How Is Internet Marketing Done?

How Is Internet Marketing Done?

Many seniors ask me this. They are curious, but they’re also fearful of a future in retirement without enough money coming in. How do people end up in this predicament, wondering how is internet marketing done?

Do you wonder that or wonder if maybe working online could save you from a miserable retirement?

Yet worrying about working in a brand new way thatanxious person you haven’t got a clue about is hardly retirement…It’s just more work!

Common Obstacles for Senior Entrepreneurs

Senior entrepreneurs often begin their online journey out of dire need. What’s your story? Perhaps you have involuntarily lost your job(s) through:

  • The company going under or merging
  • “Early Retirement” -er – get rid of the long term workers and replace with new ones at half the salary
  • Health issues
  • Family issues (perhaps taking care of parents)

You’re not to blame for any of these reasons. And those same circumstances can also result in a person being forced to retire on a savings that miserably falls short of today’s currency purchase power.

One of the common obstacles for senior entrepreneurs is that many retirees (or soon to be) have never worked with computers, or perhaps just understand the basics. The details of how computers, the internet, marketing, and making money may be overwhelming to you.

Struggle To Learn About Technology – Or Learn It The Smart Way!

The reason I’m writing this article today is because I don’t want you to struggle or feel like giving up while you try to learn how to work online. I “ran in place” for years, picking up some skills here and there that got me going. But I wasn’t successful enough to quit my day smart dont push boulders

I’d like to spare you that frustration! I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University internet marketing training. If you harbor dreams of becoming financially successful through working on line, there is no better place to train.

I wrote about why I chose Wealthy Affiliate.

>>Click HERE if you’d like to see why it’s the best way to learn on line marketing<<<.

You can check the all details there. Here’s the basics:

This not a “fast success” offer. It’s way better than that! It is an offer of a week long free membership and you will learn how to create two practice web sites. Real sites you will build and publish!

There is no charge for this test drive.

I like the instruction set up on this membership site because it is easily paced and methodical. From the beginning, when you put together your first web site (and yes, you do each task as you go along) you will practice the exact steps you will repeat every time you make a blog site.

  • You will get help selecting what to write about, a product you’ll promote and create sales with
  • You will get guidance on choosing a name, a URL for your site
  • You will build your site with just a few clicks, all clearly demonstrated

You won’t get ahead of yourself and tangle up in the details of the new technology “too much too fast”. The platform (the coded structure and function of the site) is a version of WordPress, a very popular site construct.

You know the story of The Tortoise And The Hare. Wealthy Affiliate training is the tortoise method. Not that itTortoise And The Hare story progresses that slowly, because while you’re learning online, you can go at your own pace, and choose your own hours.

You will find that some classes and the tasks that you do on your real online blog go quickly and some will take repeat viewings. It’s whatever you need.

There are new students every day on these courses and lots of discussion takes place which is to everyone’s benefit. For people trying out the very basics of a computer and how the Internet works, continual community support is a big boon.

How To Work For Yourself And Make Money

Are you in transition from working for someone to working for yourself and are you intimidated yet? I’d like to add “just kidding! but I’m not. To be realistic, you should feel daunted when you have the challenge of learning a new technology.

It’s wonderful to feel excited about new possibilitiesenthisiastic person even if you’re nervous too!

Fortunately, starting a business on the ‘net doesn’t mean draining your savings account the bank for startup costs. With a computer and a connection to the Internet, you’ve got everything you need to gain the business acumen that will keep you progressing toward your goals.

Some seniors start off in the local library if they need an internet connection. Libraries are also cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Sadly, not so for the homes of retirees living on a shoestring budget. So there’s one stumbling block taken care of!

There’s really nothing physical that will stop you from getting started with building a website. Probably intimidation would be the biggest issue that seniors have to of people together

And that’s where the community factor of Wealthy Affiliate training is the best! You are never alone on that site. The students and business members are all over world, so 24/7, someone is there to answer when you ask for help.

Click HERE for a short read on how a current member finds the community.

Can You Still Learn New Things?

Do you worry that you don’t have the mental clarity, or business experience or energy to make an online business work? Wealthy Affiliate classrooms cover those issues as well, very thoroughly. Scheduling both your training and writing into your lifestyle is vital.

Family, exercise and rest don’t have to be pushed aside.

Mostly it’s Millennials these days who get the press coverage for fabulous profits made from online enterprises. Like the “kid” who started Facebook, for one example.

But, there is a new wave of older people who have made huge gains with blog writing for money. While not making millions, retirees can easily increase their retirement income and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

This simply wasn’t possible before the world wide web became a venue for home-based businesses.

Your age isn’t a factor after all!  With determination and a sense of commitment you can learn about all that computer technology provides you, and you can profit during financially tough times.

I’ve described how easy it is to get started with two blogs, or websites. So right now you can do one of two things, or both:

Are you ready to be a senior entrepreneur? Please ask any questions or leave a comment below!



6 thoughts on “How Is Internet Marketing Done?”

  1. This is an excellent site for seniors considering an online business. I think the biggest fear seniors have with an online business is intimidation. This internet stuff comes at a fast pace. I like to say it is like drinking out of a fire hose. The other big fear is the fear of loss. It is hard for a senior to recover from being scammed. So caution tends to be the word of the day. Dee, you are right about Wealthy Affiliate. The strong support the community provides on a daily basis is exactly what seniors need. I should know, I am one. 🙂 Glen

    • Hi Glen, and thanks for your input – you are so right! I was so intimidated by the learning curve a few years ago that I gave up and lost valuable time. I so wish to help others from doing the same when they can get started right now with no financial outlay.

  2. In this day and time more and more people are turning to internet marketing hoping to make a good living from it and to turn it in to a full time job. Internet marketing though the work may be cut out for you the rewards and the benefits are so great. Thanks for sharing how to go about this, your post is well detailed and has a lot of good information. Great job.

    • Thanks for leaving your comment Norman! I truly hope to help interested seniors to make some with blogging after retirement. And best wishes to you!

  3. Heard a lot about this type of internet earning route but I have to be honest – it’s really hard to find somewhere where all the info is covered. Many providers seem to just give you a taste so that you will sign up with them – I hate this as I’m not exactly flush with money!
    I will look into this option you seem to have taken on – is it a good starting point for newbies?

    • Hi Chris! Yes it is very good for newbies. First, a person can start a free trial and actually do the classes for a week, beginning to build two websites. Following that, a first month’s membership is $19.00. That is plenty of time to continue training and benefit from the many videos, question/answers and many member written trainings too. I, and other members will do all we can to help a new member along.


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