Baby Boomers Retirement Problems

retired baby boomer

“Approximately 78 Million Baby Boomers at or near retirement”.

That headline from September 2015 is one of about twenty dominating a search on this topic, baby boomers retirement problems.

baby boomersMany baby boomers retire each day – to the count of 10,000, in the US. Since that “boom” was related to a set of years, I assume that retirement numbers are similar in many other countries.

Who are the baby boomers? “Baby boomers are people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom approximately between the years 1946 and 1964.” – From Wikipedia.

Average Retirement Savings Baby Boomers Issues:

  • Baby boomers retirement shortfalls
  • Millennials alert your parents about retirement 10,000 per day reaching the age of 65
  • Boomers may live through decades of retirement

foraging for food“it’s almost like the millions of seniors living in poverty are invisible.”– Neera Tandeera of Center For American Progress

An increase in extreme poverty, defined as living below the annual income of $12,000.00, and deemed to include about six and a half million seniors in the US today, is more likely experienced by:

  • Women
  • Persons of color
  • Persons with health problems

Baby boomer women are impacted by:

  • Shorter number of years in the work force
  • Smaller paychecks even in the top five percent controlling over fifty percent of assets
  • Longer life spans
  • Widowhood
  • Early retirement to care for elders
  • Loss of property and pension savings due to divorce

Similar to the Climate Change crisis, public policy is blinded concerning the looming retirement crisis involving homelessness and the “food-insecure” population.

Food insecurity is different from hunger. Many seniors can be food insecure because their access to food is impaired. Trapped with a low income they are:

  • Without a vehicle
  • Disabled and cannot shop for themselves
  • Don’t understand how to tap the system for help (meals on wheels for example)
  • Live in isolated areas without a senior ride system
  • Suffer from depression and anxiety and don’t reach out

And there’s more to be concerned about! But, track with me, because I’m heading toward a solution for you.

Jim Tankersley, journalist, blames Baby Boomers for everything that’s “wrong with America’s economy”.

While he notes a couple of times in his article that it wasn’t intentional, he states that boomers have “pillaged” the economy for decades. He thinks that now retirees should be taxed extra to “pay back” the advantages they had, instead of receiving any benefits!

(Washington Post November 5, 2015)

So does he mean that 78 million retired individuals are responsible for the following?

  • Moving factory jobs overseas
  • Deficit funding never ending wars
  • Creating climate change
  • Polluting the planet with the use of fossil fuels
  • Allowing Congress to allow all this?

While his article is well presented and covers pertinent details, it ignores the fact that policy makers pretty well cater to the multinational corporations that do not function in America’s (or in any country’s) interest, as opposed to serving their constituents. However, that’s a separate problem.

Baby boomers retirement problems are multi-fold! Yet most just need one thing!

need more moneyThey need more money!

Regardless of how seniors arrived where they are now, with fifty percent of us in financial jeopardy, and the next forty percent retiring with an annual income scarcely above the official poverty amount, what can a person or couple do now?

Blog writing for money is a way out of the financial doldrums. Yet, getting started can be bewildering, or impossible, some would think.

Does that idea make you nervous? Please don’t be! Get information on blog writing for money at NO COST to you. You can click here for an in-depth review of how to learn more about this truly unique opportunity!

Disabled Veterans Jobs

It is tragic that disabled veterans aren’t retired with better benefits. Many have skills that could be utilized with starting an at home business. (At NO COST to them!)

There are tons of scams about working on line. They are time wasting and money losing, for sure. Everyone should be skeptical about offers on writing a blog for money.

I really want to help you, if you’re one of the baby boomers with retirement problems, or looking for disabled veterans jobs.

Building Websites Free

writing blogs for moneyEven if you’re unfamiliar with working on computers, or web site building, or even writing – you can do this!

You’ll need training – and you can start it for free. Enough of it, to determine if you’ll want more.

Once you have made a couple of websites, with a few clicks, and for free, you will feel the excitement of reaching out to the world via the internet.

There are many legitimate work from home jobs for seniors! You can make commissions on sales from:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot

There are many more hundreds of businesses offering affiliate positions!

If you have been shopping on line from websites where you found what you wanted to buy, it is likely that an affiliate marketer has received a commission of your purchase amount.

You could soon be such an individual, who will be paid a percentage of sales, when the customer has arrived at the point of sale, from YOUR web site.

Another source of products – Clickbank, is a web site where digital products, or ebooks are sold. These products are instant downloads for the purchasers. It is easy to find something you like to promote, among the hundreds of tutorials and DIY design products.

Clickbank has its own tutorials to help you get started. Its system will create links for you to put on your product reviews connecting the sales back to you, and periodically you will be paid your accrued commissions.

Even if you don’t own a computer, you can still plug into training about building websites free at a public library. And you can actually start real instruction for zero dollars and study video tutorials that spell it out for you, step by step.

Video tutorials are great, but what’s even more amazing is having access to personal questions and answers from seasoned marketers.

You can have this advantage! Click now to walk away from your baby boomer retirement problems.

Start for free. You won’t even be asked for a payment option. start solve baby boomer retirement problems

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me below!


Online Work For The Disabled

how do bloggers make a living

Online Work For The Disabled

Disabled veterans and retired military service men and women often face challenges with employment. For many, online work for the disabled is the best solution for this problem.

This article will discuss employment work-at-home positions, and a self-employed work model.

The latter topic is basically what my whole web site is about. This solution also works for seniors, low income workers with retirement age looming, military spouses and folks who have been laid off or retired early.solution online work for the disabled

As for online jobs for the disabled, let’s look at why it is such a great solution.

  • No issues with relocating
  • No problems with lack of employment in your area
  • No need to drop your local network of family, friends, and health care workers
  • Training is available for anyone, anywhere in the world, via the internet
  • Learn at your own pace and try out the business model for no cost

Top 10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

oDesk Trainer gave the following list on Military .com:

Transcriptionist for medical/psychiatric/dental documentation: Transforming the obscure jargon of health care practitioners into comprehensible reports is a well paid task for those who have familiarity with the nomenclature of the fields. Normally the employment is in clinical facilities. Work-from-home opportunities involves search and promotion on the part of the self-employed to establish contacts and acquire work. Estimated income –$33,000.

Virtual Assistant: You could be a professional or personal assistant. At home on your own computer, you would perform secretarial tasks. $35,000 per year.

Translation: If your forte is another language(s) you can make about $44,000 working on line in this field.

Travel Agent: I’m not sure this one is still in the game. People can now go on line and make their own reservations.

Call Center Phone Rep: some companies do have a system for customer service assistants who work from home.

Web Site Developer and System Maintenance: Site creation and IT work can easily be done from home. These jobs seem to be readily available and provide an excellent salary.

