Baby Boomers And Marketing

Baby Boomers And Marketing

Learn To Be An Online Marketer

Are you a baby boomer who does not want to opt for the typical retirement “Thanks For The Many Years” plaque? Are you curious about baby boomers and marketing – online?

I think that baby boomers are an unusual, and outstanding generation in the grand scheme of recent history. They are mostly a very active group that loves both mental and physical challenges.

And unfortunately many boomers don’t have the option to retire from their career jobs. They may yearn for freedom, although that doesn’t necessarily mean not working.

It means working on their own terms, preferably at home (and while traveling) and involving themselves in a line of work that interests them personally.

No gold watch, no rocking chair on the front porch! Boring! And maybe not sustainable.

Boomers Aim For the Freedom That Comes  With Being an Online Entrepreneur

Enough of the boomers have discovered the freer lifestyle that comes from being an online marketer. Among an estimated eighty million (and increasing daily), boomers are arriving at their retirement ages with the mindsets to build an online home business.start up a business online

Would you like to use your computers to learn blog writing for money? Find out how you can restart your life (lives, if you’re a couple), and increase your ss incomes. A large measure of freedom can result leaving you extra personal time to devote to other matters like family and traveling, while continuing to earn money from your marketing blogs.

Online Entrepreneur Classes

How can you learn to make money and focus ondeveloping businesses that you can be proud of and expand your horizons with? If you’re accustomed to engaging with the world around you through a job, you can continue to do that by becoming a productive online entrepreneur.

I’ve thought about this plenty myself – and that motivated me to write “How To Be Your Own Boss Online“. Click on the link to read about that!

The best online entrepreneur classes I’ve found (after years of seeking!) are at Wealthy Affiliate University.

understand affiliate marketing
Learn from specialists!

Most internet business is affiliate marketing. A writer blogs about a popular or niche item, and the reader follows the recommendation. By clicking on the writer’s link to a retail site (like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.,) and makes their purchases.

And voila! The writer receives a commission.

Another type of product is purely digital. Clickbank is a big marketplace of digital items which have a large appeal because the customer can get it “right now!”. 

Click on that link for more details!

Wouldn’t you love to be traveling and blogging in yourGirona river and bridge chosen hours?  An online entrepreneur self-employed venture provides you income – and the fulfillment of perhaps a long standing wish to own your own businesses.

If you’re not totally at home with computers and the Internet, the step by step Wealthy Affiliate classes will get you up to speed. If you do have advanced computer skills, you have quite the advantage in starting an online business. As a retiree from an organization that uses computers, you’ve already used the chops necessary to make money online.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to have your experience go to waste!

How To Be An Internet Entrepreneur

I’ve got you covered on one issue here. You won’t have to risk your life savings to lease a store or put out buckets of cash because Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter account -yep – zero dollars.

Click here to take advantage of Getting Started on the knowledge and skills you need to learn and practice for online training for the web.

The know-how you will acquire just might see you through years of a comfortable lifestyle, while working after full retirement age.

While there is no “overnight” success with this system, there is the advantage of video classes and a huge (cast of thousands lol) supportive community of online entrepreneurs ranging from the newbies to the well-seasoned.learn to work online

What’s more, if you’ve been dreading your retirement years, either from financial worries or concerns about being a little isolated and bored, this may boost your enthusiasm for life and living. It’s exciting building online businesses and supplementing your retirement income.

The course information and thousands of “FAQ”s in the Wealthy Affiliate Training exist to aid the newbie online entrepreneur overcome the predictable hurdles and compile knowledge about starting an online business.

Always view any “offers of success” and “overnight riches” with caution. They’re not real!

With persistence and patience you’ll get the results and eventually experience all the reasons that baby boomers flock to the Internet to become online entrepreneurs.

Later: Stopping in to add an update: a website owner using Wealthy Affiliate shares his success at making money with his free website, for those who think maybe you can’t succeed until you pay for a dot com…read about it HERE.

Just click over to the Wealthy Affiliate Start page, log in, and take the tour of the site to see what a gold mine it is.

You’ll have a week’s trial period in which to start two websites with classroom guidance. No payment options even asked!

Please feel free to ask questions, or leave comments below.


3 thoughts on “Baby Boomers And Marketing”

  1. One of the good things about online marketing is that no matter your age, nationality ect…. online business is the way to go even if you don’t have any back ground in website building you can learn with simple steps and be on your way. Good job on yous site.

    • Hi Norman and thanks for dropping by my site! I truly want Seniors, the disabled and all low income individuals to have a chance to make life better. Learning affiliate marketing is accessible to those who can’t get a degree, or re-credential due to age, and often to social prejudice against seniors. This is the solution!

  2. Although I am no where near retirement, I think this is a great phase in life to do what you are passionate about. Many people use to like sitting by the beach, doing absolutely nothing, but I think that’s very unproductive.

    The internet has a lot of opportunities for boomers to share and monetize from their skills – all from the comfort of your own home. There will be some learning curves – creating a website, understanding web jargon – but that is all good for keeping the mind sharp during the this phase.

    My father is a good example of someone who is living a good retirement. He keeps himself busy learning new things all the time.


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