have to be highly interested, indeed, passionate about the topic of your blog.


Your level of interest will determine the discipline you have to exert on your consistent publishing of your content.


Your interest level or passion, with which you write your content, will be infectious to your readers.


And yet, enthusiasm for a topic will not be enough. It will go a long way to getting followers/subscribers, once they have found your site, but how do you make sure they find it?


As opposed to one of the other 100,000 blogs offering information about your topic?


The training I recommend will show you how to do that, to gain visibility and raise your ranking, or the place where the search engines place you online.


Once you gain visibility, you may get blog followers/subscribers. 


Yet, you can make many commissions a month from writing quality content about the item(s) you recommend to your readers, even if you don’t have an email list of subscribers.


Going through the professional training on an international site where you can get questions answered 24/7 from experienced bloggers, will help you gain traction with your blog.


What To Look For In Affiliate Marketer Training


  • How to attract blog readership focused on your item of interest – your Niche
  • How to do the research for that, in the time effective ways
  • How to decide on a domain name, your address online
  • Learn the easy-to-read content formatting
  • Learn how to write the best headlines for your sections and paragraphs
  • Learn to upload the images you choose to illustrate your content
  • Learn to embed YouTube videos to enhance your posts


And so much more!


I hope I’ve made you curious to look at this training.


You don’t have to give a form of payment to view it, you only need to make a user name and password.


You can view and review some real classes. You will get an idea of the training process, and you can decide to buy the monthly membership training when you’re ready.


Does $49.00 for a month sound good, for starting a business? CLICK BELOW – it’s that easy.





I hope I’ve given you some perspective on the issue of how many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable?


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Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic






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