Tech Support: Where would we be without our technical trouble shooters! Social skills are needed, along with the expertise – and this too can be an at home job.

Editors and Technical Writers: This field is big across many industries and can be worked remotely.

Teacher: K-12 on line classrooms are everywhere! Contact your local school boards!

Graphic Design: Design, brand, and draft. Businesses compete hard for a distinctive logo and image. The computer applications are all in place for this field.

I’ll add a number Eleven here: How To Make A Living With Fiverr. If you click on that title you’ll get the complete article.

All of the above jobs assume that you have an updated computer set up at home, including good quality sound for phone contact and high speed internet. But how many disabled vets have all that?

You must do your own job search and compete for the available positions. Given that job listings are constantly changing, you can check daily and, for example filter a search at with “work from home” and your city or area.

jobs for disabled
Job search

Today I see that in Austin, TX there are jobs in the fields of sales, advertising, Registered Nurse Training, social work instruction, and IT work. Some state that they need someone from the area.

While a job for a social worker is described as “work from home”, “% of travel requirements” is “unspecified”. That is another filter that must be in place if you cannot leave your home. (Some companies may want you to interview in person as a final step, or attend periodic meetings.)

To solve this potential obstacle, I am offering a look at a different solution, online affiliate marketing. It is a self-employment business model which requires training. Two advantages of this model are:

  • You can try out the basic training for free, initially
  • You can center your entreprenurial effort around topic(s) you are familiar with and passionate about – you choose.

Disabled Vets Live In Poverty – Solution!

909,000 search engine results show for that phrase. The stories and reports are sad beyond belief. How can this be? Is there a truly workable solution?how do bloggers make a living

My personal snippet…A disabled vet I’ve corresponded with over the years – Holly Mann – was my first tutor on internet marketing. Holly served in Iraq, and was discharged with a disability and meager support to rebuild her life. She sold her computer so she could buy a flight to Thailand to augment her resources. Then she built herself another computer from used parts.

With an intermittent dial up connection, Holly built small web sites for real estate businesses and sold them. She was soon making $12,000.00 a month while traveling, and eventually returned to the US. She is now retired. Her book “Honest Riches” was a best seller and it was the first affiliate product I marketed.

Holly was repulsed by the numerous income at home scams – the many dead end scam sites charging money upfront and offering nothing, that ruined the field for many. Thus “Honest Riches”. That was 2008. Since then, I could find no one who would honestly teach…

…How Do Bloggers Make A Living

After trying many courses, memberships that accessed a forum or tutorials, (and many of which, free or paid, were scams), I found Wealthy Affiliate University. I signed up for free and put together two web sites – here is more about how that works.

I was working two jobs then and could not keep up with the website building. Later, my hours were cut and I immediately returned to its intensive training.

The Wealthy Affiliate instruction teaches blog writing using WordPress.



You can see all the material that is covered. And that is just one of many training classes. With a free account you will learn:

How To Earn Money Online With A Website

  • What a WordPress blog is (this website is a WordPress blog)
  • How you make it look the way you want it to
  • How you put your authorship on it
  • How you focus content on promotional products you’re enthusiastic about
  • How you write a blog post to engage readers
  • How to include words that people use to search those products (there is a tool!)
  • How to use images correctly and where to find good ones that are copyright free (you can post your own too)
  • How to publish your blog post to the internet

You can get a blog published in a couple of days with the walk-you-through classes.

start affiliate marketing with a website
Affiliate Marketing

This is set up for individuals who have no code writing abilities. If you have experience writing HTML and can publish to the internet, you are way ahead of other newbies who seek online opportunities for the disabled.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate with its inclusive volume of classes.  You can click right here for more about how bloggers make a  living if there isn’t enough money in retirement.

You can participate in many of these classes for free to get the idea of how do bloggers make a living.

I honestly think you will be flooded with ideas for veteran work at home jobs. Just think about all the things you have always loved to spend time doing. The favorite past times you had, and all the products you had, or wanted, to enhance your fun, or your previous jobs:

  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Apparel
  • Art (writing, drawing, crafts, music)

There is no end to the items that you can choose to promote when you start affiliate marketing with a website. You only need one, or one category or niche. Yet you will get two when you sign up with a Starter Account.

And you really can start for free. Assuming you have a computer and an internet connection, you’re on!

It takes most newbies a few months to build an attractive website that starts to earn affiliate commissions. When your website leads someone to make a purchase, you get paid.

Your time, persistence and patience will payoff!

It is the real deal and long term training will bring you a monthly cost.

View the instructions that go into a top of the line business model for  your online work for the disabled.

Click here for your portal into a new life! You can just log in, take the tour and get started!

Please feel free to ask questions about this opportunity or leave a comment and tell me what you think. And, please, do tell of any income at home scams you have run into!


The Work From Home Guidebook

stack of books and text page

The Work From Home Guidebook

I know that there are millions of searches a month on search engines, made by people looking for a real work at home opportunity. Many would buy a guide to working at home online, and there are many of those.

I have bought a couple myself. I’m a reader who loves to read, so I bought them.

Quite honestly though, I have to say that the best way to learn is to do.

I have already written many articles about working at home. Selling repaired furniture, working at a call center from home, dog walking, babysitting, all worth while side hustles.

Maybe I could write my own work at home guidebook. But for you, I have a better idea.

The side hustles I mentioned above all require that you are at home. In the same place all the time, ready to receive customers.

That’s perfect for people who don’t want or need to go anywhere.

Or, who advertise that they are available on certain days of the week, which gives them options to be absent.

Seniors in retirement especially, want options to travel to visit family or simply take in new sights.

trailer at lake side


What Is The Laptop Lifestyle About


You’ve read the term ‘laptop lifestyle, haven’t you? It’s kind of everywhere right now!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the work from home guidebook!

The laptop lifestyle encapsulates the idea of not just working from home, but – from wherever you are!

Here’s an example. You’re a retired senior but you need more money.

You have started a dog sitting and a baby sitting business. You have to get up and go to your clients, or have them come into your home. Whatever works. You need money!

Both dogs and babies sleep, don’t they? When they do, you pull out your laptop and write a blog post about an indoor herb garden kit that sells on amazon. Like this one, you can click to see it here.

See how that herbal garden kit is linked right to amazon? When your readers click there and end up buying one, amazon will pay you a commission.

 That is called affiliate marketing. Amazon helps you sign up to be an affiliate, gives you advertising help and tracks everything for you.

You can promote anything from amazon. And you can do the same with the many retailers and vendors who have an affiliate program.

monitor with shopping items


Better Than A Work From Home Guidebook


When I use the term guidebook, I mean the small books one finds to buy as e-books. I have bought a couple and written one, which is available on Kindle from amazon.

