Make A Living On Your Computer

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Make A Living On Your Computer

If someone told you there is a way to learn how to make a living on your computer, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Probably anyone would look into that, and especially if you’re at or near retirement age. You look forward to getting away from the nine to five life.

You want to know the ways you can earn some income either at home – or maybe while traveling – doesn’t that sound good?

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All the posts on this blog present a different aspect, or piece of the big picture about starting an online based business for seniors, or for anyone who needs to, or prefers to work at home.

There is training available for building a web-worthy blog which you can build upon to bring in pretty decent revenue once your site has gained presence.

This training is available at Wealthy Affiliate and I will explain how it will help you learn the real way to blog and connect with vendors of products, digital information packages, and services.

There is a volume of creators and vendors who will share revenue with you if you send buyers their way.

How can you? With your blog!

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Learn to blog properly.

But you need to know where to start, right?

I bet you’ve seen dozens of sites telling you how to make a million, or hundreds per day, all automatic, “set and forget”.

Those cons are annoying aren’t they? Leave your intelligence at the door :).

And I’ve bought a couple of those myself. (Cringe!)

So you can simply start where you are. At whatever degree of experience you have – which may be none – working with your computer.

You’ve got a computer, an internet connection, and you’ve got time.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got time to waste.

No time to waste!

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for the ideal instruction in how to blog and earn money.

You can CLICK to go there right now for no cost and look around at the training classes.

And DO a bunch of them. For real.

Because you don’t want to get scammed do you? I can promise you that unlike the hundreds of scams on the web, this site has been delivering the good stuff for years, and it has a top reputation.

How To Make Money Without Leaving The House


If you’re unable to leave the house to work anymore, or have started to think ahead about working differently when you reach retirement age, you need get the best available training to build a marketing business on line.

You may be that person who, with or without any experience doing business with a website or other computer uses, will learn exactly how to set up a blog or a few, with the correct attributes for monetizing, or, making money.

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That must sound pretty exciting to you if you’ve worked the nine to five most of your adult life and have taken all the hits from the economic disasters.

That goal can be realized and it depends on you being able to set up a web site correctly.

Reports say that millions of baby boomers are retiring with barely enough income to live on. That’s really sad and kind of scary isn’t it?

Reading all those reports of seniors living on or way below the poverty line led me to write Not Enough Money In Retirement.

(That post points you to many details of how to learn to make a business oriented web site. It also features the portability of a business run from your computer.)

 Make Money While Traveling Around The World


I became interested in marketing with a blog a few years ago. It seemed I kept reading about this and the success some entrepreneurs had, and they were mostly in places far away from where I was in North America. One prominent trainer lived in SE Asia with her baby then went on the move after growing from a poverty existence to great success from making and selling websites.

world map painted on hands

Through her marketers forum I met other people who were helpful, but were way ahead of me – why?

Because they could build their own websites. And I was using a free Blogger blog. I couldn’t do much with it, it was one long journal with the earlier posts disappearing at the bottom.

Blogger is different now and it’s great for hobby blogging. It is not impossible to make some money with that platform, but WordPress, used at Wealthy Affiliate, is easier to configure for marketing.

You just have to know how!

You can start learning now with no up front cost.


And I mean you get true free use of the huge Wealthy Affiliate training community!

The beginner classrooms are open to you for seven days.

Take advantage!

Give yourself as many hours as you can with them!

In the community you can discuss your goals and dreams with site owners from Australia, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, North America, the UK and Europe.

You get the benefits of their experiences and companionship. That’s a true bonus right there, isn’t it?

The following stories about some senior friends of mine are examples of retirement living. Your goals are unique and I hope to inspire you to shape them further.

Make Money While Traveling In Your Rv


I knew one couple who had retired, sold their home and then they bought a comfortable RV. They travel during most of the year but have favorite places where they may stay for a while.

motor home in high country

They are also properly trained bloggers and can add to their retirement income with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income comes from commissions paid to you when you have a reader from your blog click over to a retailer site and make a purchase.


You can GO HERE for an in-depth review of the biggest and most user-friendly training site for affiliate marketing web site construction.


This lifestyle allowed them to roam and see many places they had always wanted to visit. They could navigate the country along any route they liked, visiting family and friends on the way.

Is that freedom or isn’t it?

I know another retired person who lives in his trailer home and does day trading. He is free to travel while working daily.

Many RV parks have permanent living spots and some have a restaurant and community center. Wifi is everywhere!

Retirement RV Living


Retirement RV living is a lifestyle choice with its unique set of pros and cons just like any other.

It could be a fulfilling option for many years and its stresses probably stem from the same causes as those that occur when you live in one spot – not enough money.

Which is a problem you can solve!

(My other article about RV living is HERE. More details for you if that’s an area of interest!)

Extra money increases options and options are…Fun!

Have you ever taken an RV vacation (or a barge tour or river cruise…Any kind of vaycay) and thought “yeah I could just keep on going with this!”.

