Would Roller Skating Be Good Exercise For An Elderly Man?

Would Roller Skating Be Good Exercise For An Elderly Man?


A friend asked me this morning, would roller skating be good exercise for an elderly man?


Of course, it could be, but maybe not. Same goes for women or any identification of an exerciser.


Since every elderly individual – say 65 and over for the purpose of this article – is different, with a different exercise background, if any.


Every elderly man has a different medical history.


He will have a unique nutritional intake – good or bad – and his own level of strength.


Here’s a charming video showing elderly men roller skating:


What Are The Health Benefits of Roller Skating?


Roller skating is great cardio exercise. But should one risk the possibility of a broken bone for healthy lungs and heart?


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So, back to the health benefits of roller skating…here’s the obvious list:

  • Great for metabolism and circulation
  • Circulation feeds the brain, nerves and muscles
  • Muscle strength increases reflexes and balance
  • Balance and good reflexes decrease the chance of a fall
  • Compression on bones by strong muscles increases bone density
  • High metabolism prevents insulin resistance, or stops it from getting worse
  • Such exercise promotes good sleep
  • Good sleep increases mental clarity and decreases stress
  • Pleasant social contact if you skate at a rink or meet friends to skate


You probably already realize that exercise, any exercise is more or less good for all those items above. 


If you have any medical condition you should ask your doctor “is there any reason why I shouldn’t roller skate?”.


Any doctor is going to encourage people, especially seniors, to exercise all they can, considering any specific limitations.


Is Roller Skating Safe?


You can make it safe, like any other fast moving sport.


You want good skates.


You want the right safety equipment – joint pads, a good helmet.


You want a light weight water bottle you can carry on your belt or backpack.


You want a high protein low carb snack on hand.


You want a good surface, not too bumpy.


Many would agree that you can and should skate with a pal or in a group, right?


Most would want their elderly friends/relatives to have a good phone with them when out exercising, agree?


And more, how about a solar-fueled charger for their phone, attached to their backpack or shoulder?


There is a reason I’m mentioning these safety and comfort products!


Because I’m now flipping back from the roller skating topic to the affiliate marketing products for avid roller skaters.


That’s called a niche, an audience interested in your topic.


Actually there are two reasons  – you probably scanned past my Affiliate Disclosure  in the yellow block above.


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  3. Sitting at your computer work station, whatever that is 
  4. Sitting in the passenger seat of your RV while your mate drives


And what would you be doing in all these places?


Writing a blog post, just like I am now. 


OK, this is You, right?


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And let’s pretend that over your

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tea, your friend asked you “Would roller skating be good exercise for an elderly man?”


And see how I integrated the linked product name there? And it can be integrated more evenly within the text, but I’m making a point, right?


In this post we’ve looked at roller skating and affiliate marketing, and brought them together.


Taking this one step further, what if your friends sadly relates that their doctor told them they can’t do cardio exercise for a while. Or they have sprained an ankle and are worried about turning into a grouchy couch potato while they recover.


Here is a whole other area of exercising – with great products to promote.


Slow motion high intensity training with weights – can be done sitting down, lying down, or holding onto something for balance. 


One would need weights, stretchy bands, a good thick mat and maybe a foam roller for releasing muscle tension.


There is also a fantastic at home gym-in-a-bag called Body Boss


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