The better way to learn, which is to do, is accessible at Wealthy Affiliate, a huge web site, with many training classes on working from home online.

The training is geared for affiliate marketing, yet you can use it to create business blogs for products you create too.

For example, if I look at these basic training classes:

  • Lesson 1, Getting Rolling! 
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • What’s My Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website

I view four out of ten FREE to study classes that are the first part of their blog building training.

And I see that the textual content is the equivalent of the basic guidebook content that one pays about $2.99 US for on amazon Kindle.

A quick download. There are thousands of these e-book guides on a zillion subjects.

Aside from saving $2.99 ( I know that’s no big deal but stay with me here), this free trial opportunity gives you videos, and hundreds of Q & A’s related to each class.

And even more, you DO as you go. What is that worth?


Work From Home Network Marketing


Another incredible bonus you can get, even during your seven day free trial, is a huge network of fellow newbies and seasoned successful web site owners.

As requirements for web sites increase on line, like the upcoming European GDPR rules (which involve data collection or deletion), and as search engine biggies like Google changes how it values our site content, the savvier entrepreneurs are out front at Wealthy Affiliate.

Their personal posts with information and their self-created video walk-throughs about the latest demands helps the network of a few hundred thousand people, keep up.

And there is even more value here.

Writing as a profession can be quite lonely.

It is usually a solo mission, yet most of us are pack animals.

pack of wolves

It is really really good to have a live feed question and answer section for when you hit a wall and just can’t figure something out.

It is terribly frustrating to keep trying to re-size an image or change the font size for your web site, and fail.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are not alone! It is a world wide site and is open 24/7.

You don’t need to be lonesome, and don’t be a stranger! Always ask when you need help.

There is also a huge search area where you may find a dozen answers to a question.

The Live And Kicking Guide To Working At Home Online


I think of Wealthy Affiliate as a very animated guidance system.

There is a weekly live webinar on crucial topics, or new marketing tips which are all uploaded to view again and again.

You can get feedback on your beginner blogging efforts right at the start, both for encouragement and to hone your skills as you go.

Contributing to the feedback threads you also get a good view of how other people are doing. You can keep improving your own work this way.

If you are a senior who needs more money in retirement, or a disabled person who needs to work at home, you won’t waste any time learning within the Wealthy Affiliate system.

No matter what you’re doing at any given moment, you’re always gaining not just knowledge, but experience.

Did I mention you’ll get to build two websites, also at no cost during the free trial? Yours to keep!

button sign up for free 

Do you have any questions about all this? If so, feel free to leave them below. 


Increase Your SS Income

how to increase ss income

Start A Small Website Business

Do you need to increase your SS income? Do you already know that you will eventually end up with not enough money in retirement? Are you among the millions who are about to reach retirement age, with a feeling of dread hanging over you?

Read on! Here is some real hope for a better life as a senior citizen. You may not retire at the “normal” age (whatever that means these days!) but you may still be able to quit that job and work as your own boss, and  learn about blog writing for money.

To be clear here – nothing you can do will actually increase your ss check, if it’s been calculated correctly. The solution I recommend is to draw on your talents and cash in on making money online.)

Social Security, or whatever your national old age pension is called, might not cover your retirement basics. You may have to relocate to a less expensive area to survive in, isolating yourself from friends and family. It certainly would be wonderful to avoid a drastic change.

A couple with the higher end of the benefits may survive well together on their combined ss income, although money will always be tight.

If you don’t have an idea about retirement benefits from your social security contributions, government web sites have calculators you can use.

increase your ss incomeThere are both general (no secure data needed) and specific calculators. For the detailed formula, you will create a secure account and be able to access your personal work records and contributions, and view how much you can expect to receive when you apply for benefits.

Here’s a sample result on the lower income end:

  • An single person has made $30,000 USD in the last year worked
  • This individual has worked for 24 years
  • Benefits are applied for at age 66
  • There are no other retirement savings

“Social Security may provide $11,916 per year

Your retirement plan requires $30,000 per year. This is based on retirement expenditures of 100% of your last years income of $30,000. Without Social Security your retirement savings may run out at age 66. With Social Security your retirement savings may run out at age 66. Social security provides $11,916 per year starting at age 66.”
From: The Bankrate web site.
This is an auto-generated response and what it is saying is that you are up the creek! (And I am going to show you where to get the paddle!)
In comparison, if this person made $120,000 USD per year, the social security benefits would be almost $48,000.
So those are approximate calculations.

If you continue earning up to $32,000 in wages, 50% of your social security benefits will be taxed. If you earn more than $44,000 85% of what you receive will be taxable. This is a general calculation, not exact.

You may opt for a 10% deduction of your benefits to be withheld for income tax. You can also save it yourself, which is better, because you have the funds available should you have an emergency.

In the more expensive US cities a one bed apartment starts at $1200.00 a month. It costs about $1200 a year to keep a twelve years old car on the road. Medicare costs about $120 per month. So a $30,000 annual wage (take home about $25,000 after taxes), which is twice the official poverty income, barely covers those items.

You just need your own business!

 I Want To Start My Own Business But Have No Money

(If you have done your retirement income projections and want to cut to the chase with an online business for retirees click here now.)

how to profit with a blogHere is the hope!

  • You can learn how to profit with a blog (or a few!)
  • You do not need any money to take classes and actually create a couple of web sites

Senior Citizen Education Opportunities

In the US the state of Ohio comes in at the top with over twenty institutions listed as offering free or discount education courses to senior citizens.

The other states offer between one and ten locations where seniors can study or audit classes, and offer discounts for those over fifty.

The Senior Resource site talks about how nice it is to remember going to school, and how it’s a place to meet people every day.

It is also noted how much study retains cognitive abilities and prolongs mental degeneration.

Those points are true. But many retirees need to make money!

That is why I am recommending the senior citizen education opportunities offered by the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate gives a huge volume of video classrooms with painstaking discussions.

The goal of the training is to learn how to profit from a blog, or a small web site that you can grow to attract buyers for products that are:

  • Sold and shipped by huge retailers
  • Ebooks with educational information, self-help and the like (instant downloads)
  • Products of your own (physical or digital)
  • Anti-aging beauty or nutritional products
  • Services like travel, and virtual assistance
  • Web sites (yours) that promote local businesses

how to profit from a website

This is called Affiliate Marketing and you make commissions on sales. You may also earn from monthly memberships (which would include Wealthy Affiliate itself if you wanted to promote it), as you would with local business promotion, or direct ads.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest, I think. Yet, in order not to waste time it is best to get the correct instruction right from the start.

Working Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

There are so many scams these days on and off the internet.

What might be a quick way to spot a scam without spending an entire day reading about the many?