And you could if you had an extra income from working in your home with effectively designed web sites, whether it’s in your RV or dream country cottage.

If you’re going to be working after full retirement age, you can enhance your lifestyle enormously if you know how to profit with a blog.  At home, on RV trips…in all the places you could possibly be!

river at Prague tour boat

Think back on your favorite vaycays – can you imagine doing them again while posting to a blog two or three times a week?

And reading and commenting on your fellow bloggers’ sites?

(Adding comments to blog posts and getting others to comment on yours is one technique to improve your site and its presence on line. Just one of the many things you can learn.

And a tremendous advantage is having a community for that.)

Quick recap:

  • Get started for free
  • Build two practice WordPress web sites the right way (part of the free trial)
  • Take real classroom lessons and apply them as you set up your blog
  • Enjoy the support of a friendly community while you learn

Click here to start your adventure – learn to build a professional blog on your computer with Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s your retirement dream? Please do tell me and my readers, we’d love to hear about it. (Use the box below).

And feel free to ask any questions too!


Top Jobs – Retirees

top jobs retirees

Top Jobs – Retirees Over 65?

jobs over 65

Are you looking for the top jobs for retirees? Oh – you weren’t planning to be working after full retirement age?

You are in the company of millions! Millions of retired seniors who for decades,

  • Worked hard
  • Raised a family (or maybe didn’t)
  • Paid into a pension through the job, or some other type of investment savings
  • Paid off the house
  • Started your bucket list

But what really happened? Many bubbles burst in a harsh way because of financial greed and corruption. Pensions are gone, banks are gone, and for many, the house is gone too.

Over fifty per cent of seniors retiring now aren’t ready financially. Actually, they’re simply not retiring! (Some ideas to help that issue HERE).And they can’t all be consultants lol.

This is however quite a serious matter. Reinventing yourself is a dire necessity!working after full retirement age

What Are The Desired Jobs For Senior Citizens Over 65?

Most retiree wannabe’s, like yourself, have decades of experience and acquired knowledge. Whether you’re a professional with degrees or a clerical worker, you have an abundance of skills to draw from. Perhaps skills you have never realized you developed.

What Many Work From Home Seniors Want

  • Work that is not physically challenging
  • Work that gives them time to exercise in the way that most benefits them as an individual
  • Work that allows them to rest when they need to
  • Work that produces enough income for good food and quality medical care
  • Activity that is mentally invigorating – “you don’t use it you lose it”

Looking at a seniors’ job board at the Glass Door web site, I see

  • Ads for in home caregivers (must clean, lift, bathe, cook, and shop for another  senior or person with a disability)
  • Ads for caregivers in hospitals, assisted living and skilled care facilities
  • Ads for drivers to help seniors get around

All of these jobs bring in under $26,000 per year. Those are hard jobs! And while age discrimination is illegal in the employment screening process…need I say more?

Try A Better Job For Working After Full Retirement Age

What if you could combine all your previous training and experience and:

  • Stay at home and earn money
  • Enjoy your house
  • Enjoy more family time
  • Travel (and keep earning)
  • Remain independent of the nine-to-five grind
  • Create your own work schedule
  • Learn new skills at your own pace
  • Help other seniors create a satisfying lifestyle doing what you do
  • Pick up and go – whenever! – even if you still work everyday

working after full retirement age

Top Jobs – Retirees Get Started!

You would like to stay at home and be your own boss, right? And work smarter instead of harder. Well you can!

Earning commissions  blog writing for money has never been easier. Not that it doesn’t take some skills and some time each day, but the reason I say it is easier is that there is no guessing on your part as to whether your strategy is effective or not.

Within just a few minutes you will see that learning to make money on line is not out of your reach, even if you have no experience working on the internet.

If you have worked in the past

  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Credentialing or qualifying others…

…you will love the opportunity to keep helping people improve their lives by discovering how they can start working after full retirement age.

If you have worked in advertising, in any form, you’ll find yourself in high gear to learn the

money from jobs for senior citizens over 65

formats and tips for promoting products on line. What is really cool is that YOU get to pick exactly what you will promote.

If you have worked in health care, grocery markets, electronics, construction, banking, home repairs, landscaping…anything!…there are hundreds of products to write about and you know a lot about some of them!

With 24/7 access to information when you sit down at your computer, you can learn how to generate an income online.

“But How Will I DO That?”

You will follow a world class training method, a point by point instructional plan for creating your presence on the world wide web. You will learn:

  • What is WordPress and how to use it
  • How to work in seo (search engine optimization, or competing effectively for viewers on your web sites)
  • How to customize your web sites according to your own taste and style without abandoning what works
  • How to b.u.i.l.d. a business that will continue to generate income
  • And exactly how you tailor your websites to attract buyers through whom you’ll earn commissions

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of the training system that I heartily recommend you take advantage of to begin your brand new adventure. Click here for a full review.

