Make A Living On Your Computer

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Make A Living On Your Computer

If someone told you there is a way to learn how to make a living on your computer, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Probably anyone would look into that, and especially if you’re at or near retirement age. You look forward to getting away from the nine to five life.

You want to know the ways you can earn some income either at home – or maybe while traveling – doesn’t that sound good?

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All the posts on this blog present a different aspect, or piece of the big picture about starting an online based business for seniors, or for anyone who needs to, or prefers to work at home.

There is training available for building a web-worthy blog which you can build upon to bring in pretty decent revenue once your site has gained presence.

This training is available at Wealthy Affiliate and I will explain how it will help you learn the real way to blog and connect with vendors of products, digital information packages, and services.

There is a volume of creators and vendors who will share revenue with you if you send buyers their way.

How can you? With your blog!

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Learn to blog properly.

But you need to know where to start, right?

I bet you’ve seen dozens of sites telling you how to make a million, or hundreds per day, all automatic, “set and forget”.

Those cons are annoying aren’t they? Leave your intelligence at the door :).

And I’ve bought a couple of those myself. (Cringe!)

So you can simply start where you are. At whatever degree of experience you have – which may be none – working with your computer.

You’ve got a computer, an internet connection, and you’ve got time.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got time to waste.

No time to waste!

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for the ideal instruction in how to blog and earn money.

You can CLICK to go there right now for no cost and look around at the training classes.

And DO a bunch of them. For real.

Because you don’t want to get scammed do you? I can promise you that unlike the hundreds of scams on the web, this site has been delivering the good stuff for years, and it has a top reputation.

How To Make Money Without Leaving The House


If you’re unable to leave the house to work anymore, or have started to think ahead about working differently when you reach retirement age, you need get the best available training to build a marketing business on line.

You may be that person who, with or without any experience doing business with a website or other computer uses, will learn exactly how to set up a blog or a few, with the correct attributes for monetizing, or, making money.

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That must sound pretty exciting to you if you’ve worked the nine to five most of your adult life and have taken all the hits from the economic disasters.

That goal can be realized and it depends on you being able to set up a web site correctly.

Reports say that millions of baby boomers are retiring with barely enough income to live on. That’s really sad and kind of scary isn’t it?

Reading all those reports of seniors living on or way below the poverty line led me to write Not Enough Money In Retirement.

(That post points you to many details of how to learn to make a business oriented web site. It also features the portability of a business run from your computer.)

 Make Money While Traveling Around The World


I became interested in marketing with a blog a few years ago. It seemed I kept reading about this and the success some entrepreneurs had, and they were mostly in places far away from where I was in North America. One prominent trainer lived in SE Asia with her baby then went on the move after growing from a poverty existence to great success from making and selling websites.

world map painted on hands

Through her marketers forum I met other people who were helpful, but were way ahead of me – why?

Because they could build their own websites. And I was using a free Blogger blog. I couldn’t do much with it, it was one long journal with the earlier posts disappearing at the bottom.

Blogger is different now and it’s great for hobby blogging. It is not impossible to make some money with that platform, but WordPress, used at Wealthy Affiliate, is easier to configure for marketing.

You just have to know how!

You can start learning now with no up front cost.


And I mean you get true free use of the huge Wealthy Affiliate training community!

The beginner classrooms are open to you for seven days.

Take advantage!

Give yourself as many hours as you can with them!

In the community you can discuss your goals and dreams with site owners from Australia, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, North America, the UK and Europe.

You get the benefits of their experiences and companionship. That’s a true bonus right there, isn’t it?

The following stories about some senior friends of mine are examples of retirement living. Your goals are unique and I hope to inspire you to shape them further.

Make Money While Traveling In Your Rv


I knew one couple who had retired, sold their home and then they bought a comfortable RV. They travel during most of the year but have favorite places where they may stay for a while.

motor home in high country

They are also properly trained bloggers and can add to their retirement income with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income comes from commissions paid to you when you have a reader from your blog click over to a retailer site and make a purchase.


You can GO HERE for an in-depth review of the biggest and most user-friendly training site for affiliate marketing web site construction.


This lifestyle allowed them to roam and see many places they had always wanted to visit. They could navigate the country along any route they liked, visiting family and friends on the way.

Is that freedom or isn’t it?

I know another retired person who lives in his trailer home and does day trading. He is free to travel while working daily.

Many RV parks have permanent living spots and some have a restaurant and community center. Wifi is everywhere!