Here’s the bottom line:

working home jobs that are not scamsWhat do they want to know about you? How much personal information, including payment information does an online training for the web teaching site ask for up front?

How much does an “opportunity” site give you or reveal to you about how it functions, what it costs, and what can you reasonably expect to learn from it?

You should be able to browse and “try it on” before spending money.

Go ahead and check this course home page out for a look at a complete lesson with practical tasks outlined.

You can see that below the lesson materials that there is a real time discussion going on, by newbies just like you. And you can see how much detail there is in that one class.

Rather than me verbalizing further about the extensive instruction on that page right now, get your log-in done and take advantage of the week long free trial training. You only need a user name and password to explore the education available to you, a senior who needs retirement income.

You will be pleasantly welcomed by savvy members who provide even further break down of the training modules.

Start the classes at the beginning. Soon you’ll have a web site (you can build a free blog HERE) up to continue the training with! Then one more! Still, with no financial outlay.

Please let me know below if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you!


Feeling Angry About Money

feeling angry about money

“I’m feeling angry about money today.”

Is that you, ever? Do you get to feeling angry about money too?

If you’ve ever felt that way, I’m going to help you right now, so that the feeling will fade from your life. Here’s what I was thinking a few months ago:

“Do I Want To Learn To Work On The Internet?”

“Or do I have to find a way to make money after I retire whether I like it or not?”

If this is where you’ve found yourself after 50 or after 60, or close to retirement – or what should have been your retirement year – What happens now?

Take stock of your situation and consider the advantages of internet marketing and work from home business opportunities. (More about that in this article!)

  • You can work at home and be your own boss
  • You can define your own work hours
  • You can control your own work budget
  • You can develop talents of yours that perhaps were never tapped into in your former career
  • You can run a business promoting products of large retailers – affiliate marketing
  • You can use your web sites to promote your own products

With persistence, you will build an on line presence which will earn money even in vacation times!

retirement vacation

While this financial result will not happen over night, it is rewarding to learn how to generate income in the earn-while-you-learn method, seeing small increases that will arrive at a tipping point.

As long as you don’t give up, a web site can begin to profit! When this happens, you can keep building it – and start another one!

You can start for free, with real training – click here to find out.

Not Enough Money In Retirement

The “real” or true purchasing power incomes in the US have not increased since the 1970’s. If you started an investment plan then, that was supposed to pay out at $1.5 million, it certainly would not support a lifestyle in 1970’s dollars (or Euros, or Pounds, etc., as much of the industrialized world is in the same boat, or doing much worse).

Many retirees are happy to keep working, but don’t want the pressure of daily schedules, commuting, or answering to a boss.

Low paid part time jobs are abundant. In fact, part time jobs are a ploy used by employers to avoid providing benefits for their workers.

Yet, I’m not pointing fingers at business owners. Their expenses rise with the need to satisfy work place regulations, state laws, and federal laws too. It is sad to see small businesses and the “mom and pop” businesses close, while the giant and on line retailers close in for the kill.

I am going to show you how to take advantage of that factor! It’s called affiliate marketing.

Retirees who own property may be able to boost their inadequate income by getting a Reverse Mortgage on their home. These are expensive and tricky loans but can work for some. (See my post topic “please explain a reverse mortgage“.)

What are your options if you don’t have a home to slowly “reverse” back to a bank?

  • Move to Thailand where you can live near the beach on your social security income
  • Move into your kids’ basement – if you have kids, and if they have space to spare
  • Keep working in spite of physical or mental demands or lack of interest
  • Rent rooms in your home, not always a good choice but can work out for some locations
  • Consult, tutor and coach free lance, if you have the right credentials

increase your ss incomeOpt for the best opportunity there is –

Explore the types of working home jobs that are not scams!

Stress About Low Income

Millions of seniors and the disabled suffer from the anxieties and depression of living in poverty with no hope for things getting better.

Stress leads to disease and physical degeneration in the healthy individuals, causing health care and staying functional to become even more expensive.

Millions of seniors live in quiet isolation and have no clue how to ask for help. They don’t know about Food Banks, Meals On Wheels or Senior Centers.

This is a sad topic which I’ve outlined in detail in this article about retirement incomes in the US.  Bleak, but I still have a message of hope!

Angry About Not Enough Money

Here’s a little personal story – which motivated me to write about how you can learn to work on the internet.

Yesterday a client came into our business and bullied the boss into a ten dollar discount on the service. Ten dollars! I was fuming at the attitude.

First, our fees are the same for everyone. And we’re not a swap meet or bazaar where you come in and haggle. I had to bite my tongue!

But what was really going on was me suppressing my thoughts like “if the boss did that for everyone”…

  • I will never get another raise
  • I’ll get laid off (been there done that!)
  • We’ll go out of business
  • This client will spread the word and everyone will want the (unofficial) discount

While driving home I discovered I was really angry about this ‘not enough money’ state of mind.

Food prices are up! The stock market is going down! I can’t keep up! Yes that was a wild and melodramatic direction to launch into.

But you know what I mean, right? Luckily, anger is very energizing. Why waste it? So, I didn’t.

Right away I sat down at my keyboard to tell you exactly where to go to get the precise and detailed training you need about how to get rid of stress about low income – I wrote this article for you.

Increase Your SS Income – How?

I found Wealthy Affiliate University after years at making a little extra money at marketing on line. I don’t mean directly selling, but writing about products and getting paid commissions from resulting sales. That is called affiliate marketing.

The trick to this is creating a web site that will be easy to navigate, pleasant to read, and provide the reader with information that leads to a sale.

You begin by participating in this training for free and see just how it is done. You will be provided the structure for two web sites at no cost, and you can go through each step at a time. This is for one whole week.

You can see hundreds of sample sites simply by clicking on the profile buttons and the links of the other members.

You can submit questions. You will be able to follow mini-trainings made by seasoned bloggers which spell out some of the finer points.

It’s a lot to learn! But that is what leads to success. You can create a long term business leaving you free to work it as you vacation. You can choose your own hours for being on line.

Just click on this little square!click on square to make money

If you have any questions or thoughts about this matter, please contact me below!


Senior Jobs After Retirement

help for seniors to work at homey

Senior jobs after retirement – what do you want?

I read and write at a few sites with a significant senior age content and I see much concern about senior jobs after retirement.

I am happy for the many who try to earn a few dollars writing blogs for money, and do not seem to have any real challenge surviving – keeping a roof over their head, or eating. The basics. But they are not in the majority group of people  over 65.

Most seniors are not nearly that comfortable or secure. Is there an option to work at home and increase your ss income?

Notably, veterans and disabled veterans, and the general population of the disabled, are also struggling.

“I want to start a small website business”.

If this is you, keep reading because I have found a solution to stress about low income without going back to the nine-to-five.

