Can ChatGPT Overcome Google

Can ChatGPT Overcome Google

“Can ChatGPT Overcome Google” is the result I got when I searched the phrase “is ChatGPT reliable”. 


Specifically, I was looking for some discussion about the eruption of apps being sold to bloggers (mostly affiliate marketers like myself and persons considering a second career in online marketing).


Here is an overview of ChatGPT


And more specifically, about an app called Chat Bees. If ChatGPT could replace Google as a search engine, everyone would want some kind of software to search with. Sounds like terrific business, to create apps and sell them, right?


The problem with that is, ChatGPT4 is the latest, and is still in its infancy. So, while the product and its competitors develops through use, and user feedback, how will you proceed to get set up in building a site that will eventually make you money?


I was fortunate, a few years back, to get a referral to a platform for blog building that didn’t cost me anything to view a few professional classes. I simply made a free account and logged in. If you’re ready to investigate this, click below.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Google?

“ChatGPT can be better than Google at generating human-like text, such as generating responses to open-ended questions or writing creative content. However, Google is better at providing relevant information from a wide variety of sources.” – Extravigant on Quora.


It is most likely that over the next couple of years there will be hundreds of apps for sale, undercutting the prices of ChatGPT, whatever version, and their presence will continue to change the landscape of online usage, and possibilities.


Today we have Chat Bees, selling for 


The creator asserts:

  • You can either drown in depression that AI is going to take over


  • You can use AI to your advantage and harness its enormous power to make money without needing to study a complex AI degree”

Chat Bees will purportedly provide you your own:

  • Content Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Transcriptionist
  • Graphics Designer
  • Translator
  • Web developer


Please note, the material provided by AI always must be checked for accuracy so no matter how quickly a body of information is provided for you, you will then have to research your research.


It seems, for now anyway, you may not be able to save all that much time.


Cons With Chat Bees 


The emphasis on the Chat Bees promo is selling the app to others. So it looks like you must already have a huge following to make decent money doing that.  You must be set up with followers, email lists, and be able to write good copy to compel sales.


Chat Bees may write all those for you, but you still have to edit for quality, it’s not like waving a magic wand like the sales verbiage implies.


The promo suggests you can start your own content marketing agency. So while it is inexpensive, and you get a lifetime access, one must remember this type of software is changing every day. Will cheap apps be able to keep up? That remains to be seen.


Is ChatGPT Better Than Google Search?


These are two entirely different things.


Google provides results from content published online. 


AI apps provide human-like text results, in other words, a bot imitating a human.


Content accuracy is not guaranteed. Sources of information is not addressed. 


The author asserts: ” Forget chatGPT as chat bees chatbot AI app is more efficient and can perform tasks faster “.


Really? I wouldn’t want to argue that one with any of the tech giants who have been pouring millions into the field for years!


With Chat Bees you can translate your material into many languages. But, can you edit in multiple languages? Can you write to make your material original in multiple languages? Hmmm…


I’m doubting the value of this app, I’m sure you can tell! This is why:


  • It launched on 04/09/2023, so it will be  a while before any results can be viewed. 
  • Access to all the tools it offers is not granted by the initial purchase. 
  • You must have an existing business where you will apply this
  • Or, you must be able to create an existing online business


The focus of this blog is senior citizens who want to create an online business to boost their retirement income, and the disabled who must work at home and want to learn how to generate an income and improve their lifestyle.  That is why I always come back to promoting a training that provides the means to do so.


The use of any AI software is obviously going to help with creating content from rapidly acquired research. Or simply generating ideas to write about.


You need a professional, easy to read, easy to find, website of your own, on which to publish your work.


You need hundreds of followers on social media if you’re going to re-sell apps. If you have those now, it makes sense to try out an app like Chat Bees.


You can get your money back, guaranteed up to 30 days. And, no, I do not think ChatGPT or similar software will overcome Google or any other search engine. They are two different tools, both useful.


If you think you’d like training for the following:

  • Learn how to use WordPress (no coding needed)
  • Learn how to choose a visual theme
  • Find out how to get readers to your site
  • Learn how to format a post

And the volume of details about making money online – get a preview!


Take the test drive! CLICK below.





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