Retirement RV Living


Retirement RV living is a lifestyle choice with its unique set of pros and cons just like any other.

It could be a fulfilling option for many years and its stresses probably stem from the same causes as those that occur when you live in one spot – not enough money.

Which is a problem you can solve!

(My other article about RV living is HERE. More details for you if that’s an area of interest!)

Extra money increases options and options are…Fun!

Have you ever taken an RV vacation (or a barge tour or river cruise…Any kind of vaycay) and thought “yeah I could just keep on going with this!”.

And you could if you had an extra income from working in your home with effectively designed web sites, whether it’s in your RV or dream country cottage.

If you’re going to be working after full retirement age, you can enhance your lifestyle enormously if you know how to profit with a blog.  At home, on RV trips…in all the places you could possibly be!

river at Prague tour boat

Think back on your favorite vaycays – can you imagine doing them again while posting to a blog two or three times a week?

And reading and commenting on your fellow bloggers’ sites?

(Adding comments to blog posts and getting others to comment on yours is one technique to improve your site and its presence on line. Just one of the many things you can learn.

And a tremendous advantage is having a community for that.)

Quick recap:

  • Get started for free
  • Build two practice WordPress web sites the right way (part of the free trial)
  • Take real classroom lessons and apply them as you set up your blog
  • Enjoy the support of a friendly community while you learn

Click here to start your adventure – learn to build a professional blog on your computer with Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s your retirement dream? Please do tell me and my readers, we’d love to hear about it. (Use the box below).

And feel free to ask any questions too!


Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Where Can I Build A Website For Free?

So many people ask me “where can I build a website for free“. Wealthy Affiliate I say.


That is the name of a unique membership training community for people who want to excel at internet marketing.


I understand that is probably the interest that brought you here, am I right?


What’s most important to recognize about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can learn to set up a blog the right way.

Would You Like To Learn How To Build A Blog From Scratch?


Is Wealthy Affiliate for anyone?


It is for people who have established businesses on line, and who want to increase their financial returns and maybe even retire from their day job, to work from home.


home office


It is also for people who know absolutely nothing about how to profit with a blog, and who have noticed that people are doing this, and writing about it.


Essentially, if you want to make some income on line you must first know how to build a blog (a web site) properly.


And that is the essence of the Wealthy Affiliate instruction.


This virtual village has 180,000 plus members, and new ones appear every day. The join up price is – free!


The owners are Kyle and Carson two of the best trainers in the work-from-home business arena, active since 2005.


You can read about Kyle’s take on 2017 on line training for the web here and about Carson’s recent blog about updated 4 step website building here.

What Is An Affiliate?


The affiliate is the person who connects with vendors and service providers on line. Affiliate marketing is one of several systems of commerce on the world wide web where you, the site owner, promote products for another business and earn a commission on the sales you generate.


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There are many businesses which use affiliates and to name a few:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank (a digital product vendor site covering every topic under the sun)
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot

What Are The Advantages

  • No ordering products which requires money upfront
  • No stocking or direct selling of products which requires space at home
  • No complications such as getting a vendor’s permit, and filing quarterly income tax returns
  • Deductions from taxable income of your operating expenses (everything your tax code allows)
  • Complete independence as to where and when you work

How Do You Get Into Affiliate Marketing


I honestly don’t remember how I originally came across the idea of how to profit with a blog. I was a struggling single mom then, and when it dawned on me that I could write (which I already loved to do!) on a website, talk about someone else’s product that I respected, and then get a commission from a purchase – I was stoked!


woman with stacks of money


Could this be the answer to my prayers? The long sought relief from counting dollars every week?


Over a span of almost ten years, I had tried out many training packages about how to make money on line.


Some were good and many were useless and I never achieved the financial freedom I sought.


And I didn’t know what was holding me back.


Although, for a couple of years in there, I did profit about $3000.00 USD promoting a Clickbank product. In fact, that product gave me a $25 commission on each sale. Till it didn’t.


I’d love to help you avoid losing time like I did…The volumes I wrote for shared-revenue web sites (sites that sell ads and share the income with writers) didn’t retain any value when the site owners failed, or decided to move on and do something else.


laptop start a blog


When they did change their commission structure, or just bail, I scrambled to replace that income!


So, fast forward to when I found Wealthy Affiliate.


After a few classes, I realized that the information shared and organized by the owners and other trainers that contribute on the site, included all the details about what I needed to know to do so!