If you’re ready to roll with some free training just go to it now!

OK, I can’t resist it – here’s a flash back to the film “Nine To Five”. I really love the inclusion of the Disney-type animated characters because when I worked corporate, most days, I felt like I was somewhere between a cartoon and a nightmare. But,  gotta laugh now.

If you would have to be dragged back there screaming and kicking, keep reading for a great solution to prevent YOU from hiring on to one of the typical senior jobs after retirement.

Jobs For Senior Citizens Over 65 – Choices?

A few years ago when my son still lived with me and we used to go to Frys together, either for him to help me buy the computer  accessories I needed, or for me to pay for whatever he needed, he would often seek out one particular man on the sales floor.

Turns out that this older silver-haired rep on the floor (read, lowly paid clerk) was retired from senior working the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena California! He and my tech-educated son would go off into conversations about computer parts and functions in which I could not hope to participate.

  • And I wondered why he was employed there.
  • Was he retired early before a pension kicked in?
  • Was he bored out of his mind after working in such an exciting environment?
  • Did divorce rob him of half his retirement income?
  • Did a spousal death with attendant medical bills drain his savings?

All those things can happen to any of us. There are many reasons people will be looking for work in their retirement years. Many financial decisions made within a family aren’t really financial, but they are emotional decisions that involve money.

I can’t help but notice that a lot of employees in retail stores such as:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Frys
  • Kohls
  • Walgreens…

Are seniors, or certainly folks over 50. And, truly I wonder about them.

  • Is the lady rearranging some lingerie a laid off electrical engineer?
  • Is the man stocking heavy vacuum cleaner boxes on high shelves a bank executive who was retired early?
  • Is the child-like person putting purses back on the shelves a teen who might have been in university if her parents hadn’t been laid off?

None of these retail peeps are highly paid. In fact, I’m shocked at what’s considered decent pay these days.

According to Glass Door dot com, a manager for a GNC vitamin Mall store (way over-priced nutritional supplements) gets $13.44 an hour!

A manager! I guess anyone else gets minimum wage?

In a Sprint store, a manager might make $44,000.00 a year. That’s barely enough for single adults in a coastal city to take care of themselves adequately (safe housing, health care, not counting dentistry).  And for a married person breadwinner who is trying to stay in their home? Appalling.

All of these people could be making as much money affiliate marketing (click on that link for a review of a training system)  for a similar store! With web sites they make on line. senior jobs after retirement

In other words, they would have a work from home job, bringing in the income they need, by helping others find the products they want to purchase online.

Senior jobs after retirement – earn from home.

  • Or from your RV as you travel
  • Or from your country cottage.
  • From anywhere you can connect to the internet.

For example, Amazon affiliate marketing is a venue for earning income from home. Most large retailers have a program where website owners can make commissions by referring buyers to their sites.

The easiest way to find out if this is something for you, is to build a couple of web sites, learn the process step by step, and find out how affiliate marketing is done.

Get Started Now – Work At Home After Retirement

I have summarized the process in my article Getting Started, and illustrate there exactly what you have access to at no cost to you.

Access to real training is a rare offer! You’ll have classrooms to peruse and you’ll see hundreds of questions and answers about the processes of setting up a site.

Just imagine being at home every day, or traveling, while you set up and maintain product

RV living in retirement

promotions, earning commissions from the retailers where others are showing up to every day to stock shelves or stand at the checkout counter.

With patience and persistence and the correct training, you’ll see your web “real estate” appear and begin to represent a whole new lifestyle for senior jobs after retirement. Your retirement!

To get a fuller picture right now, click onto my page about free giveaway websites where I’ve laid out how this offer works in detail.

Included in the free instruction are more ideas for sources of products that are marketed on line. You’ll find one, or a few, that appeals to your personal interests such as:

  • foods and specialty foods
  • electronics
  • home and garden products
  • “how to” digital guidebooks
  • nutritional supplements
  • skin care and hair care
  • sports products
  • fitness and exercises

And more!

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for senior jobs after retirement where you can earn money working on line – and love your life!

learn to work on the internetTo save you going back up to find it, here’s my link on how to get started.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll catch up with you!


When Should You Start Saving Retirement Money?

when should you start saving retirement money

When should you start saving retirement money can be a depressing issue, if you haven’t been putting away even a small amount starting at college age.

You have noticed, while reading some articles about investing, the tried and true method is to get a few decades lined up for your returns.

Suzie Orman, one of the most prolific writers to address the “ordinary people” situations, advises to just do your best.

If you haven’t even started, and you’re over 50 or over 60, then just start now!

Realize You Can Do Your Best Now


I just scanned a whole page of investment books at Amazon. You can CLICK HERE to see those. I haven’t read them all but will examine the reviews and choose from that list before the day is over.

And I need to become more aware of these possiblities now.  Do you?

A few years ago I read a book about how to get wealthy and keep your wealth. Point number one was to start investing about $5.00 a week, when you’re about twenty years old, and when you retire at age 65, you will have 1.5 million dollars saved.

If you’re a senior, you probably registered quickly that to skip the Latte, and make your coffee at home, saves twenty-five dollars a week.

One hundred dollars a month!

Great advice, if you’re twenty years old, to invest that amount. But what about us?

This is a blog for seniors or the disabled who want to, or must work at home. Most of us don’t have forty-five to sixty-five years of investment return time before us.


make money with surveys


So we’re going to become more aware of how to do our best, right?

One oldie-goldie method of saving is to take ten percent of all income and save that.

If you’re downsizing and de-clutteruing, save everything from your garage sale or other means of getting in a little money for used goods.

Learn about investing, not my area of expertise.

In fact, learning new things is good for your senior brain, which can always do more!

The simple fact that you are aware of your situation means that you are already tracking a solution.


You Saw That Clickable Link Up There


I am not trying to sell you books on this post, but that link up there goes to Amazon.

Click on it to examine the possibilities of investing.

If a reader did come across this post looking for books, and they then bought one after clicking that link, I would get a commission on that sale.

I would also get a commission from anything else they bought during that shopping trip to Amazon. That link is an affiliate link.

Do you ever go to Amazon for one item and then remember you need a few more things? Do you check the daily deals? Millions of shoppers do.

Target, Home Depot, and Walmart customers do too. Can you see where I’m going with this?

I put that link there because –

one approach to adding to your not-enough retirement income is to start a marketing blog.


shop online words


Imagine that in a few months, your blog, with a hundred posts on it, will attract buyers who are happy to see those links. Information and links that will make their shopping faster and easier.

Not that you shouldn’t save and invest some of your savings, but blogging is an accessible back up plan for making some money on your own time and terms.

A marketing blog has a few features that puts it to the front of the line for starting a business.

Allow yourself to try out a ready-made blog building training system, won’t you? No cost upfront?

