How To Sell Information On The Internet

How To Sell Information On The Internet Have you ever wondered how people sell information on the internet? It is amazing how many billions of pieces of information is accessible to anyone who cares to search. Actually it is really easy to learn how to sell information on the internet. Here’s how: Find a source […]

How To Escape From The Rat Race

How To Escape From The Rat Race Are you completely happy at working the nine to five (or later) employment job? If you have a career path that looks promising, then you probably are, aren’t you? On the other hand if you’re a single parent juggling work, driving the kids to school, picking them up, […]

Make Money Writing At Home

Make Money Writing At Home Do you wonder if you can ever retire and be truly comfortable? Oh dear, you can’t? Do you want to make money writing at home? O.K. so I just  threw that right out there. (Duck! lol). I know if you’re anywhere near being in the same boat I have been […]

Write For A Blog

Write For A Blog Welcome to my blog about making money at home! Can I tell you all about that on this page? Well, yes and er – no. Well, mostly yes. Source of top image. Blog Writing For Beginners   Have you ever thought about this and wished you could wave a magic wand […]

Senior Poverty Statistics

Senior Poverty Statistics The article below discusses some senior poverty statistics. It was written in late 2008 by a senior citizen in the US. So what’s changed? Anything? The author notes that: “6 out of 10 workers over the age of 45 and older were already planning to delay retirement for at least 5 years […]

How To Build A Blog With WordPress

How To Build A Blog With WordPress My friends ask me how to build a blog with WordPress because they really wouldn’t know how to begin. How to make it look orderly, colorful, or entertaining, depending on their purpose for blogging. Source of image above. Most people I know are heading for pretty simple retirement […]

Careers For Seniors Over 60

Careers For Seniors Over 60 Many seniors today are eager to start their own business or continue their careers even after retirement. They’re no longer content to become inactive – nor can most afford to completely retire. Most of this article will deal with jobs for seniors over 60 working from home , but below […]

Blog For Money Sites

Blog For Money Sites This website is focused on the theme of creating blog for money sites. It is also focused on seniors heading for retirement with not enough money saved to stop working completely. The last ten years have been disastrous for people over 50 and over 60 especially, as many have been laid […]

My Life After Foreclosure

My Life After Foreclosure I have to admit the very idea of home loss, bankruptcy, and the mere possibility of having to choose between paying the rent or eating, is kind of terrifying. Not the screaming pulling your hair out drama, but the deeply pushed down, remotely scary thoughts about life after foreclosure. Source of […]

Nomadic Lifestyle America

Nomadic Lifestyle America Recently I’ve been fascinated by a variety of videos depicting the nomadic lifestyle – America – specifically. And, that of seniors, specifically. I was amazed at this well organized, trained for survival, and huge community! Source for picture above. Greg Mitchell wrote the following article in 2010. How it applies today! The […]