Hope returned!


Like I did then, now you need to learn about marketing opportunities, and how good websites promote them, or review products, or services.


CLICK HERE to log in and view the free classes! Take the tour!

How To Design Your Own Website For Free


This supportive community offers a long term investment!


You will get on line training and build effective blogs that will support a business.


Businesses that will grow toward helping you:

  • Retire – yes it is a dream with realization in sight!
  • Earn extra income while in college or professional training
  • Pay off student loans
  • Augment or replace disability income
  • Create a career for veterans
  • Develop a career for work at home moms or dads
  • Build a college fund for your kids or grandkids
  • Give retirees opportunities such as travel, or a second home
  • Help you pay down your mortgage
  • Create income to invest in stocks, gold or silver
  • Avoid desperate measures such as reverse mortgages
  • Leave a physically exhausting job for a quieter more restful life
  • Decrease stress and augment general well being
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Pay for non-insured health care
  • Turn the Bucket List from wishful thinking into a reality


And this all starts with you knowing how to build a blog site.


And you could be starting your own blog for free today!

Senior Citizen Education Opportunities


senior couple in class
It’s never too late to learn.


There is an emphasis on this web site to provide information for seniors and the disabled, people who have a high stake in training for a work at home job.


The unique aspect about Wealthy Affiliate is that it offers training for the newcomer/newbie starting from below scratch!


And, it guides people who have had a small measure of success, and who want to learn the way successful bloggers are doing it.


Who want to eventually succeed, retire from the office, and work at home. You do, don’t you?


These are the benefits offered to you when you decide to take the opportunity of the free trial on this web site:

  • You learn how to start your own website for free (you get two in fact!)
  • You get website hosting within Wealthy Affiliate saving you money and time
  • Domain name purchases ( or .org) are inexpensive compared to many other businesses
  • Access to a free web site building platform (a structure that you don’t have to build yourself)
  • Clarification through step by step training modules on how build a blog properly
  • Free help from experts for seven days and within those seven days,
  • The option for one month Premium access for $19.00 with TONS more training


To quote a fellow affiliate marketer –


‘At WA you can host up to 25 Custom Domains and 25 Free SiteRubix Domains, for $49 a month or $495 a year.


But If you want to start a second, third, fourth etc. site, you don’t pay any additional fees for hosting, all you need to purchase is a domain name for $13.99 in most cases.”


This is a true bargain! On most sites you will pay for each site’s hosting individually, for example twenty five sites could cost about $675.00 per year.

Training For A Work At Home Job


You can train at home to work at home. You can learn about all the elements involved in how to make websites that will attract readers, at home. woman studies on her laptop at homeYou will understand all these topics:

  • What is internet marketing, affiliate marketing and how those work
  • How to find a niche, or specific product in a line of products or a corner of its market, to promote
  • How you will build a web site and how to write content for it
  • Tips – to find search engine keywords (the words people search with) to embed in your content, to draw buyers
  • Pick an appropriate Theme (for free) or, your web site’s visual presentation
  • How to search for more related Keywords that will give you topics to increase the volume of your written content
  • Arrange your content (pages, posts, categories, comments) for your readers’ ease
  • How to enhance the appearance of your site with pictures and graphics
  • Write reviews for home products, business products or your product!
  • Write so as to generate interaction with your readers
  • How to use the language that attracts buyers and generates sales


I could make that list a lot longer! However, it is more fun for you to click to the site and browse through it as much as you want.


The support within this community is always accessible to its members. Well seasoned

yes get support
You’re never alone!

marketers from all over the world are happy to respond to questions from the newer members. Like your favorite coffee shop, Wealthy Affiliate is open 24 hours a day.


What I find especially valuable is that these experienced marketers tune into the training discussions and offer help to everyone. It is a truly interactive community.


If you want to get serious and finish the training – videos and classrooms with graduating detailed tasks that take you through every step of building a business, you can continue at the Premium membership level for $19.00 for the first month, and then $49.00 per month.


With the opportunity for you to sign up for free and get into some of the incredible instruction,  I can’t emphasize enough how easy it is for you to get started.


CLICK HERE to get these introductory benefits.

So that’s my recommendation for “where can I build a website for free?”.


And that’s why I would like to help you investigate this opportunity right now!


Have you tried any training about starting your own blog for free? Let us know how it went – if it went – in the comment section below!



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