Read more about that – CLICK HERE.

Take A Week To Create Years Of Being Your Own Boss Online


Your initial investment in exploring the potential to make money online is your time.

Can you put one week aside of your full time or after work time to learn how to create one or two made-for-marketing blogs?


CLICK HERE to go to your free one week business blog classes.


There is zero financial investment just to try out (unless you don’t have a computer or internet connection) because those are already in your budget right?


do not disturb sign


So back to your one week, when you’re going to hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the back of your chair, or pin to your couch, you can learn the following:

  • How to recognize a product to promote, whether on Amazon or elsewhere
  • How to choose a url, or blog address (,net,or info, just examples)
  • Click where directed to put a blog base together (all code prepared for you, you won’t even see it)

I Understand This Is A Real Blog? Not A Trial Throw-Away?


Not one minute of your invested time will be wasted. The trial web sites offered use WordPress, a popular blogging platform, meaning coded foundation for site building.

Wealthy Affiliate, the training community you can access, provides their version on which you will build your business oriented blog.

After trial and error, and step by step guidance, you can then convert this to a (org, info, net, co). The real thing!

word genuine

You will spend $13.99 – $15.99 for that Domain Name Service.

The classes are videos, and easy to follow. You can also repeat them for your best comprehension, as necessary. Each class has a forum discussion, developing in real time, where you can get questions answered.

Your next financial investment might be $19 for another whole month of access to the classes. A month!

You can continue to learn the professional development your blog needs to attract online searchers to your articles and recommendations.

You can help people find the items they want to know about and buy, online.


Start Saving Now


It is getting harder every month to live well on a low income, especially in the coastal cities. Poorer people usually have pretty good strategies in place for countering high food prices and incomprehensible gas hikes.

Unfortunately the gas hikes result in the increase of most other goods to compensate for shipping costs.

If you were to grow sprouts in your kitchen, for your salad greens how much can you save? Two sprouting containers can be had for about ten dollars.

A couple of bags of organic sprouting mixes for salads is under twenty dollars, and will last a couple at least a year.

Sprouts also have concentrated nutrition in the form of enzymes that rejuvenate your body cells. There are two good reasons to try it!  (Enzymes are the most expensive form of food supplements.)

That’s just one example, and you may be knowledgeable about others.

Another might be to buy a used bread machine and make all your own bread. Mmm…That smell!

Here is an article I wrote about How Can Seniors Save Money. It gives you more household tips for spending less.


how can seniors save money


To recap:

  • Spend less with increased cognizance of how you spend
  • Save more – which means you’ll get more sense of security
  • Get a back up plan for retirement years – know you have some control


How To Turn A Hobby Into A Home Business (jump-start some ideas, CLICK on it)


If you’re a couple, consider your individual strengths and weaknesses that you bring to blogging. Maybe one of you is good at writing out ideas and the other is a good editor.

Any kind of trusted partnership equals more power!

Maybe one of you will write all blog posts and the other will add images, polish the format and do all the post-publishing work.

Oh dear what’s that?

There are many tips for promoting your content which will be covered in your Wealthy Affiliate classes. You are never on your own!

A 24/7 worldwide community is at your disposal for getting help.

Creating a successful marketing blog may take six months to a year. It takes consistency and perseverance.

Think about how you will save money on:

  • Gas
  • Separate courses for each topic, either in a community college or online
  • Text books, paper, or printer toner for producing your own books

Consider how you have just invested some time in reading this article. I hope it inspires you to explore further as to when you should start saving retirement funds – or begin to create them.


button sign up for free


Do you have a home business already, or an idea for one? Please do share, we can all learn from each other.

Use the comment box below.


Equal Pay Same Job

equal pay same job

Equal pay same job for women? Really? Where is that?

(Warning: this article is written in all sincerity but with humor and irony too. A little bit tongue-in-cheek. It is not meant to trigger intense political discourse.)

Why Women Deserve Equal Pay – Explained!

The current POTUS (President Of The United States) has stated today that women should receive an equal paycheck to the amounts paid to men, if they are doing the same work.

I recall in the early 1990’s reading a news article about how women were paid a sixty-nine cent “male” dollar. Today, April 12, 2016, news reports put it at a seventy-three cent dollar.

Wow! ‘SHE” got a four cent raise in about twenty years!

“You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!”equal pay same job

Remember those cigarette ads? The Eve ciggie, long and so slim (like women are supposed to be, like Barbie Dolls). In the pretty white and pastel packs?

Women in affiliate marketing on line don’t take that kind of pay cut. Women who are

  • Caucasian
  • Hispanic
  • African American
  • African
  • Asian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Native American
  • Multi racial…
  • Gay
  • Single
  • Old
  • Fat
  • Have big boobs/don’t have big boobs

…get paid the equal “male” dollar! How?

Blog Writing For Money Pays Commissions On Product Sales

The customer comes from a link on somebody’s (maybe your) web site. The retailers

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Clickbank
  • T J Maxx
  • Ebay…

…and the other several hundred don’t know what you look like! They only know your affiliate

elderly woman at laptop

name or nick name. There is no grueling Human Resources interview process to affect any bias toward you in the hiring procedures.

You don’t have to be like George Sand, Ms. Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, 1804-1896, an author publishing in France in the 1800’s, female lover of the composer Frederic Chopin, and mother of two.

You don’t have to be like George Eliot, 1819-1889, the pen name of Mary Ann Evans, who wrote Middlemarch. She was an English poet and a journalist, as well as a novelist.

You don’t have to disguise yourself like Jennie Hodgers, Sarah Emma Edmonds, or Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, all of whom dressed like men and enlisted to fight in the American Civil War.

This isn’t a feminist rant. Not at all! This about being paid fairly.

Tell me, husbands and partners of the male gender, wouldn’t it have been great if your wife had brought home twenty-seven per cent more pay during those decades when you both worked? If she is Caucasian, that is.

If your wife is Hispanic, Asian, African American, African, Middle Eastern, Native American or multi racial – and if there were equal pay for equal work – according to today’s news, she could have brought home forty to eighty per cent more wages! (That is the extent to which she may have been unfairly paid).

Where can a senior female working after full retirement age make a masculine dollar?

A manly dollar! (I can just hear Richard Simmons saying that with a twinkle in his eye!)

I’ll tell you where! At Wealthy Affiliate University. There is no gender discrimination in earning commissions.

Life Is Not Fair

It is SO not fair that the financial institutions collapsed in 2008. So not fair that pensions vaporized, house loans were foreclosed on. So not fair that the ‘guv’ printed money to pay the wayward banks trillions instead of paying for your house or retirement fund losses.

Over 65 And Still Have To Work?

