How To Get A Second Income

How To Get A Second Income

I truly hope that this article, or another on this blog will help any retiree (whether a senior or a disabled person) who needs money, learn how to get a second income.

You want to:

  • Increase your ss income
  • Supplement an inadequate pension income
  • Start an online business while you’re still earning a salary
  • Improve your lifestyle if you’re disabled or tired of the employment grind

Every article on this site leads to a training program for internet affiliate marketing. Click here to see it. It’s a chance to work from home and equal or even surpass the paycheck job you lost. It’s a chance to earn income from home if you’re disabled and confined.

I’ve observed that it’s easy for almost anyone to develop a negative mindset that impedes them from engaging fully with the world. A significant, or a succession of negative events can beat a person down.

Especially, seniors and the disabled can end up worlds away from getting things done and enjoying life to the fullest.Is this where you feel you’re going?

A mild depression and anxiety may set in that a person doesn’t recognize. Forced retirement can occur due to lay offs, health problems, or having to care for an older family member. Aanxiety and depression senior can burn out helping an elder. A disabled person can become exhausted dealing with nothing more than daily activities.

While friends and family may try to encourage them with “Think Positive!” comments, the good cheer is falling on practically deaf ears. Because, it’s a mindset.

An individual who has had their life irreversibly changed may think they’re too fatigued, too outdated or just don’t have the experience necessary to adopt a can-do mindset.

Seniors and disabled people can continue to make meaningful differences in the lives of others, if they can believe that. Yet once a person is cast out of the good circumstances they’re used to, it isn’t long before their self confidence can begin to erode.

Read this blog post by a marketer’s mom who has overcome her obstacles and now blogs!

After recovery from disease or an accident, or a forced early retirement it’s only a few months before new technology emerges into almost any field of work. Those still in good jobs are fast-tracked into training to keep their companies competitive.

If you have been sidelined for any reason, it is a full time job to keep up with current technology and business models.

And now is a time to make choices!

Is A Second Income Online Possible From A Website

For a start, one of the best senior citizen education opportunities is available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. People are learning, every day, how to get a second income with a website, or a few.

You can change your life from this:

  • Impossible to live on the budget you thought you would need when you planned for retirement thirty years agosad thumbs down
  • You saved during your working years and now you’re pinching pennies
  • You’ve lost the mindset it takes to become a senior entrepreneur (or early retiree, disabled)
  • You cannot afford college, life coaching or a stimulating social environment

To this:

  • You are a member of a supportive online community of student and pro marketers
  • You have two free practice sites to develop into a real marketing websitethumbs up
  • You have hours in classrooms that meticulously show you how to publish content
  • You have many hours of classes in how to make money online
  • You have hundreds of FAQs to consult, organized by topic

I hope those facts restart your state of mind!

Beginner Internet Marketing Training

Starting the Wealthy Affiliate training is like participating in a combination of an online help group and a class at your local college. You’ll be too happily engaged with chatting with other seniors online for any negative thoughts to dominate your attention.

All kinds of social media are helpful for company and support, especially if you live alone. It is a great way to start friendships and discover others who landed in the same boat as you.

This top of the line blog writing (for money!) instruction I recommend is its own social media. Yet it also trains you how to expand and use all forms of social sharing correctly, and to your financial community social network

You’ll probably be amazed at the cost of a startup online business in the Wealthy Affiliate style. NONE at all, for building two websites and partaking in as many classes/discussions/FAQs/posts published/get feedback as you can do in a week.

Then, you can continue at $49.00 a month (or equivalent) with access to all the video classes, live feed help, updated training tutorials and a live weekly webinar to keep you on the cutting edge. Previous web seminars are available to be replayed too!

I hope you’re feeling this good stuff! Mindset Candy! Or steak or truffles…the best stuff!

Turning Your Passion Into A Profit

Quite honestly, this phrase used to make me roll my eyes. It’s reminiscent of 90’s new age gurus whose focus was money.

Learning the real way to do marketing online changed that for me. Consider the following:

  • All the products sold through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, Kohls, et al
  • Consider the buyers, searching for that one item they want, passionately
  • Imagine a blogger, you, writing about every aspect of the benefits of this product
  • This blogger, you, has provided enough information to motivate the buyer
  • The buyer clicks from your site to the retailer and buys
  • You get a commission from that sale

Your passion may or may not be related to your career, or your degrees/credentials.  It could be anything from boat supplies to vintage jewelry to sneakers. Your level of interest will keep you in a good mindset for making profits with a blog.

Most people have a topic or two they “can just talk for hours about”. Those are excellent for a Niche (nich, neesh) or a small slice of the market that you can write a blog about.write your passion on your blog

Let’s toss the labels! Update the mindset!



>>>Click here to find out how you can benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate world class comprehensive training<<<

Re-invent yourself and become a senior entrepreneur, or a home business owner if you’re disabled.

Please leave questions or your comments below! If you have a home business story I’d love to hear about it!


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