Using your years of hard won skills and experience to create a happy life in your retirement years is very rewarding.

There are millions of seniors, baby boomers, who are not in the rocking chair on the front porch, the proverbial image of aging gracefully in days gone by. Seventy is the new fifty and many seventy-somethings are earning as well as those in their fifties, at the top of their game.

Life offers no guarantees. You have already proven that you don’t need any – you’ve come so far!

You have already proven that you are the source (on a social/human level) of your own success. You have run the corporate gauntlet, or the single parent gauntlet, or the foreclosed property gauntlet, or the unfair divorce gauntlet.

Are You Embarrassed By Your ‘jobs for senior citizens over 65‘ Skills? Choose Work At Home

You will get the know-how. Wealthy Affiliate is a welcoming, interactive web site community of trainees, experienced web owners, and experts.

If you are a total novice to this, you’ll be in good company.

If you are experienced at working on a web site, you’ll fly like the wind!

Either way, you can track every detail of web site marketing whether you’re acquiring, or enhancing your skill set.

But What Does It Cost To Get Started? Drum Roll…

Nothing…nada…zip. Having that out of the way you can click on the image below and start right now!

wealthy affiliate get started now

Since you’re looking for the top jobs for retirees, I hope I have offered some inspiration to you! I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions – just leave them below!


Retirement Money Needed!

seniors work from home jobs

Retirement Money Needed?

Is more retirement money needed in your future than you expect you will have? Are you working after full retirement age? Or realize that when you reach that year, you will have to? retirement money needed

This article is about learning a different way to supplement a retirement income. This entire website promotes training for a work at home job.(click there if you want to see the opportunity now)

Retirement planners say that you must have ten or more times your current annual expenses saved up.

They say “expenses”, not income, because most people have become accustomed to spending more than they make. Many people are comfortable paying out $300.00 to $500.00 a month to credit cards, and these debts are part of the necessary budget.

Ideally, you want to pay those debts off before you retire.

“The less money you have, the more you need it”. – Suzie Orman, financial advisor.

Professional Dress Code Attire – Keeping Up

In business, we are pressured to spend more than we should. The professional image is important, and many will emulate the way the boss dresses, feel pressed to buy a new car, or sport expensive accessories – all to stand out from the crowd.

I can recall my first job review, way back when I was twenty one years old. There were no complaints about my professional work. The main complaint from my employer was about my for business dress code attire

I was shocked! I dressed neatly and appropriately on the job. The special clothing I wore while working, was not provided by the company, and was not tax deductible.

The only way I could up my game was to stop saving and use credit. This was just at the time that incomes stopped rising for almost everyone.  And I mean, stopped rising through to the present.

We went from an income economy to a debt economy.

Millions who worked within better financial climates “lost it all” anyway in the “Too Big To Fail” fiascos.

Here we all are, with retirement money needed!

Working After Full Retirement Age

Our cultures thrive on consumerism, driven by advertising. The right clothes, the right cars, the glamor schools, and the inevitable debts.retirement money needed run for it

If you are over 50, and still in your best job, and still advancing in it, I hope you can save now. Yet unlike a twenty-five year old who can start putting $100.00 a month into a Roth IRA for the next forty years (ending up with about a million dollars, theoretically), you have fifteen years to save 1.5 million. Run!

How many of us thought we would end up working after retirement age? After many conversations and much search I can conclude that most folks want to – drumroll!…

…Work At Home After Retirement

Indeed, if you must work, wouldn’t you prefer to:

  • Avoid going to a job
  • Save on gas and time and car wear
  • Work during the hours you select each and every day
  • Spend more time with your spouse/friends/pets/no one
  • Visit your grandkids – whenever!
  • Enjoy the home you’ve invested so much in
  • Earn some extra retirement income even while taking a trip you’ve always wanted?
  • I repeat, work from home?

“Work from home” has become such a bad word! A cringe worthy phrase! They are all scams right?

Unless maybe you can learn to blog (meaning a write on a small and somewhat personal web

have to work after retirement?

site) and share your experience from previous jobs, or hobbies?

And if you could do that blog writing on a couple of free giveaway web sites? As in, a real site that will appear on the world wide web and convey your valuable thoughts and feelings about something? And, make you money?

I would like to help you find a way to enjoy your retirement, your home, your time, and your loved ones. If you need more money in retirement, I can show you where to get training for a work at home job.

In my recent post  “Retirement Income – US”  I mentioned a talk show host, not a stupid guy by any means, who modeled “a good life” on a family of four, with two parents each bringing home about $45,000.00 a year. That made me gasp! That would not make a good life for four people in my state. Nor would those parents be saving anything to retire on.

Yet, this is the “typical” scenario.

I truly feel that The Wealthy Affiliate training and support web site can help you if retirement money is needed. This instructional community, will show you how to learn to benefit from your life experience and knowledge.


Please leave me any feedback or questions below!


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