If so, play on an equal playing field. Put your time, energy and skills into building free websites and getting started in a Gender Equal job, a unique arena of the senior citizens job opportunities.

This doesn’t just apply to gender, but to racial profiles as well. That ‘male dollar’ doesn’t apply across the boards, as many know.

Why Women Deserve Equal Pay

If you’re a husband to a wife who is still with you in your retirement years, you don’t need any explanation.

If you’re a domestic partner who lucked out and found someone compatible to live with in your senior years, and you both need to work, aren’t you glad if she can get paid like a man?

equal pay same job

Equal Pay Equal Work Law

Writing blogs for money, becoming a Wealthy Affiliate, will get you equal pay! The making money on line activities don’t require an equal pay equal work law.

  • Equal opportunity
  • Equal training
  • Equal access to free giveaway websites

I feel like I should call the White House or something and say “you’re right!”…”Get on it!”…”Equal pay same job – Dude!”.

I’m not sure that call would go through lol.

But I hope I’m getting through to you, whatever your gender, class, or racial background.

The Giant Retailers need you! Oh, yes they do, or there wouldn’t be any affiliate marketing. And who else needs you too?

  • New Age Self Improvement authors
  • Compost experts
  • Pole dancing instructors
  • Organic gardening pros
  • Solar panel build-your-own designers
  • How to do ballet writers
  • How to get rid of warts, man-breasts, and toe nail fungus advice givers

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the very broad “how to” ebook field!

But I’m A House Wife Who Has Never Worked! I Could Be A Web Site Marketer?

You bet you can! With your experience, you’re an expert in

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Window blinds
  • Organic bedding
  • Frozen foods
  • Cookware
  • Appliances
  • Sugar free snacks
  • On line pasture fed cheeses
  • Yoga mats
  • School supplies
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Adult coloring books
  • Water filters
  • Cell phones
  • Social Media
  • Parental Filters
  • Everything!

Running a household is like running a small business. You qualify! I would credit this expertise

how to clean house list

to house husbands and single dads too.

Short Story: The Truth About The equal pay same job Opportunity

Regardless of the biases in your country as to gender, race and class, if you have access to a computer and the world wide web, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate unique training community. Here is a detailed review of the training, just click now.

True: anyone can join any time because Wealthy Affiliate is never closed, anywhere.

True: anyone can participate at no cost in the seven day free trial to explore the details.

Fact: each trial member can build two websites for free, with full access to the instruction needed to do so.

Updates: this system is a living matrix and is constantly adapted with new training as success factors change.

Personal development: this top of the line learning system triggers creative thought. It taps your imagination, draws out your talents, and shows you how to adapt all your skills and life experience to your work.

Individuality! You can work like this flower equal pay same job






or like thiswhy women deserve equal pay




according to your head and heart.

World Class Tools Make Your equal pay at the same job Push Button Easy

Try Wealthy Affiliate right now! Start the training and you’ll be impressed at the detail and quality.

Today’s buzz about why women deserve equal pay will fade quickly. That buzz never quite became a meme.

The Wealthy Affiliate University opportunity is about everybody deserving a decent financial reward for their educated and targeted efforts in internet marketing.

I hope I’ve encouraged and motivated you to strive for your best success!

I’d love to know what you think about this topic. Leave your comments below!


Top Jobs – Retirees

top jobs retirees

Top Jobs – Retirees Over 65?

jobs over 65

Are you looking for the top jobs for retirees? Oh – you weren’t planning to be working after full retirement age?

You are in the company of millions! Millions of retired seniors who for decades,

  • Worked hard
  • Raised a family (or maybe didn’t)
  • Paid into a pension through the job, or some other type of investment savings
  • Paid off the house
  • Started your bucket list

But what really happened? Many bubbles burst in a harsh way because of financial greed and corruption. Pensions are gone, banks are gone, and for many, the house is gone too.

Over fifty per cent of seniors retiring now aren’t ready financially. Actually, they’re simply not retiring! (Some ideas to help that issue HERE).And they can’t all be consultants lol.

This is however quite a serious matter. Reinventing yourself is a dire necessity!working after full retirement age

What Are The Desired Jobs For Senior Citizens Over 65?

Most retiree wannabe’s, like yourself, have decades of experience and acquired knowledge. Whether you’re a professional with degrees or a clerical worker, you have an abundance of skills to draw from. Perhaps skills you have never realized you developed.

What Many Work From Home Seniors Want

  • Work that is not physically challenging
  • Work that gives them time to exercise in the way that most benefits them as an individual
  • Work that allows them to rest when they need to
  • Work that produces enough income for good food and quality medical care
  • Activity that is mentally invigorating – “you don’t use it you lose it”

Looking at a seniors’ job board at the Glass Door web site, I see

  • Ads for in home caregivers (must clean, lift, bathe, cook, and shop for another  senior or person with a disability)
  • Ads for caregivers in hospitals, assisted living and skilled care facilities
  • Ads for drivers to help seniors get around

All of these jobs bring in under $26,000 per year. Those are hard jobs! And while age discrimination is illegal in the employment screening process…need I say more?

Try A Better Job For Working After Full Retirement Age

What if you could combine all your previous training and experience and:

  • Stay at home and earn money
  • Enjoy your house
  • Enjoy more family time
  • Travel (and keep earning)
  • Remain independent of the nine-to-five grind
  • Create your own work schedule
  • Learn new skills at your own pace
  • Help other seniors create a satisfying lifestyle doing what you do
  • Pick up and go – whenever! – even if you still work everyday

working after full retirement age

Top Jobs – Retirees Get Started!

You would like to stay at home and be your own boss, right? And work smarter instead of harder. Well you can!

Earning commissions  blog writing for money has never been easier. Not that it doesn’t take some skills and some time each day, but the reason I say it is easier is that there is no guessing on your part as to whether your strategy is effective or not.

Within just a few minutes you will see that learning to make money on line is not out of your reach, even if you have no experience working on the internet.

If you have worked in the past

  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Credentialing or qualifying others…

…you will love the opportunity to keep helping people improve their lives by discovering how they can start working after full retirement age.

If you have worked in advertising, in any form, you’ll find yourself in high gear to learn the

money from jobs for senior citizens over 65

formats and tips for promoting products on line. What is really cool is that YOU get to pick exactly what you will promote.

If you have worked in health care, grocery markets, electronics, construction, banking, home repairs, landscaping…anything!…there are hundreds of products to write about and you know a lot about some of them!

With 24/7 access to information when you sit down at your computer, you can learn how to generate an income online.

“But How Will I DO That?”

You will follow a world class training method, a point by point instructional plan for creating your presence on the world wide web. You will learn:

  • What is WordPress and how to use it
  • How to work in seo (search engine optimization, or competing effectively for viewers on your web sites)
  • How to customize your web sites according to your own taste and style without abandoning what works
  • How to b.u.i.l.d. a business that will continue to generate income
  • And exactly how you tailor your websites to attract buyers through whom you’ll earn commissions

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of the training system that I heartily recommend you take advantage of to begin your brand new adventure. Click here for a full review.

Using your years of hard won skills and experience to create a happy life in your retirement years is very rewarding.

There are millions of seniors, baby boomers, who are not in the rocking chair on the front porch, the proverbial image of aging gracefully in days gone by. Seventy is the new fifty and many seventy-somethings are earning as well as those in their fifties, at the top of their game.

Life offers no guarantees. You have already proven that you don’t need any – you’ve come so far!

You have already proven that you are the source (on a social/human level) of your own success. You have run the corporate gauntlet, or the single parent gauntlet, or the foreclosed property gauntlet, or the unfair divorce gauntlet.

Are You Embarrassed By Your ‘jobs for senior citizens over 65‘ Skills? Choose Work At Home

You will get the know-how. Wealthy Affiliate is a welcoming, interactive web site community of trainees, experienced web owners, and experts.

If you are a total novice to this, you’ll be in good company.

If you are experienced at working on a web site, you’ll fly like the wind!

Either way, you can track every detail of web site marketing whether you’re acquiring, or enhancing your skill set.

But What Does It Cost To Get Started? Drum Roll…

Nothing…nada…zip. Having that out of the way you can click on the image below and start right now!

wealthy affiliate get started now

Since you’re looking for the top jobs for retirees, I hope I have offered some inspiration to you! I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions – just leave them below!


Real Work At At Home Jobs For The Disabled

online business for retirees

Online Business For Retirees

If you’re a  retired because of a disability and you’re looking for options to earn some income at home, read on about real work at home jobs for the disabled. Avoid the scams! I can show you where to get the best training so you have a clear idea on how it works and how you’ll get a good start (with no start up money needed) in this field.

Disability income from the state barely covers essentials. It allows you to (in the US, and it may vary from state to state):

  • have one home
  • have one vehicle
  • have up to $2000 in your bank account per month, including your disability amount

This is extremely limiting to say the least. A person must have free room and board from family or friends, or they’re on the street.

Tent Cities And Tunnel Dwellers In The US

Just yesterday I viewed a few videos on you tube about tent cities and tunnel dwellers in the US. Thousands of individuals who live this way have disability income, with which they cannot pay for a room, or apartment, and utility bills.homeless need money

Many have a vehicle, and now they’re living in it. Parked permanently in some off-grid encampment, they cannot afford automobile insurance or maintenance costs.

Locally, the subsidized housing wait list is at over 50,000 applicants.

I see vehicle dwellings parked at the various public libraries, waiting for them to open so the drivers can go in and get on line, or just read all day. For warmth in the winter, cool in the summer heat.

With access to the world wide web, some of them may be working and earning some money on line.

At Home Or At The Library – You Can Earn!

If you’re reading this article on your computer at home you’re ahead of many lifestyle-wise. Yet if you’re starting lower on the ladder, you can still get ahead.

I personally know a lady who has several disabilities and is often in bed for days. Yet she maintains a free wifi in librariespresence on line by means of her laptop or iPad and she earns a supplemental income to her disability check.

The key to building success in this way is the right training. And, not having to pay a fortune for it.

The best opportunity is a free seven day trial with intensive training in the different aspects of

  • web site building
  • blog writing
  • finding products or services to promote
  • competing effectively
  • discount internet services (domain names and hosting)
  • support for all your questions (FAQ and live chat)
  • companionship of other beginners and experienced site owners

“So What Is The Actual Job?”

Through the training I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, you would be writing reviews drawing shoppers to your web site(s). When those shoppers click to vendors such as

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Saks
  • Nieman Marcus
  • Home Depot…

…just to name a few out of thousands, you will be paid a commission from their purchase.

There are also affiliate marketplaces that manage the transactions between the affiliate, the vendor and the shopper. These managers provide the affiliate web site owner with links, images and banners so that you don’t have to know any code to make a site look appealing.

“But What Does This Job Really Look Like?”

This self-employment looks like you sitting at your computer, wherever it is. At your work station (mine is usually my couch) and as I’ve seen many writers joke about it “in my jammies”.

This a perfect job for anyone who is confined at home for any reason. Those without physical disabilities but who can’t deal with crowds or the cut-throat corporate life can work on their own at their own pace.can't deal with croeds

Yet this is a real job, not a hobby. There is a body of  professional knowledge involved. The reason why I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training is because every detail contributing to your financial success is covered.

“But I’ve Never Worked In Sales!”

Affiliate marketing is not sales. You are referring shoppers to a good source of the products they seek. All you have to do is provide information,  and with your honest opinion and personal passion about a product, you will engage with a reader and inspire them to follow your advice.

It is work! It is a business. And like any business it will get easier as your site(s) gain traction and become fulfilling financially.

Focus On Your Favorite Things

What do you love?

  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Silk carpets
  • Toys
  • Model trains
  • Nutrition

Make your own list! And click over to my page Getting Started so you can see how jobs for the disabled at home can be created, tailor made for you, by you.

A Real Story About My Disabled Friend

jobs for the disabled at homeOne of my best friends, John, is a disabled 78 year old Marine Corp Vet. He came upon hard times and lived in a camper for a year, on my street. He has disability income and medical insurance, but not enough money to rent even a room.

Over the past year I and a few friends pulled our resources together and now he is living in a small house in a country town. Life is less expensive there, as opposed to the typical coastal city with its high prices on everything.

At first he felt overwhelmed going away from “everything”. He has favorite markets and places, like we all do. But how does he really get “everything”? He shops on line!

(The photo was taken at my friend Bodiemor’s house, one of the ladies who helped John get relocated. He is a dog magnet.)

My point being that many people shop on line now, even for their local groceries. Almost anything can be delivered to your door. And it is a real job, to help people shop on line and get paid!

Here is a picture of Gail, the lady who found his home in the country town and is helping him stay in it.

Woman with Wolf

We’re dog lovers all, and run with wolves (that’s a real one!)if we can.

John now has some options for supplementing his income. If he chooses, he can take the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity to sort out the scams from the real work at home jobs for the disabled.

You Can Help Others

Your job as an affiliate simply makes it easier for people to shop, and you get paid for it. You can provide information about the best products and deals, saving your readers time and money.

You can share this training with other disabled persons and in turn they can improve their lives as well.

I hope I’ve explained this well. My purpose is to give you a jump start on how blog writing for money works. Click on that link and sign on for more details!

I also hope that I’ve kindled your optimism and vision for your future as you’d like to experience it.

Please leave me any questions or comments about this,  below.


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